This database contains scientific (Latin), Estonian and English names of orders, families and species (also some subspecies) of the birds of the world. The Estonian names are approved by the Estonian Bird Names Committee of the BirdLife Estonia. Work is in progress and at present only two third of all species have fixed Estonian synonyms. If more than one synonyms are accepted, less preferred is in brackets. The systematic order, the scientific and english names follow the Illustrated checklist of the Birds of the World (del Hoyo & Collar, 2014-2016) Synonyms from different sources are included. The program allow you to search for names of bird species in Estonian, English and Latin (scientific). The search term must consist of at least three letters. Capitalization is ignored. The presentation of results is in alphabetical order.
Accipitriformes - haukalised (kullilised) Accipitridae - haugaslased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Accipiter albogularis saalomonisaarte raudkull Pied Goshawk, Pied Sparrowhawk
Accipiter badius šikra-raudkull (hele-raudkull) Shikra, Little Banded Goshawk
Accipiter bicolor väike-tanukull Bicolored Hawk, Bicoloured Hawk, Bicoloured Sparrow Hawk
Accipiter bicolor chilensis, Accipiter chilensis tšiili tanukull Chilean Hawk
Accipiter brachyurus krae-raudkull New Britain Sparrowhawk, New Britain Collared Sparrow H
Accipiter brevipes stepi-raudkull Levant Sparrowhawk, Levant Sparrow Hawk
Accipiter butleri nicobari raudkull Nicobar Sparrowhawk, Nikobar Shikra, Car Nikobar Shikra
Accipiter castanilius, Accipiter castanilus punakülg-raudkull Chestnut-flanked Sparrowhawk, Chestnut-bellied Sparrow Hawk, Chestnut-flanked Goshawk, Chestnut-bellied Sparrowhawk
Accipiter cirrocephalus, Accipiter cirrhocephalus kaelus-raudkull Collared Sparrowhawk, Australian Collared Sparrow Hawk, Australian Sparrowhawk
Accipiter collaris andi raudkull Semi-collared Hawk, Semi-collared Sparrow Hawk, Semicollared Hawk, Collared Sparrowhawk
Accipiter cooperii põhja-tanukull Cooper's Hawk, Big Blue Darter, Chicken Hawk
Accipiter erythrauchen punakael-raudkull Rufous-necked Sparrowhawk, Grey Moluccan Collared Sparrow Hawk, Moluccan Sparrowhawk, Grey-throated Sparrowhawk, Rufous-necked Collared Sparrowhawk
Accipiter erythropus punajalg-värbkull Red-legged Sparrowhawk, Red-thighed Sparrowhawk, Red-thighed Sparrow Hawk, Red-thighed Little Sparrowhawk, Western Little Sparrowhawk
Accipiter fasciatus vööt-tuvikull Brown Goshawk, Australasian Goshawk, Australian Goshawk
Accipiter francesiae, Accipiter francesii tirtsu-raudkull Frances's Sparrowhawk, Franke's Sparrow Hawk, Frances's Goshawk, France's Goshawk, Madagascar Goshawk, Malagasy Goshawk
Accipiter gentilis kanakull (harilik kanakull) Northern Goshawk, Goshawk
Accipiter gentilis atricapillus, Accipiter atricapillus ameerika kanakull American Goshawk
Accipiter gentilis buteoides põhja-kanakull Northern Northern Goshawk
Accipiter griseiceps triip-raudkull Sulawesi Goshawk, Sulawesi Crested Goshawk, Celebes Crested Goshawk
Accipiter gularis ida-raudkull Japanese Sparrowhawk, Japanese Sparrow Hawk, Japanese Lesser Sparrowhawk, Asiatic Sparrowhawk
Accipiter gundlachi, Accipiter gundlachii kuuba tanukull Gundlach's Hawk
Accipiter haplochrous uuskaledoonia raudkull White-bellied Goshawk, New Caledonia Sparrowhawk, New Caledonia Sparrow Hawk, White-breasted Sparrowhawk, New Caledonia Goshawk
Accipiter henicogrammus tõmmu-tuvikull Moluccan Goshawk, Gray's Goshawk
Accipiter henstii madagaskari kanakull Henst's Goshawk
Accipiter hiogaster griseogularis, Accipiter novaehollandiae griseogularis, Accipiter griseogularis maluku tuvikull Grey-throated Goshawk, Moluccan Goshawk
Accipiter hiogaster, Accipiter novaehollandiae hiogaster saare-tuvikull Variable Goshawk, Grey Variable Goshawk
Accipiter imitator samet-raudkull Imitator Sparrowhawk, Imitator Sparrow Hawk, Little Pied Goshawk, Little Pied Sparrowhawk, Imitator Goshawk
Accipiter luteoschistaceus kilt-raudkull Slaty-backed Goshawk, Slaty-backed Sparrowhawk, Blue and Grey Sparrow Hawk, Slaty-mantled Sparrowhawk
Accipiter madagascariensis madagaskari raudkull Madagascar Sparrowhawk, Madagascan Sparrowhawk, Madagascar Sparrow Hawk
Accipiter melanochlamys süsi-raudkull Black-mantled Goshawk, Black-mantled Sparrowhawk
Accipiter melanoleucus pugal-kanakull Black Sparrowhawk, Great Sparrow Hawk, Great Sparrowhawk, Black Goshawk, Pied Goshawk, Black-and-white Sparrowhawk, Black-and-white Goshawk
Accipiter meyerianus paapua kanakull Meyer's Goshawk, Papuan Goshawk
Accipiter minullus jõgi-värbkull Little Sparrowhawk, African Little Sparrowhawk, African Little Sparrow Hawk
Accipiter nanus väike-raudkull Dwarf Sparrowhawk, Sulawesi Dwarf Sparrowhawk, Dwarf Sparrow Hawk, Small Sparrowhawk, Celebes Sparrowhawk, Celebes Little Sparrowhawk
Accipiter nisus raudkull (harilik raudkull) Eurasian Sparrowhawk, Northern Sparrow Hawk, Northern Sparrowhawk, Sparrowhawk
Accipiter novaehollandiae lõuna-tuvikull Variable Goshawk, Grey Goshawk*, Varied Goshawk, White Goshawk, Vinous-chested Goshawk, Rufous-breasted Goshawk
Accipiter ovampensis savanni-raudkull Ovambo Sparrowhawk, Ovampo Sparrow Hawk
Accipiter poliocephalus hallpea-raudkull Grey-headed Goshawk, New Guinea Grey-headed Goshawk, New Guinea Goshawk
Accipiter poliogaster selvakull Grey-bellied Goshawk, Gray-bellied Hawk, Grey-bellied Hawk
Accipiter princeps suur-raudkull New Britain Goshawk, New Britain Grey-headed Goshawk
Accipiter rhodogaster sarnas-raudkull Vinous-breasted Sparrowhawk, Vinous-breasted Sparrow Hawk
Accipiter rufitorques fidži raudkull Fiji Goshawk, Grey Goshawk*
Accipiter rufiventris mägi-raudkull Rufous-breasted Sparrowhawk, Rufous-breasted Sparrow Hawk, Rufous-chested Sparrowhawk, Red-breasted Sparrowhawk, Rufous Sparrowhawk
Accipiter soloensis konna-raudkull Chinese Sparrowhawk, Chinese Goshawk, Grey Frog Hawk, Gray Frog-Hawk, Grey Goshawk*, Horsfield's Sparrowhawk
Accipiter striatus ameerika raudkull Sharp-shinned Hawk, Sharpshin, Sharpie, Little Blue Darter
Accipiter striatus chionogaster, Accipiter chionogaster valgekõht-raudkull White-breasted Hawk
Accipiter striatus erythronemius, Accipiter erythronemius brasiilia raudkull Rufous-thighed Hawk
Accipiter striatus ventralis, Accipiter ventralis nõlva-raudkull Plain-breasted Hawk
Accipiter superciliosus koolibrikull Tiny Hawk, Tiny Sparrow Hawk, Tiny Sparrowhawk
Accipiter sylvestris, Accipiter novaehollandiae sylvestris väikesunda tuvikull Lesser Sundas Goshawk
Accipiter tachiro ao-raudkull African Goshawk
Accipiter toussenelii redu-raudkull Red-chested Goshawk, West African Goshawk*
Accipiter toussenelii macroscelides, Accipiter tachiro macroscelides ginea raudkull West African Goshawk
Accipiter trinotatus täppsaba-raudkull Spot-tailed Goshawk, Spot-tailed Sparrow Hawk, Spot-tailed Accipiter
Accipiter trivirgatus tutt-raudkull Crested Goshawk, Asian Crested Goshawk
Accipiter virgatus habe-raudkull Besra, Besra Sparrow Hawk, Besra Sparrowhawk
Aegypius monachus raisakotkas Cinereous Vulture, Eurasian Black Vulture, European Black Vulture, Black Vulture, Monk Vulture
Aquila adalberti ibeeria kääpakotkas Spanish Imperial Eagle, Adalbert's Imperial Eagle, White-shouldered Eagle, Adalbert's Eagle
Aquila africana, Spizaetus africanus, Hieraaetus africanus kongo kotkas Cassin's Hawk-eagle, Cassin's Hawk Eagle
Aquila audax, Uroaetus audax kiilsaba-kotkas Wedge-tailed Eagle
Aquila chrysaetos kaljukotkas (maakotkas) Golden Eagle
Aquila fasciata, Hieraaetus fasciatus haugaskotkas Bonelli's Eagle
Aquila gurneyi, Spizaetus gurneyi paapua kotkas Gurney's Eagle
Aquila heliaca kääpakotkas Eastern Imperial Eagle, Imperial Eagle
Aquila nipalensis stepikotkas Steppe Eagle
Aquila nipalensis nipalensis, Aquila nipalensis (s. str.) kõnnukotkas Eastern Steppe Eagle
Aquila nipalensis orientalis, Aquila orientalis stepikotkas Western Steppe Eagle
Aquila rapax savannikotkas Tawny Eagle, Tawny Eagle and Steppe Eagle
Aquila rapax vindhiana, Aquila vindhiana india kotkas Indian Tawny Eagle, Eurasian Tawny Eagle
Aquila spilogaster, Hieraaetus spilogaster aafrika haugaskotkas African Hawk-eagle, African Hawk Eagle, African Eagle
Aquila verreauxii mustkotkas Verreaux's Eagle, African Black Eagle, Black Eagle
Aviceda cuculoides aafrika tutthaugas African Cuckoo-hawk, African Cuckoo Hawk, African Cuckoo Falcon, Cuckoo Falcon, African Baza
Aviceda jerdoni pruun-tutthaugas Jerdon's Baza, Blyth's Baza, Legge's Baza, Crested Baza, Brown Lizard Hawk, Crested Lizard Hawk
Aviceda leuphotes, Baza leuphotes must-tutthaugas Black Baza, Black-crested Baza, Black-crested Lizard Hawk
Aviceda madagascariensis madagaskari tutthaugas Madagascar Cuckoo-hawk, Madagascan Cuckoo-hawk, Madagascar Cuckoo Falcon, Madagascar Cuckoo-falcon, Madagascar Baza
Aviceda subcristata lõuna-tutthaugas Pacific Baza, Crested Baza, Lizard Baza, Crested Hawk, Lizard Hawk
Bermuteo avivorus bermuda viu (†) Bermuda Hawk
Busarellus nigricollis kalaviu Black-collared Hawk, Collared Fishing Hawk, Collared Fishing Buzzard, Chestnut Hawk
Butastur indicus hallpea-haugasviu Grey-faced Buzzard, Grey-faced Buzzard-Eagle, Frog Hawk
Butastur liventer kagu-haugasviu Rufous-winged Buzzard, Rufous-winged Buzzard-Eagle
Butastur rufipennis tirtsu-haugasviu Grasshopper Buzzard, Grasshopper Buzzard-Eagle
Butastur teesa india haugasviu White-eyed Buzzard, White-eyed Buzzard-Eagle
Buteo albicaudatus valgesaba-viu White-tailed Hawk
Buteo albigula andi viu White-throated Hawk
Buteo albonotatus mustviu Zone-tailed Hawk
Buteo archeri somaali viu Archer's Buzzard
Buteo augur kiltmaa-viu Augur Buzzard
Buteo auguralis palmiviu Red-necked Buzzard, African Red-tailed Buzzard, Red-tailed Buzzard
Buteo brachypterus madagaskari viu Madagascar Buzzard, Madagascan Buzzard
Buteo brachyurus linnuviu Short-tailed Hawk
Buteo buteo hiireviu Eurasian Buzzard, Common Buzzard, Buzzard
Buteo buteo bannermani, Buteo bannermani kapverdi hiireviu Cape Verde Buzzard
Buteo buteo buteo lääne-hiireviu Eurasian Buzzard
Buteo buteo menetriesi, Buteo menetriesi Eastern Steppe Buzzard
Buteo buteo vulpinus, Buteo intermedius hiireviu Steppe Buzzard
Buteo galapagoensis galápagose viu Galapagos Hawk
Buteo hemilasius ida-stepiviu Upland Buzzard, Mongolian Buzzard
Buteo jamaicensis punasaba-viu Red-tailed Hawk
Buteo japonicus, Buteo buteo japonicus ida-hiireviu Japanese Buzzard, Eastern Buzzard
Buteo lagopus karvasjalg-viu (taliviu) Rough-legged Buzzard, Rough-legged Hawk
Buteo lineatus, Asturina lineatus kirjuviu Red-shouldered Hawk, Red-shouldered Buzzard, Red-bellied Hawk
Buteo nitidus, Asturina nitida, Buteo nitidus nitidus, Buteo nitidus hallviu Grey-lined Hawk, Grey Hawk*, Gray Hawk*, Shining Buzzard-hawk, Shining Buzzard Hawk
Buteo oreophilus trizonatus, Buteo trizonatus lõuna-tähnikviu Forest Buzzard, Rudebeck's Buzzard
Buteo oreophilus, Buteo tachardus tähnikviu Mountain Buzzard, African Mountain Buzzard, Forest Buzzard*, Woodland Buzzard, African Buzzard
Buteo plagiatus, Buteo nitidus plagiatus, Buteo nitidus plagiata, Buteo plagiata, Asturina plagiata mehhiko hallviu Grey Hawk, Mexican Goshawk
Buteo platypterus laitiib-viu Broad-winged Hawk, Broadwing
Buteo poecilochrous puunaviu Puna Hawk, Variable Hawk, Gurney's Buzzard
Buteo polyosoma mägiviu Red-backed Hawk
Buteo refectus, Buteo buteo refectus, Buteo burmanicus himaalaja viu Himalayan Buzzard
Buteo regalis, Triorchis regalis, Archibuteo regalis kuningviu Ferruginous Hawk, Ferruginous Roughleg
Buteo ridgwayi haiti viu Ridgway's Hawk
Buteo rufinus, Buteo ferox stepiviu Long-legged Buzzard
Buteo rufofuscus kiritiib-viu Jackal Buzzard
Buteo socotraensis sokotra viu Socotra Buzzard
Buteo solitarius havai viu Hawaiian Hawk, Io
Buteo swainsoni, Buteo swainsonii preeriaviu Swainson's Hawk
Buteo ventralis patagoonia viu Rufous-tailed Hawk, Red-tailed Buzzard
Buteogallus aequinoctialis krabiviu Rufous Crab-hawk, Rufous Crab Hawk, Rufous Hawk, Aequinoctial Crab-hawk
Buteogallus anthracinus kaldaviu Common Black Hawk, Common Black-Hawk, Lesser Black Hawk, Black Hawk
Buteogallus coronatus, Harpyhaliaetus coronatus hall-hiidviu Crowned Solitary Eagle, Crowned Eagle, Solitary Eagle
Buteogallus gundlachii, Buteogallus anthracinus gundlachii kuuba kaldaviu Cuban Black Hawk
Buteogallus lacernulatus, Leucopternis lacernulata, Leucopternis lacernulatus ranniku-selvaviu White-necked Hawk
Buteogallus meridionalis, Heterospizias meridionalis ruugeviu Savanna Hawk, Savannah Hawk
Buteogallus schistaceus, Leucopternis schistacea, Leucopternis schistaceus, Buteogallus schistacea hall-selvaviu Slate-coloured Hawk, Slate-colored Hawk
Buteogallus solitarius, Harpyhaliaetus solitarius tõmmu-hiidviu Black Solitary Eagle, Solitary Eagle
Buteogallus subtilis, Buteogallus anthracinus subtilis mangrooviviu Mangrove Black Hawk, Mangrove Black-Hawk, Pacifivc Black Hawk
Buteogallus urubitinga sooviu Great Black Hawk, Great Black-Hawk
Chelictinia riocourii, Elanus riocourii sirehaugas Scissor-tailed Kite, African Swallow-tailed Kite, Swallow-tailed Kite, Fork-tailed Kite
Chondrohierax uncinatus, Chondrohierax megarhynchus konksnokk-haugas Hook-billed Kite
Chondrohierax wilsonii, Chondrohierax uncinatus wilsonii kuuba haugas Cuban Kite
Circaetus beaudouini saheli madukotkas Beaudouin's Snake-eagle, Beaudouin's Snake Eagle, Beaudouin's Harrier-eagle
Circaetus cinerascens jõgi-madukotkas Western Banded Snake-eagle, Western Banded Snake Eagle, Banded Snake-Eagle, Smaller Banded Snake Eagle, Banded Harrier-eagle
Circaetus cinereus tõmmu-madukotkas Brown Snake-eagle, Brown Snake Eagle, Brown Harrier-eagle
Circaetus fasciolatus rand-madukotkas Southern Banded Snake-eagle, Southern Banded Snake Eagle, Fasciated Snake-eagle, Fasciolated Snake-eagle, East-African Snake-eagle
Circaetus gallicus, Circaetus ferox madukotkas Short-toed Snake-eagle, Short-toed Eagle
Circaetus pectoralis hulgu-madukotkas Black-chested Snake-eagle, Black-breasted Snake-eagle, Black-breasted Snake Eagle, Black-breasted Harrier-eagle
Circus aeruginosus roo-loorkull Western Marsh-harrier, Western Marsh Harrier, Marsh Harrier, Eurasian Marsh-harrier, Eurasian Marsh Harrier
Circus approximans lõuna-loorkull Swamp Harrier, Pacific Marsh-harrier, Pacific Marsh Harrier, Australasian Harrier
Circus assimilis puis-loorkull Spotted Harrier, Jardine's Harrier, Allied Harrier
Circus buffoni pale-loorkull Long-winged Harrier
Circus cinereus vööt-loorkull Cinereous Harrier
Circus cyaneus välja-loorkull Hen Harrier, Northern Harrier, Marsh Hawk*
Circus eylesi (†) Eyles' Harrier
Circus hudsonius, Circus cyaneus hudsonius ameerika loorkull Northern Harrier, American Harrier, Marsh Hawk*
Circus macrosceles, Circus maillardi macrosceles madagaskari loorkull Madagascar Marsh-harrier, Malagasy Marsh-harrier, Malagasy Marsh Harrier, Madagascar Harrier
Circus macrourus stepi-loorkull Pallid Harrier
Circus maillardi nõlva-loorkull Reunion Marsh-harrier, Madagascar Marsh-harrier*, Réunion Harrier, Malagasy Marsh-harrier*, Malagasy Marsh Harrier*, Madagascar Harrier*
Circus maurus must-loorkull Black Harrier
Circus melanoleucos, Circus melanoleucus pugal-loorkull Pied Harrier
Circus pygargus soo-loorkull Montagu's Harrier, Montague's Harrier
Circus ranivorus aafrika loorkull African Marsh-harrier, African Marsh Harrier
Circus spilonotus ida-loorkull Eastern Marsh-harrier, Eastern Marsh Harrier, Spotted Marsh-harrier
Circus spilothorax, Circus spilonotus spilothorax paapua loorkull Papuan Harrier
Clanga clanga, Aquila clanga suur-konnakotkas Greater Spotted Eagle, Spotted Eagle
Clanga hastata, Aquila pomarina hastata, Aquila hastata lõuna-konnakotkas Indian Spotted Eagle
Clanga pomarina, Aquila pomarina väike-konnakotkas Lesser Spotted Eagle
Cryptoleucopteryx plumbea, Leucopternis plumbea, Leucopternis plumbeus peegeltiib-selvaviu Plumbeous Hawk
Dryotriorchis spectabilis aafrika maduhaugas Congo Serpent-eagle, Congo Serpent Eagle, African Serpent-eagle
Elanoides forficatus pääsuhaugas Swallow-tailed Kite, American Swallow-tailed Kite
Elanus axillaris, [Elanus notatus] austraalia hõbehaugas Black-shouldered Kite, Australian Black-shouldered Kite
Elanus caeruleus hõbehaugas Black-winged Kite, Common Black-shouldered Kite, Black-shouldered Kite
Elanus leucurus ameerika hõbehaugas White-tailed Kite
Elanus scriptus öö-hõbehaugas Letter-winged Kite
Erythrotriorchis buergersi, Accipiter buergersi punaõlg-kull Chestnut-shouldered Goshawk, Bürgers' Goshawk, Buergers' Goshawk, Bürgers' Sparrowhawk, Buergers' Sparrowhawk, Chestnut-shouldered Hawk
Erythrotriorchis radiatus, Accipiter radiatus ruskekull Red Goshawk
Eutriorchis astur vööthaugas Madagascar Serpent-eagle, Madagascan Serpent Eagle, Madagascar Serpent Eagle, Long-tailed Serpent-eagle
Gampsonyx swainsonii pisihaugas Pearl Kite
Geranoaetus melanoleucus, Buteo melanoleucus, Buteo fuscescens kotkasviu Black-chested Buzzard-eagle, Black-chested Buzzard Eagle, Black Buzzard-eagle, Grey Buzzard-eagle, Black Eagle, Grey Eagle, Black Eagle-buzzard, Grey Eagle-buzzard
Geranospiza caerulescens, Ischnosceles caerulescens väänjalg-viu Crane Hawk, Crane-Hawk
Gypaetus barbatus habekotkas Bearded Vulture, Lammergeier
Gypohierax angolensis palmikotkas Palm-nut Vulture, Vulturine Fish-eagle
Gyps africanus, Pseudogyps africanus savanni-kaeluskotkas White-backed Vulture, African White-backed Vulture, White-backed Vulture, White-backed Griffon Vulture
Gyps bengalensis, Pseudogyps bengalensis valgeselg-kaeluskotkas White-rumped Vulture, Indian White-backed Vulture, Oriental White-backed Vulture, White-backed Vulture
Gyps coprotheres hele-kaeluskotkas Cape Vulture, Cape Griffon, Kolbe's Vulture
Gyps fulvus kaeluskotkas Griffon Vulture, Eurasian Griffon, Eurasian Griffon Vulture
Gyps himalayensis kumai-kaeluskotkas Himalayan Griffon, Himalayan Griffon Vulture
Gyps indicus sale-kaeluskotkas Indian Vulture, Long-billed Vulture, Long-billed Griffon, Indian Griffon
Gyps rueppelli, Gyps rueppellii kõnnu-kaeluskotkas Rüppell's Griffon, Rüppell's Vulture, Ruppell's Griffon
Gyps tenuirostris, Gyps indicus tenuirostris tumepea-kaeluskotkas Slender-billed Vulture
Haliaeetus albicilla merikotkas (harilik merikotkas) White-tailed Sea-eagle, White-tailed Sea Eagle, White-tailed Eagle
Haliaeetus leucocephalus valgepea-merikotkas Bald Eagle, American Bald Eagle, American Eagle, White-headed Sea-eagle
Haliaeetus leucogaster hele-merikotkas White-bellied Sea-eagle, White-bellied Sea Eagle, White-bellied Fish-Eagle, White-breasted Fish-Eagle, White-breasted Sea-eagle
Haliaeetus leucoryphus vöötsaba-merikotkas Pallas's Fish-eagle, Pallas's Fish Eagle, Pallas' Sea Eagle, Pallas's Sea-eagle, Ring-tailed Fishing-eagle, Band-tailed Fishing-eagle
Haliaeetus pelagicus hiid-merikotkas Steller's Sea-eagle, Steller's Sea Eagle, White-shouldered Sea-eagle
Haliaeetus sanfordi pruun-merikotkas Sanford's Sea-eagle, Sanford's Sea Eagle, Sanford's Fish-Eagle, Solomons Sea-eagle, Brown Sea-eagle
Haliaeetus vocifer, Cuncuma vocifer kilg-merikotkas African Fish-eagle, African Fish Eagle, Fish Eagle, River Eagle
Haliaeetus vociferoides madagaskari merikotkas Madagascar Fish-eagle, Madagascan Fish Eagle, Madagascar Fish Eagle, Madagascar Sea-eagle
Haliastur indus, Milvus indus valgepea-purihaugas Brahminy Kite, Red-backed Sea Eagle, White-headed Sea Eagle, Red-backed Kite, Whistling Eagle*
Haliastur sphenurus, Milvus sphenurus vile-purihaugas Whistling Kite, Whistling Hawk, Whistling Eagle*
Hamirostra melanosternon suurhaugas Black-breasted Buzzard, Black-breasted Buzzard Kite, Black-breasted Buzzard-kite, Black-breasted Kite
Harpagornis moorei (†) Haast Eagle, Haast's Eagle, New Zealand Eagle, Pouakai
Harpagus bidentatus ruske-hammashaugas Double-toothed Kite
Harpagus diodon hall-hammashaugas Rufous-thighed Kite
Harpia harpyja harpüia (harpüiakotkas) Harpy Eagle
Harpyopsis novaeguineae käharkotkas Papuan Eagle, New Guinea Eagle, Papuan Harpy Eagle, New Guinea Harpy Eagle, Kapul Eagle
Helicolestes hamatus, Rostrhamus hamatus jõgi-teohaugas Slender-billed Kite
Henicopernis infuscatus, Henicopernis infuscata tõmmu-herilaseviu Black Honey-buzzard, New Britain Buzzard, New Britain Honey Buzzard, Black Honey Buzzard
Henicopernis longicauda paapua herilaseviu Long-tailed Honey-buzzard, Long-tailed Buzzard, Long-tailed Honey Buzzard
Hieraaetus ayresii aafrika kääbuskotkas Ayres's Hawk-eagle, Ayre's Hawk Eagle, Ayres's Eagle
Hieraaetus morphnoides, Aquila morphnoides austraalia kääbuskotkas Little Eagle
Hieraaetus pennatus, Aquila pennata kääbuskotkas Booted Eagle
Hieraaetus wahlbergi, Aquila wahlbergi väikekotkas Wahlberg's Eagle
Hieraaetus weiskei, Hieraaetus morphnoides weiskei paapua kääbuskotkas Pygmy Eagle, New Guinea Hawk-eagle
Ichthyophaga humilis, Ichthyophaga nana väike-jõgikotkas Lesser Fish-eagle, Lesser Fishing-eagle, Lesser Fish Eagle, Lesser Fishing Eagle, Himalayan Grey-headed Fishing-eagle
Ichthyophaga ichthyaetus suur-jõgikotkas Grey-headed Fish-eagle, Grey-headed Fishing-eagle, Grey-headed Fish Eagle, Grey-headed Fishing Eagle, Greater Fishing Eagle, Greater Fish Eagle
Ictinaetus malaiensis, Ictinaetus malayensis krattkotkas Black Eagle, Indian Black Eagle, Asian Black Eagle
Ictinia mississippiensis põhja-noolhaugas Mississippi Kite
Ictinia plumbea lõuna-noolhaugas Plumbeous Kite
Kaupifalco monogrammicus sisalikukull Lizard Buzzard
Leptodon cayanensis, Odontriorchis palliatus valjashaugas Grey-headed Kite, Gray-headed Kite, Cayenne Kite
Leptodon forbesi pernambuco valjashaugas White-collared Kite
Leucopternis kuhli valgekulm-selvaviu White-browed Hawk
Leucopternis melanops mask-selvaviu Black-faced Hawk
Leucopternis semiplumbeus, Leucopternis semiplumbea väike-selvaviu Semiplumbeous Hawk, Semi-plumbeous Hawk
Lophaetus occipitalis, Spizaetus occipitalis harikotkas Long-crested Eagle
Lophoictinia isura munahaugas Square-tailed Kite, Long-winged Kite
Lophotriorchis kienerii, Hieraaetus kienerii nool-kääbuskotkas Rufous-bellied Eagle, Rufous-bellied Hawk-eagle, Chestnut-bellied Hawk Eagle, Chestnut-bellied Hawk-eagle
Macheiramphus alcinus, Machaerhamphus alcinus, Macheiramphus alcinus videvikuhaugas Bat Hawk, Bat Falcon, Bat Pern, Bat Kite, Bat-eating Buzzard, Bat-eating Hawk
Megatriorchis doriae, Accipiter doriae kirjukull Doria's Hawk, Doria's Goshawk
Melierax canorus, Melierax musicus suur-laulukull Pale Chanting-goshawk, Pale Chanting Goshawk, Southern Pale Chanting-goshawk
Melierax metabates mets-laulukull Dark Chanting-goshawk, Dark Chanting Goshawk, Chanting Goshawk
Melierax poliopterus somaali laulukull Eastern Chanting-goshawk, Eastern Chanting Goshawk, Somali Chanting Goshawk, Somali Chanting-goshawk, Eastern Pale Chanting-goshawk
Micronisus gabar, Melierax gabar väike-laulukull Gabar Goshawk, Gabar Chanting-goshawk
Milvus migrans aegyptius, Milvus aegyptius (incl. M. parasitus) aafrika harksaba Egyptian Kite, Yellow-billed Kite
Milvus migrans lineatus, Milvus lineatus ida-harksaba Black-eared Kite, Eared Kite, Large Indian Kite
Milvus migrans, Milvus korschun must-harksaba Black Kite
Milvus milvus puna-harksaba Red Kite
Milvus milvus fasciicauda, Milvus fasciicauda kapverdi harksaba Cape Verde Kite
Morphnarchus princeps, Leucopternis princeps suur-selvaviu Barred Hawk
Morphnus guianensis sarvikkotkas Crested Eagle, Guiana Crested Eagle
Necrosyrtes monachus, Neophron monachus munk-raipekotkas Hooded Vulture
Neophron percnopterus raipekotkas Egyptian Vulture, White Scavenger Vulture, Scavenger Vulture
Nisaetus alboniger, Spizaetus alboniger malai tuttkotkas Blyth's Hawk-eagle, Blyth's Hawk Eagle, Mountain Hawk-eagle, Black-and-White Hawk-eagle
Nisaetus bartelsi, Spizaetus bartelsi jaava tuttkotkas Javan Hawk-eagle, Java Hawk Eagle
Nisaetus cirrhatus, Spizaetus cirrhatus välu-tuttkotkas Changeable Hawk-eagle, Crested Hawk Eagle
Nisaetus floris, Nisaetus cirrhatus floris, Spizaetus cirrhatus floris väikesunda tuttkotkas Flores Hawk-eagle
Nisaetus lanceolatus, Spizaetus lanceolatus sulawesi tuttkotkas Sulawesi Hawk-eagle, Sulawesi Hawk Eagle, Celebes Hawk-eagle
Nisaetus nanus, Spizaetus nanus väike-tuttkotkas Wallace's Hawk-eagle, Wallace's Hawk Eagle, Small Hawk-eagle
Nisaetus nipalensis kelaarti, Spizaetus nipalensis kelaarti, Nisaetus kelaarti Legge's Hawk-eagle
Nisaetus nipalensis, Spizaetus nipalensis mägi-tuttkotkas Mountain Hawk-eagle, Hodgson's Hawk Eagle, Feather-toed Hawk-eagle
Nisaetus philippensis, Spizaetus philippensis filipiini tuttkotkas North Philippine Hawk-eagle, Philippine Hawk-eagle, Philippine Hawk Eagle, Luzon Hawk Eagle
Nisaetus pinskeri, Nisaetus philippensis pinskeri, Spizaetus philippensis pinskeri South Philippine Hawk-eagle, Pinsker's Hawk-eagle, Visayan Hawk Eagle
Parabuteo leucorrhous, Buteo leucorrhous valgepära-viu White-rumped Hawk, Rufous-thighed Hawk
Parabuteo unicinctus rüütelviu Harris' Hawk, Harris's Hawk, Bay-winged Hawk
Pernis apivorus herilaseviu European Honey-buzzard, Western Honey-buzzard, European Honey Buzzard, Western Honey Buzzard, Eurasian Honey-buzzard, Honey Buzzard
Pernis celebensis vööt-herilaseviu Sulawesi Honey-buzzard, Barred Honey-buzzard, Barred Honey Buzzard
Pernis ptilorhynchus, Pernis ptilorhyncus tutt-herilaseviu Oriental Honey-buzzard, Crested Honey-buzzard, Oriental Honey Buzzard, Crested Honey Buzzard, Eastern Honey-buzzard
Pernis steerei, Pernis celebensis steerei filipiini herilaseviu Philippine Honey-buzzard, Steere's Honey-buzzard
Pithecophaga jefferyi ahvikotkas Philippine Eagle, Great Philippine Eagle, Philippine Monkey-eating Eagle, Monkey-eating Eagle
Polemaetus bellicosus, Hieraaetus bellicosus kuningkotkas Martial Eagle, Martial Hawk-eagle
Polyboroides radiatus maskkull (madagaskari maskkull) Madagascar Harrier-hawk, Madagascan Harrier-hawk, Madagascar Harrier Hawk
Polyboroides typus, Gymnogenus typicus aafrika maskkull African Harrier-hawk, African Harrier Hawk, Banded Harrier-hawk, Gymnogene
Pseudastur albicollis, Leucopternis albicollis valge-selvaviu White Hawk
Pseudastur occidentalis, Leucopternis occidentalis ekuadori selvaviu Grey-backed Hawk, Gray-backed Hawk
Pseudastur polionotus, Leucopternis polionota, Leucopternis polionotus mantel-selvaviu Mantled Hawk
Rostrhamus sociabilis teohaugas (soo-teohaugas) Snail Kite, Everglade Kite
Rupornis magnirostris, Buteo magnirostris, Asturina magnirostris väikeviu Roadside Hawk, Insect Hawk, Tropical Broad-winged Hawk, Large-billed Hawk
Sarcogyps calvus, Aegypius calvus, Torgos calvus kiilas-raisakotkas Red-headed Vulture, Indian King Vulture, Asian King Vulture, Indian Black Vulture, Pondicherry Vulture
Spilornis cheela aasia maduhaugas Crested Serpent-eagle, Crested Serpent Eagle
Spilornis cheela abbotti, Spilornis abbotti simeulue maduhaugas Simeulue Serpent-eagle
Spilornis cheela asturinus, Spilornis asturinus niase maduhaugas Nias Serpent-eagle
Spilornis cheela baweanus, Spilornis baweanus baweani maduhaugas Bawean Serpent-eagle
Spilornis cheela hoya taivani maduhaugas Taiwan Serpent-eagle
Spilornis cheela minimus, Spilornis minimus väike-maduhaugas Central Nicobar Serpent-eagle, Small Serpent-eagle, Small Crested Serpent-eagle, Nicobar Serpent-eagle, Nicobar Crested Serpent-eagle, Nicobar Serpent Eagle
Spilornis cheela natunensis, Spilornis natunensis hele-maduhaugas Natuna Serpent-eagle
Spilornis cheela perplexus, Spilornis perplexus ryukyu maduhaugas Ryukyu Serpent-eagle
Spilornis cheela sipora, Spilornis sipora mentawai maduhaugas Mentawai Serpent-eagle
Spilornis elgini andamani maduhaugas Andaman Serpent-eagle, Andaman Serpent Eagle, Andaman Dark Serpent Eagle
Spilornis holospilus, Spilornis cheela holospilus filipiini maduhaugas Philippine Serpent-eagle
Spilornis kinabaluensis mägi-maduhaugas Kinabalu Serpent-eagle, Kinabalu Serpent Eagle, Mountain Serpent-Eagle, Mountain Serpent Eagle
Spilornis klossi nicobari maduhaugas Great Nicobar Serpent-eagle, Nicobar Serpent Eagle, Nicobar Serpent-eagle, Great Nicobar Crested Serpent-eagle
Spilornis rufipectus sulawesi maduhaugas Sulawesi Serpent-eagle, Sulawesi Serpent Eagle, Celebes Serpent-eagle
Spizaetus isidori, Oroaetus isidori koidukotkas Black-and-Chestnut Eagle, Black and Chestnut Eagle
Spizaetus melanoleucus, Spizastur melanoleucus tanukotkas Black-and-White Hawk-eagle, Black and White Hawk Eagle
Spizaetus ornatus hund-tuttkotkas Ornate Hawk-eagle, Ornate Hawk Eagle
Spizaetus tyrannus must-tuttkotkas Black Hawk-eagle, Black Hawk Eagle
Stephanoaetus coronatus, Spizaetus coronatus kroonkotkas Crowned Eagle, Crowned Hawk-eagle, African Crowned Eagle
Terathopius ecaudatus klounkotkas Bateleur, Bateleur Eagle
Torgos tracheliotos, Torgos tracheliotus, Aegypius tracheliotus voltpea-raisakotkas Lappet-faced Vulture, African Black Vulture, African King Vulture, Nubian Vulture
Torgos tracheliotus negevensis, Aegypius tracheliotus negevensis araabia voltpea-raisakotkas Arabian Lappet-faced Vulture
Trigonoceps occipitalis, Aegypius occipitalis, Torgos occipitalis pugal-raisakotkas White-headed Vulture
Urotriorchis macrourus, Accipiter macrourus pikksaba-kull Long-tailed Hawk, African Long-tailed Hawk
In orderAccipitriformes family Accipitridae 282 results found
 Pandionidae - kalakotkaslased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Pandion haliaetus kalakotkas Osprey, Fish Hawk
In orderAccipitriformes family Pandionidae 1 results found
 Sagittariidae - kurgkotkaslased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Sagittarius serpentarius kurgkotkas (sekretärlind) Secretarybird, Secretary Bird
In orderAccipitriformes family Sagittariidae 1 results found
Aepyornithiformes - raitlinnulised Aepyornithidae - raitlindlased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Aepyornis maximus raitlind (†) Great Elephantbird, Elephant Bird
In orderAepyornithiformes family Aepyornithidae 1 results found
Anseriformes - hanelised Anatidae - partlased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Aix galericulata, Dendronessa galericulata mandariinpart Mandarin Duck, Mandarin
Aix sponsa mõrsjapart Wood Duck, American Wood Duck, Carolina Wood Duck, Carolina Duck
Alopochen aegyptiaca, Alopochen aegyptiacus vaaraohani Egyptian Goose
Alopochen kervazoi (†) Reunion Shelduck
Alopochen mauritiana (†) Mauritius Shelduck
Amazonetta brasiliensis brasiilia part Brazilian Teal, Brazilian Duck
Anas acuta, Dafila acuta soopart (pahlsaba-part) Northern Pintail, Pintail, Common Pintail
Anas albogularis, Anas gibberifrons albogularis andamani piilpart Andaman Teal
Anas andium, Anas flavirostris andium kolumbia piilpart Andean Teal, Andean Speckled Teal
Anas aucklandica (s. lat.), Nettion aucklandica öö-piilpart Brown Teal*, New Zealand Teal, Flightless Teal, Brown Duck
Anas aucklandica (s. str.), Anas aucklandica aucklandica Auckland Teal, Auckland Duck, Auckland Islands Teal, Aukland Island Teal
Anas bahamensis, Poecilonetta bahamensis mangroovipart White-cheeked Pintail, Bahama Pintail, Bahama Duck
Anas bernieri, Nettion bernieri madagaskari piilpart Madagascar Teal, Madagascan Teal, Bernier's Teal
Anas capensis, Nettion capensis hõbe-piilpart Cape Teal, Cape Wigeon, African Cape Teal, Pink-billed Duck, Pink-billed Teal
Anas castanea, Nettion castanea kastan-piilpart Chestnut Teal, Chestnut-breasted Teal, Red Teal
Anas chathamica, Pachyanas chathamica chathami piilpart (†) Chatham Duck
Anas chlorotis, Anas aucklandica chlorotis pateke-piilpart Brown Teal, Pateke
Anas crecca carolinensis, Anas carolinensis ameerika piilpart Green-winged Teal, North American Green-winged Teal
Anas crecca, Nettion crecca piilpart Common Teal, Green-winged Teal*, Teal, Eurasian Teal (s.str.)
