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BirdLife International

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BirdLife International is a global alliance of conservation organisations working together for the world's birds and people.
Internetiaadress: http://www.birdlife.org/
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Seafood certification scheme needs to step up action on bycatch

18. veebruar 2019 - 15:56
New report shows that Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) sustainable seafood certification scheme needs to do more to tackle bycatch of threatened species in certified fisheries

Watching Sea Birds in Winter

18. veebruar 2019 - 8:41
“Through the Lens”, Fujingahou Magazine, February, 2019

How did the Pink Pigeon bounce back from just nine birds?

15. veebruar 2019 - 18:07
The Pink Pigeon is no longer Endangered. But how did conservationists achieve this, and is it sustainable? Dr Vikash Tatayah, Conservation Director, Mauritian Wildlife Foundation (BirdLife Partner) reports from the field…

Leading scientists call for re-evaluation of funding models

13. veebruar 2019 - 16:40
In the wake of statistics that reveal NGOs have some of the most highly-cited scientific papers, scientists from BirdLife, the RSPB and the BTO are calling for a re-evaluation of funding models.

Momentous mission: first successful invasive species removal in Marquesas

13. veebruar 2019 - 2:01
Conservationists leaped from boats onto sheer rock faces and braved “10,000 dive-bombing Sooty Terns” to achieve the first successful eradication of invasive rats on Teuaua Island, French Polynesia. This success paves the way for larger island restorations across the Marquesas Archipelago.

Pacific paradise in peril: tourism resort threatens Palau shorebird haven

7. veebruar 2019 - 16:55
Pristine coastal wetland Peleliu Lkes has been treasured in local art and culture for centuries, and acts as a refuge for Endangered shorebirds such as the Far Eastern Curlew. However, the time-honoured bond between people and nature is threatened by the development of a nearby tourism resort.

Up to 100 vulture deaths prevented by rapid response to poisoning

4. veebruar 2019 - 2:01
On Sunday morning, a wildlife ranger in Nairobi, Kenya discovered 20 dead and 5 critically ill vultures slumped around a poisoned hyena carcass. Despite these tragic casualties, a rapid response protocol set up with the help of BirdLife almost certainly saved the lives of many more.

Lebanese President Michel Aoun awards Assad Serhal Silver Lebanese Order of Merit Medal in recognition of his contributions to Environment in Lebanon

3. veebruar 2019 - 15:07
Former Minister of Environment Tariq Al Khatib honored Assad Serhal, the Director General of Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon – SPNL (Birdlife Lebanon), on behalf of President Michel Aoun for being named one of the winners of the 2018 MIDORI Prize for Biodiversity.

Protecting waterbird habitats to combat the impacts of climate change

1. veebruar 2019 - 13:47
How will wetlands, estuaries and other essential waterbird habitats be affected by climate change? The new Climate Resilient Flyway Project pinpoints sites that will be hardest hit, and unites countries and organisations in order to protect them and their essential functions.

Thousands of birds at risk as wetland is threatened by overexploitation

1. veebruar 2019 - 11:28
Doñana National Park, in Spain, is a crucial stopover point for thousands of migrating birds. However, over-intensive irrigation is threatening these valuable wetlands.

Mud, glorious mud! Spoonie’s winter wetland declared protected area

31. jaanuar 2019 - 13:52
Nanthar Island, Myanmar is a crucial wintering site for the Spoon-billed Sandpiper (Critically Endangered). Thanks to the advocacy of BANCA (BirdLife in Myanmar) and local people, the site has now been designated a protected area.

Victory: flamingo haven Gediz Delta saved from mega-bridge construction

30. jaanuar 2019 - 2:01
Following a successful court case lead by Doğa (BirdLife in Turkey), the proposal to build a mega-bridge spanning the Izmir Bay has been permanently dropped. The project would have destroyed crucial breeding islands for the Greater Flamingo and irreparably changed the delicate ecosystem.

The tale of the albatross and the algorithm

27. jaanuar 2019 - 12:06
This is a story about the albatross, one of the most iconic and endangered groups of birds, about industrial fishing in the remotest ocean regions that kills them, and an astonishing experiment in machine learning which may just help to save them.

Conservation world mourns loss of environmentalist Dr Bradnee Chambers

25. jaanuar 2019 - 15:02
The conservation world is mourning the passing of Dr Bradnee Chambers, Executive Secretary of the CMS. His leadership and vision have been instrumental in uniting the global conservation community to work together for the benefit of the world’s migratory birds and other species.

New “Birds of Mauritius” free smartphone app is now available!

24. jaanuar 2019 - 19:49
The Mauritian Wildlife Foundation (BirdLife Partner) has released a birding app for their country's spectacular species. Including photographs, songs and maps, this field guide can also be used to record and upload sightings - and it's free!

Incredible flock of 5 million bramblings wows Slovenia

24. jaanuar 2019 - 12:43
Slovenia is witnessing an incredible birding event this winter. One so rare, it only happens once or twice in a decade – a huge flock of five million bramblings.

How does YOUR conservation project contribute to Sustainable Development Goals?

22. jaanuar 2019 - 18:17
A new tool, developed with the help of BirdLife, helps you find out which United Nations sustainable development targets your project might fulfil. It’s free, easy to use, and ready to go!

Serbia: Protecting birds in face of conflict

20. jaanuar 2019 - 13:35
Bird Protection and Study Society of Serbia have received the prestigious Marjan-Marsh award, which recognises exceptional contribution to an area where conservation and conflict overlap. They are dedicated to preventing the illegal killing of migratory birds in the face of great challenges.

Serbia: Protecting birds through conflict

20. jaanuar 2019 - 13:35
Bird Protection and Study Society of Serbia have received the prestigious Marjan-Marsh award, which recognises exceptional contribution to an area where conservation and conflict overlap. They are dedicated to preventing the illegal killing of migratory birds in the face of great challenges.

Mauritian island awarded for saving species through education

17. jaanuar 2019 - 2:01
On Rodrigues Island in Mauritius, school children and citizens alike are rallying round to restore their island’s habitat. It’s all thanks to the Rodrigues Environmental Education Programme, which has won the Global Conservation Award 2018 for its positive impact on communities and species.