» Bird of the Year 2010

About the project

You can see the unfolding homepage of the Bird of the Year 2010 of the HYPERLINK “www.eoy.ee/:http://www.eoy.ee” Estonian Ornithological Society (EOS). For 2010 Great Grey Shrike and Red-backed Shrike were chosen by EOS as the birds of the year. Both species are rather common in Estonia, but not so familiar among general public. From this website one can find information about the activities of both birds of the year, as well as reading material and pictures about all Shrike species encountered in Estonia.

Shrikes – birds with a little bit spooky name and peculiar behaviour are already the 16th birds of the year denoted by EOS. The main target of the programme is to introduce a bird species or a species group to the wide audience, also to pay greater attention to that feathered creature with the help of hobbyist birders.
In the course of the project ‘Bird of the Year 2010’ the EOS sets out for organizing special social evenings, introduce the bird of the year via different media channels and printed matter, compile five times a year printed templates for schoolchildren and aggregate the distribution information of Great Grey Shrike and Red-backed Shrike with the assistance of hobbyist bird-watchers.