Anas eatoni, Anas acuta eatoni kergueleni soopart Southern Pintail, Kerguelen Pintail, Eaton's Pintail
Anas erythrorhyncha, Poecilonetta erythrorhyncha tulinokk-part Red-billed Teal, Red-billed Duck, Red-billed Pintail, African Red-billed Teal
Anas flavirostris, Nettion flavirostris koldnokk-piilpart Yellow-billed Teal, Speckled Teal, Chilean Teal, South American Green-winged Teal, South American Teal
Anas fulvigula diazi, Anas platyrhynchos diazi, Anas diazi mehhiko sinikael-part Mexican Duck, Mexican Mallard
Anas fulvigula, Anas platyrhynchos fulvigula rand-sinikaelpart Mottled Duck, Mottled Mallard, Florida Duck
Anas georgica spinicauda, Anas spinicauda Yellow-billed Pintail, Chilean Pintail
Anas georgica, Dafila georgica koldnokk-soopart Yellow-billed Pintail, South Georgian Teal, Georgian Teal, Brown Pintail
Anas gibberifrons, Nettion gibberifrons pruun-piilpart Sunda Teal, Grey Teal*, Indonesian Teal, Slender Teal
Anas gracilis, Anas gibberifrons gracilis austraalia piilpart Grey Teal, Australian Grey Teal, Australasian Grey Teal
Anas laysanensis, Anas platyrhynchos laysanensis laysani sinikael-part Laysan Duck, Laysan Mallard, Laysan Teal
Anas luzonica filipiini part Philippine Duck, Philippine Mallard
Anas marecula (†) Amsterdam Duck, Amsterdam Island Wigeon
Anas melleri malagassi part Meller's Duck
Anas nesiotis, Anas aucklandica nesiotis campbelli piilpart Campbell Teal, Campbell Island Brown Teal, Campbell Island Teal, Flightless Teal
Anas oustaleti mariaani part (hübriidne vorm) Mariana Duck
Anas platyrhynchos sinikael-part Mallard, Greenhead
Anas poecilorhyncha laiknokk-part Indian Spot-billed Duck, Spot-billed Duck*, Spotbill Duck*, Spotbill*, Spot-billed Grey Duck*, Grey Duck
Anas rubripes, Anas platyrhynchos rubripes nõgipart American Black Duck, North American Black Duck, Black Duck, Black Mallard
Anas sparsa, Melananas sparsa helmespart African Black Duck, Black River Duck, Black Duck
Anas superciliosa tõmmupart Pacific Black Duck, Black Duck, Australian Black Duck, Australian Grey Duck
Anas theodori maskareeni piilpart (†) Mauritius Duck, Mascarene Teal
Anas undulata väävelnokk-part Yellow-billed Duck, African Yellow-bill, Yellowbill, African Yellow-billed Duck
Anas wyvilliana, Anas platyrhynchos wyvilliana havai sinikael-part Hawaiian Duck, Hawaiian Mallard, Koloa
Anas zonorhyncha, Anas poecilorhyncha zonorhyncha hiina laiknokk-part Chinese Spot-billed Duck, Chinese Spotbill
Anser albifrons suur-laukhani Greater White-fronted Goose, White-fronted Goose, European White-fronted Goose, Whitefront
Anser albifrons flavirostris, Anser flavirostris grööni suur-laukhani Greenland White-fronted Goose
Anser anser hallhani (roohani) Greylag Goose, Grey Goose
Anser brachyrhynchus lühinokk-hani Pink-footed Goose, Pink-footed Bean Goose
Anser caerulescens, Chen caerulescens lumehani Snow Goose
Anser canagicus, Philacte canagica, Chen canagica randhani Emperor Goose, Beach Goose
Anser cygnoid, Anser cygnoides, Cygnopsis cygnoides stepihani Swan Goose, Chinese Goose
Anser erythropus väike-laukhani Lesser White-fronted Goose
Anser fabalis rabahani Bean Goose
Anser fabalis rossicus, Anser rossicus tundrahani (tundra-rabahani) Tundra Bean Goose*, Tundra Bean-Goose*
Anser fabalis serrirostris, Anser serrirostris tundrahani (tundra-rabahani) Tundra Bean Goose, Tundra Bean-Goose
Anser indicus, Eulabeia indicus vööthani Bar-headed Goose
Anser rossii, Chen rossii väike-lumehani Ross's Goose, Ross's Snow Goose
Asarcornis scutulata, Cairina scutulata tontpart White-winged Duck, White-winged Wood Duck
Aythya affinis väike-merivart Lesser Scaup, Bluebill, Little Bluebill, Broadbill
Aythya americana preeriavart Redhead, Red-headed Pochard
Aythya australis austraalia vart Hardhead, Australian White-eyed Duck, Australian Hardhead, Australian Pochard, Australian White-eye, White-eyed Duck, Brownhead, Copperhead
Aythya baeri amuuri vart Baer's Pochard, Baer's White-eye, Siberian White-eye, Asiatic White-eyed Pochard, Eastern White-eyed Pochard
Aythya collaris lannuvart Ring-necked Duck, Ringneck, Ring-billed Duck
Aythya ferina punapea-vart Common Pochard, Pochard, European Pochard, Eurasian Pochard, Northern Pochard
Aythya fuligula tuttvart Tufted Duck, Tufted Pochard
Aythya innotata madagaskari vart Madagascar Pochard, Madagascan Pochard, Madagascan White-eye
Aythya marila merivart Greater Scaup, Scaup, Bluebill, Broadbill
Aythya novaeseelandiae maoori vart New Zealand Scaup, Black Scaup, Black Teal
Aythya nyroca valgesilm-vart (ruskevart) Ferruginous Duck, Ferruginous Pochard, White-eyed Pochard, Ferruginous White-eye, Common White-eye
Aythya valisineria suurvart Canvasback
Biziura lobata lottpart Musk Duck, Lobed Duck
Branta bernicla mustlagle Brent Goose, Brant, Brent
Branta bernicla hrota, Branta hrota lääne-mustlagle Pale-bellied Brent Goose, Light-bellied Brent Goose, Light-bellied Brent, Atlantic Brent
Branta bernicla nigricans, Branta nigricans kirde-mustlagle Black-bellied Brent Goose, Black Brant, Black Brent
Branta canadensis kanada lagle Canada Goose
Branta hutchinsii, Branta canadensis hutchinsii eskimo lagle Cackling Goose, Baffin Island Canada Goose
Branta leucopsis valgepõsk-lagle Barnacle Goose
Branta ruficollis, Rufibrenta ruficollis punakael-lagle Red-breasted Goose
Branta sandvicensis, Nesochen sandvicensis nenelagle Hawaiian Goose, Nene, Néné, Néné Goose
Bucephala albeola sõnnpea-sõtkas Bufflehead
Bucephala clangula, Glaucionetta clangula sõtkas Common Goldeneye, Goldeneye, Whistler
Bucephala islandica, Glaucionetta islandica läänesõtkas Barrow's Goldeneye
Cairina moschata muskuspart Muscovy Duck, Muscovy, Musky
Callonetta leucophrys, Anas leucophrys guaranii part Ringed Teal, Ringe-necked Teal, Red-shouldered Teal
Camptorhynchus labradorius labradori hahk (†) Labrador Duck
Cereopsis novaehollandiae tuhkhani Cape Barren Goose, Cereopsis Goose
Chenonetta finschi (†) Finsch's Duck
Chenonetta jubata rohupart Maned Duck, Maned Goose, Maned Wood Goose, Australian Wood Duck, Wood Duck
Chloephaga hybrida meri-nösuhani Kelp Goose
Chloephaga melanoptera mägi-nösuhani Andean Goose
Chloephaga picta niidu-nösuhani Upland Goose, Magellan Goose
Chloephaga poliocephala mets-nösuhani Ashy-headed Goose
Chloephaga rubidiceps väike-nösuhani Ruddy-headed Goose
Clangula hyemalis aul Long-tailed Duck, Oldsquaw
Coscoroba coscoroba koskoroba (koskorobaluik) Coscoroba Swan
Cyanochen cyanoptera, Cyanochen cyanopterus neegushani Blue-winged Goose, Abyssinian Blue-winged Goose, Abyssinian Goose
Cygnus atratus, Chenopis atratus mustluik Black Swan
Cygnus buccinator, Olor buccinator ameerika laululuik (trompetluik) Trumpeter Swan
Cygnus columbianus bewickii, Cygnus bewickii väikeluik (harilik väikeluik) Bewick's Swan
Cygnus columbianus columbianus ameerika väikeluik Tundra Swan, Whistling Swan
Cygnus columbianus, Olor columbianus väikeluik Tundra Swan
Cygnus cygnus, Olor cygnus laululuik Whooper Swan
Cygnus melancoryphus, Cygnus melanocorypha, [Cygnus melanocoryphus], Sthenelides melanocorypha mustkael-luik Black-necked Swan
Cygnus olor kühmnokk-luik Mute Swan
Cygnus sumnerensis chathami luik (†) Chatham Swan
Dendrocygna arborea palmi-vilepart West Indian Whistling-duck, West Indian Whistling Duck, Black-billed Whistling Duck, Cuban Whistling Duck, West Indian Tree Duck, Black-billed Tree Duck, Cuban Tree Duck
Dendrocygna arcuata roostekõht-vilepart Wandering Whistling-duck, Wandering Whistling Duck, Wandering Tree Duck, Water Whistling Duck, Diving Whistling Duck
Dendrocygna autumnalis punanokk-vilepart Black-bellied Whistling-duck, Black-bellied Whistling Duck, Red-billed Whistling Duck, Black-bellied Tree Duck, Red-billed Tree Duck
Dendrocygna bicolor ruuge-vilepart Fulvous Whistling-duck, Fulvous Whistling Duck, Fulvous Tree Duck, Large Whistling Teal
Dendrocygna eytoni rohtla-vilepart Plumed Whistling-duck, Plumed Whistling Duck, Plumed Tree Duck, Red-legged Tree Duck, Eyton's Whistling Duck, Eyton's Tree Duck, Grass Whistling Duck
Dendrocygna guttata täpik-vilepart Spotted Whistling-duck, Spotted Whistling Duck, Spotted Tree Duck
Dendrocygna javanica väike-vilepart Lesser Whistling-duck, Lesser Whistling Duck, Indian Whistling Duck, Javan Whistling Duck, Lesser Tree Duck, Javan Tree Duck, Lesser Whistling Teal
Dendrocygna viduata valgepõsk-vilepart White-faced Whistling-duck, White-faced Whistling Duck, White-faced Tree Duck
Heteronetta atricapilla nugipart Black-headed Duck
Histrionicus histrionicus kärestikuaul Harlequin Duck, Harlequin
Hymenolaimus malacorhynchos, Hymenolaimus malacorhynchus maoori kosepart Blue Duck, Mountain Duck
Lophodytes cucullatus, Mergus cucullatus kübarkoskel Hooded Merganser
Lophonetta specularioides, Anas specularioides lakkpart Crested Duck
Malacorhynchus membranaceus koostnokk-part Pink-eared Duck, Pink-ear, Zebra Duck, Zebra Teal
Mareca americana, Anas americana ameerika viupart American Wigeon, Baldpate
Mareca falcata, Anas falcata, Eunetta falcata sirppart Falcated Duck, Falcated Teal, Bronze-capped Teal
Mareca penelope, Anas penelope viupart Eurasian Wigeon, European Wigeon, Wigeon
Mareca sibilatrix, Anas sibilatrix patagoonia viupart Chiloe Wigeon, Southern Wigeon, Chilean Wigeon
Mareca strepera, Anas strepera, Chaulelasmus strepera rääkspart Gadwall, Gray Duck
Marmaronetta angustirostris, Anas angustirostris marmorpart Marbled Teal, Marbled Duck
Melanitta americana, Melanitta nigra americana ida-mustvaeras Black Scoter, American Scoter
Melanitta deglandi, Melanitta fusca deglandi ameerika tõmmuvaeras White-winged Scoter, American Scoter, Degland's White-winged Scoter, American White-winged Scoter
Melanitta fusca tõmmuvaeras Velvet Scoter, White-winged Scoter*
Melanitta nigra mustvaeras Black Scoter, Common Scoter, Scoter
Melanitta perspicillata prillvaeras Surf Scoter
Melanitta stejnegeri, Melanitta fusca stejnegeri, Melanitta deglandi stejnegeri siberi tõmmuvaeras Siberian Scoter, Asiatic Scoter
Merganetta armata andi kosepart Torrent Duck
Mergellus albellus, Mergus albellus väikekoskel (pudukoskel) Smew
Mergus australis motumaha koskel (†) Auckland Merganser, Auckland Island Merganser, Auckland Islands Merganser
Mergus merganser jääkoskel Goosander, Common Merganser
Mergus octosetaceus brasiilia koskel Brazilian Merganser
Mergus serrator rohukoskel Red-breasted Merganser
Mergus squamatus soomuskoskel Scaly-sided Merganser, Chinese Merganser
Neochen jubata, Neochen jubatus selvahani Orinoco Goose
Netta erythrophthalma, Phaeoaythia erythrophthalma savannivart Southern Pochard, Red-eyed Pochard, African Pochard
Netta peposaca, Metopiana peposaca pampavart Rosy-billed Pochard, Rosybill
Netta rufina punanokk-vart Red-crested Pochard, Red-crested Duck
Nettapus auritus aafrika pisipart African Pygmy-goose, African Pygmy Goose, Dwarf Goose, Pygmy Goose*
Nettapus coromandelianus kaelus-pisipart Cotton Pygmy-goose, Cotton Teal, Indian Pygmy-goose, White Pygmy-goose, White-quilled Pygmy-goose, White-quilled Dwarf-goose, Pygmy Goose*
Nettapus pulchellus viir-pisipart Green Pygmy-goose, Green Pygmy Goose, Green Dwarf-goose, Green Goose
Nomonyx dominicus, Oxyura dominica, Nomonyx dominica väike-händpart Masked Duck, White-winged Lake Duck
Oxyura australis austraalia händpart Blue-billed Duck, Australian Blue-billed Duck, Australian Blue-bill, Australian Stifftail
Oxyura ferruginea, Oxyura jamaicensis ferruginea andi händpart Andean Duck, Peruvian Ruddy Duck, Peruvian Duck
Oxyura jamaicensis valgepõsk-händpart Ruddy Duck
Oxyura leucocephala stepi-händpart White-headed Duck, White-headed Stifftail
Oxyura maccoa aafrika händpart Maccoa Duck
Oxyura vittata argentiina händpart Lake Duck, Argentine Blue-billed Duck, Argentine Bluebill, Argentine Lake Duck, Argentine Ruddy Duck
Plectropterus gambensis toonehani Spur-winged Goose, Spur-winged Duck
Polysticta stelleri kirjuhahk Steller's Eider
Pteronetta hartlaubii, Cairina hartlaubii kaneelpart Hartlaub's Duck, Hartlaub's Goose, Hartlaub's Teal
Radjah radjah, Tadorna radjah valge-ristpart Radjah Shelduck, White-headed Shelduck, Black-backed Shelduck, Burdekin Duck, Burdekin Shelduck
Rhodonessa caryophyllacea roosavart Pink-headed Duck
Salvadorina waigiuensis, Anas waigiuensis paapua kosepart Salvadori's Teal, Salvadori's Duck
Sarkidiornis melanotos kühmnokk-part African Comb Duck, Comb Duck*, Knob-billed Duck, Knob-billed Goose, Black-backed Goose
Sarkidiornis sylvicola, Sarkidiornis melanotos sylvicola American Comb Duck, Comb Duck*
Sibirionetta formosa, Anas formosa, Nettion formosa kuupart Baikal Teal, Spectacled Teal, Formosa Teal, Clucking Teal
Somateria fischeri, Lampronetta fischeri prillhahk Spectacled Eider, Fischer's Eider
Somateria mollissima hahk (harilik hahk) Common Eider, Eider, Eider Duck
Somateria spectabilis kuninghahk King Eider
Spatula clypeata, Anas clypeata luitsnokk-part Northern Shoveler, Northern Shoveller, Shoveler, European Shoveler, Common Shoveler
Spatula cyanoptera, Anas cyanoptera puna-rägapart Cinnamon Teal
Spatula discors, Anas discors sini-rägapart Blue-winged Teal, Bluewing
Spatula hottentota, Anas hottentota, Punanetta hottentota, Anas punctata väike-üllpart Hottentot Teal
Spatula platalea, Anas platalea täpik-luitsnokkpart Red Shoveler, Argentine Shoveller, South American Shoveler
Spatula puna, Anas versicolor puna, Anas puna mägi-üllpart Puna Teal
Spatula querquedula, Anas querquedula, Querquedula querquedula rägapart Garganey
Spatula rhynchotis, Anas rhynchotis austraalia luitsnokk-part Australian Shoveler, Australasian Shoveler, Australian Shoveller, Blue-winged Shoveler, Southern Shoveler
Spatula smithii, Anas smithii, Anas smithi, Anas smithii, Spatula capensis kapimaa luitsnokk-part Cape Shoveler, Cape Shoveller, African Shoveler, South African Shoveler, Smith's Shoveler
Spatula versicolor, Anas versicolor, Punanetta versicolor pampa-üllpart Silver Teal, Versicolor Teal
Speculanas specularis, Anas specularis maniskpart Spectacled Duck, Bronze-winged Duck
Stictonetta naevosa kiripart Freckled Duck
Tachyeres brachypterus, Tachyeres brachydactyla falklandi aurikpart Falkland Steamerduck, Falkland Island Steamer Duck, Falkland Islands Flightless Steamer Duck, Falkland Flightless Steamerduck, Logger, Loggerhead*
Tachyeres leucocephalus valgepea-aurikpart White-headed Steamerduck, White-headed Steamer Duck, White-headed Flightless Steamer Duck, Chubut Steamerduck
Tachyeres patachonicus järve-aurikpart Flying Steamerduck, Flying Steamer Duck
Tachyeres pteneres suur-aurikpart Magellanic Steamerduck, Magellanic Steamer Duck, Flightless Steamer Duck, Flightless Steamerduck, Magellanic Flightless Steamerduck, Racehorse, Seahorse, Loggerhead*
Tadorna cana, Casarca cana kapi tulipart South African Shelduck, African Shelduck, Cape Shelduck
Tadorna cristata vikerpart Crested Shelduck
Tadorna ferruginea, Casarca ferruginea tulipart Ruddy Shelduck, Brahminy Duck
Tadorna tadorna ristpart Common Shelduck, Shelduck, Northern Shelduck, Red-billed Shelduck
Tadorna tadornoides, Casarca tadornoides billabongipart Australian Shelduck, Mountain Duck, Chestnut-breasted Shelduck
Tadorna variegata, Casarca variegata paradiisipart Paradise Shelduck, Paradise Duck, New Zealand Shelduck
Thalassornis leuconotos, Thalassornis leuconotus püttpart White-backed Duck
In orderAnseriformes family Anatidae 186 results found
 Anhimidae - ogatiiblased (tšahhalased)
Family and species in Estonian in English
Anhima cornuta sarvik-ogatiib (sarvik-tšahha) Horned Screamer
Chauna chavaria tutt-ogatiib (tutt-tšahha) Northern Screamer, Black-necked Screamer
Chauna torquata kaelus-ogatiib (kaelustšahha) Southern Screamer, Crested Screamer
In orderAnseriformes family Anhimidae 3 results found
 Anseranatidae - harakhanilased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Anseranas semipalmata, Anseranas semipalmatus harakhani Magpie Goose, Magpie-Goose, Pied Goose, Semipalmated Goose
In orderAnseriformes family Anseranatidae 1 results found
Bucerotiformes - sarvlinnulised Bucerotidae - sarvlindlased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Aceros nipalensis nudi-sarvlind Rufous-necked Hornbill
Anorrhinus austeni, Ptilolaemus austeni valgekurk-sarvlind Austen's Brown Hornbill, Assam Hornbill, Brown Hornbill*, White-throated Brown Hornbill, White-throated Brown-backed Hornbill
Anorrhinus galeritus, Ptilolaemus galeritus tume-sarvlind Bushy-crested Hornbill, Buffy-crested Hornbill
Anorrhinus tickelli, Ptilolaemus tickelli pruun-sarvlind Tickell's Brown Hornbill, Brown Hornbill*, Tickell's Hornbill, Brown-backed Hornbill, Rusty-cheeked Hornbill
Anthracoceros albirostris, Aceros albirostris, [Aceros malabaricus] ida-sarvlind Oriental Pied Hornbill, Oriental Pied-hornbill, Pied Hornbill*, Asian Pied Hornbill, Northern Pied Hornbill, Indian Pied Hornbill
Anthracoceros coronatus, Aceros coronatus india sarvlind Malabar Pied Hornbill, Indian Pied Hornbill, Malabar Pied Hornbill, Malabar Pied-hornbill, Pied Hornbill*
Anthracoceros malayanus, Aceros malayanus valgekulm-sarvlind Black Hornbill, Asian Black Hornbill, Malay Black Hornbill
Anthracoceros marchei, Aceros marchei palawani sarvlind Palawan Hornbill
Anthracoceros montani, Aceros montani tawitawi sarvlind Sulu Hornbill, Montano's Hornbill
Berenicornis comatus, Aceros comatus, Berenicornis comatus kähar-sarvlind White-crowned Hornbill, Long-crested Hornbill, White-crested Hornbill
Buceros bicornis suur-sarvlind Great Hornbill, Great Indian Hornbill, Great Pied Hornbill, Giant Hornbill, Concave-casqued Hornbill
Buceros hydrocorax tuli-sarvlind Northern Rufous Hornbill, Rufous Hornbill, Great Philippine Hornbill, Philippine Brown Hornbill
Buceros mindanensis, Buceros hydrocorax mindanensis Southern Rufous Hornbill
Buceros rhinoceros ninasarviklind Rhinoceros Hornbill, Great Rhinoceros Hornbill
Bucorvus abyssinicus sudaani maasarvik Northern Ground-hornbill, Abyssinian Ground Hornbill
Bucorvus leadbeateri, [Bucorvus cafer], [Aceros cafer] lõuna-maasarvik Southern Ground-hornbill, Southern Ground Hornbill, Ground Hornbill, African Ground Hornbill
Bycanistes albotibialis, Bycanistes cylindricus albotibialis, Ceratogymna cylindricus albotibialis, Ceratogymna albotibialis tääk-kiiverlind White-thighed Hornbill
Bycanistes brevis, Aceros brevis, Ceratogymna brevis hõbepõsk-kiiverlind Silvery-cheeked Hornbill
Bycanistes bucinator, Aceros bucinator, Ceratogymna bucinator trompet-kiiverlind Trumpeter Hornbill
Bycanistes cylindricus, Aceros cylindricus, Ceratogymna cylindricus vöötsaba-kiiverlind Brown-cheeked Hornbill
Bycanistes fistulator, Aceros fistulator, Ceratogymna fistulator väike-kiiverlind Western Piping Hornbill, Piping Hornbill, Laughing Hornbill, Whistling Hornbill, White-tailed Hornbill
Bycanistes sharpii, Bycanistes fistulator sharpii, Aceros fistulator sharpii, Ceratogymna fistulator sharpii Eastern Piping Hornbill
Bycanistes subcylindricus, Aceros subcylindricus, Ceratogymna subcylindricus salu-kiiverlind Grey-cheeked Hornbill, Black and White Casqued Hornbill, Black-and-white-casqued Hornbill
Ceratogymna atrata, Aceros atrata must-kiiverlind Black-casqued Hornbill, Black-casqued Wattled Hornbill
Ceratogymna elata, Aceros elata palmi-kiiverlind Yellow-casqued Hornbill, Yellow-casqued Wattled Hornbill
Horizocerus albocristatus, Tropicranus albocristatus, Tockus albocristatus, Berenicornis albocristatus kroon-sarvnokk Western Long-tailed Hornbill, Long-tailed Hornbill, White-crested Hornbill, African White-crested Hornbill, White-crested Hornbill, Crowned Hornbill*, White-crowned Hornbill*
Horizocerus cassini, Tropicranus albocristatus cassini, Tockus albocristatus cassini, Berenicornis albocristatus cassini Eastern Long-tailed Hornbill
Horizocerus granti, Tockus hartlaubi granti kongo sarvnokk Eastern Little Hornbill
Horizocerus hartlaubi, Tockus hartlaubi väike-sarvnokk Western Little Hornbill, Black Dwarf-hornbill, Black Dwarf Hornbill, Dwarf Black Hornbill
Lophoceros bradfieldi, Tockus bradfieldi leet-sarvnokk Bradfield's Hornbill
Lophoceros camurus, Tockus camurus ruske-sarvnokk Dwarf Hornbill, Red-billed Dwarf-hornbill, Red-billed Dwarf Hornbill, Dwarf Red-billed Hornbill
Lophoceros fasciatus, Tockus fasciatus harak-sarvnokk Congo Pied Hornbill, African Pied Hornbill, Pied Hornbill*, Allied Hornbill, Zande Hornbill, Black-and-white-tailed Hornbill
Lophoceros hemprichii, Tockus hemprichii etioopia sarvnokk Hemprich's Hornbill
Lophoceros melanoleucos, Tockus alboterminatus tõmmu-sarvnokk Crowned Hornbill, African Crowned Hornbill
Lophoceros nasutus, Tockus nasutus hall-sarvnokk African Grey Hornbill, Grey Hornbill*
Lophoceros pallidirostris, Tockus pallidirostris miombo-sarvnokk Pale-billed Hornbill
Lophoceros semifasciatus, Tockus fasciatus semifasciatus ginea harak-sarvnokk West African Pied Hornbill
Ocyceros birostris, Tockus birostris hõbe-sarvnokk Indian Grey Hornbill, Indian Grey-hornbill, Grey Hornbill*, Common Grey Hornbill
Ocyceros gingalensis, Tockus gingalensis tseiloni sarvnokk Sri Lanka Grey Hornbill, Sri Lankan Grey Hornbill, Sri Lanka Grey-hornbill, Ceylon Grey Hornbill
Ocyceros griseus, Tockus griseus malabari sarvnokk Malabar Grey Hornbill, Malabar Grey-hornbill
Penelopides affinis mindanao sarvlind Mindanao Hornbill, Mindanao Tarictic Hornbill
Penelopides affinis samarensis, Penelopides samarensis samari sarvlind Samar Hornbill
Penelopides manillae, [Penelopides manilloe] luzoni sarvlind Luzon Hornbill, Luzon Tarictic Hornbill
Penelopides mindorensis mindoro sarvlind Mindoro Hornbill, Mindoro Tarictic Hornbill
Penelopides panini tariktik-sarvlind Visayan Hornbill, Visayan Tarictic Hornbill, Tarictic Hornbill, Panay Tarictic Hornbill, Rufous-tailed Hornbill
Rhabdotorrhinus corrugatus, Aceros corrugatus, Rhyticeros corrugatus kiber-sarvlind Wrinkled Hornbill, Sunda Wrinkled Hornbill
Rhabdotorrhinus exarhatus, Penelopides exarhatus koldpõsk-sarvlind Sulawesi Hornbill, Sulawesi Tarictic Hornbill, Celebes Hornbill*, Sulawesi Dwarf Hornbill, Celebes Tarictic Hornbill, Temminck's Hornbill
Rhabdotorrhinus leucocephalus, Aceros leucocephalus, Rhyticeros leucocephalus punalott-sarvlind Writhed Hornbill, Writhe-billed Hornbill*, White-headed Hornbill, Wrinkled Hornbill*, Mindanao Wrinkled Hornbill
Rhabdotorrhinus waldeni, Aceros waldeni, Rhyticeros waldeni panay sarvlind Rufous-headed Hornbill, Writhe-billed Hornbill*, Panay Hornbill, Visayan Wrinkled Hornbill
Rhinoplax vigil, Buceros vigil kilp-sarvlind Helmeted Hornbill, Great Helmeted Hornbill, Solid-billed Hornbill
Rhyticeros cassidix, Aceros cassidix sinilott-sarvlind Knobbed Hornbill, Sulawesi Hornbill*, Celebes Hornbill*, Butung Hornbill, Buton Hornbill, Red-knobbed Hornbill, Sulawesi Wrinkled Hornbill
Rhyticeros everetti, Aceros everetti, Aceros everetti sumba sarvlind Sumba Hornbill, Sumba Wreathed Hornbill, Everett's Hornbill
Rhyticeros narcondami, Aceros narcondami narcondami sarvlind Narcondam Hornbill, Narcondam Wreathed Hornbill
Rhyticeros plicatus, Aceros plicatus paapua sarvlind Papuan Hornbill, Plicated Hornbill, Blyth's Hornbill*, New Guinea Hornbill, Papuan Wreathed Hornbill
Rhyticeros subruficollis, Aceros subruficollis silenokk-sarvlind Plain-pouched Hornbill, Plain-pouched Wreathed Hornbill, Blyth's Hornbill*, Blyth's Wreathed Hornbill, Burmese Hornbill, Tenasserim Hornbill
Rhyticeros undulatus, Aceros undulatus vagunokk-sarvlind Wreathed Hornbill, Bar-pouched Wreathed Hornbill, Bar-throated Wreathed Hornbill, Northern Waved Hornbill
Tockus damarensis, Tockus erythrorhynchus damarensis namiibia sarvnokk Damara Hornbill, Damara Red-billed Hornbill
Tockus deckeni mangusti-sarvnokk Von der Decken's Hornbill, Decken's Hornbill
Tockus erythrorhynchus savanni-sarvnokk Red-billed Hornbill, African Red-billed Hornbill, Northern Red-billed Hornbill
Tockus erythrorhynchus kempi, Tockus kempi Western Red-billed Hornbill
Tockus erythrorhynchus ruahae, Tockus ruahae tanganjika sarvnokk Tanzanian Red-billed Hornbill
Tockus erythrorhynchus rufirostris, Tockus rufirostris Southern Red-billed Hornbill
Tockus flavirostris mürripuu-sarvnokk Eastern Yellow-billed Hornbill, Yellow-billed Hornbill
Tockus jacksoni, Tockus deckeni jacksoni turkana sarvnokk Jackson's Hornbill
Tockus leucomelas lõuna-sarvnokk Southern Yellow-billed Hornbil
Tockus monteiri pärl-sarvnokk Monteiro's Hornbill
In orderBucerotiformes family Bucerotidae 66 results found
 Phoeniculidae - tääknoklased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Phoeniculus bollei mask-tääknokk White-headed Woodhoopoe, White-headed Wood Hoopoe, Buff-headed Woodhoopoe
Phoeniculus damarensis purpur-tääknokk Violet Woodhoopoe, Violet Wood Hoopoe
Phoeniculus damarensis granti, Phoeniculus granti Grant's Woodhoopoe
Phoeniculus purpureus, Phoeniculus erythrorhynchos rohe-tääknokk (kakelaar) Green Woodhoopoe, Green Wood Hoopoe, Red-billed Woodhoopoe
Phoeniculus somaliensis etioopia tääknokk Black-billed Woodhoopoe, Black-billed Wood Hoopoe
Rhinopomastus aterrimus, Phoeniculus aterrimus, Scoptelus aterrimus, Phoeniculus aterrimus savanni-saabelnokk Black Scimitarbill, Black Woodhoopoe, Black Wood Hoopoe, Black Scimitar-bill, Scimitar-billed Woodhoopoe, Lesser Woodhoopoe
Rhinopomastus castaneiceps, Phoeniculus castaneiceps, Scoptelus castaneiceps mets-tääknokk Forest Scimitarbill, Forest Woodhoopoe, Forest Wood Hoopoe, Chestnut-headed Woodhoopoe
Rhinopomastus cyanomelas, Phoeniculus cyanomelas suur-saabelnokk Common Scimitarbill, Common Scimitar-bill, Greater Scimitarbill, Scimitar-bill
Rhinopomastus minor, Phoeniculus minor abessiinia saabelnokk Abyssinian Scimitarbill, Abyssinian Scimitar-bill
In orderBucerotiformes family Phoeniculidae 9 results found
 Upupidae - vaenukägulased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Upupa antaios sainthelena vaenukägu (sainthelena toonetutt) (†) St Helena Hoopoe
Upupa epops vaenukägu (toonetutt) Common Hoopoe, Hoopoe, Eurasian Hoopoe
Upupa epops africana, Upupa africana savanni-vaenukägu (savanni-toonetutt) African Hoopoe, Central African Hoopoe
Upupa epops senegalensis, Upupa senegalensis saheli vaenukägu (saheli toonetutt) Sahelian Hoopoe
Upupa marginata, Upupa epops marginata madagaskari vaenukägu (madagaskari toonetutt) Madagascar Hoopoe, Malagasy Hoopoe
In orderBucerotiformes family Upupidae 5 results found
Caprimulgiformes - öösorrilised Aegothelidae - õõnesorlased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Aegotheles affinis, Aegotheles bennettii affinis vööt-õõnesorr Allied Owlet-nightjar, Salvadori's Owlet-nightjar*, Vogelkop Owlet-nightjar
Aegotheles albertisi mägi-õõnesorr Mountain Owlet-nightjar, Arfak Owlet-nightjar
Aegotheles albertisi salvadorii, Aegotheles salvadorii Mountain Owlet-nightjar*, Salvadori's Owlet-nightjar*
Aegotheles archboldi pagu-õõnesorr Archbold's Owlet-nightjar, Eastern Mountain Owlet-nightjar
Aegotheles bennettii viir-õõnesorr Barred Owlet-nightjar, Bennett's Owlet-nightjar, Collared Owlet-nightjar
Aegotheles crinifrons maluku õõnesorr Moluccan Owlet-nightjar, Halmahera Owlet-nightjar, Long-whiskered Owlet-nightjar, Painted Owlet-nightjar
Aegotheles cristatus austraalia õõnesorr Australian Owlet-nightjar, Owlet-nightjar, Crested Owlet-nightjar, Savanna Owlet-nightjar
Aegotheles insignis suur-õõnesorr Feline Owlet-nightjar, Large Owlet-nightjar, Reddish Owlet-nightjar, Rufous Owlet-nightjar, Rufous Owlet-frogmouth
Aegotheles savesi uuskaledoonia õõnesorr New Caledonian Owlet-nightjar
Aegotheles tatei jõgi-õõnesorr Spangled Owlet-nightjar, Starry Owlet-nightjar, Rand's Owlet-nightjar
Aegotheles wallacii nõlva-õõnesorr Wallace's Owlet-nightjar, White-spotted Owlet-nightjar
In orderCaprimulgiformes family Aegothelidae 11 results found
 Apodidae - piiritajalased (piirpääsulased)
Family and species in Estonian in English
Aerodramus bartschi, Collocalia bartschi mariaani salangaan Mariana Swiftlet, Guam Swiftlet, Micronesian Swiftlet*, Guam Cave Swiftlet
Aerodramus brevirostris rogersi, Aerodramus rogersi, Collocalia rogersi tai salangaan Indochinese Swiftlet
Aerodramus brevirostris, Collocalia brevirostris põhjasalangaan Himalayan Swiftlet, Indian Edible-nest Swiftlet*, Edible-nest Swiftlet*, Himalayan Swift
Aerodramus elaphrus, Collocalia elaphra seišelli salangaan Seychelles Swiftlet, Seychelles Cave Swiftlet
Aerodramus francicus, Aerodramus francica, Aerodramus francicus, Collocalia francicus, Collocalia fuciphaga francica, Collocalia elaphrus francicus maskareeni salangaan Mascarene Swiftlet, Grey-rumped Swiftlet*, Indian Ocean Swiftlet, Mascarene Cave Swiftlet, Mauritius Swiftlet
Aerodramus fuciphagus germani, Aerodramus germani, Aerodramus germanus, Collocalia fuciphagus germani randsalangaan German's Swiftlet, Oustalet's Swiftlet, German's Swiftlet
Aerodramus fuciphagus, Collocalia fuciphagus, [Collocalia fuciphaga] hõrkpesa-salangaan Edible-nest Swiftlet, Grey-rumped Swiftlet*, Hume's Swiftlet, White-nest Swiftlet
Aerodramus hirundinaceus, Collocalia hirundinaceus, [Collocalia hirundinacea] kõrgmaa-salangaan Mountain Swiftlet
Aerodramus infuscatus ceramensis, Aerodramus ceramensis, Collocalia infuscatus ceramensis serami salangaan Seram Swiftlet
Aerodramus infuscatus sororum, Aerodramus sororum, Collocalia infuscatus sororum sulawesi salangaan Sulawesi Swiftlet
Aerodramus infuscatus, Collocalia infuscata maluku salangaan Moluccan Swiftlet
Aerodramus inquietus, Aerodramus inquieta, Collocalia inquietus, Collocalia inquieta karoliini salangaan Caroline Swiftlet, Micronesian Swiftlet*
Aerodramus leucophaeus ocistus, Aerodramus ocistus, Aerodramus ocista markiisaarte salangaan Marquesas Swiftlet, Marquesan Swiftlet
Aerodramus leucophaeus, Collocalia leucophaeus polüneesia salangaan Polynesian Swiftlet, South Pacific Swiftlet, Tahitian Swiftlet, Tahiti Swiftlet
Aerodramus maximus, Collocalia maximus, [Collocalia maxima] sulispesa-salangaan Black-nest Swiftlet, Indo-Malayan Swiftlet
Aerodramus mearnsi, Collocalia mearnsi karvasjalg-salangaan Philippine Swiftlet, Brown-rumped Swiftlet*, Philippine Grey Swiftlet
Aerodramus nuditarsus, Collocalia nuditarsus tõmmusalangaan Bare-legged Swiftlet, Schrader Mountain Swiftlet, New Guinea Swiftlet, Naked-legged Swiftlet
Aerodramus orientalis, Collocalia orientalis saalomonisaarte salangaan Mayr's Swiftlet, Guadalcanal Swiftlet
Aerodramus papuensis, Collocalia papuensis kolmvarvas-salangaan Papuan Swiftlet, Idenburg River Swiftlet, Idenburg Swiftlet, Three-toed Swiftlet
Aerodramus pelewensis, Collocalia pelewensis palau salangaan Palau Swiftlet
Aerodramus salangana, Aerodramus salanganus, Collocalia salangana sammalpesa-salangaan Mossy-nest Swiftlet, Mossy Swiftlet, Sunda Swiftlet
Aerodramus sawtelli, Aerodramus leucophaeus sawtelli, Aerodramus sawtelli, Collocalia sawtelli atiu salangaan Atiu Swiftlet, Cook Islands Swiftlet, Cook Swiftlet, Sawtell's Swiftlet
Aerodramus spodiopygius, Collocalia spodiopygius valgepära-salangaan White-rumped Swiftlet, Grey Swiftlet*, Grey-rumped Swiftlet*, Pacific White-rumped Swiftlet
Aerodramus terraereginae chillagoensis, Aerodramus chillagoensis savannisalangaan Chillagoe Swiftlet
Aerodramus terraereginae, Collocalia terraereginae austraalia salangaan Australian Swiftlet, Grey Swiftlet*
Aerodramus unicolor, Collocalia unicolor india salangaan Indian Swiftlet, Indian Edible-nest Swiftlet*, Indian Edible-nest Swift
Aerodramus vanikorensis amelis, Aerodramus amelis, Collocalia amelis, Aerodramus fuciphagus amelis filipiini pruunsalangaan Grey Swiftlet, Philippine Swiftlet
Aerodramus vanikorensis palawanensis, Aerodramus palawanensis, Collocalia palawanensis, Aerodramus whiteheadi tsubame palawani salangaan Palawan Swiftlet
Aerodramus vanikorensis, Collocalia vanikorensis pruunsalangaan Uniform Swiftlet, Island Swiftlet, Lowland Swiftlet, Vanicoro Swiftlet
Aerodramus vulcanorum, Aerodramus brevirostris vulcanorum, Collocalia vulcanorum vulkaanisalangaan Volcano Swiftlet
Aerodramus whiteheadi, Collocalia whiteheadi mägisalangaan Whitehead's Swiftlet, Whitehead's Mountain Swiftlet
Aeronautes andecolus, Apus andecolus andi piiritaja Andean Swift
Aeronautes montivagus, Apus montivagus mägipiiritaja White-tipped Swift, Mountain Swift
Aeronautes saxatilis, Apus saxatilis pugalpiiritaja White-throated Swift
Apus acuticauda kirdeindia piiritaja (kirdeindia piirpääsuke) Dark-rumped Swift, Dark-backed Swift, Khasi Hills Swift
Apus affinis väikepiiritaja (väike-piirpääsuke) Little Swift, House Swift*
Apus alexandri kapverdi piiritaja (kapverdi piirpääsuke) Alexander's Swift, Cape Verde Swift
Apus apus piiritaja (piirpääsuke) Common Swift, Swift, Eurasian Swift, European Swift, Northern Swift
Apus balstoni, Apus barbatus balstoni madagaskari piiritaja (madagaskari piirpääsuke) Madagascar Swift
Apus barbatus lõunapiiritaja (lõuna-piirpääsuke) African Swift, African Black Swift, Black Swift*
Apus batesi pigipiiritaja (pigi-piirpääsuke) Bates's Swift, Bate's Black Swift, Black Swift*
Apus berliozi somaali piiritaja (somaali piirpääsuke) Forbes-Watson's Swift, Berlioz' Swift, Watson's Swift
Apus bradfieldi kõrbepiiritaja (kõrbe-piirpääsuke) Bradfield's Swift
Apus caffer sirppiiritaja (sirp-piirpääsuke) White-rumped Swift, African White-rumped Swift
Apus horus kaldapiiritaja (kalda-piirpääsuke) Horus Swift
Apus niansae, Apus pallidus niansae astangupiiritaja (astangu-piirpääsuke) Nyanza Swift, Brown Swift
Apus nipalensis kodupiiritaja (kodu-piirpääsuke) House Swift, Little Swift*, Malay House Swift
Apus pacificus idapiiritaja (ida-piirpääsuke) Pacific Swift, Fork-tailed Swift*, Pacific Fork-tailed Swift, Northern White-rumped Swift, Asian White-rumped Swift, Large White-rumped Swift, White-rumped Swift*
Apus pacificus cooki, Apus cooki indohiina piiritaja (indohiina piirpääsuke) Cook's Swift
Apus pacificus leuconyx, Apus leuconyx himaalaja piiritaja (himaalaja piirpääsuke) Blyth's Swift
Apus pacificus salimali, Apus salimali tiibeti piiritaja (tiibeti piirpääsuke) Salim Ali's Swift
Apus pallidus randpiiritaja (rand-piirpääsuke) Pallid Swift, Mouse-coloured Swift
Apus sladeniae, Apus barbatus sladeniae tõmmupiiritaja (tõmmu-piirpääsuke) Fernando Po Swift
Apus unicolor saarepiiritaja (saare-piirpääsuke) Plain Swift
Chaetura brachyura nudi-kammsaba Short-tailed Swift
Chaetura chapmani siid-kammsaba Chapman's Swift, Dark-breasted Swift
Chaetura cinereiventris, Acanthylis cinereiventris läik-kammsaba Grey-rumped Swift, Sclater's Swift
Chaetura egregia, Acanthylis egregia pronks-kammsaba Pale-rumped Swift
Chaetura fumosa, Chaetura spinicauda fumosa kariibi kammsaba Costa Rican Swift, Smoky Swift
Chaetura martinica, Acanthylis martinica antilli kammsaba Lesser Antillean Swift
Chaetura meridionalis, Chaetura andrei meridionalis lõuna-kammsaba Southern Swift, Sick's Swift
Chaetura pelagica korstna-kammsaba Chimney Swift
Chaetura spinicaudus, Chaetura spinicauda, Acanthylis spinicauda laikselg-kammsaba Band-rumped Swift
Chaetura vauxi lääne-kammsaba Vaux's Swift
Chaetura vauxi andrei, Chaetura andrei tuhk-kammsaba André's Swift, Ashy-tailed Swift, Southern Swift*
Collocalia esculenta läiksalangaan Glossy Swiftlet, White-bellied Swiftlet
Collocalia esculenta marginata, Collocalia marginata filipiini läiksalangaan Philippine Glossy Swiftlet, Philippine Swiftlet, Grey-rumped Swiftlet*
Collocalia linchi dodgei, Collocalia dodgei Bornean Swiftlet
Collocalia linchi, Collocalia fucivora, Collocalia esculenta linchi rohe-läiksalangaan Cave Swiftlet, Linchi Swiftlet
Collocalia troglodytes värbsalangaan Pygmy Swiftlet
Cypseloides cherriei silmik-kosepiiritaja Spot-fronted Swift, Cherrie's Swift
Cypseloides cryptus pagu-kosepiiritaja White-chinned Swift, Zimmer's Swift
Cypseloides fumigatus nõgi-kosepiiritaja Sooty Swift
Cypseloides lemosi, Nephoecetes lemosi valgepugu-kosepiiritaja White-chested Swift, Giant Swift
Cypseloides niger, Nephoecetes niger põhja-kosepiiritaja Black Swift
Cypseloides rothschildi, [Cypseloides major] tucumáni kosepiiritaja Rothschild's Swift, Giant Swift*, Great Swift
Cypseloides senex, Aerornis senex kahkpea-kosepiiritaja Great Dusky Swift
Cypseloides storeri mehhiko kosepiiritaja White-fronted Swift, White-faced Swift
Cypsiurus balasiensis, [Cypsiurus batasiensis] aasia palmipiiritaja Asian Palm-swift, Asian Palm Swift, Palm Swift
Cypsiurus parvus aafrika palmipiiritaja African Palm-swift, African Palm Swift, Palm Swift
Hirundapus caudacutus, Hirundapus caudacuta, Chaetura caudacuta kammsaba (kammsaba-piiritaja) White-throated Needletail, Needle-tailed Swift, White-throated Spinetailed Swift, White-throated Spinetail, Northern Spine-tailed Swift, Spine-tailed Swift, Northern Needletail
Hirundapus celebensis, Chaetura celebensis purpur-kammsaba Purple Needletail, Celebes Spinetailed Swift, Celebes Needletail, Sulawesi Spinetailed Swift, Sulawesi Spinetail
Hirundapus cochinchinensis, Chaetura cochinchinensis hallkurk-kammsaba Silver-backed Needletail, White-vented Spinetailed Swift, White-vented Spinetail, White-vented Needletail, Silver-backed Spinetail, Silver-backed Spinetailed Swift, Grey-throated Needletail
Hirundapus giganteus, Hirundapus gigantea, Chaetura gigantea suur-kammsaba Brown-backed Needletail, Brown Spinetailed Swift, Brown Needletail, Giant Brown Needletail, Brown Spinetail, Brown-throated Spinetail, Brown-throated Spinetailed Swift
Hydrochous gigas, Aerodramus gigas, Collocalia gigas hiidsalangaan Waterfall Swift, Giant Swiftlet
Mearnsia novaeguineae, Chaetura novaeguineae, Papuanapus novaeguineae paapua kammsaba Papuan Spinetail, Papuan Needletail, Papuan Spinetailed Swift, New Guinea Spinetailed Swift, New Guinea Needletail, New Guinea Spinetail, Grey-bellied Needletail
Mearnsia picina, Chaetura picina laiktiib-kammsaba Philippine Spinetail, Philippine Spinetailed Swift, Philippine Spine-tailed Swift, Philippine Spine-tailed Needletail, Philippine Needletail
Neafrapus boehmi, Chaetura boehmi, Mearnsia boehmi miombo-kammsaba Böhm's Spinetail, Bat-like Spinetail, Boehm's Spinetailed Swift, Böhm's Spine-tailed Swift
Neafrapus cassini, Chaetura cassini, Mearnsia cassini lodu-kammsaba Cassin's Spinetail, Cassin's Spinetailed Swift, Cassin's Spine-tailed Swift
Panyptila cayennensis väike-pääsupiiritaja Lesser Swallow-tailed Swift, Cayenne Swift
Panyptila sanctihieronymi suur-pääsupiiritaja Great Swallow-tailed Swift, Geronimo Swift
Rhaphidura leucopygialis, Chaetura leucopygialis väike-kammsaba Silver-rumped Spinetail, Silver-rumped Spinetailed Swift, Silver-rumped Needletail, White-rumped Spinetailed Swift, White-rumped Spinetail
Rhaphidura sabini, Chaetura sabini pugal-kammsaba Sabine's Spinetail, Sabine's Spinetailed Swift, Sabine's Spine-tailed Swift
Schoutedenapus myoptilus, Apus myoptilus, [Schoutedenapus myioptilus] händpiiritaja Scarce Swift, Chapin's Swift, Scarce Swift
Schoutedenapus schoutedeni, Schoutedenapus myoptilus schoutedeni, Apus schoutedeni kivu piiritaja Schouteden's Swift, Congo Swift
Streptoprocne biscutata, Streptoprocne biscutatus, Cypseloides biscutatus brasiilia kosepiiritaja Biscutate Swift
Streptoprocne phelpsi, Cypseloides phelpsi tulipea-kosepiiritaja Tepui Swift, Phelps's Swift
Streptoprocne rutila, Cypseloides rutilus, Chaetura rutilus, Chaetura nubicola, Cypseloides nubicola punakael-kosepiiritaja Chestnut-collared Swift, Chestnut Collared Swift
Streptoprocne semicollaris, Semicollum semicollaris, Aerornis semicollaris, Cypseloides semicollaris suur-kosepiiritaja White-naped Swift
Streptoprocne zonaris kaelus-kosepiiritaja White-collared Swift, Collared Swift, Antillean Cloud Swift, Giant White-collared Swift, Ringed Swift
Tachornis furcata, Micropanyptila furcata, Reinarda furcata maracaibo palmipiiritaja Pygmy Swift
Tachornis phoenicobia antilli palmipiiritaja Antillean Palm-swift, Palm Swift*
Tachornis squamata, Reinarda squamata ameerika palmipiiritaja Fork-tailed Palm-swift, Fork-tailed Palm Swift, Fork-tailed Swift, Neotropical Palm-swift
Tachymarptis aequatorialis, Apus aequatorialis tähnikpiiritaja (tähnik-piirpääsuke) Mottled Swift
Tachymarptis melba, Apus melba suurpiiritaja (suur-piirpääsuke) Alpine Swift
Telacanthura melanopygia, Chaetura melanopygia, Raphidura melanopygia tõmmu-kammsaba Black Spinetail, Ituri Mottle-throated Spinetailed Swift, Ituri Spinetailed Swift, Ituri Spinetail, Chapin's Spinetail
Telacanthura ussheri, Chaetura ussheri, Raphidura ussheri tähnik-kammsaba Mottled Spinetail, Mottle-throated Spinetailed Swift, Mottle-throated Spinetail, Ussher's Spinetail
Zoonavena grandidieri, Chaetura grandidieri madagaskari kammsaba Madagascar Spinetail, Madagascar Spinetailed Swift, Madagascar Spine-tailed Swift, Malagasy Spinetail, Malagasy Needletail
Zoonavena sylvatica, Chaetura sylvatica india kammsaba White-rumped Spinetail, Indian White-rumped Spinetailed Swift, Indian White-rumped Spine-tailed Swift, White-rumped Needletail
Zoonavena thomensis, Chaetura thomensis são tomé kammsaba Sao Tome Spinetail, Sao Thomé Spinetailed Swift, Sao Tome Spine-tailed Swift
In orderCaprimulgiformes family Apodidae 110 results found
 Caprimulgidae - öösorlased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Antrostomus arizonae, Caprimulgus vociferus arizonae Mexican Whip-poor-will
Antrostomus badius, Caprimulgus badius maia öösorr Yucatan Nightjar, Yucatan Tawny-collared Nightjar
Antrostomus carolinensis, Caprimulgus carolinensis suur-öösorr Chuck-will's-widow, Chuck Will's Widow, Carolina Chuck-will
Antrostomus cubanensis, Caprimulgus cubanensis kuuba öösorr Cuban Nightjar, Greater Antillean Nightjar, Antillean Nightjar
Antrostomus ekmani, Caprimulgus ekmani, Caprimulgus cubanensis ekmani haiti öösorr Hispaniolan Nightjar
Antrostomus noctitherus, Caprimulgus noctitherus puertoriiko öösorr Puerto Rican Nightjar
Antrostomus ridgwayi, Caprimulgus ridgwayi kärka-öösorr Buff-collared Nightjar, Ridgway's Whippoorwill, Ridgway's Whip-poor-will, Cookacheea, Tucuchillo
Antrostomus rufus otiosus, Caprimulgus rufus otiosus, Caprimulgus otiosus saintlucia öösorr St Lucia Nightjar, St Lucian Nightjar, St. Lucian Nightjar, St Lucien Nightjar
Antrostomus rufus, Caprimulgus rufus ruske-öösorr Rufous Nightjar, Rufus Nightjar
Antrostomus salvini, Caprimulgus salvini mehhiko öösorr Tawny-collared Nightjar, Salvin's Chuck-will, Chipwillow
Antrostomus saturatus, Caprimulgus saturatus kostariika öösorr Dusky Nightjar, Sooty Nightjar
Antrostomus sericicaudatus, Caprimulgus sericocaudatus siid-öösorr Silky-tailed Nightjar
Antrostomus vociferus, Caprimulgus vociferus tamme-öösorr Eastern Whip-poor-will, Whip-poor-will, Whippoorwill
Caprimulgus aegyptius kõrbe-öösorr Egyptian Nightjar
Caprimulgus affinis rohtla-öösorr Savanna Nightjar, Allied Nightjar
Caprimulgus affinis monticolus, Caprimulgus monticolus välja-öösorr Franklin's Nightjar
Caprimulgus andamanicus, Caprimulgus macrurus andamanicus andamani öösorr Andaman Nightjar
Caprimulgus asiaticus džungli-öösorr Indian Nightjar, Common Indian Nightjar, Southern Common Indian Nightjar, Little Indian Nightjar
Caprimulgus atripennis draviidi öösorr Jerdon's Nightjar, Indian Long-tailed Nightjar, Long-tailed Nightjar*
Caprimulgus batesi kongo öösorr Bates's Nightjar, Bates's Forest Nightjar, Forest Nightjar
Caprimulgus celebensis sulawesi öösorr Sulawesi Nightjar
Caprimulgus centralasicus uiguuri öösorr Vaurie's Nightjar, Central Asian Nightjar, Chinese Nightjar, Xinjiang Nightjar
Caprimulgus clarus, Scotornis clarus pügalsaba-öösorr Slender-tailed Nightjar, Reichenow's Nightjar
Caprimulgus climacurus, Scotornis climacurus händ-öösorr Long-tailed Nightjar, Slender-tailed Nightjar*
Caprimulgus concretus hala-öösorr Bonaparte's Nightjar
Caprimulgus donaldsoni galla öösorr Donaldson-Smith's Nightjar, Donaldson Smith's Nightjar
Caprimulgus europaeus öösorr (harilik öösorr) European Nightjar, Eurasian Nightjar, Nightjar, Common Nightjar
Caprimulgus eximius kuld-öösorr Golden Nightjar
Caprimulgus fossii, Scotornis fossii kiilsaba-öösorr Mozambique Nightjar, Square-tailed Nightjar, Gabon Nightjar, Gaboon Nightjar
Caprimulgus fraenatus kiltmaa-öösorr Sombre Nightjar, Dark Nightjar, Dusky Nightjar*
Caprimulgus indicus ida-öösorr Jungle Nightjar, Indian Jungle Nightjar, Ceylon Highland Nightjar, Highland Nightjar
Caprimulgus inornatus savanni-öösorr Plain Nightjar
Caprimulgus jotaka, Caprimulgus indicus jotaka Grey Nightjar, Japanese Nightjar
Caprimulgus longipennis, Macrodipteryx longipennis lipptiib-öösorr Standard-winged Nightjar
Caprimulgus macrurus kagu-öösorr Large-tailed Nightjar, Long-tailed Nightjar*
Caprimulgus madagascariensis madagaskari öösorr Madagascar Nightjar
Caprimulgus mahrattensis belutši öösorr Sykes's Nightjar, Sind Nightjar
Caprimulgus manillensis filipiini öösorr Philippine Nightjar
Caprimulgus meesi Mees's Nightjar
Caprimulgus natalensis soo-öösorr Swamp Nightjar, African White-tailed Nightjar, Natal Nightjar
Caprimulgus nubicus nuubia öösorr Nubian Nightjar
Caprimulgus pectoralis vile-öösorr Fiery-necked Nightjar, African Dusky Nightjar
Caprimulgus pectoralis fervidus miombo-öösorr Fiery-necked Nightjar
Caprimulgus pectoralis nigriscapularis, Caprimulgus nigriscapularis ruuge-öösorr Black-shouldered Nightjar, Dusky Nightjar*
Caprimulgus phalaena, Caprimulgus indicus phalaena palau öösorr Palau Nightjar
Caprimulgus poliocephalus mägi-öösorr Montane Nightjar, Abyssinian Nightjar, Montain Nightjar
Caprimulgus poliocephalus ruwenzorii, Caprimulgus ruwenzorii ülangu-öösorr Montane Nightjar*, Ruwenzori Nightjar
Caprimulgus prigoginei kivu öösorr Prigogine's Nightjar, Itombwe Nightjar
Caprimulgus pulchellus jaava öösorr Salvadori's Nightjar
Caprimulgus ruficollis punakael-öösorr Red-necked Nightjar
Caprimulgus rufigena lõuna-öösorr Rufous-cheeked Nightjar
Caprimulgus solala nechisari öösorr Nechisar Nightjar
Caprimulgus stellatus tähnik-öösorr Star-spotted Nightjar
Caprimulgus tristigma kalju-öösorr Freckled Nightjar, West African Freckled Nightjar, Rock Nightjar
Caprimulgus vexillarius, Macrodipteryx vexillarius, Semeiophorus vexillarius, [Macrodipteryx vexillaria] linttiib-öösorr Pennant-winged Nightjar
Chordeiles acutipennis välja-videvikusorr Lesser Nighthawk, Trilling Nighthawk
Chordeiles gundlachii antilli videvikusorr Antillean Nighthawk
Chordeiles minor videvikusorr (põhja-videvikusorr) Common Nighthawk, Booming Nighthawk
Chordeiles nacunda, Podager nacunda suur-videvikusorr Nacunda Nighthawk
Chordeiles pusillus väike-videvikusorr Least Nighthawk
Chordeiles rupestris leete-videvikusorr Sand-coloured Nighthawk, Sand-colored Nighthawk, White-throated Nightjar*
Eleothreptus anomalus kooldtiib-öösorr Sickle-winged Nightjar
Eleothreptus candicans, Caprimulgus candicans hele-öösorr White-winged Nightjar
Eurostopodus archboldi, Caprimulgus archboldi, Lyncornis archboldi mägi-tanusorr Archbold's Nightjar, Archbold's Eared-nightjar, Mountain Eared-nightjar
Eurostopodus argus, Caprimulgus argus, [Eurostopodus guttatus] kõnnu-tanusorr Spotted Nightjar, Spotted Eared-nightjar, Spotted Nightjar
Eurostopodus diabolicus, Caprimulgus diabolicus saatan-tanusorr Heinrich's Nightjar, Satanic Nightjar, Devilish Nightjar, Diabolical Nightjar, Sulawesi Nightjar*, Kalabat Nightjar, Diabolical Eared-nightjar, Satanic Eared-nightjar, Heinrich's Eared-nightjar, Sulawesi Eared-nightjar, Celebes Eared-nightjar
Eurostopodus exul, Eurostopodus mystacalis exul New Caledonian Nightjar
Eurostopodus mystacalis, Caprimulgus mystacalis, Eurostopodus albogularis mets-tanusorr White-throated Nightjar, White-throated Eared-nightjar
Eurostopodus nigripennis, Eurostopodus mystacalis nigripennis saalomonisaarte tanusorr Solomons Nightjar
Eurostopodus papuensis, Caprimulgus papuensis, Lyncornis papuensis paapua tanusorr Papuan Nightjar, Papuan Eared-nightjar
Gactornis enarratus, Caprimulgus enarratus sõnajala-öösorr Collared Nightjar
Hydropsalis cayennensis, Caprimulgus cayennensis, Caprimulgus albicauda valgesaba-öösorr White-tailed Nightjar, Cayenne Nightjar*
Hydropsalis climacocerca lõhissaba-öösorr Ladder-tailed Nightjar
Hydropsalis maculicaudus, Caprimulgus maculicaudus, Antiurus maculicaudus helmes-öösorr Spot-tailed Nightjar, Pitsweet
Hydropsalis torquata, Hydropsalis brasiliana käärsaba-öösorr Scissor-tailed Nightjar
Lurocalis rufiventris andi videvikusorr Rufous-bellied Nighthawk, Taczanowski's Nighthawk
Lurocalis semitorquatus mets-videvikusorr Short-tailed Nighthawk, Semi-collared Nighthawk
Lyncornis macrotis, Eurostopodus macrotis, Caprimulgus macrotis suur-kõrvuksorr Great Eared-nightjar, Great Eared Nightjar, Greater Eared-nightjar, Philippine Eared-nightjar, Giant Eared-nightjar
Lyncornis temminckii, Eurostopodus temminckii, Caprimulgus temminckii malai kõrvuksorr Malay Eared-nightjar, Malaysian Eared-nightjar, Malaysian Eared Nightjar, Lesser Eared-nightjar, Malaysian Nightjar, Lesser Nightjar
Macropsalis forcipata, Macropsalis creagra vedik-öösorr Long-trained Nightjar
Nyctidromus albicollis paurake-öösorr Pauraque, Common Pauraque, White-necked Cuejo
Nyctidromus anthonyi, Caprimulgus anthonyi ekuadori öösorr Scrub Nightjar
Nyctiphrynus mcleodii, Otophanes mcleodii võru-öösorr Eared Poorwill
Nyctiphrynus ocellatus tõmmu-öösorr Ocellated Poorwill
Nyctiphrynus rosenbergi kolumbia öösorr Choco Poorwill, Chocó Poorwill
Nyctiphrynus yucatanicus, Otophanes yucatanicus, Nyctagreus yucatanicus yucatani öösorr Yucatan Poorwill
Nyctipolus hirundinaceus, Caprimulgus hirundinaceus värb-öösorr Pygmy Nightjar
Nyctipolus nigrescens, Caprimulgus nigrescens kivi-öösorr Blackish Nightjar
Nyctiprogne leucopyga laiksaba-videvikusorr Band-tailed Nighthawk
Nyctiprogne vielliardi, Chordeiles vielliardi kaatinga-videvikusorr Bahian Nighthawk, Caatinga Nighthawk
Phalaenoptilus nuttallii uni-öösorr Common Poorwill, Poorwill
Setopagis heterura, Caprimulgus parvulus heterurus Todd's Nightjar
Setopagis maculosa, Caprimulgus maculosus guajaana öösorr Cayenne Nightjar
Setopagis parvula, Caprimulgus parvulus väike-öösorr Little Nightjar
Setopagis whitelyi, Caprimulgus whitelyi roraima öösorr Roraiman Nightjar
Siphonorhis americana, Siphonorhis americanus jamaika öösorr Jamaican Poorwill, Jamaican Pauraque, Least Poorwill*
Siphonorhis brewsteri võseriku-öösorr Least Poorwill, Least Pauraque
Systellura decussata, Caprimulgus longirostris decussatus Lesser Band-winged Nightjar, Tschudi's Nightjar
Systellura longirostris ruficervix, Caprimulgus longirostris ruficervix, Hydropsalis ruficervix Rufous-naped Nightjar
Systellura longirostris, Caprimulgus longirostris välu-öösorr Greater Band-winged Nightjar, Band-winged Nightjar
Systellura roraimae, Caprimulgus longirostris roraimae tepui-öösorr Tepui Nightjar
Uropsalis lyra lüüra-öösorr Lyre-tailed Nightjar
Uropsalis segmentata pääsu-öösorr Swallow-tailed Nightjar
Veles binotatus, Caprimulgus binotatus võlvsaba-öösorr Brown Nightjar, Dusky Nightjar*
In orderCaprimulgiformes family Caprimulgidae 104 results found
 Hemiprocnidae - puispiiritajalased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Hemiprocne comata väike-puispiiritaja Whiskered Treeswift, Lesser Tree Swift, Lesser Treeswift
Hemiprocne coronata kroon-puispiiritaja Crested Treeswift, Indian Crested Swift, Crested Swift
Hemiprocne longipennis tutt-puispiiritaja Grey-rumped Treeswift, Crested Tree Swift, Crested Treeswift*
Hemiprocne mystacea suur-puispiiritaja Moustached Treeswift, Whiskered Tree Swift, Whiskered Treeswift*
In orderCaprimulgiformes family Hemiprocnidae 4 results found
 Nyctibiidae - tüükasorlased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Nyctibius aethereus pikksaba-tüükasorr Long-tailed Potoo
Nyctibius bracteatus ruske-tüükasorr Rufous Potoo
Nyctibius grandis suur-tüükasorr Great Potoo, Grand Potoo
Nyctibius griseus hall-tüükasorr Common Potoo, Grey Potoo, Lesser Potoo
Nyctibius jamaicensis põhja-tüükasorr Northern Potoo, Common Potoo*, Jamaican Potoo, Antillean Potoo
Nyctibius leucopterus valgetiib-tüükasorr White-winged Potoo
Nyctibius maculosus andi tüükasorr Andean Potoo
In orderCaprimulgiformes family Nyctibiidae 7 results found
 Podargidae - konnkurklased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Batrachostomus auritus suur-konnsuu Large Frogmouth
Batrachostomus cornutus džungli-konnsuu Sunda Frogmouth, Bornean Frogmouth, Horned Frogmouth, Long-tailed Frogmouth
Batrachostomus harterti sarawaki konnsuu Dulit Frogmouth
Batrachostomus hodgsoni nõlva-konnsuu Hodgson's Frogmouth
Batrachostomus javensis pruunpugu-konnsuu Horsfield's Frogmouth, Javan Frogmouth
Batrachostomus javensis affinis, Batrachostomus affinis ida-konnsuu Blyth's Frogmouth
Batrachostomus javensis chaseni, Batrachostomus chaseni palawani konnsuu Palawan Frogmouth
Batrachostomus mixtus, Batrachostomus poliolophus mixtus mägi-konnsuu Bornean Frogmouth, Sharpe's Frogmouth
Batrachostomus moniliger, [Batrachostomus monileger] tseiloni konnsuu Sri Lanka Frogmouth, Ceylon Frogmouth, Ceylonese Frogmouth, Sinhalese Frogmouth
Batrachostomus poliolophus väike-konnsuu Short-tailed Frogmouth, Pale-headed Frogmouth
Batrachostomus septimus filipiini konnsuu Philippine Frogmouth, Menage's Frogmouth, Small-billed Frogmouth, Tweeddale's Frogmouth
Batrachostomus stellatus malai konnsuu Gould's Frogmouth
Podargus ocellatus mets-konnkurk Marbled Frogmouth, Little Papuan Frogmouth
Podargus papuensis suur-konnkurk Papuan Frogmouth, Giant Frogmouth, Great Frogmouth, Great Papuan Frogmouth, Large Frogmouth*
Podargus strigoides austraalia konnkurk Tawny Frogmouth, Freckled Frogmouth, Tawny-shouldered Frogmouth, Frogmouth, Mopoke, Morepork*, Night Hawk, Podargus
Rigidipenna inexpectata, [Podargus ocellatus inexpectatus] saalomonisaarte konnkurk Solomons Frogmouth
In orderCaprimulgiformes family Podargidae 16 results found
 Steatornithidae - õlilindlased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Steatornis caripensis õlilind (guahaaro) Oilbird, Diablotin
In orderCaprimulgiformes family Steatornithidae 1 results found
 Trochilidae - koolibrilased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Abeillia abeillei smaragdkurk-koolibri Emerald-chinned Hummingbird, Abeille's Hummingbird
Adelomyia melanogenys tähnikkoolibri Speckled Hummingbird, Pipita
Aglaeactis aliciae manisk-tõmmukoolibri Purple-backed Sunbeam
Aglaeactis castelnaudii tähnikrind--tõmmukoolibri White-tufted Sunbeam
Aglaeactis cupripennis paramo-tõmmukoolibri Shining Sunbeam, Copper-winged Hummingbird
Aglaeactis pamela türkiis--tõmmukoolibri Black-hooded Sunbeam
Aglaiocercus berlepschi, [Cyanolesbia berlepschi] turimiquire vedikkoolibri Venezuelan Sylph
Aglaiocercus coelestis, [Cyanolesbia coelestis] pilve-vedikkoolibri Violet-tailed Sylph
Aglaiocercus kingii, Aglaiocercus kingi, [Cyanolesbia kingi] vedikkoolibri (harilik vedikkoolibri) Long-tailed Sylph
Amazilia amabilis, Polyerata amabilis, Agyrtria amabilis Blue-chested Hummingbird, Blue-breasted Hummingbird, Beryl-crowned Hummingbird, Lovely Hummingbird
Amazilia amazilia alticola, Amazilia alticola Loja Hummingbird
Amazilia amazilia, Amazilis amazilia Amazilia Hummingbird
Amazilia bartletti, Amazilia lactea bartletti, Polyerata lactea bartletti, Agyrtria lactea bartletti, Hylocharis lactea bartletti Spot-vented Emerald
Amazilia beryllina, Saucerottia beryllina Berylline Hummingbird
Amazilia boucardi, Polyerata boucardi, Agyrtria boucardi, Lepidopyga boucardi Mangrove Hummingbird, Boucard's Hummingbird
Amazilia brevirostris, Agyrtria brevirostris, Amazilia chionopectus White-chested Emerald
Amazilia candida, Agyrtria candida White-bellied Emerald
Amazilia castaneiventris Chestnut-bellied Hummingbird
Amazilia chionogaster, Leucippus chionogaster, Elliotomyia chionogaster, Leucippus pallidus, [Leucippus nigrirostris] White-bellied Hummingbird
Amazilia cupreicauda, Saucerottia cupreicauda Copper-tailed Hummingbird
Amazilia cyanifrons, Saucerottia cyanifrons Indigo-capped Hummingbird, Blue-capped Hummingbird, Blue-fronted Hummingbird
Amazilia cyanocephala, Agyrtria cyanocephala Azure-crowned Hummingbird, Red-billed Azurecrown
Amazilia cyanura, Saucerottia cyanura Blue-tailed Hummingbird
Amazilia decora, Polyerata amabilis decora, Polyerata decora Charming Hummingbird
Amazilia edward, Saucerottia edward Snowy-bellied Hummingbird, Snowy-breasted Hummingbird, Edward's Hummingbird
Amazilia fimbriata, Polyerata fimbriata, Agyrtria fimbriata Glittering-throated Emerald
Amazilia franciae, Agyrtria franciae, Uranomitra franciae Andean Emerald
Amazilia grayi, Hylocharis grayi, Eucephala grayi Gray's Hummingbird, Blue-headed Sapphire, Gray's Sapphire, Puritan Sapphire
Amazilia humboldtii, Amazilia grayi humboldtii, Hylocharis grayi humboldtii, Eucephala grayi humboldtii Humboldt's Hummingbird, Humboldt's Sapphire
Amazilia lactea, Polyerata lactea, Agyrtria lactea, Hylocharis lactea Sapphire-spangled Emerald
Amazilia leucogaster, Agyrtria leucogaster Plain-bellied Emerald
Amazilia luciae, Polyerata luciae, Agyrtria luciae Honduran Emerald, Honduras Emerald, Lucy's Emerald
Amazilia rosenbergi, Polyerata rosenbergi, Agyrtria rosenbergi Purple-chested Hummingbird, Rosenberg's Emerald
Amazilia rutila, [Amazilia cinnamomea] Cinnamon Hummingbird
Amazilia sapphirina, Hylocharis sapphirina Rufous-throated Hummingbird, Rufous-throated Sapphire, Red-throated Sapphire
Amazilia saucerrottei, Saucerrottia saucerrottei Steely-vented Hummingbird, Saucerrotte's Hummingbird, Blue-vented Hummingbird
Amazilia tobaci, Saucerottia tobaci Copper-rumped Hummingbird, Common Emerald
Amazilia tzacatl Rufous-tailed Hummingbird, Rieffer's Hummingbird
Amazilia versicolor, Agyrtria versicolor Versicolored Emerald, Versicoloured Emerald
Amazilia violiceps, Agyrtria violiceps, Leucolia violiceps, [Amazilia verticalis] Violet-crowned Hummingbird, Azurecrown, Salvin's Hummingbird
Amazilia viridicauda, Leucippus viridicauda, Elliotomyia viridicauda Green-and-white Hummingbird, Green and White Hummingbird
Amazilia viridifrons, Agyrtria viridifrons, Leucolia viridifrons Green-fronted Hummingbird
Amazilia viridigaster, Saucerottia viridigaster Green-bellied Hummingbird
Amazilia wagneri, Agyrtria viridifrons wagneri, Amazilia viridifrons wagneri, Leucolia wagneri Cinnamon-sided Hummingbird
Amazilia yucatanensis Buff-bellied Hummingbird, Fawn-breasted Hummingbird, Yucatan Hummingbird
Androdon aequatorialis kidanokk-koolibri Tooth-billed Hummingbird, Ecuadorian Toothbill, Ecuadorian Hummingbird, Cadet Hummingbird
Anopetia gounellei, Phaethornis gounellei kaatinga-selvakoolibri Broad-tipped Hermit
Anthocephala floriceps santamarta tuhkkoolibri Santa Marta Blossomcrown, Blossomcrown*
Anthocephala floriceps berlepschi, Anthocephala berlepschi tolima tuhkkoolibri Andean Blossomcrown
Anthracothorax aurulentus, Anthracothorax dominicus aurulentus ranniku-sametkoolibri Puerto Rican Mango
Anthracothorax dominicus antilli sametkoolibri Hispaniolan Mango, Antillean Mango, Puerto Rican Golden Hummingbird
Anthracothorax mango jamaika sametkoolibri Jamaican Mango, Black Mango
Anthracothorax nigricollis aed-sametkoolibri Black-throated Mango
Anthracothorax prevostii hõrendiku-sametkoolibri Green-breasted Mango, Green-breasted Hummingbird
Anthracothorax veraguensis panama sametkoolibri Veraguas Mango, Veraguan Mango
Anthracothorax viridigula soo-sametkoolibri Green-throated Mango, Green-throated Hummingbird, Black-breasted Mango
Anthracothorax viridis sinihänd-sametkoolibri Green Mango, Puerto Rican Mango
Aphantochroa cirrochloris, Eupetomena cirrochloris, [Campylopterus cirrochloris] Sombre Hummingbird
Archilochus alexandri, Mellisuga alexandri, Selasphorus alexandri tumekurk-koolibri Black-chinned Hummingbird, Purple-throated Hummingbird
Archilochus colubris, Mellisuga colubris, Selasphorus colubris rubiinkurk-koolibri Ruby-throated Hummingbird
Atthis ellioti, Selasphorus ellioti maia väikekoolibri Wine-throated Hummingbird
Atthis heloisa, Selasphorus heloisa asteegi väikekoolibri Bumblebee Hummingbird, Heloise's Hummingbird, Morcom's Hummingbird
Augastes lumachella, [Augastes lumachellus] kaktuse-ametüstkoolibri Hooded Visorbearer, Hooded Visor-bearer
Augastes scutatus väike-ametüstkoolibri Hyacinth Visorbearer, Hyachint Visor-bearer
Avocettula recurvirostris, Anthracothorax recurvirostris naaskelnokk-koolibri Fiery-tailed Awlbill, Fiery-throated Awlbill, Fiery-tailed Avocetbill, Swainson's Hummingbird
Basilinna leucotis, Hylocharis leucotis tammekoolibri (harilik tammekoolibri) White-eared Hummingbird
Basilinna xantusii, Hylocharis xantusii ruuge-tammekoolibri Xantus's Hummingbird, Black-fronted Hummingbird
Boissonneaua flavescens leetsaba-läikkoolibri Buff-tailed Coronet
Boissonneaua jardini valgesaba-läikkoolibri Velvet-purple Coronet, Jardine's Coronet
Boissonneaua matthewsii ruske-läikkoolibri Chestnut-breasted Coronet
Calliphlox amethystina Amethyst Woodstar
Calliphlox bryantae, Philodice bryantae, Nesophlox bryantae Magenta-throated Woodstar
Calliphlox evelynae lyrura, Calliphlox lyrura, Philodice evelynae lyrura, Nesophlox lyrura inagua koolibri Inaguan Woodstar, Inagua Woodstar
Calliphlox evelynae, Philodice evelynae, Nesophlox evelynae bahama koolibri Bahama Woodstar
Calliphlox mitchellii, Philodice mitchellii ladva-tähtkoolibri Purple-throated Woodstar, Mitchell's Woodstar
Calothorax lucifer, Calliphlox lucifer põhja-kõnnukoolibri Lucifer Hummingbird
Calothorax pulcher, Calliphlox pulcher lõuna-kõnnukoolibri Beautiful Hummingbird
Calypte anna, Archilochus anna, Selasphorus anna, Mellisuga anna roosapea-koolibri Anna's Hummingbird
Calypte costae, Archilochus costae, Selasphorus costae, Mellisuga costae kõrbekoolibri Costa's Hummingbird
Campylopterus calcirupicola loo-saabelkoolibri Dry-forest Sabrewing, Outcrop Sabrewing
Campylopterus curvipennis excellens, Campylopterus excellens, Pampa excellens tuxtla laulukoolibri Long-tailed Sabrewing, Tuxtla Sabrewing
Campylopterus curvipennis pampa, Campylopterus pampa, Pampa pampa yucatani laulukoolibri Wedge-tailed Sabrewing
Campylopterus curvipennis, Pampa curvipennis mehhiko laulukoolibri Wedge-tailed Sabrewing, Curve-winged Sabrewing
Campylopterus cuvierii, Phaeochroa cuvierii Scaly-breasted Hummingbird, Cuvier's Scaly-breasted Hummingbird, Cuvier's Hummingbird, Cuvier's Sabrewing
Campylopterus duidae, Loxopterus duidae leetpugu-saabelkoolibri Buff-breasted Sabrewing, Duida Sabrewing
Campylopterus ensipennis paria saabelkoolibri White-tailed Sabrewing
Campylopterus falcatus, Saepiopterus falcatus ruskesaba-saabelkoolibri Lazuline Sabrewing
Campylopterus hemileucurus sini-saabelkoolibri Violet Sabrewing, De Lattre's Sabrewing
Campylopterus hyperythrus tepui-saabelkoolibri Rufous-breasted Sabrewing, Tepui Sabrewing
Campylopterus largipennis amasoonia saabelkoolibri Grey-breasted Sabrewing, Bronze-shafted Sabrewing, Tail-coated Sabrewing
Campylopterus largipennis diamantinensis, Campylopterus diamantinensis espinhaço saabelkoolibri Diamantina Sabrewing
Campylopterus phainopeplus, Saepiopterus phainopeplus santamarta saabelkoolibri Santa Marta Sabrewing
Campylopterus rufus, Platystylopterus rufus, Pampa rufa maia saabelkoolibri Rufous Sabrewing
Campylopterus villaviscensio, Saepiopterus villaviscensio napo saabelkoolibri Napo Sabrewing, Splendid Sabrewing, Villaviscensio Sabrewing
Chaetocercus astreans, Acestrura astreans Santa Marta Woodstar, Colombian Woodstar
Chaetocercus berlepschi, Acestrura berlepschi Esmeraldas Woodstar, Esmeralda's Woodstar
Chaetocercus bombus, Acestrura bombus Little Woodstar
Chaetocercus heliodor, Acestrura heliodor Gorgeted Woodstar
Chaetocercus jourdanii Rufous-shafted Woodstar, Jourdan's Woodstar
Chaetocercus mulsant, Acestrura mulsant, Chaetocercus mulsanti White-bellied Woodstar, Mulsant's Woodstar, White-bellied Woodstar
Chalcostigma herrani, Eupogonus herrani, Oxypogon herrani vikerhabe-mägikoolibri Rainbow-bearded Thornbill, Herran's Thornbill
Chalcostigma heteropogon, Oxypogon heteropogon pronks-mägikoolibri Bronze-tailed Thornbill, Bronzy Thornbill
Chalcostigma olivaceum, Oxypogon olivaceus puuna-mägikoolibri Olivaceous Thornbill
Chalcostigma ruficeps, Metallura ruficeps, Selatopogon ruficeps, Oxypogon ruficeps ruugekõht-mägikoolibri Rufous-capped Thornbill, Rufous-capped Metaltail, Metaltail
Chalcostigma stanleyi, Oxypogon stanleyi siniselg-mägikoolibri Blue-mantled Thornbill
Chalybura buffonii salu-kapralkoolibri White-vented Plumeleteer, Buffon's Hummingbird
Chalybura urochrysia punajalg-kapralkoolibri Bronze-tailed Plumeleteer, Red-footed Plumeleteer
Chlorostilbon assimilis, Chlorostilbon mellisugus assimilis, Cynanthus assimilis aed-smaragdkoolibri Garden Emerald, Allied Emerald
Chlorostilbon auriceps, Chlorostilbon mellisugus auriceps, Cynanthus auriceps harksaba-smaragdkoolibri Golden-crowned Emerald
Chlorostilbon bracei, Chlorostilbon ricordii bracei, Riccordia bracei, Cynanthus bracei bahama smaragdkoolibri (†) Brace's Emerald
Chlorostilbon canivetii, Chlorostilbon mellisugus canivetii, Cynanthus canivetii keskameerika smaragdkoolibri Canivet's Emerald, Fork-tailed Emerald
Chlorostilbon elegans, Riccordia elegans, Cynanthus elegans jamaika smaragdkoolibri (†) Caribbean Emerald, Gould's Emerald
Chlorostilbon forficatus, Chlorostilbon mellisugus forficatus, Cynanthus forficatus cozumeli smaragdkoolibri Cozumel Emerald
Chlorostilbon gibsoni, Chlorostilbon mellisugus gibsoni, Cynanthus gibsoni punanokk-smaragdkoolibri Red-billed Emerald
Chlorostilbon lucidus, Cynanthus lucidus, Chlorostilbon aureoventris lõuna-smaragdkoolibri Glittering-bellied Emerald
Chlorostilbon maugaeus, Riccordia maugaeus, Cynanthus maugaeus puertoriiko smaragdkoolibri Puerto Rican Emerald, Antillean Emerald
Chlorostilbon mellisugus melanorhynchus, Chlorostilbon melanorhynchus, Cynanthus melanorhynchus läänekolumbia smaragdkoolibri West Andean Emerald
Chlorostilbon mellisugus, Cynanthus mellisugus, Chlorostilbon prasinus sinisaba-smaragdkoolibri Blue-tailed Emerald
Chlorostilbon notatus, Chlorestes notatus Blue-chinned Sapphire, Audebert's Hummingbird
Chlorostilbon olivaresi, Cynanthus olivaresi chiribiquete smaragdkoolibri Chiribiquete Emerald
Chlorostilbon poortmani alice, Chlorostilbon alice, Cynanthus alice veere-smaragdkoolibri Green-tailed Emerald
Chlorostilbon poortmani, Cynanthus poortmani lühisaba-smaragdkoolibri Short-tailed Emerald
Chlorostilbon ricordii, Riccordia ricordii, Cynanthus ricordii kuuba smaragdkoolibri Cuban Emerald
Chlorostilbon russatus, Cynanthus russatus vasksaba-smaragdkoolibri Coppery Emerald
Chlorostilbon stenurus, Chlorostilbon stenura, Cynanthus stenurus ahassaba-smaragdkoolibri Narrow-tailed Emerald
Chlorostilbon swainsonii, Riccordia swainsonii, Cynanthus swainsonii haiti smaragdkoolibri Hispaniolan Emerald
Chrysolampis mosquitus fööniks-koolibri Ruby-topaz Hummingbird, Ruby Topaz
Chrysuronia oenone, Hylocharis oenone Golden-tailed Sapphire
Clytolaema rubricauda, Heliodoxa rubricauda ida-briljantkoolibri Brazilian Ruby
Coeligena albicaudata, Coeligena violifer albicaudata apurímaci koidukoolibri Apurimac Starfrontlet
Coeligena bonapartei pronkskõht-koidukoolibri Golden-bellied Starfrontlet
Coeligena coeligena kirikurk-koidukoolibri Bronzy Inca
Coeligena conradii, Coeligena torquata conradii rohe-koidukoolibri Green Inca
Coeligena consita, Coeligena bonapartei consita perijá koidukoolibri Perija Starfrontlet
Coeligena dichroura, Coeligena violifer dichroura smaragdlaup-koidukoolibri Huanuco Starfrontlet
Coeligena eisenmanni, Coeligena torquata eisenmanni vilcabamba koidukoolibri Vilcabamba Inca
Coeligena eos, Coeligena bonapartei eos ruuge-koidukoolibri Golden Starfrontlet
Coeligena helianthea roosakõht-koidukoolibri Blue-throated Starfrontlet
Coeligena inca, Coeligena torquata inca ruugepugu-koidukoolibri Gould's Inca
Coeligena iris viker-koidukoolibri Rainbow Starfrontlet, King Louis XVI Starfrontlet
Coeligena lutetiae laiktiib-koidukoolibri Buff-winged Starfrontlet, Compte de Pario Starfrontlet, Conpte de Paris' Starfrontlet
Coeligena orina, Coeligena bonapartei orina koldkõht-koidukoolibri Glittering Starfrontlet, Dusky Starfrontlet
Coeligena osculans, Coeligena violifer osculans carabaya koidukoolibri Cuzco Starfrontlet
Coeligena phalerata valgesaba-koidukoolibri White-tailed Starfrontlet
Coeligena prunellei must-koidukoolibri Black Inca
Coeligena torquata valgepugu-koidukoolibri Collared Inca, White-cravat Hummingbird
Coeligena violifer violettkurk-koidukoolibri Bolivian Starfrontlet, Violet-throated Starfrontlet*
Coeligena wilsoni väike-koidukoolibri Brown Inca
Colibri coruscans aed-ametüstkoolibri Sparkling Violet-ear, Sparkling Violetear, Colombian Violetear, Gould's Violetear, Chequered Violetear
Colibri delphinae pruun-ametüstkoolibri Brown Violet-ear, Brown Violetear
Colibri serrirostris hele-ametüstkoolibri White-vented Violet-ear, White-vented Violetear, Brazilian Violetear, Singing Hummingbird
Colibri thalassinus rohe-ametüstkoolibri Green Violet-ear, Green Violetear
Colibri thalassinus cyanotus, Colibri cyanotus nõlva-ametüstkoolibri Lesser Violet-ear, Lesser Violetear
Cyanophaia bicolor, Cynanthus bicolor, Riccordia bicolor sinipea-smaragdkoolibri Blue-headed Hummingbird, Wagler's Woodnymph
Cynanthus doubledayi, Cynanthus latirostris doubledayi oaxaca smaragdkoolibri Turquoise-crowned Hummingbird, Doubleday's Hummingbird
Cynanthus latirostris põhja-smaragdkoolibri Broad-billed Hummingbird
Cynanthus lawrencei, Cynanthus latirostris lawrencei tresmaríase smaragdkoolibri Tres Marias Hummingbird, Lawrence's Hummingbird
Cynanthus sordidus, Phaeoptila sordida hallpugu-smaragdkoolibri Dusky Hummingbird
Discosura conversii, Popelairia conversii rohe-pahlkoolibri Green Thorntail
Discosura langsdorffi, Popelairia langsdorffi kee-pahlkoolibri Black-bellied Thorntail, Black-brested Thorntail, Langsdorff's Thorntail
Discosura letitiae, Popelairia letitiae pronks-pahlkoolibri Coppery Thorntail
Discosura longicaudus, Discosura longicauda hõlmiksaba-koolibri Racket-tailed Coquette, Racquet-tailed Coquette, Brazilian Racquet-tail, Racquet-tailed Hummingbird
Discosura popelairii, Popelairia popelairii tutt-pahlkoolibri Wire-crested Thorntail, Popelaire's Thorntail
Doricha eliza, Calothorax eliza, Calliphlox eliza ranniku-käärkoolibri Mexican Sheartail
Doricha enicura, Calothorax enicura, Calliphlox enicura pikksaba-käärkoolibri Slender Sheartail
Doryfera johannae, Hemistephania johannae väike-piikkoolibri Blue-fronted Lancebill
Doryfera ludovicae, Hemistephania ludovicae, [Doryfera ludoviciae] nõlva-piikkoolibri Green-fronted Lancebill
Elvira chionura, Eupherusa chionura, Microchera chionura White-tailed Emerald
Elvira cupreiceps, Eupherusa cupreiceps, Lawrencius cupreiceps, Microchera cupreiceps Coppery-headed Emerald
Ensifera ensifera mõõknokk-koolibri Sword-billed Hummingbird
Eriocnemis aline, Eriocnemis alinae Emerald-bellied Puffleg
Eriocnemis cupreoventris Coppery-bellied Puffleg
Eriocnemis derbyi Black-thighed Puffleg
Eriocnemis glaucopoides Blue-capped Puffleg
Eriocnemis godini Turquoise-throated Puffleg
Eriocnemis isaacsoni Isaacson's Puffleg
Eriocnemis isabellae Gorgeted Puffleg
Eriocnemis luciani Sapphire-vented Puffleg, Long-tailed Puffleg
Eriocnemis mirabilis Colorful Puffleg, Colourful Puffleg
Eriocnemis mosquera Golden-breasted Puffleg
Eriocnemis nigrivestris Black-breasted Puffleg
Eriocnemis sapphiropygia, Eriocnemis luciani sapphiropygia Coppery-naped Puffleg
Eriocnemis soederstroemi, Eriocnemis söderströmi Söderström's Puffleg
Eriocnemis vestita, Eriocnemis vestitus Glowing Puffleg
Eugenes fulgens, [Heliodoxa fulgens] Magnificent Hummingbird, Rivoli's Hummingbird
Eulampis holosericeus, Anthracothorax holosericeus, Sericotes holosericeus sinilaik-koolibri Green-throated Carib, Emerald-throated Carib, Emerald-throated Hummingbird, Green Doctor Bird, Green Carib
Eulampis jugularis, Anthracothorax jugularis granaatkoolibri Purple-throated Carib, Purple Carib, Purple-breasted Carib, Garnet Hummingbird, Red-breasted Hummingbird
Eulidia yarrellii, Myrtis yarrellii Chilean Woodstar, Yarrell's Woodstar
Eupetomena macroura, [Campylopterus macrourus, Campylopterus macroura] pääsukoolibri Swallow-tailed Hummingbird, Cayenne Forktailed Hummingbird, Common Swallowtail, Brazilian Swallowtail
Eupherusa cyanophrys Oaxaca Hummingbird, Black-fronted Hummingbird, Blue-capped Hummingbird
Eupherusa eximia Stripe-tailed Hummingbird
Eupherusa nigriventris, Callipharus nigriventris Black-bellied Hummingbird
Eupherusa poliocerca White-tailed Hummingbird
Eutoxeres aquila rohe-sirpkoolibri White-tipped Sicklebill, White Sicklebill, Bronze Sicklebill, Brown-tailed Sicklebill, Common Sicklebill
Eutoxeres condamini pruun-sirpkoolibri Buff-tailed Sicklebill, Rufous-tailed Sicklebill
Florisuga fusca, Melanotrochilus fuscus mustkoolibri Black Jacobin, Pied Jacobin, Dusky Jacobin, White-tailed Jacobin
Florisuga mellivora pugalkoolibri White-necked Jacobin, Great Jacobin Hummingbird, Jacobin Hummingbird, White-bellied Hummingbird*, Collared Hummingbird
Glaucis aeneus, Glaucis aenea vaskselg-selvakoolibri Bronzy Hermit, Bronze Hermit, Chestnut-colored Hermit
Glaucis dohrnii, Ramphodon dohrnii bahia selvakoolibri Hook-billed Hermit
Glaucis hirsutus, Glaucis hirsuta, [Threnetes grzimeki] ruskepugu-selvakoolibri Rufous-breasted Hermit, Hairy Hermit
Goethalsia bella, Goldmania bella Pirre Hummingbird, Rufous-cheeked Hummingbird, Goethals's Hummingbird
Goldmania violiceps, Hylocharis violiceps Violet-capped Hummingbird, Goldman's Hummingbird
Haplophaedia assimilis, Eriocnemis assimilis Buff-thighed Puffleg
Haplophaedia aureliae, Eriocnemis aureliae Greenish Puffleg
Haplophaedia lugens, Eriocnemis lugens Hoary Puffleg
Heliactin bilophus, Heliactin bilopha, Heliactin cornuta sarvikkoolibri Horned Sungem, Sungem, Horned Hummingbird
Heliangelus amethysticollis lõuna-päikesekoolibri Amethyst-throated Sunangel
Heliangelus clarisse, Heliangelus amethysticollis clarisse roosakurk-päikesekoolibri Longuemare's Sunangel
Heliangelus exortis turmaliin-päikesekoolibri Tourmaline Sunangel
Heliangelus mavors ruuge-päikesekoolibri Orange-throated Sunangel
Heliangelus micraster kuldkurk-päikesekoolibri Little Sunangel, Gould's Sunangel
Heliangelus regalis sini-päikesekoolibri Royal Sunangel
Heliangelus spencei, Heliangelus clarisse spencei mérida päikesekoolibri Merida Sunangel
Heliangelus strophianus sinisaba-päikesekoolibri Gorgeted Sunangel
Heliangelus viola sinilaup-päikesekoolibri Purple-throated Sunangel
Heliangelus zusii pääsu-päikesekoolibri Bogota Sunangel, Bogotá Sunangel
Heliodoxa aurescens, Polyplancta aurescens, Clytolaema aurescens ruugepugu-briljantkoolibri Gould's Brilliant, Gould's Jewelfront, Jewelfront
Heliodoxa branickii, Lampraster branickii peruu briljantkoolibri Rufous-webbed Brilliant
Heliodoxa gularis, Agapeta gularis putumayo briljantkoolibri Pink-throated Brilliant
Heliodoxa imperatrix, Eugenia imperatrix suur-briljantkoolibri Empress Brilliant, Empress Eugenie's Hummingbird
Heliodoxa jacula loode-briljantkoolibri Green-crowned Brilliant, Green-fronted Brilliant
Heliodoxa leadbeateri sinilaup-briljantkoolibri Violet-fronted Brilliant, Blue-crowned Brilliant
Heliodoxa rubinoides pruunkõht-briljantkoolibri Fawn-breasted Brilliant, Penny-throated Hummingbird, Lilac-throated Hummingbird, Lilac-breasted Brilliant
Heliodoxa schreibersii, Ionolaima schreibersii mustkurk-briljantkoolibri Black-throated Brilliant
Heliodoxa whyteliana, Heliodoxa schreibersii whyteliana mustpugu-briljantkoolibri Black-breasted Brilliant
Heliodoxa xanthogonys tepui-briljantkoolibri Velvet-browed Brilliant
Heliomaster constantii, Anthoscenus constantii Plain-capped Starthroat, Constant's Starthroat
Heliomaster furcifer Blue-tufted Starthroat
Heliomaster longirostris, Anthoscenus longirostris Long-billed Starthroat
Heliomaster squamosus, Lepidolaryx squamosus Stripe-breasted Starthroat, White-striped Hummingbird
Heliothryx aurita, Heliothryx auritus selva-viherkoolibri Black-eared Fairy, Green-chinned Fairy
Heliothryx barroti loode-viherkoolibri Purple-crowned Fairy, Barrot's Fairy
Hylocharis chrysura Gilded Hummingbird
Hylocharis cyanus, [Hylocharis cyana], [Hylocharis cyanea] White-chinned Sapphire
Hylocharis eliciae Blue-throated Goldentail, Blue-throated Sapphire
Hylonympha macrocerca, Heliodoxa macrocerca käärsaba-koolibri Scissor-tailed Hummingbird
Juliamyia julie, Damophila julie Violet-bellied Hummingbird, Julie's Hummingbird
Klais guimeti, Abeillia guimeti kapellkoolibri Violet-headed Hummingbird, Violet-crowned Hummingbird*
Lafresnaya lafresnayi Mountain Velvetbreast, Velvetbreast
Lampornis amethystinus Amethyst-throated Hummingbird, Cazique Hummingbird
Lampornis calolaemus, Lampornis castaneoventris calolaemus, Lampornis calolaema Purple-throated Mountain Gem
Lampornis castaneoventris White-throated Mountain Gem, Variable Mountain-gem, Chestnut-bellied Mountain-gem
Lampornis cinereicauda, Lampornis castaneoventris cinereicauda Grey-tailed Mountain Gem
Lampornis clemenciae Blue-throated Hummingbird
Lampornis hemileucus White-bellied Mountain-gem, White-bellied Mountain Gem
Lampornis sybillae Green-breasted Mountain-gem, Green-breasted Mountain Gem
Lampornis viridipallens Green-throated Mountain-gem, Green-throated Mountain Gem
Lamprolaima rhami Garnet-throated Hummingbird
Lepidopyga coeruleogularis, Damophila coeruleogularis Sapphire-throated Hummingbird, Duchassain's Hummingbird
Lepidopyga goudoti Shining-green Hummingbird, Shining Green Hummingbird
Lepidopyga lilliae Sapphire-bellied Hummingbird
Lesbia nuna väike-händkoolibri Green-tailed Trainbearer
Lesbia victoriae suur-händkoolibri Black-tailed Trainbearer, Long-tailed Trainbearer
Leucippus baeri Tumbes Hummingbird
Leucippus chlorocercus, Talaphorus chlorocercus Olive-spotted Hummingbird
Leucippus fallax Buffy Hummingbird
Leucippus taczanowskii, Thaumasius taczanowskii Spot-throated Hummingbird, Taczanowski's White-throat
Leucochloris albicollis White-throated Hummingbird, Brazilian White-throated Hummingbird
Loddigesia mirabilis, Eriocnemis mirabilis imekoolibri Marvelous Spatuletail, Marvellous Spatuletail, Marvellous Hummingbird, Peruvian Racquet-tailed Hummingbird, Loddiges's Spatuletail
Lophornis adorabilis, Paphosia adorabilis valgetutt-lehvkoolibri White-crested Coquette, Adorable Coquette
Lophornis brachylophus, Lophornis brachylopha guerrero lehvkoolibri Short-crested Coquette
Lophornis chalybeus, Lophornis chalybea, Polemistria chalybeus valjas-lehvkoolibri Festive Coquette
Lophornis delattrei nõlva-lehvkoolibri Rufous-crested Coquette
Lophornis gouldii silmik-lehvkoolibri Dot-eared Coquette
Lophornis helenae, Paphosia helenae täpik-lehvkoolibri Black-crested Coquette, Princess Helena's Coquette
Lophornis magnificus, Lophornis magnifica aed-lehvkoolibri Frilled Coquette
Lophornis ornatus, Lophornis ornata guajaana lehvkoolibri Tufted Coquette, Splended Coquette
Lophornis pavoninus, Lophornis pavonina, Polemistria pavoninus paabukoolibri Peacock Coquette
Lophornis stictolophus, Lophornis stictolopha täpiktutt-lehvkoolibri Spangled Coquette
Lophornis verreauxii, Lophornis chalybeus verreauxii amasoonia lehvkoolibri Butterfly Coquette
Mellisuga helenae, Calypte helenae kimalaskoolibri Bee Hummingbird
Mellisuga minima pisikoolibri Vervain Hummingbird
Metallura aeneocauda viir-helksabakoolibri Scaled Metaltail, Andean Metaltail
Metallura baroni oliiv-helksabakoolibri Violet-throated Metaltail
Metallura eupogon tulikurk-helksabakoolibri Fire-throated Metaltail
Metallura iracunda perijá helksabakoolibri Perija Metaltail
Metallura odomae punakurk-helksabakoolibri Neblina Metaltail
Metallura phoebe must-helksabakoolibri Black Metaltail
Metallura theresiae vask-helksabakoolibri Coppery Metaltail
Metallura tyrianthina väike-helksabakoolibri Tyrian Metaltail
Metallura williami paramo-helksabakoolibri Viridian Metaltail
Microchera albocoronata valgepea-koolibri Snowcap, White-crowned Hummingbird
Microstilbon burmeisteri, Calliphlox burmeisteri, Chaetocercus burmeisteri Slender-tailed Woodstar, Slender-billed Woodstar
Myrmia micrura, Chaetocercus micrura Short-tailed Woodstar
Myrtis fanny Purple-collared Woodstar, Fanny's Woodstar
Ocreatus underwoodi addae, Ocreatus addae lõuna-lippsabakoolibri Rufous-booted Racket-tail
Ocreatus underwoodi peruanus, Ocreatus peruanus ekuadori lippsabakoolibri Peruvian Racket-tail
Ocreatus underwoodii põhja-lippsabakoolibri White-booted Racquet-tail, Booted Racquet-tail, Racquet-tail, Racquet-tailed Hummingbird
Opisthoprora euryptera naaskel-mägikoolibri Mountain Avocetbill, Loddiges Thornbill, Avocetbill
Oreonympha albolimbata, Oreonympha nobilis albolimbata, Oxypogon nobilis albolimbata kirikiird-mägikoolibri Western Mountaineer, Bearded Mountaineer*
Oreonympha nobilis, Oxypogon nobilis purpurkiird-mägikoolibri Eastern Mountaineer, Bearded Mountaineer*
Oreotrochilus adela ruske-kaljukoolibri Wedge-tailed Hillstar, Wedgetailed Hillstar
Oreotrochilus chimborazo ekuadori kaljukoolibri Ecuadorian Hillstar, Violet-hooded Hillstar
Oreotrochilus cyanolaemus sinikurk-kaljukoolibri Blue-throated Hillstar
Oreotrochilus estella kaljukoolibri (harilik kaljukoolibri) Andean Hillstar
Oreotrochilus leucopleurus lõuna-kaljukoolibri White-sided Hillstar
Oreotrochilus melanogaster tõmmu-kaljukoolibri Black-breasted Hillstar
Oreotrochilus stolzmanni, Oreotrochilus estella stolzmanni rohe-kaljukoolibri Green-headed Hillstar, Stolzmann's Hillstar
Orthorhyncus cristatus tanukoolibri Antillean Crested Hummingbird, Crested Hummingbird
Oxypogon cyanolaemus, Oxypogon guerinii cyanolaemus santamarta espeleetsiakoolibri Blue-bearded Helmetcrest
Oxypogon guerinii rohepard-espeleetsiakoolibri Green-bearded Helmetcrest, Bearded Helmetcrest*, Bearded Helmet Crest*, Guerin's Helmetcrest
Oxypogon lindenii, Oxypogon guerinii lindenii venetsueela espeleetsiakoolibri White-bearded Helmetcrest
Oxypogon stuebelii, Oxypogon guerinii stuebelii nevado espeleetsiakoolibri Buffy Helmetcrest
Panterpe insignis Fiery-throated Hummingbird, Irazu Hummingbird
Patagona gigas suurkoolibri Giant Hummingbird
Phaethornis aethopygus, [Phaethornis longuemareus aethopygus] tapajósi selvakoolibri Tapajos Hermit
Phaethornis anthophilus, Ametrornis anthophilus hele-selvakoolibri Pale-bellied Hermit, Black-cheeked Hermit
Phaethornis atrimentalis, Pygmornis atrimentalis tumekurk-selvakoolibri Black-throated Hermit
Phaethornis augusti hallpugu-selvakoolibri Sooty-capped Hermit
Phaethornis baroni, Phaethornis longirostris baroni ekuadori selvakoolibri Ecuadorian Hermit
Phaethornis bourcieri, Ametrornis bourcieri amasoonia selvakoolibri Straight-billed Hermit
Phaethornis eurynome, [Phaethornis nigrirostris] tähnikkurk-selvakoolibri Scale-throated Hermit, Black-billed Hermit
Phaethornis griseogularis, Pygmornis griseogularis hallsaba-selvakoolibri Grey-chinned Hermit, Grey-throated Hermit
Phaethornis guy, [Phaethornis guyi] rohe-selvakoolibri Green Hermit, Guy's Hermit, White-tailed Hermit
Phaethornis hispidus, [Phaethornis oseryi], [Phaethornis villosus] tuhkrind-selvakoolibri White-bearded Hermit, D'Osery's Hermit, White-bearded Hermit
Phaethornis idaliae, Pygmornis idaliae pisi-selvakoolibri Minute Hermit
Phaethornis koepckeae, Ametrornis koepckeae peruu selvakoolibri Koepcke's Hermit
Phaethornis longirostris keskameerika selvakoolibri Long-billed Hermit, Western Long-Tailed Hermit
Phaethornis longuemareus, Pygmornis longuemareus guajaana selvakoolibri Little Hermit, Longuemare's Hermit, Rusty-breasted Hermit
Phaethornis malaris suur-selvakoolibri Great-billed Hermit
Phaethornis malaris margarettae, Phaethornis margarettae ranniku-selvakoolibri Margaretta's Hermit, Margaretta Hermit
Phaethornis mexicanus, Phaethornis longirostris mexicanus mehhiko selvakoolibri Mexican Hermit, Hartert's Hermit, Jalisco Hermit
Phaethornis nattereri, [Pygmornis maranhaoensis] kaneel-selvakoolibri Cinnamon-throated Hermit, Maranhao Hermit
Phaethornis philippii, Ametrornis philippii ruugekurk-selvakoolibri Needle-billed Hermit
Phaethornis porcullae, Phaethornis griseogularis porcullae leet-selvakoolibri Porculla Hermit
Phaethornis pretrei kampo-selvakoolibri Planalto Hermit
Phaethornis ruber, Pygmornis ruber ruuge-selvakoolibri Reddish Hermit, Red-vented Hermit, Pygmy Hermit
Phaethornis rupurumii, Pygmornis rupurumii valgerind-selvakoolibri Streak-throated Hermit
Phaethornis squalidus, Pygmornis squalidus tumekurk-selvakoolibri Dusky-throated Hermit, Sooty-throated Hermit
Phaethornis striigularis, Pygmornis striigularis tuhkkurk-selvakoolibri Stripe-throated Hermit
Phaethornis stuarti, Pygmornis stuarti rebas-selvakoolibri White-browed Hermit
Phaethornis subochraceus ooker-selvakoolibri Buff-bellied Hermit
Phaethornis superciliosus pruun-selvakoolibri Long-tailed Hermit, Eastern Long-tailed Hermit, Cayenne Hermit, Guiana Hermit, Allied Hermit, Buff-browed Hermit
Phaethornis syrmatophorus andi selvakoolibri Tawny-bellied Hermit, Trainbearing Hermit, Baron Rothschild Hermit
Phaethornis yaruqui läik-erakkoolibri White-whiskered Hermit, Black-winged Hermit, Yaruquian Hermit
Phlogophilus harterti, Adelomyia harterti peruu pugalhänd-koolibri Peruvian Piedtail
Phlogophilus hemileucurus, Adelomyia hemileucurus ekuadori pugalhänd-koolibri Ecuadorian Piedtail, Ecuadorean Piedtail
Polyonymus caroli, Lesbia caroli roosakurk-mägikoolibri Bronze-tailed Comet
Polytmus guainumbi rohtla-viherkoolibri White-tailed Goldenthroat, White-tailed Hummingbird*
Polytmus milleri, Waldronia milleri tepui-viherkoolibri Tepui Goldenthroat
Polytmus theresiae, Smaragdites theresiae rohesaba-viherkoolibri Green-tailed Goldenthroat, Green Goldenthroat
Pterophanes cyanopterus sinitiib-koolibri Great Sapphirewing, Paramo Sapphirewing, Temminck's Sapphirewing, Sapphirewing
Ramphodon naevius, Glaucis naevius, [Androdon naevius] saagnokk-selvakoolibri Saw-billed Hermit
Ramphomicron dorsale santamarta lühinokk-koolibri Black-backed Thornbill
Ramphomicron microrhynchum lühinokk-koolibri (harilik lühinokk-koolibri) Purple-backed Thornbill
Rhodopis vesper, Heliomaster vesper Oasis Hummingbird
Sappho sparganurus, Sappho sparganura, Lesbia sparganura tiigerkoolibri Red-tailed Comet, Comet Hummingbird, Fire-tailed Comet, Sapho Comet
Schistes albogularis, Schistes geoffroyi albogularis, Augastes geoffroyi albogularis lääne-ametüstkoolibri Western Wedge-billed Hummingbird, Wedge-billed Hummingbird*
Schistes geoffroyi, Augastes geoffroyi kiilnokk-ametüstkoolibri Eastern Wedge-billed Hummingbird, Wedge-billed Hummingbird*
Selasphorus ardens panama koolibri Glow-throated Hummingbird
Selasphorus calliope, Stellula calliope, Mellisuga calliope, Archilochus calliope habekoolibri Calliope Hummingbird
Selasphorus flammula vulkaanikoolibri Volcano Hummingbird, Rose-throated Hummingbird
Selasphorus platycercus, Archilochus platycercus palukoolibri Broad-tailed Hummingbird
Selasphorus rufus rebaskoolibri Rufous Hummingbird
Selasphorus sasin kalifornia koolibri Allen's Hummingbird, Red-backed Hummingbird, Red-backed Woodstar
Selasphorus scintilla sirakoolibri Scintillant Hummingbird
Sephanoides fernandensis robinsoni koolibri Juan Fernandez Firecrown, Fernandez Firecrown
Sephanoides sephaniodes, [Sephanoides sephanoides], [Sephanoides galeritus] tšiili koolibri Green-backed Firecrown
Stephanoxis lalandi, [Stephanoxis delalandei] rohetutt-koolibri Green-crowned Plovercrest, Plovercrest*, Black-breasted Plovercrest
Stephanoxis loddigesii, Stephanoxis lalandi loddigesii sinitutt-koolibri Violet-crowned Plovercrest, Purple-crowned Plovercrest
Sternoclyta cyanopectus, Heliodoxa cyanopectus varjukoolibri Violet-chested Hummingbird
Taphrolesbia griseiventris hallkõht-koolibri Grey-bellied Comet, Grey-breasted Comet
Taphrospilus hypostictus, Leucippus hypostictus, Talaphorus hypostictus Many-spotted Hummingbird
Thalurania colombica mets-nümfkoolibri Crowned Woodnymph, Purple-crowned Woodnymph, Violet-crowned Woodnymph, Green-crowned Woodnymph, Black-capped Woodnymph
Thalurania furcata pronkskiird-nümfkoolibri Fork-tailed Woodnymph, Princess Woodnymph, Common Woodnymph, Cayenne Woodnymph
Thalurania glaucopis rohe-nümfkoolibri Violet-capped Woodnymph, Blue-crowned Woodnymph, Blue-headed Woodnymph, Brazilian Woodnymph
Thalurania ridgwayi, Eupherusa ridgwayi Mexican Woodnymph
Thalurania watertonii siniselg-nümfkoolibri Long-tailed Woodnymph, Waterton's Woodnymph
Thaumastura cora, Calliphlox cora händ-tähtkoolibri Peruvian Sheartail, Cora's Sheartail
Threnetes leucurus, Threnetes niger leucurus kaelus-selvakoolibri Pale-tailed Barbthroat, White-tailed Barbthroat
Threnetes niger, Threnetes niger niger mustkurk-selvakoolibri Sooty Barbthroat, Pale-tailed Barbthroat* (s.l.)
Threnetes ruckeri laidsaba-selvakoolibri Band-tailed Barbthroat, Rucker's Hermit, Rucker's Fan-tailed Barbthroat, Blue Fan-tailed Barbthroat
Tilmatura dupontii, Calliphlox dupontii, Philodice dupontii vöötsaba-koolibri Sparkling-tailed Woodstar, Sparkling-tailed Hummingbird, Dupont's Hummingbird
Topaza pella, [Oreotrochilus pella] puna-topaaskoolibri Crimson Topaz, Topaz Hummingbird, Topaz-throated Hummingbird, King Hummingbird, Beautiful Topaz
Topaza pyra, Topaza pella pyra tuli-topaaskoolibri Fiery Topaz, Inca Topaz
Trochilus polytmus punanokk-lintkoolibri Red-billed Streamertail, Streamertail, Jamaican Doctor Bird, Western Streamertail, Western Hummingbird
Trochilus scitulus aed-lintkoolibri Black-billed Streamertail, Eastern Streamertail, Eastern Hummingbird, Doctor Bird, Scissor Tail
Urochroa bougueri ojakoolibri Rufous-gaped Hillstar, White-tailed Hillstar*
Urochroa leucura, Urochroa bougueri leucura lõuna-ojakoolibri White-tailed Hillstar
Urosticte benjamini, Adelomyia benjamini lääne-laikkoolibri Purple-bibbed Whitetip, Whitetip, Green-vented Whitetip
Urosticte ruficrissa, Adelomyia ruficrissa ida-laikkoolibri Rufous-vented Whitetip
In orderCaprimulgiformes family Trochilidae 381 results found
Cariamiformes - serieemalised Cariamidae - serieemalased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Cariama cristata tuttserieema Red-legged Seriema, Crested Seriema
Chunga burmeisteri, Cariama burmeisteri väikeserieema Black-legged Seriema, Burmeister's Seriema, Lesser Seriema
In orderCariamiformes family Cariamidae 2 results found
Cathartiformes - kondorilised Cathartidae - kondorlased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Cathartes aura kalkunkondor Turkey Vulture, Turkey-Vulture
Cathartes burrovianus, Cathartes burrovianus urubitinga, Cathartes urubitinga rohtlakondor Lesser Yellow-headed Vulture, Savanna Yellow-headed Vulture, Savanna Vulture
Cathartes melambrotus selvakondor Greater Yellow-headed Vulture, Forest Yellow-headed Vulture, Forest Vulture
Coragyps atratus ronkkondor American Black Vulture, Black Vulture
Gymnogyps californianus, Pseudogryphus californianus kalifornia kondor California Condor, Californian Condor
Sarcoramphus papa kuningkondor King Vulture
Vultur gryphus andi kondor (kaeluskondor) Andean Condor
In orderCathartiformes family Cathartidae 7 results found
Charadriiformes - kurvitsalised Alcidae - alklased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Aethia cristatella tuttörd Crested Auklet
Aethia psittacula, Cyclorrhynchus psittacula papagoiörd Parakeet Auklet
Aethia pusilla kääbusörd Least Auklet, Knob-billed Auklet
Aethia pygmaea kiharörd Whiskered Auklet, Pygmy Auklet
Alca torda alk Razorbill, Razor-billed Auk
Alle alle, Plautus alle väikealk (ürr) Little Auk, Dovekie
Brachyramphus brevirostris mägi-kirjuörd Kittlitz's Murrelet, Short-billed Murrelet
Brachyramphus marmoratus mets-kirjuörd Marbled Murrelet, Long-billed Murrelet*
Brachyramphus perdix, Brachyramphus marmoratus perdix ohhoota kirjuörd Long-billed Murrelet
Cepphus carbo prillkrüüsel Spectacled Guillemot, Sooty Guillemot, Bridled Guillemot
Cepphus columba kirdekrüüsel Pigeon Guillemot, Sea Pigeon
Cepphus grylle krüüsel Black Guillemot, Tystie
Cerorhinca monocerata sarvörd Rhinoceros Auklet, Horn-billed Auk, Unicorn Auk
Fratercula arctica lunn (põhjalunn) Atlantic Puffin, Arctic Puffin, Common Puffin, Puffin
Fratercula cirrhata, Lunda cirrhata tupslunn Tufted Puffin
Fratercula corniculata idalunn Horned Puffin
Pinguinus impennis, Alca impennis hiidalk (†) Great Auk
Ptychoramphus aleuticus hallörd Cassin's Auklet, Aleutian Auk
Synthliboramphus antiquus vaarörd Ancient Murrelet, Black-throated Murrelet, Grey-headed Murrelet
Synthliboramphus craveri, Brachyramphus craveri, Endomychura craveri väike-lõunaörd Craveri's Murrelet
Synthliboramphus hypoleucus, Brachyramphus hypoleucus, Endomychura hypoleuca lõunaörd Guadalupe Murrelet, Xantus's Murrelet, Xántus's Murrelet, Xantus' Murrelet
Synthliboramphus scrippsi, Synthliboramphus hypoleucus scrippsi, Brachyramphus hypoleucus scrippsi, Endomychura hypoleuca scrippsi vileörd Scripp's Murrelet
Synthliboramphus wumizusume jaapani örd Japanese Murrelet, Crested Murrelet
Uria aalge lõunatirk Common Murre, Guillemot, Common Guillemot, Thin-billed Murre
Uria lomvia põhjatirk Thick-billed Murre, Brunnich's Guillemot, Brünnich's Guillemot, Brünnich's Murre
In orderCharadriiformes family Alcidae 25 results found
 Burhinidae - jämejalglased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Burhinus bistriatus rohtla-jämejalg Double-striped Thick-knee, Double-striped Stone-curlew
Burhinus capensis täpik-jämejalg Spotted Thick-knee, Spotted Dikkop, Cape Dikkop, Cape Thick-knee
Burhinus grallarius, Burhinus magnirostris* rand-jämejalg Bush Thick-knee, Bush Stone Curlew, Australian Stone-curlew, Australian Thick-knee, Australian Dikkop, Bush Stone-curlew, Bush Curlew, Southern Stone-curlew, Stone-plover
Burhinus indicus, Burhinus oedicnemus indicus Indian Thick-knee, Indian Stone-curlew
Burhinus oedicnemus jämejalg (harilik jämejalg) Eurasian Thick-knee, Stone-curlew, Eurasian Stone Curlew, Stone Curlew, Northern Stone-curlew, European Stone-curlew, Common Thick-knee, Northern Thick-knee
Burhinus senegalensis jõgi-jämejalg Senegal Thick-knee, Senegal Stone-curlew
Burhinus superciliaris peruu jämejalg Peruvian Thick-knee, Peruvian Stone-curlew
Burhinus vermiculatus kalda-jämejalg Water Thick-knee, Water Dikkop
Esacus magnirostris, Esacus giganteus, Burhinus giganteus, Esacus neglectus, Burhinus neglectus, Orthorhamphus magnirostris, Oedicnemus magnirostris, Burhinus magnirostris* austraalia jämejalg Beach Thick-knee, Beach Stone Curlew, Beach Stone-curlew, Beach Curlew, Great Australian Stone Plover, Stone-plover, Australian Stone-plover, Reef Thick-knee
Esacus recurvirostris, Burhinus recurvirostris india jämejalg Great Thick-knee, Great Stone Curlew, Great Stone Plover, Great Stone-plover, Great Stone-curlew
In orderCharadriiformes family Burhinidae 10 results found
 Charadriidae - tülllased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Anarhynchus frontalis, Charadrius frontalis käändnokk-tüll Wrybill, Wry-bill, Wry-billed Plover
Charadrius alexandrinus mustjalg-tüll (meritüll) Kentish Plover, Sandplover
Charadrius alticola puunatüll Puna Plover, Puna Two-banded Plover
Charadrius aquilonius, Charadrius obscurus aquilonius Northern Red-breasted Plover
Charadrius asiaticus, Eupoda asiaticus pujutüll Caspian Plover, Caspian Sandplover, Lesser Oriental Plover
Charadrius bicinctus erisvöö-tüll Double-banded Plover, Banded Dotterel, Double-banded Dotterel
Charadrius bifrontatus, Charadrius tricollaris bifrontatus hallpõsk-tüll Madagascar Three-banded Plover, Grey-fronted Plover
Charadrius collaris värbtüll Collared Plover, Azara's Sandplover
Charadrius dealbatus, Charadrius alexandrinus dealbatus White-faced Plover
Charadrius dubius väiketüll Little Ringed Plover, Little Plover
Charadrius falklandicus lõunatüll Two-banded Plover, Double-banded Plover*, Patagonian Two-banded Plover, Patagonian Sandplover
Charadrius forbesi kaljutüll Forbes's Plover, Forbes' Banded Plover, Forbes's Banded Plover
Charadrius hiaticula liivatüll Common Ringed Plover, Ringed Plover, Great Ringed Plover, Greater Ringed Plover
Charadrius hiaticula tundrae tundratüll Siberian Ringed Plover
Charadrius javanicus, Charadrius alexandrinus javanicus jaava tüll Javan Plover, Javan Sandplover
Charadrius leschenaultii kõrbetüll Greater Sandplover, Greater Sand Plover, Great Sand Plover, Large Sand Plover, Large Sand Dotterel, Geoffroy's Sandplover, Geoffroy's Plover, Geoffroy's Dotterel, Great Plover, Large-billed Dotterel
Charadrius marginatus leetetüll White-fronted Plover, White-fronted Sand Plover, White-fronted Sandplover
Charadrius melodus hõbetüll Piping Plover
Charadrius modestus, Zonibyx modestus ruskepugu-tüll Rufous-chested Plover, Rufous-chested Dotterel, Chilean Plover, White Plover, Winter Plover
Charadrius mongolus mägitüll Lesser Sandplover, Lesser Sand Plover, Mongolian Plover, Mongolian Sandplover, Mongolian Dotterel, Mongolian Sand-dotterel
Charadrius mongolus atrifrons, Charadrius atrifrons mask-mägitüll Lesser Sandplover, Tibetan Plover
Charadrius montanus, Eupoda montanus preeriatüll Mountain Plover
Charadrius nivosus, Charadrius alexandrinus nivosus ameerika mustjalg-tüll Snowy Plover, Western Snowy Plover
Charadrius obscurus, Pluvialis obscura, Pluviorhynchus obscurus, Charadrius obscurus punarind-tüll Southern Red-breasted Plover, Red-breasted Plover (s.l.), New Zealand Dotterel*, Red-breasted Dotterel (s.l.)
Charadrius pallidus soolakutüll Chestnut-banded Plover, Chestnut-banded Sandplover
Charadrius pallidus venustus, Charadrius venustus järvetüll Chestnut-banded Sand Plover
Charadrius pecuarius ruugerind-tüll Kittlitz's Plover, Kittlitz's Sand Plover, Kittlitz's Sandplover
Charadrius peronii malai tüll Malay Plover, Malaysian Plover, Malaysian Sand Plover, Malay Sandplover
Charadrius placidus idatüll Long-billed Plover, Long-billed Ringed Plover
Charadrius ruficapillus punapea-tüll Red-capped Plover, Red-capped Dotterel, Red-capped Sandplover
Charadrius sanctaehelenae, Charadrius sanctae-helenae sainthelena tüll St Helena Plover, St. Helena Plover, St Helena Sand Plover, St Helena Sandplover, St Helena Wirebird
Charadrius semipalmatus ameerika tundratüll Semipalmated Plover, Semi-palmated Plover, Semipalmated Ringed Plover
Charadrius thoracicus madagaskari tüll Black-banded Plover, Madagascan Plover, Black-banded Sand Plover, Black-banded Sandplover, Madagascar Sandplover, Madagascar Plover
Charadrius tricollaris vöötpugu-tüll African Three-banded Plover, Three-banded Plover, Treble-banded Plover, Tri-collared Plover, Three-banded Sandplover
Charadrius veredus kõnnutüll Oriental Plover, Eastern Sand Plover, Asiatic Sand Plover, Oriental Dotterel, Greater Oriental Plover, Eastern Sandplover
Charadrius vociferus, Charadrius vociferous kilatüll Killdeer, Killdeer Plover
Charadrius wilsonia krabitüll Wilson's Plover, Thick-billed Plover
Elseyornis melanops, Charadrius melanops mudatüll Black-fronted Dotterel, Black-fronted Plover
Erythrogonys cinctus, Charadrius cinctus vesitüll Red-kneed Dotterel
Eudromias morinellus, Charadrius morinellus roosterind-tüll (mornel) Eurasian Dotterel, Dotterel
Hoploxypterus cayanus, Vanellus cayanus maskkiivitaja Pied Lapwing, Pied Plover, Cayenne Lapwing, Cayenne Plover, Little White-winged Plover, Three-toed Lapwing, Three-toed Plover
Oreopholus ruficollis, Eudromias ruficollis andi tüll Tawny-throated Dotterel, Slender-billed Plover
Peltohyas australis, Eudromias australis, Charadrius australis öötüll Inland Dotterel, Australian Courser, Australian Dotterel, Desert Plover
Phegornis mitchellii diadeemtüll Diademed Plover, Mitchell's Plover, Diademed Sandpiper-plover, Sandpiper-plover
Pluvialis apricaria rüüt Eurasian Golden Plover, European Golden Plover, Eurasian Golden-Plover, European Golden-Plover, Golden Plover, Greater Golden Plover
Pluvialis dominica (incl. P. fulva) tundrarüüt American Golden Plover
Pluvialis dominica, Pluvialis dominicus ameerika rüüt American Golden Plover, American Golden-Plover, Lesser Golden Plover
Pluvialis fulva tundrarüüt Pacific Golden Plover, Pacific Golden-Plover, Asian Golden Plover, Asiatic Golden Plover, Eastern Golden Plover
Pluvialis squatarola, Squatarola squatarola plüü Grey Plover, Black-bellied Plover, Silver Plover
Thinornis cucullatus, Charadrius rubricollis, Thinornis rubricollis mustpea-tüll Hooded Plover, Hooded Dotterel
Thinornis novaeseelandiae, Charadrius novaeseelandiae urutüll Shore Plover, Shore Dotterel, Long-billed Plover, New Zealand Dotterel*, New Zealand Shore Plover, Masked New Zealand Plover, Masked Sandplover
Vanellus albiceps, Hoplopterus albiceps, Xiphidiopterus albiceps leetekiivitaja White-headed Lapwing, White-headed Wattled Plover, White-crowned Wattled Plover, Black-shouldered Wattled Plover, White-crowned Lapwing, Black-shouldered Lapwing
Vanellus armatus, Anitibyx armatus, Hoplopterus armatus seppkiivitaja Blacksmith Lapwing, Blacksmith Plover
Vanellus chilensis, Belonopterus chilensis lõunakiivitaja Southern Lapwing, Chilean Lapwing
Vanellus cinereus, Hoplopterus cinereus, Microsarcops cinereus hallpea-kiivitaja Grey-headed Lapwing, Grey-headed Plover
Vanellus coronatus, Hoplopterus coronatus, Stephanibyx coronatus kroonkiivitaja Crowned Lapwing, Crowned Plover
Vanellus crassirostris, Hemiparra crassirostris pikkvarvas-kiivitaja Long-toed Lapwing, White-faced Lapwing, Long-toed Plover, White-winged Plover
Vanellus duvaucelii, Hoplopterus duvaucelii jõgikiivitaja River Lapwing, Indian Spur-winged Plover, Asian Spur-winged Plover, Indian Spur-winged Lapwing, Asian Spur-winged Lapwing
Vanellus gregarius, Chettusia gregaria stepikiivitaja Sociable Lapwing, Sociable Plover
Vanellus indicus, Hoplopterus indicus, Lobivanellus indicus sagarkiivitaja Red-wattled Lapwing, Red-wattled Plover, Indian Decorated Lapwing
Vanellus leucurus, Chettusia leucura, Vanellochettusia leucurus valgesaba-kiivitaja White-tailed Lapwing, White-tailed Plover
Vanellus lugubris, Hoplopterus lugubris, Stephanibyx lugubris arukiivitaja Senegal Lapwing, Lesser Black-winged Lapwing, Senegal Plover, Lesser Black-winged Plover
Vanellus macropterus, Hoplopterus macropterus, Rogibyx macropterus, Rogibyx tricolor jaava kiivitaja Javan Lapwing, Javanese Wattled Lapwing, Javan Wattled Lapwing, Javanese Lapwing, Javanese Wattled Plover, Sunda Wattled Lapwing, Black-thighed Wattled Lapwing
Vanellus malabaricus, Lobipluvia malabaricus, Hoplopterus malabaricus india kiivitaja Yellow-wattled Lapwing, Yellow-wattled Plover
Vanellus melanocephalus, Hoplopterus melanocephalus, Lobivanellus melanocephalus, Tylibyx melanocephalus etioopia kiivitaja Spot-breasted Lapwing, Spot-breasted Plover
Vanellus melanopterus, Hoplopterus melanopterus, Stephanibyx melanopterus karjakiivitaja Black-winged Lapwing, Greater Black-winged Lapwing, Black-winged Plover
Vanellus miles, Hoplopterus miles, Lobivanellus miles, Lobibyx miles lokutkiivitaja Masked Lapwing, Masked Plover, Spur-winged Plover, Spur-winged Lapwing
Vanellus novaehollandiae, Vanellus miles novaehollandiae Black-shouldered Lapwing
Vanellus resplendens, Ptiloscelus resplendens andi kiivitaja Andean Lapwing
Vanellus senegallus, Afribyx senegallus kriimkiivitaja Wattled Lapwing, African Wattled Lapwing, Senegal Wattled Lapwing, Senegal Wattled Plover, Wattled Plover
Vanellus spinosus, Hoplopterus spinosus valgekael-kiivitaja Spur-winged Lapwing, Spur-winged Plover
Vanellus superciliosus, Anomalophrys superciliosus roosterind-kiivitaja Brown-chested Lapwing, Brown-chested Wattled Plover, Brown-chested Plover
Vanellus tectus, Hoplopterus tectus, Lobivanellus tectus, Sarciophorus tectus kõnnukiivitaja Black-headed Lapwing, Black-headed Plover, Blackhead Plover, Crested Wattled Plover
Vanellus tricolor, Lobivanellus tricolor, Zonifer tricolor, Xiphidiopterus tricolor, Charadrius tricolor pardkiivitaja Banded Lapwing, Banded Plover, Black-breasted Plover
Vanellus vanellus kiivitaja (harilik kiivitaja) Northern Lapwing, Eurasian Lapwing, Lapwing, Peewit, Green Plover
In orderCharadriiformes family Charadriidae 75 results found
 Chionidae - tuppnoklased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Chionis albus, Chionis alba lääne-tuppnokk Snowy Sheathbill, Pale-faced Sheathbill, Wattled Sheathbill, American Sheathbill, Greater Sheathbill, Snowy Paddy
Chionis minor ida-tuppnokk Black-faced Sheathbill, Lesser Sheathbill, Paddy
In orderCharadriiformes family Chionidae 2 results found
 Dromadidae - krabijooksurlased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Dromas ardeola krabijooksur Crab-plover, Crab Plover
In orderCharadriiformes family Dromadidae 1 results found
 Glareolidae - jooksurlased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Cursorius coromandelicus india kõnnujooksur Indian Courser
Cursorius cursor kõrbejooksur Cream-coloured Courser, Cream-colored Courser
Cursorius rufus lõuna-kõrbejooksur Burchell's Courser
Cursorius somalensis, Cursorius cursor somalensis somaali kõrbejooksur Somali Courser
Cursorius temminckii kõnnujooksur Temminck's Courser
Glareola cinerea, Galachrysia cinerea hõbe-pääsujooksur Grey Pratincole, Cream-coloured Pratincole
Glareola lactea, Galachrysia lactea väike-pääsujooksur Little Pratincole, Small Pratincole, Small Indian Pratincole, Milky Pratincole, Swallow-plover*
Glareola maldivarum, Glareola maldivarus ida-pääsujooksur Oriental Pratincole, Eastern Collared Pratincole, Eastern Pratincole, Large Indian Pratincole
Glareola nordmanni stepi-pääsujooksur Black-winged Pratincole
Glareola nuchalis kalju-pääsujooksur Rock Pratincole, White-collared Pratincole, Collared Pratincole*
Glareola ocularis madagaskari pääsujooksur Madagascar Pratincole, Madagascan Pratincole
Glareola pratincola kõnnu-pääsujooksur Collared Pratincole, Pratincole, Red-winged Pratincole, Common Pratincole, Swallow-plover*
Rhinoptilus bitorquatus, Cursorius bitorquatus džunglijooksur Jerdon's Courser, Double-banded Courser*
Rhinoptilus chalcopterus, Cursorius chalcopterus välujooksur Bronze-winged Courser, Violet-tipped Courser
Rhinoptilus cinctus, Cursorius cinctus võsajooksur Three-banded Courser, Heuglin's Courser, Seebohm's Courser, Treble-banded Courser
Smutsornis africanus, Rhinoptilus africanus, Cursorius africanus kivijooksur Double-banded Courser, Two-banded Courser
Stiltia isabella, Glareola isabella austraalia pääsujooksur Australian Pratincole, Australian Courser, Long-legged Pratincole, Isabelline Pratincole
In orderCharadriiformes family Glareolidae 17 results found
 Haematopodidae - merisklased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Haematopus ater lõuna-mustmerisk Blackish Oystercatcher, Black Oystercatcher*, South American Black Oystercatcher
Haematopus ater bachmani, Haematopus bachmani põhja-mustmerisk American Black Oystercatcher, Black Oystercatcher*
Haematopus chathamensis, Haematopus unicolor chathamensis chathami merisk Chatham Oystercatcher, Chatham Island Oystercatcher
Haematopus fuliginosus austraalia mustmerisk Sooty Oystercatcher
Haematopus leucopodus patagoonia merisk Magellanic Oystercatcher
Haematopus longirostris austraalia merisk Australian Pied Oystercatcher, Pied Oystercatcher
Haematopus meadewaldoi kanaari mustmerisk (†) Canarian Oystercatcher, Canarian Black Oystercatcher, Canary Island Oystercatcher, Canary Islands Oystercatcher, Meade-Waldo's Oystercatcher
Haematopus moquini aafrika mustmerisk African Oystercatcher, African Black Oystercatcher, Black Oystercatcher*
Haematopus ostralegus merisk Eurasian Oystercatcher, Palearctic Oystercatcher, Common Oystercatcher, European Oystercatcher, Oystercatcher
Haematopus ostralegus finschi, Haematopus finschi põldmerisk South Island Oystercatcher, South Island Pied Oystercatcher
Haematopus palliatus ameerika merisk American Oystercatcher
Haematopus unicolor maoori mustmerisk Variable Oystercatcher, New Zealand Black Oystercatcher, New Zealand Sooty Oystercatcher
In orderCharadriiformes family Haematopodidae 12 results found
 Ibidorhynchidae - sirpnoklased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Ibidorhyncha struthersii sirpnokk Ibisbill, Ibis Bill
In orderCharadriiformes family Ibidorhynchidae 1 results found
 Jacanidae - lootoselindlased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Actophilornis africanus, Metopidius africana, Jacana africana suur-lootoselind African Jacana, Greater African Jacana, Lily-trotter*
Actophilornis albinucha, Metopidius albinucha, Jacana albinucha madagaskari lootoselind Madagascar Jacana, Madagascan Jacana, Malagasy Jacana
Hydrophasianus chirurgus, Jacana chirurgus pahlsaba-lootoselind Pheasant-tailed Jacana, Chinese Water-pheasant, Water-pheasant
Irediparra gallinacea, Metopidius gallinacea, Jacana gallinacea kiiver-lootoselind Comb-crested Jacana, Lotusbird, Lily-trotter*, Christbird
Jacana jacana lokut-lootoselind (lokutjassaana) Wattled Jacana
Jacana spinosa kuldlauk-lootoselind (kuldlauk-jassaana) Northern Jacana, Middle American Jacana, American Jacana
Metopidius indicus, Jacana indicus läik-lootoselind Bronze-winged Jacana
Microparra capensis, Metopidius capensis pisi-lootoselind Lesser Jacana, Smaller Jacana, Lesser African Jacana, Lesser Lily-trotter
In orderCharadriiformes family Jacanidae 8 results found
 Laridae - kajaklased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Anous minutus tume-tõmmutiir Black Noddy, White-capped Noddy
Anous stolidus suur-tõmmutiir Brown Noddy, Common Noddy, Noddy Tern
Anous tenuirostris väike-tõmmutiir Lesser Noddy
Chlidonias albostriatus, Sterna albostriata, Sterna albistriata virdviires (virdtiir) Black-fronted Tern, Tara
Chlidonias hybrida, Chlidonias hybridus, Sterna hybrida habeviires Whiskered Tern
Chlidonias leucopterus, Chlidonias leucoptera, Sterna leucoptera valgetiib-viires White-winged Tern, White-winged Black Tern
Chlidonias niger, Chlidonias nigra, Sterna nigra mustviires Black Tern
Creagrus furcatus, Xema furcatus öökajakas Swallow-tailed Gull
Gelochelidon macrotarsa, Gelochelidon nilotica macrotarsa, Sterna nilotica macrotarsa austraalia naerutiir Australian Gull-billed Tern
Gelochelidon nilotica, Sterna nilotica, Gelochelidon anglica naerutiir Common Gull-billed Tern, Gull-billed Tern
Gygis alba, Gygis alba candida, Gygis candida haldjastiir Common White Tern, White Tern, Common White-Tern
Gygis microrhyncha, Gygis alba microrhyncha markiisaarte haldjastiir Little White Tern, Little White-Tern, Little Fairy Tern
Hydrocoloeus minutus, Larus minutus väikekajakas Little Gull
Hydroprogne caspia, Sterna caspia, Hydroprogne tschegrava räusktiir (räusk) Caspian Tern
Larosterna inca inkatiir Inca Tern
Larus argentatus hõbekajakas European Herring Gull, Herring Gull
Larus armenicus armeenia hõbekajakas Armenian Gull
Larus atlanticus argentiina kajakas Olrog's Gull, Simeon's Gull*, Band-tailed Gull*
Larus atricilla, Leucophaeus atricilla randkajakas Laughing Gull
Larus audouinii, Ichthyaetus audouinii vahemere kajakas Audouin's Gull
Larus belcheri peruu kajakas Belcher's Gull, Band-tailed Gull*, Simeon's Gull*
Larus brunnicephalus, Chroicocephalus brunnicephalus mägikajakas Brown-headed Gull, Indian Black-headed Gull
Larus bulleri, Chroicocephalus bulleri jõgikajakas Black-billed Gull, Buller's Gull
Larus cachinnans koldjalg-hõbekajakas Caspian Gull, Pontic Gull, Yellow-legged Gull*
Larus californicus järvekajakas California Gull, Californian Gull
Larus canus kalakajakas Mew Gull, Common Gull
Larus canus brachyrhynchus, Larus brachyrhynchus ameerika kalakajakas Short-billed Gull, Mew Gull
Larus canus heinei järve-kalakajakas Eastern Common Gull
Larus canus kamtschatschensis, Larus kamtschatschensis ida-kalakajakas Kamchatka Gull, Eastern Mew Gull
Larus cirrocephalus, Chroicocephalus cirrocephalus hallpea-kajakas Grey-headed Gull, Grey-hooded Gull
Larus crassirostris jaapani kajakas Black-tailed Gull, Japanese Gull, Temminck's Gull
Larus delawarensis vöötnokk-kajakas Ring-billed Gull
Larus dominicanus lõunakajakas Kelp Gull, Southern Black-backed Gull, Dominican Gull
Larus fuliginosus, Leucophaeus fuliginosus laavakajakas Lava Gull, Dusky Gull
Larus fuscus tõmmukajakas Lesser Black-backed Gull, Baltic Gall (ssp. fuscus)
Larus fuscus barabensis, Larus cachinnans barabensis, Larus barabensis Steppe Gull, Baraba Gull
Larus fuscus graellsii, Larus graellsii atlandi tõmmukajakas Lesser Black-backed Gull
Larus fuscus heuglini, Larus heuglini, Larus antelius kirde-tõmmukajakas Heuglin's Gull
Larus fuscus intermedius friisi tõmmukajakas East North Sea Lesser Black-backed Gull
Larus genei, Larus gelastes, Chroicocephalus genei salenokk-kajakas Slender-billed Gull
Larus glaucescens hele-kiltkajakas Glaucous-winged Gull
Larus glaucoides kumlieni, Larus kumlieni baffini polaarkajakas Kumlien's Gull, Kumlien's Iceland Gull
Larus glaucoides, Larus leucopterus polaarkajakas Iceland Gull, Greenland Gull
Larus hartlaubii, Chroicocephalus hartlaubii kapimaa kajakas Hartlaub's Gull, King Gull
Larus heermanni tuhkkajakas Heermann's Gull
Larus hemprichii, Ichthyaetus hemprichii nõgikajakas Sooty Gull, Hemprich's Gull, Aden Gull
Larus hyperboreus jääkajakas Glaucous Gull
Larus ichthyaetus, Ichthyaetus ichthyaetus stepikajakas Pallas's Gull, Great Black-headed Gull
Larus leucophthalmus, Ichthyaetus leucophthalmus valgesilm-kajakas White-eyed Gull
Larus livens kalifornia kiltkajakas Yellow-footed Gull
Larus maculipennis, Chroicocephalus maculipennis pampakajakas Brown-hooded Gull, Pink-breasted Gull
Larus marinus merikajakas Great Black-backed Gull, Greater Black-backed Gull
Larus melanocephalus, Ichthyaetus melanocephalus karbuskajakas Mediterranean Gull, Mediterranean Black-headed Gull
Larus michahellis, Larus cachinnans michahellis lõuna-hõbekajakas Yellow-legged Gull
Larus modestus, Leucophaeus modestus kõrbekajakas Grey Gull, Gray Gull
Larus novaehollandiae scopulinus, Larus scopulinus, Chroicocephalus scopulinus tarapunga-kajakas Red-billed Gull
Larus novaehollandiae, Chroicocephalus novaehollandiae punanokk-kajakas Silver Gull
Larus occidentalis kiltkajakas Western Gull
Larus pacificus, Gabianus pacificus keiserkajakas Pacific Gull, Large-billed Gull, Australian Gull
Larus philadelphia, Chroicocephalus philadelphia kuusekajakas Bonaparte's Gull
Larus pipixcan, Leucophaeus pipixcan preeriakajakas Franklin's Gull
Larus relictus, Ichthyaetus relictus kõnnukajakas Relict Gull, Central Asian Gull
Larus ridibundus, Chroicocephalus ridibundus naerukajakas Black-headed Gull, Common Black-headed Gull
Larus schistisagus ohhoota hõbekajakas Slaty-backed Gull, Pacific Gull, Kamtchatka Gull
Larus scoresbii, Leucophaeus scoresbii, Gabianus scoresbii röövkajakas Dolphin Gull, Scoresby's Gull, Magellan Gull
Larus serranus, Chroicocephalus serranus andi kajakas Andean Gull
Larus smithsonianus mongolicus, Larus argentatus mongolicus, Larus vegae mongolicus, Larus mongolicus Mongolian Herring Gull, Mongolian Gull
Larus smithsonianus vegae, Larus argentatus vegae, Larus argentatus birulae, Larus vegae siberi hõbekajakas Vega Herring Gull, East Siberian Gull
Larus smithsonianus, Larus argentatus smithsonianus ameerika hõbekajakas Arctic Herring Gull, American Herring Gull
Larus thayeri, Larus glaucoides thayeri eskimo kajakas Thayer's Gull, Thayer's Iceland Gull
Onychoprion aleuticus, Sterna aleutica, Sterna camtschatica viletiir Aleutian Tern, Kamchatka Tern
Onychoprion anaethetus, Sterna anaethetus, Haliplana anaethetus troopikatiir Bridled Tern, Brown-winged Tern
Onychoprion fuscatus, Sterna fuscata, Haliplana fuscata, Onychoprion fuscata nõgitiir Sooty Tern, Wideawake, Wideawake Tern
Onychoprion lunatus, Sterna lunata, Haliplana lunata, Onychoprion lunata valjastiir Grey-backed Tern, Spectacled Tern, Gray-backed Tern
Pagophila eburnea, Larus eburnea, Pagophila alba vandelkajakas Ivory Gull
Phaetusa simplex suurnokk-tiir Large-billed Tern
Procelsterna albivitta lõuna-kaljutiir Grey Noddy
Procelsterna cerulea kaljutiir Blue Noddy, Blue-grey Noddy, Blue-gray Noddy, Blue Ternlet, Blue-grey Ternlet
Rhodostethia rosea, Larus roseus roosakajakas Ross's Gull, Rosy Gull
Rissa brevirostris punajalg-kaljukajakas Red-legged Kittiwake
Rissa tridactyla kaljukajakas Black-legged Kittiwake, Kittiwake
Rynchops albicollis india käärnokk Indian Skimmer, Scissorbill
Rynchops flavirostris aafrika käärnokk African Skimmer
Rynchops niger, Rynchops nigra ameerika käärnokk Black Skimmer, American Skimmer
Saundersilarus saundersi, Larus saundersi, Saundersia saundersi hiina kajakas Saunders's Gull, Saunders' Gull, Chinese Black-headed Gull
Sterna acuticauda, Sterna melanogaster mustkõht-tiir Black-bellied Tern
Sterna aurantia tulvatiir River Tern, Indian River Tern
Sterna dougallii roosatiir Roseate Tern
Sterna forsteri sootiir Forster's Tern
Sterna hirundinacea pärltiir South American Tern
Sterna hirundo jõgitiir Common Tern
Sterna paradisaea, Sterna macrura randtiir Arctic Tern
Sterna repressa korallitiir White-cheeked Tern
Sterna striata uusmeremaa tiir White-fronted Tern
Sterna sumatrana mustkukal-tiir Black-naped Tern
Sterna trudeaui pampatiir Snowy-crowned Tern, Trudeau's Tern
Sterna virgata kergueleni tiir Kerguelen Tern
Sterna vittata lõunatiir Antarctic Tern
Sternula albifrons, Sterna albifrons väiketiir Little Tern
Sternula antillarum, Sterna antillarum ameerika väiketiir Least Tern, American Least Tern
Sternula balaenarum, Sterna balaenarum pisitiir Damara Tern
Sternula lorata, Sterna lorata kõrbe-väiketiir Peruvian Tern, Chilean Tern
Sternula nereis, Sterna nereis lahetiir Fairy Tern, Nereis Tern, Australian Fairy Tern
Sternula saundersi, Sterna saundersi, Sterna saundersii araabia väiketiir Saunders's Tern, Saunders' Tern, Black-shafted Tern, Saunders' Little Tern
Sternula superciliaris, Sterna superciliaris amazonase väiketiir Yellow-billed Tern, Amazon Tern
Thalasseus bengalensis, Sterna bengalensis liivatiir Lesser Crested Tern, Lesser Crested-Tern, Crested Tern
Thalasseus bergii, Sterna bergii tanutiir Greater Crested Tern, Great Crested-Tern, Crested Tern, Swift Tern
Thalasseus bernsteini, Sterna bernsteini, Thalasseus zimmermanni hiina tiir Chinese Crested Tern, Chinese Crested-Tern, Chinese Lesser Crested-Tern, Chinese Lesser Crested Tern, Chinese Tern
Thalasseus elegans, Sterna elegans kalifornia tiir Elegant Tern
Thalasseus maximus, Sterna maxima kuningtiir Royal Tern
Thalasseus sandvicensis acuflavidus, Sterna sandvicensis acuflavidus, Thalasseus acuflavidus, Thalasseus sandvicensis eurygnathus ameerika tutt-tiir Cabot's Tern, Cayenne Tern
Thalasseus sandvicensis, Sterna sandvicensis tutt-tiir Sandwich Tern, Yellow-nibbed Tern
Xema sabini, Larus sabini harksaba-kajakas Sabine's Gull
In orderCharadriiformes family Laridae 113 results found
 Pedionomidae - rohtlakurplased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Pedionomus torquatus rohtlakurp Plains-wanderer, Plains Wanderer, Plain Wanderer, Collared Plains-wanderer, Collared Hemipode, Turkey Quail
In orderCharadriiformes family Pedionomidae 1 results found
Family and species in Estonian in English
Pluvianellus socialis tulemaa tüll Magellanic Plover
In orderCharadriiformes family Pluvianellidae 1 results found
 Pluvianidae - krokodillilindlased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Pluvianus aegyptius krokodillilind Egyptian Plover, Egyptian Courser, Crocodile-bird, Crocodile-plover
In orderCharadriiformes family Pluvianidae 1 results found
 Recurvirostridae - karkjalglased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Cladorhynchus leucocephalus punarind-karkjalg Banded Stilt
Himantopus himantopus karkjalg (harilik karkjalg) Black-winged Stilt, Ceylon Black-winged Stilt, Common Stilt
Himantopus himantopus himantopus (ceylonensis), Himantopus ceylonensis tseiloni karkjalg Sri Lanka Stilt
Himantopus himantopus himantopus (meridionalis), Himantopus meridionalis aafrika karkjalg South African Stilt
Himantopus himantopus knudseni, Himantopus knudseni havai karkjalg Hawaiian Stilt
Himantopus himantopus leucocephalus, Himantopus leucocephalus kaelus-karkjalg Pied Stilt, White-headed Stilt, Australian Stilt
Himantopus himantopus melanurus, Himantopus melanurus valjas-karkjalg White-backed Stilt, Black-tailed Stilt
Himantopus himantopus mexicanus, Himantopus mexicanus, Himantopus nigricollis mustpea-karkjalg Black-necked Stilt
Himantopus novaezelandiae must-karkjalg Black Stilt, New Zealand Stilt
Recurvirostra americana preeria-naaskelnokk American Avocet
Recurvirostra andina andi naaskelnokk Andean Avocet
Recurvirostra avosetta naaskelnokk (harilik naaskelnokk) Pied Avocet, Eurasian Avocet, Avocet
Recurvirostra novaehollandiae punapea-naaskelnokk Red-necked Avocet
In orderCharadriiformes family Recurvirostridae 13 results found
 Rostratulidae - nerplased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Nycticryphes semicollaris, Rostratula semicollaris tõmmunerp South American Painted-snipe, South American Painted Snipe, American Painted-snipe
Rostratula australis, Rostratula benghalensis australis austraalia nerp Australian Painted-snipe
Rostratula benghalensis prillnerp Greater Painted-snipe, Painted-snipe, Painted Snipe
In orderCharadriiformes family Rostratulidae 3 results found
 Scolopacidae - kurvitslased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Actitis hypoleucos, Tringa hypoleucos vihitaja (jõgitilder) Common Sandpiper, Eurasian Sandpiper
Actitis macularius, Actitis macularia, Tringa macularia ameerika vihitaja (ameerika jõgitilder) Spotted Sandpiper
Arenaria interpres kivirullija Ruddy Turnstone, Turnstone
Arenaria melanocephala must-kivirullija Black Turnstone
Bartramia longicauda koovtilder Upland Sandpiper, Bartram's Sandpiper, Upland Plover
Calidris acuminata, Erolia acuminata älverüdi (älverisla) Sharp-tailed Sandpiper, Siberian Pectoral Sandpiper
Calidris alba, Crocethia alba leeterüdi (leeterisla) Sanderling
Calidris alpina alpina tundrarüdi (tundrarisla) Northern Dunlin, North-european Dunlin
Calidris alpina schinzii niidurüdi (niidurisla) Common Dunlin, Short-billed Dunlin, Southern Dunlin
Calidris alpina, Erolia alpina soorüdi (soorisla) Dunlin, Red-backed Sandpiper
Calidris bairdii, Erolia bairdii, Pisobia bairdii eskimo rüdi (eskimo risla) Baird's Sandpiper
Calidris canutus suurrüdi (suurrisla) Red Knot, Knot, Lesser Knot, European Knot
Calidris falcinellus, Limicola falcinellus plütt Broad-billed Sandpiper
Calidris ferruginea, Erolia testacea kõvernokk-rüdi (kõvernokk-risla) Curlew Sandpiper
Calidris fuscicollis, Erolia fuscicollis valgepära-rüdi (valgepära-risla) White-rumped Sandpiper, Bonaparte's Sandpiper
Calidris himantopus, Micropalama himantopus pikkjalg-rüdi (pikkjalg-risla) Stilt Sandpiper, Stilt-Sandpiper
Calidris maritima, Erolia maritima merirüdi (meririsla) Purple Sandpiper
Calidris mauri, Ereunetes mauri alaska rüdi (alaska risla) Western Sandpiper
Calidris melanotos, Erolia melanotos kiripugu-rüdi (kiripugu-risla) Pectoral Sandpiper
Calidris minuta, Erolia minuta väikerüdi (väikerisla) Little Stint, Lesser Stint
Calidris minutilla, Erolia minutilla pisirüdi (pisirisla) Least Sandpiper, American Stint, Least Stint
Calidris ptilocnemis, Erolia ptilocnemis tuhkrüdi (tuhkrisla) Rock Sandpiper, Aleutian Sandpiper, Pribilof Sandpiper
Calidris pugnax, Philomachus pugnax tutkas Ruff, Reeve (female)
Calidris pusilla, Ereunetes pusilla hallrüdi (hallrisla) Semipalmated Sandpiper
Calidris pygmaea, Eurynorhynchus pygmaeus, Calidris pygmaeus luitsnokk-rüdi (luitsnokk-risla) Spoon-billed Sandpiper, Spoonbill Sandpiper
Calidris ruficollis, Erolia ruficollis punakael-rüdi (punakael-risla) Red-necked Stint, Rufous-necked Stint, Rufous-necked Sandpiper, Eastern Little Stint
Calidris subminuta, Erolia subminuta siberi rüdi (siberi risla) Long-toed Stint
Calidris subruficollis, Tryngites subruficollis ruugerüdi (ruugerisla) Buff-breasted Sandpiper
Calidris temminckii, Erolia temminckii värbrüdi (värbrisla) Temminck's Stint
Calidris tenuirostris hiidrüdi (hiidrisla) Great Knot, Eastern Knot, Greater Knot, Great Sandpiper
Calidris virgata, Aphriza virgata kaljurüdi (kaljurisla) Surfbird
Coenocorypha aucklandica pisinepp Auckland Snipe, Subantarctic Snipe*, New Zealand Snipe*, Sub-Antarctic Snipe
Coenocorypha barrierensis, Coenocorypha aucklandica barrierensis (†) North Island Snipe, New Zealand Snipe*
Coenocorypha huegeli, Coenocorypha aucklandica huegeli tiniheke pisinepp Snares Snipe
Coenocorypha iredalei, Coenocorypha aucklandica iredalei (†) South Island Snipe, New Zealand Snipe*
Coenocorypha pusilla chathami pisinepp Chatham Snipe, Chatham Islands Snipe, Subantarctic Snipe*
Gallinago andina, Gallinago paraguaiae andina puunatikutaja Puna Snipe, Andean Snipe
Gallinago delicata, Gallinago gallinago delicata ameerika tikutaja Wilson's Snipe, Wilson Snipe
Gallinago gallinago, Capella gallinago tikutaja (taevasikk) Common Snipe, Fantail Snipe, Snipe
Gallinago hardwickii, Capella hardwickii jaapani nepp Latham's Snipe, Japanese Snipe, Australian Snipe
Gallinago imperialis, Chubbia imperialis inkanepp Imperial Snipe, Banded Snipe, Bogota Snipe
Gallinago jamesoni, Chubbia jamesoni andi nepp Andean Snipe, Jameson's Snipe, Northern Cordilleran Snipe
Gallinago macrodactyla, Capella macrodactyla madagaskari tikutaja Madagascar Snipe, Madagascan Snipe, Malagasy Snipe
Gallinago media, Capella media rohunepp Great Snipe, Double Snipe
Gallinago megala, Capella megala taiganepp Swinhoe's Snipe, Chinese Snipe, Forest Snipe, Marsh Snipe
Gallinago nemoricola, Capella nemoricola himaalaja nepp Wood Snipe, Himalayan Snipe
Gallinago nigripennis, Capella nigripennis aafrika tikutaja African Snipe, Ethiopian Snipe
Gallinago nobilis, Capella nobilis ülangunepp Noble Snipe, Paramo Snipe
Gallinago paraguaiae, Capella paraguaiae heletikutaja South American Snipe, Magellan Snipe, Paraguayan Snipe
Gallinago solitaria, Capella solitaria mäginepp Solitary Snipe, Tibet Snipe, Hermit Snipe
Gallinago stenura, Capella stenura siberi nepp Pintail Snipe, Pin-tailed Snipe, Asiatic Snipe
Gallinago stricklandii, Gallinago stricklandi, Chubbia stricklandii lõunanepp Fuegian Snipe, Cordilleran Snipe, Southern Cordilleran Snipe, Strickland's Cordilleran Snipe
Gallinago undulata, Capella undulata hiidnepp Giant Snipe, Guianan Giant Snipe
Limnodromus griseus raba-neppvigle Short-billed Dowitcher, Common Dowitcher
Limnodromus scolopaceus tundra-neppvigle Long-billed Dowitcher
Limnodromus semipalmatus, Pseudoscolopax semipalmatus stepi-neppvigle Asian Dowitcher, Asiatic Dowitcher, Snipe-billed Dowitcher
Limosa fedoa preeriavigle Marbled Godwit
Limosa haemastica tumevigle Hudsonian Godwit
Limosa lapponica vöötsaba-vigle Bar-tailed Godwit
Limosa limosa mustsaba-vigle Black-tailed Godwit
Lymnocryptes minimus, Lymnocryptes minima mudanepp Jack Snipe, Half Snipe
Numenius americanus preeriakoovitaja Long-billed Curlew
Numenius arquata suurkoovitaja Eurasian Curlew, Western Curlew, Common Curlew, Curlew
Numenius borealis põhjakoovitaja Eskimo Curlew
Numenius madagascariensis idakoovitaja Far Eastern Curlew, Eastern Curlew, Australian Curlew, Long-billed Curlew, Red-rumped Curlew
Numenius minutus kääbuskoovitaja Little Curlew, Little Whimbrel
Numenius phaeopus väikekoovitaja Whimbrel
Numenius phaeopus hudsonicus, Numenius hudsonicus tundrakoovitaja (tundra-väikekoovitaja) American Whimbrel, Hudsonian Curlew
Numenius tahitiensis alaska koovitaja Bristle-thighed Curlew
Numenius tenuirostris helekoovitaja Slender-billed Curlew
Phalaropus fulicaria, Phalaropus fulicarius puna-veetallaja Red Phalarope, Grey Phalarope
Phalaropus lobatus, Lobipes lobatus veetallaja (harilik veetallaja) Red-necked Phalarope, Northern Phalarope
Prosobonia cancellata, Aechmorhynchus cancellatus polüneesia tilder (†) Christmas Sandpiper, Kiritimati Sandpiper
Prosobonia ellisi moorea tilder (†) Moorea Sandpiper, Moorean Sandpiper, White-winged Sandpiper*, Ellis's Sandpiper
Prosobonia leucoptera tahiti tilder (†) Tahiti Sandpiper, White-winged Sandpiper*, Tahitian Sandpiper
Prosobonia parvirostris, Aechmorhynchus parvirostris, Prosobonia cancellata parvirostris tuamotu tilder Tuamotu Sandpiper
Scolopax bukidnonensis filipiini kurvits Bukidnon Woodcock
Scolopax celebensis sulawesi kurvits Sulawesi Woodcock, Celebes Woodcock, Indonesian Woodcock*
Scolopax minor, Philohela minor ameerika kurvits American Woodcock
Scolopax mira ryukyu kurvits Amami Woodcock
Scolopax rochussenii maluku kurvits Moluccan Woodcock, Obi Woodcock, Maluku Woodcock, Indonesian Woodcock*
Scolopax rosenbergii paapua kurvits New Guinea Woodcock
Scolopax rusticola metskurvits Eurasian Woodcock, European Woodcock, Woodcock
Scolopax saturata tõmmukurvits Javan Woodcock, Rufous Woodcock, Javanese Woodcock, East Indian Woodcock, Dusky Woodcock
Steganopus tricolor, Phalaropus tricolor suur-veetallaja Wilson's Phalarope
Tringa brevipes, Heteroscelus brevipes siberi mägitilder Grey-tailed Tattler, Grey-rumped Sandpiper, Grey-tailed Sandpiper, Polynesian Tattler, Siberian Tattler, Gray-tailed Tattler
Tringa erythropus tumetilder Spotted Redshank, Dusky Redshank
Tringa flavipes kollajalg-tilder Lesser Yellowlegs, Yellowshank
Tringa glareola mudatilder Wood Sandpiper
Tringa guttifer sahhalini tilder Spotted Greenshank, Nordmann's Greenshank
Tringa incana, Heteroscelus incanus alaska mägitilder Wandering Tattler, American Grey-rumped Sandpiper
Tringa melanoleuca ameerika heletilder Greater Yellowlegs
Tringa nebularia heletilder Common Greenshank, Greater Greenshank, Greenshank
Tringa ochropus metstilder Green Sandpiper
Tringa semipalmata, Catoptrophorus semipalmatus suurtilder Willet
Tringa solitaria ameerika metstilder Solitary Sandpiper
Tringa stagnatilis lammitilder Marsh Sandpiper
Tringa totanus punajalg-tilder Common Redshank, Redshank
Xenus cinereus, Tringa cinerea, Tringa terek hallkibu (kibutilder) Terek Sandpiper
In orderCharadriiformes family Scolopacidae 99 results found
 Stercorariidae - änlased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Catharacta antarctica antarctica, Stercorarius antarcticus antarcticus, Catharacta antarctica (s. str.) patagoonia änn Subantarctic Skua, Falkland Skua, Antarctic Skua
Catharacta antarctica lonnbergi, Catharacta lonnbergi, Stercorarius lonnbergi lõunaänn Brown Skua, Lönnberg's Skua
Catharacta antarctica, Stercorarius antarcticus, Stercorarius antarctica (s. lat., incl. C. a. hamiltoni et C. lonnbergi) lõunaänn Brown Skua, Southern Skua, Southern Great Skua, Subantarctic Skua
Catharacta chilensis, Stercorarius chilensis tšiili änn Chilean Skua
Catharacta maccormicki, Stercorarius maccormicki antarktika änn South Polar Skua, MacCormick's Skua, Antarctic Skua*
Catharacta skua, Stercorarius skua suuränn Great Skua, Bonxie, Northern Skua
Stercorarius longicaudus pikksaba-änn Long-tailed Jaeger, Long-tailed Skua
Stercorarius parasiticus söödikänn Arctic Jaeger, Arctic Skua, Parasitic Jaeger
Stercorarius pomarinus laisaba-änn Pomarine Jaeger, Pomarine Skua, Pomatarhine Jaeger
In orderCharadriiformes family Stercorariidae 9 results found
 Thinocoridae - kurplased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Attagis gayi lumekurp Rufous-bellied Seedsnipe, Rufous-bellied Seed-Snipe, Gay's Seedsnipe
Attagis malouinus patagoonia kurp White-bellied Seedsnipe, White-bellied Seed-Snipe
Thinocorus orbignyianus väikekurp Grey-breasted Seedsnipe, Gray-breasted Seedsnipe, Grey-breasted Seed-Snipe, D'Orbigny's Seedsnipe
Thinocorus rumicivorus kääbuskurp Least Seedsnipe, Least Seed-Snipe, Patagonian Seedsnipe, Pygmy Seedsnipe
In orderCharadriiformes family Thinocoridae 4 results found
 Turnicidae - lediklased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Ortyxelos meiffrenii lõoledik Quail-plover, Lark Buttonquail, Quail Plover
Turnix castanotus, Turnix castanota savanniledik Chestnut-backed Buttonquail, Chestnut-backed Button-Quail, Chestnut-backed Button Quail
Turnix everetti, Turnix pyrrhothorax everetti sumba ledik Sumba Buttonquail, Little Button-Quail, Sumba Button Quail
Turnix hottentottus, Turnix hottentotta väljaledik Hottentot Buttonquail, Black-rumped Buttonquail, Dwarf Buttonquail, African Buttonquail, Hottentot Button Quail, Hottentot Button-Quail
Turnix maculosus, Turnix maculosa rohuledik Red-backed Buttonquail, Red-backed Button-Quail, Red-backed Button Quail, Black-backed Buttonquail, Black-spotted Buttonquail, Orange-breasted Buttonquail, Black-spotted Buttonquail, Red-collared Buttonquail, Spotted Buttonquail*
Turnix melanogaster metsledik Black-breasted Buttonquail, Black-breasted Button-Quail, Black-breasted Button Quail
Turnix nanus, Turnix hottentotta nana, Turnix hottentottus nanus, Turnix nana bantu väljaledik Black-rumped Buttonquail, Natal Buttonquail
Turnix nigricollis madagaskari ledik Madagascar Buttonquail, Madagascan Buttonquail, Madagascar Button-Quail, Madagascar Button Quail, Black-necked Buttonquail
Turnix novaecaledoniae, Turnix varia novaecaledoniae uuskaledoonia ledik New Caledonian Buttonquail
Turnix ocellatus, Turnix ocellata tähnikledik Spotted Buttonquail, Spotted Button-Quail, Spotted Button Quail, Ocellated Buttonquail, Philippine Buttonquail, Chestnut-breasted Buttonquail*
Turnix olivii, Turnix castanota olivii, Turnix olivii queenslandi ledik Buff-breasted Buttonquail, Chestnut-backed Button-Quail, Buff-backed Buttonquail, Olive's Buttonquail, Robinson's Buttonquail
Turnix pyrrhothorax roostepugu-ledik Red-chested Buttonquail, Red-chested Button-Quail, Red-chested Button Quail, Chestnut-breasted Buttonquail*, Red-breasted Buttonquail, Rufous-breasted Buttonquail, Yellow Buttonquail
Turnix suscitator, Turnix javanica vöötledik Barred Buttonquail, Bustard Quail, Common Buttonquail*, Dusky Buttonquail, Indian Buttonquail, Philippine Buttonquail*
Turnix sylvaticus, Turnix sylvatica vuttledik Common Buttonquail, Little Button-Quail*, Little Button Quail*, Small Buttonquail, Andalusian Hemipode, Striped Buttonquail, Kurrichane Buttonquail, Bustard Quail
Turnix tanki nurmledik Yellow-legged Buttonquail, Yellow-legged Button-Quail, Yellow-legged Button Quail
Turnix varius, Turnix varia suurledik Painted Buttonquail, Black-breasted Button-Quail, Painted Button Quail, Black-breasted Buttonquail, Varied Buttonquail
Turnix velox leetledik Little Buttonquail, Australian Little Buttonquail, Little Quail
Turnix worcesteri, Turnix pyrrhothorax worcesteri, Turnix everetti worcesteri ülanguledik Luzon Buttonquail, Worcester's Buttonquail, Worcester's Button-Quail, Worcester's Button Quail
In orderCharadriiformes family Turnicidae 18 results found
Ciconiiformes - toonekurelised Ciconiidae - toonekurglased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Anastomus lamelligerus, Hiator lamelligerus must-irvnokk African Openbill, African Open-bill Stork
Anastomus oscitans valge-irvnokk Asian Openbill, Asian Open-bill Stork, Oriental Openbill, Asiatic Openbill, Openbilled Stork
Ciconia abdimii, Sphenorhynchus abdimii savanni-toonekurg Abdim's Stork, White-bellied Stork
Ciconia boyciana ida-toonekurg Oriental Stork, Oriental White Stork, Eastern White Stork
Ciconia ciconia valge-toonekurg White Stork, European White Stork
Ciconia episcopus, Dissoura episcopus villkael-toonekurg Asian Woollyneck, Woolly-necked Stork*, White-necked Stork, Bishop Stork
Ciconia maguari, Euxenura maguari roo-toonekurg Maguari Stork
Ciconia microscelis, Ciconia episcopus microscelis, Dissoura episcopus microscelis aafrika villkael-toonekurg African Woollyneck, Woolly-necked Stork*
Ciconia nigra must-toonekurg Black Stork
Ciconia stormi, Dissoura stormi sunda toonekurg Storm's Stork
Ephippiorhynchus asiaticus, Xenorhynchus asiaticus pugal-toonekurg Black-necked Stork, Green-necked Stork, Jabiru
Ephippiorhynchus senegalensis sadulnokk-toonekurg Saddlebill, Saddle-bill Stork, Saddle-billed Stork, Saddlebilled Stork, African Jabiru
Jabiru mycteria, Ephippiorhynchus mycteria jabiru-toonekurg Jabiru, Jabiru Stork, American Jabiru
Leptoptilos crumenifer, Leptoptilos crumeniferus marabu (aafrika marabu) Marabou, Marabou Stork
Leptoptilos dubius india marabu (argala) Greater Adjutant, Greater Adjutant Stork, Adjutant Stork
Leptoptilos javanicus väikemarabu Lesser Adjutant, Lesser Adjutant Stork, Hair-crested Adjutant
Mycteria americana muda-toonekurg Wood Stork, American Wood Ibis, Wood Ibis
Mycteria cinerea, Ibis cinerea rand-toonekurg Milky Stork
Mycteria ibis, Ibis ibis roosa-toonekurg Yellow-billed Stork
Mycteria leucocephala, Ibis leucocephala ehis-toonekurg Painted Stork
In orderCiconiiformes family Ciconiidae 20 results found
Coliiformes - hiirlinnulised Coliidae - hiirlindlased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Colius castanotus angoola hiirlind Red-backed Mousebird, Red-backed Coly
Colius colius triipselg-hiirlind White-backed Mousebird, White-backed Coly
Colius leucocephalus valgepea-hiirlind White-headed Mousebird, White-headed Coly
Colius striatus pruun-hiirlind Speckled Mousebird, Speckled Coly, Bar-breasted Mousebird, Bar-breasted Coly
Urocolius indicus, Colius indicus mask-hiirlind Red-faced Mousebird, Red-faced Coly
Urocolius macrourus, Colius macrourus hall-hiirlind Blue-naped Mousebird, Blue-naped Coly
In orderColiiformes family Coliidae 6 results found
Columbiformes - tuvilised Columbidae - tuvilased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Alectroenas madagascariensis madagaskari sinituvi Madagascar Blue-pigeon, Madagascan Blue Pigeon, Madagascar Blue Pigeon, Madagascar Blue Fruit-dove, Red-tailed Blue-pigeon
Alectroenas nitidissimus, Alectroenas nitidissima mauritiuse sinituvi (†) Mauritius Blue-pigeon, Mauritius Blue Pigeon
Alectroenas payandeei rodriguese sinituvi (†) Rodrigues Blue-pigeon
Alectroenas pulcherrimus, Alectroenas pulcherrima seišelli sinituvi Seychelles Blue-pigeon, Seychelles Blue Pigeon, Red-crowned Blue-pigeon, Warty-faced Blue-pigeon, Re
Alectroenas sganzini komoori sinituvi Comoro Blue-pigeon, Comoro Blue Pigeon, Comoro Blue Fruit-dove
Alopecoenas beccarii, Gallicolumba beccarii väike-maatuvi Western Bronze Ground-dove, Bronze Ground-dove (s.l.), Bronze Ground Dove, Grey-breasted Quail Dove, Beccari's Ground-dove, Grey-throated Ground-dove
Alopecoenas canifrons, Gallicolumba canifrons palau maatuvi Palau Ground-dove, Palau Ground Dove, Pelew Ground-dove, Grey-fronted Ground-dove
Alopecoenas erythropterus, Gallicolumba erythroptera tuamotu maatuvi Polynesian Ground-dove, Polynesian Ground Dove, Society Island Ground Dove, Society Islands Ground Dove, Society Ground-dove, Tuamotu Ground-dove, White-breasted Ground-dove*
Alopecoenas ferrugineus, Gallicolumba ferruginea tanna maatuvi (†) Tanna Ground-dove
Alopecoenas hoedtii, Gallicolumba hoedtii wetari maatuvi Wetar Ground-dove, Wetar Ground Dove, Wetar Dove
Alopecoenas jobiensis, Gallicolumba jobiensis valjas-maatuvi White-breasted Ground-dove, White-breasted Ground Pigeon, White-bibbed Ground-dove, Jobi Ground-dove, Yapen Ground-dove, Purple Ground-dove
Alopecoenas kubaryi, Gallicolumba kubaryi karoliini maatuvi Caroline Ground-dove, Carolines Ground Dove, Truk Island Ground Dove, Caroline Islands Ground-dove, White-breasted Ground-dove*, White-fronted Ground-dove, Purple Ground-dove, Ponape Ground-dove, Pohnpei Ground-dove, Truk Ground-dove
Alopecoenas norfolciensis, [Columba norfolciensis] (†) Norfolk Ground-dove
Alopecoenas rubescens, Gallicolumba rubescens markiisaarte maatuvi Marquesas Ground-dove, Marquesan Ground Dove, Marquesas Ground Dove, Marquesan Ground-dove, Grey-hooded Ground-dove, Grey-hooded Quail-dove
Alopecoenas salamonis, Gallicolumba salamonis saalomonisaarte maatuvi (†) Thick-billed Ground-dove, Thick-billed Ground Dove
Alopecoenas sanctaecrucis, Gallicolumba sanctaecrucis santacruzi maatuvi Santa Cruz Ground-dove, Santa Cruz Ground Dove, Santa Cruz Ground-pigeon, Santa Cruz Quail-dove
Alopecoenas stairi, Gallicolumba stairi pruun-maatuvi Shy Ground-dove, Friendly Ground-dove, Shy Ground Dove, Friendly Quail Dove, Purple-shouldered Quail-dove, Quail-dove, Samoan Quail-dove, Tongan Quail-dove, Fiji Quail-dove, Shy Quail-dove
Alopecoenas xanthonurus, Gallicolumba xanthonura mariaani maatuvi White-throated Ground-dove, White-throated Ground Dove, White-throated Dove, White-throated Quail-dove, Mariana Quail-dove, Yap Quail-dove, White-breasted Quail-dove
Aplopelia larvata simplex, Columba simplex, Aplopelia simplex, Columba larvata simplex são tomé paletuvi Sao Tome Lemon-dove, Sao Thome Lemon-dove, São Tomé Lemon-dove
Aplopelia larvata, Columba larvata paletuvi Lemon Dove, African Lemon-dove, Cinnamon Dove, Farest Dove
Caloenas canacorum suur-lakktuvi (†) Greater Maned Pigeon
Caloenas maculata (†) Liverpool Pigeon
Caloenas nicobarica lakktuvi Nicobar Pigeon, Hackled Pigeon, White-tailed Pigeon, Vulturine Pigeon
Chalcophaps indica smaragdtuvi Grey-capped Emerald Dove, Emerald Dove (s.l.), Green-winged Dove, Green-backed Dove, Green Dove, Lilac-mantled Pigeon, Long-billed Pigeon, Little Green Pigeon, Little Green-winged Pigeon
Chalcophaps longirostris, Chalcophaps indica longirostris Brown-capped Emerald Dove, Pacific Emerald Dove
Chalcophaps stephani mets-smaragdtuvi Stephan's Dove, Brown-backed Emerald Dove, Brown-backed Green-winged Dove
Chrysoena luteovirens, Ptilinopus luteovirens kuldtuvi Golden Dove, Lemon Dove*, Yellow Dove
Chrysoena victor, Ptilinopus victor, Chrysophaps victor leektuvi Orange Dove, Flame Dove
Chrysoena viridis, Ptilinopus layardi, Chrysoena layardi viletuvi Whistling Dove, Yellow-headed Dove, Velvet Dove, Kadavu Dove
Claravis geoffroyi, Claravis godefrida brasiilia bambusetuvi Purple-winged Ground-dove, Purple-winged Ground Dove, Purple-barred Ground Dove, Geoffroy's Dove
Claravis mondetoura mägi-bambusetuvi Maroon-chested Ground-dove, Maroon-chested Ground Dove, Purple-breasted Ground Dove, Mondetour's Dove
Claravis pretiosa täpiktiib-tuvi Blue Ground-dove, Blue Ground Dove, Ashy Ground-dove, Cinereous Ground-dove
Columba albinucha valgekukal-tuvi White-naped Pigeon
Columba albitorques etioopia tuvi White-collared Pigeon, Abyssinian Rock-pigeon, Ethiopian Rock-pigeon
Columba argentina hõbetuvi Silvery Pigeon, Silver Pigeon, Silvery Wood-pigeon
Columba arquatrix helmestuvi African Olive-pigeon, African Olive Pigeon, Olive Pigeon, Rameron Pigeon, Yellow-eyed Pigeon, Speckled Pigeon*
Columba bollii kanaari loorberituvi Dark-tailed Laurel-pigeon, Dark-tailed Laurel Pigeon, Bolle's Pigeon, Bolle's Laurel Pigeon
Columba delegorguei, Turturoena delegorguei bantu tuvi Eastern Bronze-naped Pigeon, Delegorgue's Pigeon, Bronze-naped Pigeon, Crimson-winged Pigeon
Columba elphinstonii ghati tuvi Nilgiri Woodpigeon, Nilgiri Wood Pigeon, Nilgiri Wood-pigeon, Spotted Woodpigeon
Columba eversmanni ida-õõnetuvi Yellow-eyed Pigeon, Pale-backed Pigeon, Yellow-eyed Stock Dove, Eastern Stock-dove, Eversmann's Stock-dove, Eastern Stock-pigeon, Eversmann's Stock-pigeon
Columba guinea prilltuvi Speckled Pigeon, Guinea Pigeon, Hackled Pigeon, Red-eyed Pigeon, African Rock-pigeon
Columba hodgsonii himaalaja tuvi Speckled Woodpigeon, Speckled Wood Pigeon, Speckled Wood-pigeon, Hodgson's Pigeon, Jungle Pigeon
Columba iriditorques, Turturoena iriditorques pronkskael-tuvi Western Bronze-naped Pigeon, Bronze-naped Pigeon
Columba janthina kameeliatuvi Japanese Woodpigeon, Japanese Wood-pigeon, Black Wood Pigeon, Black Pigeon
Columba jouyi ryukyu tuvi (†) Ryukyu Woodpigeon, Silver-banded Black Pigeon, Ryukyu Pigeon, Ryukyu Wood-pigeon, Riu-kiu Black Wood-pigeon, Jouyi's Wood-pigeon, Silver-crescented Pigeon
Columba junoniae, Columba laurivora palma loorberituvi White-tailed Laurel-pigeon, White-tailed Laurel Pigeon, Laurel Pigeon
Columba leucomela, Columba norfolciensis, Columba norfolkiensis heletuvi White-headed Pigeon, Baldy Pigeon, Cook Pigeon, Bally Pigeon, White-headed Fruit-pigeon
Columba leuconota lumetuvi Snow Pigeon, Tibetan Dove, White-bellied Pigeon
Columba livia f. domestica, Columba livia f. rustica kodutuvi Feral Pigeon, House Pigeon, Street Pigeon
Columba livia, Lithaenas livia kaljutuvi Rock Dove, Feral Rock Pigeon, Rock Pigeon
Columba malherbii, Turturoena malherbii tüüdutuvi Sao Tome Bronze-naped Pigeon, São Tomé Bronze-naped Pigeon, Sao Thomé Bronze-naped Pigeon, Sao Tome Grey-pigeon, Malherbe's Pigeon
Columba oenas õõnetuvi Stock Dove, Stock Pigeon, Western Stock-dove, Western Stock-pigeon
Columba oliviae somaali õõnetuvi Somali Pigeon, Somali Stock Dove, Somali Rock-pigeon, Somali Stock-dove
Columba pallidiceps koldjalg-tuvi Yellow-legged Pigeon
Columba palumboides tihnikutuvi Andaman Woodpigeon, Andaman Wood-pigeon, Andaman Wood Pigeon
Columba palumbus kaelustuvi (meigas) Common Woodpigeon, Woodpigeon, Common Wood-pigeon, Wood Pigeon, Ring Pigeon, Ringdove, Cushat, Cushie-doo, Quest
Columba pollenii komoori tuvi Comoro Olive-pigeon, Comoro Olive Pigeon, Comoro Pigeon, Comoro Woodpigeon
Columba pulchricollis tuhktuvi Ashy Woodpigeon, Ashy Wood-pigeon, Ashy Wood Pigeon, Buff-collared Pigeon, Nepal Woodpigeon
Columba punicea džunglituvi Pale-capped Pigeon, Red Woodpigeon, Chestnut Pigeon, Purple Pigeon
Columba rupestris ida-kaljutuvi Hill Pigeon, Eastern Rock Pigeon, Bar-tailed Rock-pigeon, White-tailed Rock-pigeon, Rock-dove, Blue Hill-pigeon
Columba sjostedti, Columba sjostedi, Columba sjöstedti kameruni tuvi Cameroon Olive-pigeon, Cameroon Olive Pigeon, Cameroun Olive Pigeon, Sjostedt's Pigeon, Cameroon Rameron Pigeon
Columba thiriouxi (†) Mauritius Woodpigeon
Columba thomensis são tomé helmestuvi Sao Tome Olive-pigeon, São Thomé Olive Pigeon, Sao Thomé Olive Pigeon, Sao Thome Olive Pigeon, Maroon Pigeon, Sao Tome Maroon-pigeon, Sao Tome Pigeon
Columba torringtoniae, Columba torringtoni tseiloni tuvi Sri Lanka Woodpigeon, Sri Lanka Wood Pigeon, Ceylon Wood-pigeon, Ceylon Woodpigeon
Columba trocaz madeira loorberituvi Madeira Laurel-pigeon, Madeira Laurel Pigeon, Trocaz Pigeon, Long-toed Pigeon
Columba trocaz (incl. C. bollii) loorberituvi Laurel-Pigeon, Laurel Pigeon
Columba unicincta kongo tuvi Afep Pigeon, African Wood Pigeon, Grey Woodpigeon
Columba versicolor bonini tuvi (†) Bonin Woodpigeon, Bonin Pigeon, Bonin Wood-pigeon, Bonin Black Pigeon, Bonin Fruit-pigeon, Kittlitz' Wood-pigeon, Shining Pigeon
Columba vitiensis manisktuvi Metallic Pigeon, White-throated Pigeon, Grey-throated Pigeon, Chili Pigeon, Metallic Woodpigeon
Columbina buckleyi, Columbigallina buckleyi tumbese värbtuvi Ecuadorian Ground-dove, Ecuadorean Ground Dove, Buckley's Ground-dove
Columbina cruziana, Columbigallina cruziana konn-värbtuvi Croaking Ground-dove, Croaking Ground Dove, Gold-billed Ground Dove, Gold-ringed Ground-dove, Peruvian Ground-dove
Columbina cyanopis, Oxypelia cyanopis kampo-värbtuvi Blue-eyed Ground-dove, Blue-eyed Ground Dove
Columbina inca, Scardafella inca asteegi tuvi Inca Dove
Columbina minuta, Columbigallina minuta tuhk-värbtuvi Plain-breasted Ground-dove, Plain-breasted Ground Dove, Plain Ground-dove, Grey Ground-dove, Little Ground-dove, Pygmy Dove
Columbina passerina, Columbigallina passerina pärl-värbtuvi Common Ground-dove, Common Ground Dove, Scaly-breasted Ground-dove, Scaled Ground-dove, Speckled Ground-dove, Rosy Ground-dove, Sparrow Dove, Passerine Dove, Tobacco Dove
Columbina picui, Columbigallina picui leet-värbtuvi Picui Dove, Picui Ground Dove, Picui Ground-dove, Long-tailed Ground-dove, White-winged Ground-dove, Steel-barred Dove
Columbina squammata, Scardafella squammata soomustuvi Scaled Dove, Scaly Dove, Mottled Dove, Ridgway's Dove, South American Zebra Dove
Columbina talpacoti, Columbigallina talpacoti ruuge-värbtuvi Ruddy Ground-dove, Ruddy Ground Dove, Talpacoti Dove, Cinnamon Dove, Stone Dove, Blue-headed Ground-dove
Cryptophaps poecilorrhoa pagutuvi Sombre Pigeon, Sulawesi Dusky Pigeon, Celebes Dusky Pigeon, Celebes Dusky Fruit-pigeon, Rusty-bellied Fruit-pigeon, Long-tailed Imperial-pigeon
Didunculus strigirostris hammastuvi Tooth-billed Pigeon
Drepanoptila holosericea turdtuvi Cloven-feathered Dove
Ducula aenea rohe-keisertuvi Green Imperial-pigeon, Green Imperial Pigeon
Ducula aenea nicobarica, Ducula nicobarica nicobari keisertuvi Nicobar Imperial-pigeon
Ducula aurorae polüneesia keisertuvi Polynesian Imperial-pigeon, Polynesian Imperial Pigeon, Society Islands Pigeon, Tahitian Pigeon, Aurora Pigeon
Ducula badia pruun-keisertuvi Mountain Imperial-pigeon, Mountain Imperial Pigeon, Hodgson's Imperial-pigeon, Jerdon's Imperial-pigeon, Bronze-backed Imperial-pigeon, Grey-headed Imperial-pigeon*, Band-tailed Imperial-pigeon*
Ducula bakeri vanuatu keisertuvi Vanuatu Imperial-pigeon, Vanuatu Imperial Pigeon, Baker's Pigeon, Baker's Imperial-pigeon, Vanuatu Mountain-pigeon
Ducula basilica halmahera keisertuvi Cinnamon-bellied Imperial-pigeon, Cinnamon-bellied Imperial Pigeon, Moluccan Rufous-bellied Fruit Pigeon, Pink-headed Fruit-pigeon, Rufous-bellied Imperial-pigeon*, Basilica Pigeon
Ducula bicolor valge-keisertuvi Pied Imperial-pigeon, Pied Imperial Pigeon, White Imperial-pigeon, Nutmeg Imperial-pigeon, Nutmeg Pigeon*, White Fruit-pigeon
Ducula brenchleyi purpurrind-keisertuvi Chestnut-bellied Imperial-pigeon, Chestnut-bellied Imperial Pigeon, Chestnut-bellied Pigeon
Ducula carola kiritiib-keisertuvi Spotted Imperial-pigeon, Grey-necked Imperial-pigeon, Spotted Imperial Pigeon, Grey-necked Fruit Pigeon, Spotted Fruit-pigeon, Grey-breasted Fruit-pigeon
Ducula chalconota mägi-keisertuvi Shining Imperial-pigeon, Shining Imperial Pigeon, Mountain Rufous-bellied Fruit Pigeon, Red-breasted Imperial-pigeon, Rufescent Imperial-pigeon, Grey-hooded Fruit-pigeon, Rofous-breasted Fruit-pigeon
Ducula cineracea timori keisertuvi Timor Imperial-pigeon, Timor Imperial Pigeon, Ashy Imperial-pigeon
Ducula concinna sinisaba-keisertuvi Blue-tailed Imperial-pigeon, Blue-tailed Imperial Pigeon, Elegant Imperial-pigeon, Collared Imperial-pigeon*, Yellow-eyed Imperial-pigeon, Gold-eyed Imperial-pigeon
Ducula cuprea, Ducula badia cuprea Nilgiri Imperial-pigeon
Ducula david rait-keisertuvi (†) Steadman's Imperial Pigeon, Giant Pigeon
Ducula finschii ruskekõht-keisertuvi Finsch's Imperial-pigeon, Finsch's Imperial Pigeon, Finsch's Rufous-bellied Fruit Pigeon
Ducula forsteni valgekõht-keisertuvi White-bellied Imperial-pigeon, White-bellied Imperial Pigeon, Green and White Zone-tailed Pigeon, Celebes Zone-tailed Pigeon, Large Celebes Zone-tailed Pigeon, Celebes Zone-tailed Pigeon, Green and White Pigeon
Ducula galeata suur-keisertuvi Nukuhiva Imperial-pigeon, Marquesan Imperial Pigeon, Marquesas Pigeon, Marquesan Imperial-pigeon
Ducula geelvinkiana, Ducula myristicivora geelvinkiana Geelvink Imperial-pigeon
Ducula goliath tume-keisertuvi New Caledonian Imperial-pigeon, New Caledonian Imperial Pigeon, New Caledonian Pigeon, Goliath Pigeon, Giant Imperial-pigeon
Ducula lacernulata jaava keisertuvi Dark-backed Imperial-pigeon, Dark-backed Imperial Pigeon, Javanese Imperial-pigeon, Black-backed Imperial-pigeon, Javanese Mountain-pigeon
Ducula latrans fidži keisertuvi Barking Imperial-pigeon, Peale's Imperial-pigeon, Peale's Imperial Pigeon, Peale's Pigeon, Barking Pigeon, Fijian Imperial-pigeon
Ducula luctuosa, Ducula bicolor luctuosa hele-keisertuvi White Imperial-pigeon, Sulawesi Pied Imperial Pigeon, Celebes Pied Imperial-pigeon, Silver-tipped Imperial-pigeon, Nutmeg Pigeon*, White Fruit-pigeon
Ducula melanochroa must-keisertuvi Bismarck Imperial-pigeon, Bismarck Imperial Pigeon, Black Imperial Pigeon, Silver-laced Imperial-pigeon
Ducula mindorensis mindoro keisertuvi Mindoro Imperial-pigeon, Mindoro Imperial Pigeon, Mindoro Zone-tailed Pigeon, Mindoro Pigeon, Great Mindoro Fruit-pigeon, Pink-throated Imperial-pigeon
Ducula mullerii, Ducula müllerii, Ducula muellerii kaelus-keisertuvi Collared Imperial-pigeon, Collared Imperial Pigeon, Black-collared Fruit Pigeon, Black-collared Imperial-pigeon, Pink-capped Imperial-pigeon, Müller's Imperial-pigeon, Müller's Fruit-pigeon, Collared Imperial Fruit-pigeon
Ducula myristicivora mustsagar-keisertuvi Spice Imperial-pigeon, Spice Imperial Pigeon, Black-knobbed Pigeon, Black-knobbed Imperial-pigeon, Nutmeg-eating Fruit-pigeon
Ducula neglecta, Ducula perspicillata neglecta serami keisertuvi Seram Imperial-pigeon
Ducula obiensis, Ducula basilica obiensis Rusty Imperial-pigeon
Ducula oceanica mikroneesia keisertuvi Micronesian Imperial-pigeon, Micronesian Imperial Pigeon, Micronesian Pigeon
Ducula oenothorax, Ducula aenea oenothorax enggano keisertuvi Enggano Imperial-pigeon
Ducula pacifica okeaania keisertuvi Pacific Imperial-pigeon, Pacific Imperial Pigeon, Pacific Pigeon
Ducula perspicillata prill-keisertuvi Spectacled Imperial-pigeon, White-eyed Imperial-pigeon, White-eyed Imperial Pigeon, White-spectacled Imperial-pigeon
Ducula pickeringii hall-keisertuvi Grey Imperial-pigeon, Grey Imperial Pigeon, Pickering's Imperial-pigeon, Grey Island-pigeon
Ducula pinon kiil-keisertuvi Pinon's Imperial-pigeon, Pinon's Imperial Pigeon, Pinon Imperial Pigeon, Pinon Imperial-pigeon, Bare-eyed Imperial-pigeon, Pinon Fruit-pigeon, Black-shouldered Fruit-pigeon
Ducula pistrinaria hõbe-keisertuvi Island Imperial-pigeon, Island Imperial Pigeon, Grey Imperial-pigeon, Grey Pigeon, Grey Fruit-pigeon, Floury Imperial-pigeon, Floury Pigeon
Ducula poliocephala roosakõht-keisertuvi Pink-bellied Imperial-pigeon, Pink-bellied Imperial Pigeon, Philippine Zone-tailed Pigeon, Zone-tailed Pigeon
Ducula radiata purpurselg-keisertuvi Grey-headed Imperial-pigeon, Grey-headed Imperial Pigeon, Grey-headed Zone-tailed Pigeon, Celebes Zone-tailed Imperial-pigeon, Celebes Band-tailed Fruit-pigeon
Ducula rosacea roosapea-keisertuvi Pink-headed Imperial-pigeon, Pink-headed Imperial Pigeon, Island Imperial-pigeon*
Ducula rubricera punasagar-keisertuvi Red-knobbed Imperial-pigeon, Red-knobbed Imperial Pigeon, Red-knobbed Pigeon, Red-knobbed Fruit-pigeon
Ducula rufigaster ruuge-keisertuvi Purple-tailed Imperial-pigeon, Purple-tailed Imperial Pigeon, Rufous-bellied Fruit Pigeon, Cinnamon Rufous-bellied Fruit-pigeon, Red-breasted Fruit-pigeon, Purple-tailed Fruit-pigeon, Rufous-breasted Imperial-pigeon
Ducula salvadorii, Ducula pinon salvadorii Louisiade Imperial-pigeon
Ducula spilorrhoa constans, Ducula spilorrhoa f. constans, Ducula constans kimberley keisertuvi Kimberley Imperial-pigeon, Kimberley Imperial Pigeon
Ducula spilorrhoa, Ducula bicolor spilorrhoa pugal-keisertuvi Torresian Imperial-pigeon, Australian Pied Imperial Pigeon, White Nutmeg Pigeon, Nutmeg Pigeon*, Torres Strait Pigeon
Ducula subflavescens, Ducula spilorrhoa subflavescens, Ducula bicolor subflavescens kold-keisertuvi Yellowish Imperial-pigeon, Yellow-tinted Imperial-pigeon
Ducula whartoni jõulusaare keisertuvi Christmas Imperial-pigeon, Christmas Imperial Pigeon, Christmas Island Imperial Pigeon, Christmas Island Imperial-pigeon, Christmas Pigeon, Black Imperial-pigeon*, Dusky Imperial-pigeon*
Ducula zoeae ehis-keisertuvi Zoe's Imperial-pigeon, Banded Imperial Pigeon, Zoe's Imperial Pigeon, Zoe Imperial-pigeon, Banded Imperial-pigeon, Banded Fruit-pigeon, Bar-breasted Fruit-pigeon
Ectopistes migratorius rändtuvi (†) Passenger Pigeon
Gallicolumba crinigera, Gallicolumba criniger mindanao maatuvi Mindanao Bleeding-heart, Bartlett's Bleeding Heart, Bartlett's Blood-breasted Pigeon, Bartlett's Pigeon, Bartlett's Blood-breasted Bleeding-heart, Hair-breasted Pigeon, Hair-breasted Bleeding-heart
Gallicolumba keayi negrose maatuvi Negros Bleeding-heart, Negros Bleeding Heart, Keay's Bleeding-heart, Negros Blood-breasted Pigeon, Negros Pigeon
Gallicolumba luzonica verirind-maatuvi Luzon Bleeding-heart, Luzon Bleeding Heart, Luzon Blood-breasted Pigeon, Bleeding-heart Pigeon
Gallicolumba menagei tawitawi maatuvi Sulu Bleeding-heart, Tawitawi Bleeding Heart
Gallicolumba nui, Alopecoenas nui suur-maatuvi (†) Great Ground-dove, Great Ground Dove
Gallicolumba platenae mindoro maatuvi Mindoro Bleeding-heart, Mindoro Bleeding Heart, Mindoro Pigeon
Gallicolumba rufigula kuldrind-maatuvi Cinnamon Ground-dove, Cinnamon Ground Dove, Golden Heart, Goldenheart, Red-throated Ground-dove, Rufous Ground-dove, Chestnut Quail-dove, Rufous Quail-dove, Yellow-and-brown Quail-dove
Gallicolumba tristigmata, Diopezus tristigmata sulawesi maatuvi Sulawesi Ground-dove, Sulawesi Ground Dove, Sulawesi Quail Dove, Sulawesi Quail-dove
Geopelia cuneata teemanttuvi Diamond Dove, Little Dove, Red-eyed Dove, Little Turtle-dove
Geopelia humeralis pandanituvi Bar-shouldered Dove, Bronze-necked Dove, Copper-necked Dove, Barred-shouldered Dove, Mangrove Dove, Scrub Dove, Pandanus Pigeon, River Pigeon
Geopelia maugeus, Geopelia maugei, Geopelia maugea timori viirtuvi Barred Dove, Timor Zebra Dove
Geopelia placida austraalia viirtuvi Peaceful Dove, Gould's Zebra Dove, Placid Dove
Geopelia striata viirtuvi (põhja-viirtuvi) Zebra Dove, Zebra Ground-dove
Geophaps ferruginea, Geophaps plumifera ferruginea lääne-kõnnutuvi Rufous-bellied Spinifex Pigeon, Western Plumed-pigeon, Red-Plumed Pigeon*, Red-bellied Plumed-pigeon, Rufous-bellied Plumed-pigeon
Geophaps plumifera, Petrophassa plumifera, Lophophaps plumifera kõnnutuvi White-bellied Spinifex Pigeon, Spinifex Pigeon, White-bellied Plumed Pigeon, Plumed Pigeon, Rust-coloured Bronzewing, Red-plumed Pigeon, White-bellied Plumed Pigeon
Geophaps scripta, Petrophassa scripta püütuvi (suur-püütuvi) Squatter Pigeon, Partridge Pigeon*, Blue-eyed Partridge Bronzewing, Partridge Bronzewing*
Geophaps smithii, Petrophassa smithii mask-püütuvi Partridge Pigeon, Partridge Bronzewing*, Smith's Bronzewing, Naked-eyed Partridge-bronzewing, Red-eyed Partridge-bronzewing, Bar-eyed Partridge-bronzewing, Bare-eyed Partridge Bronzewing
Geotrygon caniceps, Oreopeleia caniceps purpur-töbituvi Grey-headed Quail-dove, Gray-headed Quail-dove, Grey-faced Quail Dove, Gray-headed Quail-dove, Grey-faced Ground-pigeon
Geotrygon chrysia, Oreopeleia chrysia pronks-töbituvi Key West Quail-dove, Key West Quail Dove
Geotrygon leucometopia, Geotrygon caniceps leucometopius, Geotrygon caniceps leucometopia, Geotrygon leucometopius haiti töbituvi White-fronted Quail-dove, Hispaniolan Quail-dove
Geotrygon montana, Oreopeleia montana pruun-töbituvi Ruddy Quail-dove, Ruddy Quail Dove, Rufous Quail-dove, Partridge Dove, Red Mountain Dove
Geotrygon mystacea, Oreopeleia mystacea antilli töbituvi Bridled Quail-dove, Bridled Quail Dove
Geotrygon purpurata, Geotrygon saphirina purpurata indigo-töbituvi Purple Quail-dove, Indigo-crowned Quail-dove
Geotrygon saphirina, Osculatia saphirina safiir-töbituvi Sapphire Quail-dove, Sapphire Quail Dove, Purple Quail-dove
Geotrygon versicolor tutt-töbituvi Crested Quail-dove, Crested Quail Dove, Jamaican Quail-dove, Blue Dove
Geotrygon violacea, Oreopeleia violacea ametüst-töbituvi Violaceous Quail-dove, Violaceous Quail Dove, Violet Quail Dove, White-bellied Quail Dove
Goura cristata lääne-kroontuvi Western Crowned-pigeon, Western Crowned Pigeon, Blue Crowned Pigeon, Common Crowned-pigeon, Grey Crowned-pigeon, Masked Crowned-pigeon, Goura
Goura scheepmakeri lõuna-kroontuvi Scheepmaker's Crowned-pigeon, Southern Crowned-pigeon, Southern Crowned Pigeon, Maroon-breasted Crowned Pigeon, Sclater's Crowned-pigeon, Great Goura
Goura sclateri, Goura scheepmakeri sclateri Sclater's Crowned-pigeon
Goura victoria põhja-kroontuvi Victoria Crowned-pigeon, Victoria Crowned Pigeon, Victoria Goura, White-tipped Goura, White-tipped Crowned-pigeon
Gymnophaps albertisii paapua mägituvi Papuan Mountain-pigeon, Papuan Mountain Pigeon, Bare-eyed Mountain Pigeon, Carmine-faced Mountain-pigeon, D'Albertis's Mountain-pigeon, Bare-eyed Pigeon*
Gymnophaps mada maluku mägituvi Buru Mountain-pigeon, Long-tailed Mountain-pigeon, Long-tailed Mountain Pigeon
Gymnophaps solomonensis saalomonisaarte mägituvi Pale Mountain-pigeon, Pale Mountain Pigeon
Gymnophaps stalkeri, Gymnophaps mada stalkeri serami mägituvi Seram Mountain-pigeon
Hemiphaga chathamensis, Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae chathamensis chathami tuvi Chatham Pigeon
Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae uusmeremaa tuvi New Zealand Pigeon, New Zealand Fruit-pigeon, Native Pigeon
Henicophaps albifrons paapua küüdustuvi New Guinea Bronzewing, Black Bronzewing, White-capped Bronzewing, Long-billed Bronzewing, White-capped Ground Pigeon, Jungle Bronzewing Pigeon
Henicophaps foersteri hele-küüdustuvi New Britain Bronzewing
Leptotila battyi panama manteltuvi Brown-backed Dove, Batty's Dove
Leptotila cassini hall-manteltuvi Grey-chested Dove, Gray-chested Dove, Cassin's Dove, Grey-breasted Dove
Leptotila conoveri tolima manteltuvi Tolima Dove, Canover's Dove
Leptotila jamaicensis kariibi manteltuvi Caribbean Dove, White-bellied Dove, White-fronted Dove, Ground Dove, Jamaican Dove, Violet Dove, White-belly
Leptotila megalura lepa-manteltuvi Yungas Dove, White-faced Dove, Large-tailed Dove, Long-tailed Dove
Leptotila ochraceiventris rädi-manteltuvi Ochre-bellied Dove, Buff-bellied Dove, Ochraceous-bellied Dove
Leptotila pallida hele-manteltuvi Pallid Dove
Leptotila plumbeiceps laane-manteltuvi Grey-headed Dove, Gray-headed Dove
Leptotila rufaxilla selva-manteltuvi Grey-fronted Dove, Gray-fronted Dove
Leptotila verreauxi võsa-manteltuvi White-tipped Dove, White-fronted Dove, Pale-fronted Dove, Solitary Pigeon
Leptotila wellsi grenada manteltuvi Grenada Dove, Well's Dove, Whistling Dove, Mountain Dove
Leptotrygon veraguensis, Geotrygon veraguensis, Oreopeleia veraguensis vöötpõsk-töbituvi Olive-backed Quail-dove, Olive-backed Quail Dove, Veragua Quail-dove
Leucosarcia melanoleuca vongatuvi Wonga Pigeon, Wonga Wonga, White-fleshed Pigeon, Wonga Wonga Pigeon
Lopholaimus antarcticus paruktuvi Topknot Pigeon, Top-knot Pigeon, Flock Pigeon, Quook Quook
Macropygia amboinensis ruuge-kägutuvi Slender-billed Cuckoo-dove, Brown Cuckoo-dove*, Pink-breasted Cuckoo Dove, Amboina Cuckoo-dove
Macropygia emiliana sunda kägutuvi Ruddy Cuckoo-dove, Indonesian Cuckoo Dove, Sunda Red Cuckoo-dove
Macropygia emiliana cinnamomea, Macropygia cinnamomea enggano kägutuvi Enggano Cuckoo-dove, Enggano Cuckoo Dove
Macropygia mackinlayi melaneesia kägutuvi Mackinlay's Cuckoo-dove, Mackinlay's Cuckoo Dove, Spot-breasted Cuckoo-dove, Rufous Cuckoo-dove, Rufous Brown Cuckoo-dove, Black-spotted Cuckoo-dove, Dimorphic Cuckoo-dove, Rufous Pheasant-pigeon, Rufous-brown Pheasant-dove
Macropygia magna viir-kägutuvi Dusky Cuckoo-dove, Large Cuckoo Dove, Barred-necked Cuckoo-dove
Macropygia nigrirostris paapua kägutuvi Black-billed Cuckoo-dove, Lesser Black-billed Cuckoo-dove, Lesser Bar-tailed Cuckoo Dove, Bar-tailed Cuckoo-dove
Macropygia phasianella, Macropygia amboinensis phasianella austraalia kägutuvi Brown Cuckoo-dove, Large Brown Cuckoo Dove, Pheasant Pigeon*, Brown Pigeon, Pheasant-tailed Pigeon
Macropygia ruficeps väike-kägutuvi Little Cuckoo-dove, Little Cuckoo Dove, Red-faced Cuckoo-dove, Red-headed Cuckoo-dove, Lesser Red Cuckoo-dove
Macropygia rufipennis andamani kägutuvi Andaman Cuckoo-dove, Andaman Cuckoo Dove, Nicobar Cuckoo-dove
Macropygia tenuirostris filipiini kägutuvi Philippine Cuckoo-dove, Reddish Cuckoo-dove
Macropygia unchall vöötsaba-kägutuvi Barred Cuckoo-dove, Bar-tailed Cuckoo Dove, Long-tailed Cuckoo-dove, Large Cuckoo-dove, Larger Indian Cuckoo-dove, Larger Malay Cuckoo-dove
Megaloprepia formosa, Ptilinopus bernsteinii kuldkõht-rohetuvi Scarlet-breasted Fruit-dove, Scarlet-breasted Fruit Dove
Megaloprepia magnifica, Ptilinopus magnificus, Megaloprepia magnificus suur-rohetuvi Wompoo Fruit-dove, Wompoo Fruit Dove, Magnificent Fruit Dove, Purple-breasted Fruit-dove, Wompoo Pigeon, Purple-bellied Pigeon, King Pigeon, Wompoo Fruit-pigeon, Purple-bellied Fruit-pigeon, King Fruit-pigeon
Metriopelia aymara rohu-puunatuvi Golden-spotted Ground-dove, Golden-spotted Ground Dove, Bronze-winged Ground Dove
Metriopelia ceciliae rünka-puunatuvi Bare-faced Ground-dove, Bare-faced Ground Dove, Bare-eyed Ground-dove, Cecilia's Dove, Spectacled Dove, Yellow-eyed Dove
Metriopelia melanoptera suur-puunatuvi Black-winged Ground-dove, Black-winged Ground Dove
Metriopelia morenoi atacama puunatuvi Moreno's Ground-dove, Moreno's Ground Dove, Bare-eyed Ground Dove, Moreno's Bare-faced Ground-dove
Microgoura meeki kahupea-tuvi (†) Choiseul Pigeon, Solomon Island Ground Pigeon, Solomon Crowned Pigeon, Choiseul Crested Pigeon
Nesoenas cicur (†) Mauritius Turtle-dove
Nesoenas duboisi, Columba duboisi, Streptopelia duboisi roostetuvi (†) Reunion Pigeon, Réunion Pink Pigeon, Reunion Pink Pigeon, Mauritius Pink Pigeon, Bourbon Pink Pigeon
Nesoenas mayeri, Columba mayeri roosatuvi Pink Pigeon, Chestnut-tailed Pigeon, Mauritius Pigeon
Nesoenas picturatus, Streptopelia picturata, Columba picturata malagassi tuvi Madagascar Turtle-dove, Madagascan Turtle Dove, Madagascar Turtle Dove, Painted Dove, Red Turtle-dove*
Nesoenas rodericanus (†) Rodrigues Turtle-dove
Ocyphaps lophotes, Geophaps lophotes tutt-tuvi Crested Pigeon, Crested Dove, Crested Bronzewing, Saddleback Pigeon, Whistle-winged Pigeon, Topknot Pigeon*, Top-knot, Wire-wing
Oena capensis sabatuvi Namaqua Dove, Cape Dove, Long-tailed Dove
Otidiphaps aruensis, Otidiphaps nobilis aruensis aru faasantuvi White-naped Pheasant-pigeon
Otidiphaps cervicalis, Otidiphaps nobilis cervicalis hallkukal-faasantuvi Grey-naped Pheasant-pigeon
Otidiphaps insularis, Otidiphaps nobilis insularis Black-naped Pheasant-pigeon
Otidiphaps nobilis faasantuvi Green-naped Pheasant Pigeon, Pheasant Pigeon (s.l.), Green-collared Pigeon, Grey-collared Pigeon, Magnificent Ground-pigeon
Patagioenas albilinea, Patagioenas fasciata albilinea, Columba fasciata albilinea Southern Band-tailed Pigeon, White-naped Pigeon*
Patagioenas albipennis, Patagioenas maculosa albipennis, Columba maculosa albipennis White-winged Pigeon
Patagioenas araucana, Columba araucana araukaariatuvi Chilean Pigeon, Chilean Band-tail
Patagioenas caribaea, Columba caribaea jamaika tuvi Ring-tailed Pigeon, Jamaican Band-tailed Pigeon, Ring-tail
Patagioenas cayennensis, Columba cayennensis, Columba rufina purpurtuvi Pale-vented Pigeon, Rufous Pigeon, Blue Pigeon*, Cayenne Pigeon, Purple-tinted Pigeon
Patagioenas corensis, Columba corensis, Columba gymnophtalmos vihmatuvi Bare-eyed Pigeon, White-winged Pigeon*
Patagioenas fasciata, Columba fasciata tõrutuvi Northern Band-tailed Pigeon, Band-tailed Pigeon, White-collared Pigeon, Blue Pigeon*
Patagioenas flavirostris, Columba flavirostris mehhiko tuvi Red-billed Pigeon, Blue Pigeon*
Patagioenas goodsoni, Columba goodsoni kolumbia tuvi Dusky Pigeon, Goodson's Pigeon
Patagioenas inornata, Columba inornata õlaktuvi Plain Pigeon, Blue Pigeon*
Patagioenas leucocephala, Columba leucocephala tanutuvi White-crowned Pigeon, White-headed Dove, Baldpate
Patagioenas maculosa, Columba maculosa päevalilletuvi Spot-winged Pigeon, Spotted Pigeon, American Spotted Pigeon, White-winged Pigeon*
Patagioenas nigrirostris, Columba nigrirostris lühinokk-tuvi Short-billed Pigeon
Patagioenas oenops, Columba oenops peruu tuvi Peruvian Pigeon, Salvin's Pigeon
Patagioenas picazuro, Columba picazuro brasiilia tuvi Picazuro Pigeon, Argentine Woodpigeon, Brown Woodpigeon, Scaly-necked Woodpigeon
Patagioenas plumbea, Columba plumbea, Oenoenas plumbea suur-selvatuvi Plumbeous Pigeon
Patagioenas speciosa, Columba speciosa tähniktuvi Scaled Pigeon, Dominck Pigeon, Fair Pigeon, Red-backed Pigeon, Scallop-necked Pigeon, Scab-necked Pigeon, Splendid Pigeon, Speckle-neck Pigeon
Patagioenas squamosa, Columba squamosa kariibi tuvi Scaly-naped Pigeon, Red-necked Pigeon, Scaled Pigeon*, Blue Pigeon
Patagioenas subvinacea, Columba subvinacea, Oenoenas subvinacea väike-selvatuvi Ruddy Pigeon, Dusky Pigeon*
Petrophassa albipennis valgetiib-kivituvi White-quilled Rock-pigeon, White-quilled Rock Pigeon, White-winged Rock-pigeon, White-winged Bronzewing
Petrophassa rufipennis punatiib-kivituvi Chestnut-quilled Rock-pigeon, Chestnut-quilled Rock Pigeon, Red-quilled Rock-pigeon
Pezophaps solitaria rodriguese dront (†) Rodrigues Solitaire, Rodriguez Solitaire
Phapitreron amethystinus, Phapitreron amethystina suur-pruuntuvi Amethyst Brown-dove, Amethyst Brown Dove, Amethyst Dove, Greater Brown Fruit Dove, Amethyst Fruit-dove, White-eared Fruit-dove*, Greater Fruit-dove, Amethystine Brown-dove
Phapitreron brevirostris, Phapitreron leucotis brevirostris lõunafilipiini pruuntuvi Short-billed Brown-dove
Phapitreron brunneiceps, Phapitreron cinereiceps brunneiceps mindanao pruuntuvi Dark-eared Brown-dove, Mindanao Brown-dove
Phapitreron cinereiceps lõuna-pruuntuvi Tawitawi Brown-dove, Dark-eared Brown-dove, Dark-eared Brown Dove, Southern Brown Fruit-dove
Phapitreron frontalis, Phapitreron amethystinus frontalis cebu pruuntuvi Cebu Brown-dove
Phapitreron leucotis väike-pruuntuvi White-eared Brown-dove, White-eared Brown Dove, Lesser Brown Fruit Dove, Brown Fruit-pigeon, White-eared Fruit-pigeon
Phapitreron maculipectus, Phapitreron amethystinus maculipectus negrose pruuntuvi Grey-breasted Brown-dove
Phapitreron nigrorum, Phapitreron leucotis nigrorum keskfilipiini pruuntuvi Buff-eared Brown-dove
Phaps chalcoptera suur-valjastuvi Common Bronzewing, Bronze Pigeon, Bronzewing Pigeon, Common Bronzewing Pigeon, Brown Pigeon, Forest Bronzewing, Scrub Bronzewing
Phaps elegans võsa-valjastuvi Brush Bronzewing, Little Bronze Pigeon, Box-poison Pigeon, Brown Bronzewing Pigeon
Phaps histrionica, Histriophaps histrionica parve-valjastuvi Flock Bronzewing, Harlequin Bronzewing, Flock Pigeon, Harlequin Pigeon
Ptilinopus alligator, Leucotreron alligator arnhemi rohetuvi Grey-rumped Fruit-dove, Black-banded Fruit-dove, Black-banded Pigeon, Banded Pigeon*, Banded Fruit-dove*
Ptilinopus arcanus negrose rohetuvi Negros Fruit-dove, Negros Fruit Dove, Ripley's Fruit Dove
Ptilinopus aurantiifrons kuldlauk-rohetuvi Orange-fronted Fruit-dove, Orange-fronted Fruit Dove, Golden-fronted Fruit-dove, Yellow-fronted Fruit-pigeon
Ptilinopus chalcurus makatea rohetuvi Makatea Fruit-dove, Makatea Fruit Dove, Mahatea Fruit Dove
Ptilinopus chrysogaster, Ptilinopus purpuratus chrysogaster raiatea rohetuvi Raiatea Fruit-dove, Society Island Fruit-dove
Ptilinopus cinctus, Ptilinopus cincta, Leucotreron cincta mustselg-rohetuvi Black-backed Fruit-dove, Banded Fruit Dove, Black-backed Fruit Dove, Banded Fruit-dove*, White-headed Fruit-dove, White-headed Pigeon*, Black-banded Pigeon, Banded Pigeon*
Ptilinopus coralensis atolli-rohetuvi Atoll Fruit-dove, Atoll Fruit Dove, Tuamotu Fruit-dove
Ptilinopus coronulatus kroon-rohetuvi Coroneted Fruit-dove, Coroneted Fruit Dove, Lilac-capped Fruit Dove, Lilac-crowned Fruit-dove, Coronated Fruit-dove, Little Coronated Fruit-dove, Diadem Fruit-dove, Lilac-crowned Fruit-pigeon
Ptilinopus dohertyi, Leucotreron dohertyi sumba rohetuvi Red-naped Fruit-dove, Red-naped Fruit Dove, Doherty's Fruit-dove, Purple-tailed Fruit-dove
Ptilinopus dupetithouarsii valgekiird-rohetuvi White-capped Fruit-dove, White-capped Fruit Dove, Marquesas Fruit-dove*, Northern Marquesan Fruit-dove
Ptilinopus eugeniae vandelpea-rohetuvi White-headed Fruit-dove, White-headed Fruit Dove, Eugene's Fruit-dove, Eugene's Fruit-pigeon
Ptilinopus fasciatus, Ptilinopus porphyraceus fasciatus samoa rohetuvi Samoan Fruit-dove
Ptilinopus gestroi, Ptilinopus ornatus gestroi Eastern Ornate Fruit-dove, Ornate Fruit-dove*, Ornate Fruit Dove*, Gestro's Fruit-dove
Ptilinopus granulifrons sagar-rohetuvi Carunculated Fruit-dove, Carunculated Fruit Dove, Obi Fruit-dove, Wattled Fruit-dove
Ptilinopus greyi, Ptilinopus greyii melaneesia rohetuvi Red-bellied Fruit-dove, Red-bellied Fruit Dove, Grey's Fruit Dove
Ptilinopus hernsheimi, Ptilinopus porphyraceus hernsheimi kosrae rohetuvi Kosrae Fruit-dove
Ptilinopus huttoni rapa rohetuvi Rapa Fruit-dove, Rapa Fruit Dove, Rapa Island Fruit Dove, Hutton's Fruit-dove, Long-billed Fruit-dove
Ptilinopus hyogastrus, Ptilinopus hyogaster, Ptilinopus hyogastra laiktiib-rohetuvi Grey-headed Fruit-dove, Grey-headed Fruit Dove, Purple-bellied Fruit-dove
Ptilinopus insolitus kühmnokk-rohetuvi Knob-billed Fruit-dove, Knob-billed Fruit Dove, Red-knobbed Fruit-dove, Knob-billed Orange-bellied Fruit-dove, Knob-billed Fruit-pigeon
Ptilinopus insularis hendersoni rohetuvi Henderson Fruit-dove, Henderson Fruit Dove, Henderson Island Fruit-dove, Henderson Island Fruit Dove, Henderson Island Fruit-pigeon
Ptilinopus iozonus ruugekõht-rohetuvi Orange-bellied Fruit-dove, Orange-bellied Fruit Dove
Ptilinopus melanospilus, Ptilinopus melanospila, Ptilinopus melanocephalus mustkukal-rohetuvi Black-naped Fruit-dove, Black-naped Fruit Dove, Black-headed Fruit-dove, Black-naped Fruit-pigeon
Ptilinopus mercierii karmiinpea-rohetuvi (†) Red-moustached Fruit-dove, Red-moustached Fruit Dove, Marquesas Fruit-dove*, Southern Marquesan Fruit-dove, Red-capped Marquesas Fruit-dove, Yellow-bellied Fruit-dove, Moustached Dove
Ptilinopus monacha sinikiird-rohetuvi Blue-capped Fruit-dove, Blue-capped Fruit Dove, Blue-crowned Fruit-dove
Ptilinopus nainus, Ptilinopus nanus, Ptilinopus naina värb-rohetuvi Dwarf Fruit-dove, Dwarf Fruit Dove, Least Fruit-dove, Little Fruit-dove, Small Green Fruit-dove, Small Fruit-dove
Ptilinopus ornatus õlak-rohetuvi Western Ornate Fruit-dove, Ornate Fruit-dove*, Ornate Fruit Dove*
Ptilinopus pelewensis palau rohetuvi Palau Fruit-dove, Palau Fruit Dove
Ptilinopus perlatus pärl-rohetuvi Pink-spotted Fruit-dove, Pink-spotted Fruit Dove, Pink-spotted Fruit-pigeon
Ptilinopus perousii viker-rohetuvi Many-coloured Fruit-dove, Many-coloured Fruit Dove, Many-colored Fruit-dove, Many-coloured Fruit Dove, Rainbow Dove, Nutmeg Dove, Painted Dove
Ptilinopus ponapensis, Ptilinopus porphyraceus ponapensis pohnpei rohetuvi Pohnpei Fruit-dove
Ptilinopus porphyraceus okeaania rohetuvi Tongan Fruit-dove, Purple-capped Fruit-dove, Purple-capped Fruit Dove, Crimson-crowned Fruit-dove, Purple-crowned Fruit-dove, Pohnpei Dove, Ponape Dove
Ptilinopus porphyreus, Ptilinopus porphyrea, Leucotreron porphyrea purpur-rohetuvi Pink-headed Fruit-dove, Pink-headed Fruit Dove, Pink-necked Fruit Dove, Pink-necked Fruit-dove
Ptilinopus pulchellus valgekurk-rohetuvi Beautiful Fruit-dove, Beautiful Fruit Dove, Crimson-capped Fruit Dove, Crimson-crowned Fruit-dove, Grey-breasted Fruit-dove, Rose-fronted Pigeon
Ptilinopus purpuratus tahiti rohetuvi Grey-green Fruit-dove, Grey-green Fruit Dove, Society Island Fruit-dove, Tahiti Fruit-dove, Purple-capped Fruit-dove*
Ptilinopus rarotongensis rarotonga rohetuvi Rarotonga Fruit-dove, Rarotongan Fruit-dove, Rarotongan Fruit Dove, Cook Islands Fruit-dove, Cook Fruit-dove
Ptilinopus regina lõuna-rohetuvi Rose-crowned Fruit-dove, Rose-crowned Fruit Dove, Pink-capped Fruit Dove, Pink-crowned Fruit-dove, Grey-capped Fruit-dove, Blue-spotted Fruit-dove, Swainson's Fruit-dove, Pink-crowned Pigeon, Red-crowned Pigeon
Ptilinopus richardsii hõbekiird-rohetuvi Silver-capped Fruit-dove, Silver-capped Fruit Dove, Richard's Fruit-dove, Pink-spotted Fruit-dove*
Ptilinopus rivoli vöö-rohetuvi White-bibbed Fruit-dove, White-bibbed Fruit Dove, Beautiful Fruit-dove*, Moon-breasted Fruit-dove, White-breasted Fruit-dove, High-Mountain Fruit-dove
Ptilinopus roseicapilla mariaani rohetuvi Mariana Fruit-dove, Marianas Fruit Dove, Rose-capped Fruit-dove
Ptilinopus solomonensis roosakõht-rohetuvi Yellow-banded Fruit-dove, Yellow-bibbed Fruit-dove, Yellow-bibbed Fruit Dove, Yellow-breasted Fruit-dove*, Splendid Fruit-dove
Ptilinopus speciosus, Ptilinopus solomonensis speciosus Geelvink Fruit-dove
Ptilinopus superbus hund-rohetuvi Eastern Superb Fruit-dove, Superb Fruit-dove*, Superb Fruit Dove*, Purple-capped Fruit-dove*, Purple-crowned Fruit-dove, Purple-crowned Pigeon, Superb Fruit-pigeon*
Ptilinopus tannensis vanuatu rohetuvi Tanna Fruit-dove, Tanna Fruit Dove, Silver-shouldered Fruit Dove, Vanuatu Fruit-dove, Yellow-headed Fruit-dove, New Hebrides Fruit-dove
Ptilinopus temminckii, Ptilinopus superbus temminckii Western Superb Fruit-dove
Ptilinopus viridis punapugu-rohetuvi Claret-breasted Fruit-dove, Claret-breasted Fruit Dove, Red-bibbed Fruit Dove, Red-breasted Fruit-dove, Red-throated Fruit-dove
Ptilinopus wallacii hallselg-rohetuvi Wallace's Fruit-dove, Wallace's Fruit Dove, Golden-shouldered Fruit-dove, Crimson-capped Fruit-dove, Wallace's Green Fruit-dove, Wallace's Fruit-pigeon
Ramphiculus epius, Ptilinopus subgularis epia, Ptilinopus epius Maroon-chinned Fruit-dove, Maroon-chinned Fruit Dove, Oberholser's Fruit-dove
Ramphiculus fischeri, Ptilinopus fischeri, Leucotreron fischeri, Rhamphiculus fischeri mägi-rohetuvi Red-eared Fruit-dove, Red-eared Fruit Dove, Fischer's Fruit Dove
Ramphiculus jambu, Ptilinopus jambu mask-rohetuvi Jambu Fruit-dove, Jambu Fruit Dove, Pink-headed Fruit-dove*, Crimson-headed Fruit-dove, Jambu Fruit-pigeon
Ramphiculus leclancheri, Ptilinopus leclancheri, Leucotreron leclancheri, Rhamphiculus leclancheri mustkurk-rohetuvi Black-chinned Fruit-dove, Black-chinned Fruit Dove, Black-throated Fruit-dove, Leclancher's Pigeon
Ramphiculus mangoliensis, Ptilinopus subgularis mangoliensis, Ptilinopus mangoliensis sulasaarte rohetuvi Sula Fruit-dove
Ramphiculus marchei, Ptilinopus marchei, Leucotreron marchei, Rhamphiculus marchei mustpõsk-rohetuvi Flame-breasted Fruit-dove, Flame-breasted Fruit Dove, Marche's Fruit Dove, Marche's Fruit-pigeon, Black-eared Fruit-pigeon
Ramphiculus meridionalis, Ptilinopus fischeri meridionalis, Ptilinopus meridionalis lompobattangi rohetuvi Lompobattang Fruit-dove
Ramphiculus merrilli, Ptilinopus merrilli, Leucotreron merrilli, Rhamphiculus merrilli karustiib-rohetuvi Cream-bellied Fruit-dove, Cream-bellied Fruit Dove, Merrill's Fruit Dove, Cream-breasted Fruit-dove
Ramphiculus occipitalis, Ptilinopus occipitalis, Leucotreron occipitalis, Rhamphiculus occipitalis koldrind-rohetuvi Yellow-breasted Fruit-dove, Yellow-breasted Fruit Dove, Sulphur-breasted Fruit-dove, Yellow-breasted Fruit-pigeon
Ramphiculus subgularis, Ptilinopus subgularis, Leucotreron subgularis, Rhamphiculus subgularis džungli-rohetuvi Banggai Fruit-dove, Dark-chinned Fruit Dove
Raphus cucullatus, Didus ineptus mauritiuse dront e. dodo (†) Dodo
Reinwardtoena browni uusbritannia haraktuvi Pied Cuckoo-dove, Brown's Long-tailed Pigeon
Reinwardtoena crassirostris, Coryphoenas crassirostris tutt-haraktuvi Crested Cuckoo-dove, Crested Long-tailed Pigeon, Crested Pigeon*
Reinwardtoena reinwardti, Reinwardtoena reinwardtii, Reinwardtoena reinwardtsi händ-haraktuvi Great Cuckoo-dove, Giant Cuckoo-dove, Reinwardt's Cuckoo-dove, Long-tailed Cuckoo-dove, Reinwardt's Long-tailed Pigeon, Crested Long-tailed Pigeon, Crested Pigeon*
Spilopelia chinensis, Streptopelia chinensis džungli-turteltuvi Eastern Spotted Dove, Spotted Dove, Spotted-necked Dove, Laceneck Dove, Necklace Dove, Spot-necked Dove, Indian Turtle-dove, Chinese Turtle-dove, Pearl-necked Dove
Spilopelia senegalemsis, Streptopelia senegalensis küla-turteltuvi Laughing Dove, Palm Dove, Senegal Dove, Indian Little Brown Dove
Spilopelia suratensis, Streptopelia chinensis suratensis, Streptopelia suratensis täpik-turteltuvi Western Spotted Dove, Indian Spotted Dove
Starnoenas cyanocephala, Geotrygon cyanocephala kuuba töbituvi Blue-headed Quail-dove, Blue-headed Quail Dove, Blue-headed Ground-pigeon, Black-bearded Dove
Streptopelia bitorquata mangroovi-turteltuvi Sunda Collared-dove, Island Collared-dove, Island Collared Dove, Javanese Collared Dove, Philippine Turtle-dove
Streptopelia capicola savanni-turteltuvi Ring-necked Dove, Cape Turtle-dove, Cape Ring-dove, Dark-eyed Ring-dove, Damara Dove
Streptopelia decaocto kaelus-turteltuvi (pargi-turteltuvi) Eurasian Collared-dove, Eurasian Collared Dove, Collared Dove, Collared Turtle-dove, Eastern Ring-dove, Eurasian Ring-dove, Indian Ring-dove
Streptopelia decipiens akaatsia-turteltuvi Mourning Collared-dove, African Mourning Dove, Mourning Collared Dove, Mourning Dove
Streptopelia dusumieri, Streptopelia bitorquata dusumieri filipiini turteltuvi Philippine Collared-dove, Philippine Turtle-dove
Streptopelia hypopyrrha adamaoua turteltuvi Adamawa Turtle-dove, Adamawa Turtle Dove, Pink-bellied Turtle Dove
Streptopelia lugens mägi-turteltuvi Dusky Turtle-dove, Dusky Turtle Dove, Black Dove, Pink-breasted Dove
Streptopelia orientalis suur-turteltuvi Oriental Turtle-dove, Oriental Turtle Dove, Eastern Turtle Dove, Rufous Turtle Dove, Mountain Turtle-dove
Streptopelia reichenowi jõgi-turteltuvi White-winged Collared-dove, White-winged Collared Dove, White-winged Ringed-dove, Reichenow's Dove
Streptopelia roseogrisea f. risoria, Streptopelia roseogrisea var. domestica leet-turteltuvi Barbara Dove
Streptopelia roseogrisea, Streptopelia risoria naeru-turteltuvi African Collared-dove, African Collared Dove, Pink-headed Turtle Dove, Pink-headed Dove
Streptopelia semitorquata prill-turteltuvi Red-eyed Dove, Red-eyed Turtle Dove, Black Dove, Black Pigeon, Half-collared Dove
Streptopelia tranquebarica puna-turteltuvi Red Turtle-dove, Red Turtle Dove, Red-collared Dove, Red Collared-dove, Red Ring-dove, Dwarf Turtle-dove
Streptopelia turtur turteltuvi (harilik turteltuvi) European Turtle-dove, European Turtle Dove, Turtle Dove, Common Turtle Dove
Streptopelia vinacea sudaani turteltuvi Vinaceous Dove, Vinaceous Ring-dove, Vinaceous Turtle-dove
Streptopelia xanthocycla, Streptopelia decaocto xanthocycla birma turteltuvi Burmese Collared-dove, Yellow-spectacled Collared-dove
Treron affinis, Treron pompadora affinis ghati viigituvi Grey-fronted Green-pigeon
Treron apicauda, Sphenurus apicauda pahlsaba-viigituvi Pin-tailed Green-pigeon, Pin-tailed Green Pigeon, Long-tailed Green-pigeon
Treron aromaticus, Treron pompadora aromatica buru viigituvi Buru Green-pigeon
Treron australis madagaskari viigituvi Madagascar Green-pigeon, Madagascan Green Pigeon, Madagascar Green Pigeon
Treron australis griveaudi, Treron griveaudi komoori viigituvi Comoros Green-pigeon
Treron axillaris, Treron pompadora axillaris filipiini viigituvi Philippine Green-pigeon
Treron bicinctus, Treron bicincta ruugerind-viigituvi Orange-breasted Green-pigeon, Orange-breasted Green Pigeon, Orange-breasted Pigeon
Treron calvus, Treron calva aafrika viigituvi African Green-pigeon, African Green Pigeon, African Fruit-pigeon, Green Fruit-pigeon
Treron capellei, Butreron capellei suur-viigituvi Large Green-pigeon, Large Green Pigeon, Large Thick-billed Green-pigeon, Great Green-pigeon
Treron chloropterus, Treron pompadora chloroptera andamani viigituvi Andaman Green-pigeon
Treron curvirostra prill-viigituvi Thick-billed Green-pigeon, Thick-billed Green Pigeon, Thick-billed Pigeon
Treron delalandii, Treron calvus delalandii Grey-breasted Green-pigeon
Treron floris florese viigituvi Flores Green-pigeon, Flores Green Pigeon
Treron formosae, Sphenurus formosae taivani viigituvi Taiwan Green-pigeon, Whistling Green-pigeon, Whistling Green Pigeon, Formosan Green Pigeon, Red-capped Green-pigeon
Treron fulvicollis kaneel-viigituvi Cinnamon-headed Green-pigeon, Cinnamon-headed Green Pigeon, Chestnut-headed Green-pigeon, Cinnamon Green-pigeon, Cinnamon-headed Pigeon
Treron griseicauda välja-viigituvi Grey-cheeked Green-pigeon, Grey-cheeked Green Pigeon, Grey-faced Thick-billed Green Pigeon, Grey-faced Green-pigeon, Grey-cheeked Pigeon
Treron olax väike-viigituvi Little Green-pigeon, Little Green Pigeon
Treron oxyurus, Treron oxyura, Sphenurus oxyura sumatra viigituvi Sumatran Green-pigeon, Sumatran Green Pigeon, Yellow-bellied Pin-tailed Green Pigeon
Treron pembaensis pemba viigituvi Pemba Green-pigeon, Pemba Green Pigeon, Pemba Island Green Pigeon
Treron permagnus, Treron formosae permagnus Ryukyu Green-pigeon
Treron phayrei, Treron pompadora phayrei indohiina viigituvi Ashy-headed Green-pigeon
Treron phoenicopterus, Treron phoenicoptera koldkael-viigituvi Yellow-footed Green-pigeon, Yellow-legged Green Pigeon, Common Green-pigeon, Yellow-footed Pigeon
Treron pompadora kuld-viigituvi Sri Lanka Green-pigeon, Pompadour Green-pigeon (s.l.), Pompadour Green Pigeon (s.l.), Pompadour Pigeon (s.l.)
Treron psittaceus, Treron psittacea timori viigituvi Timor Green-pigeon, Timor Green Pigeon
Treron sanctithomae são tomé viigituvi Sao Tome Green-pigeon, São Tomé Green Pigeon, Sao Thomé Green Pigeon, Sao Thome Green Pigeon
Treron seimundi, Sphenurus seimundi valgekõht-viigituvi Yellow-vented Green-pigeon, Yellow-vented Green Pigeon, Yellow-vented Pin-tailed Green Pigeon, White-bellied Pin-tailed Green-pigeon, Seimund's Green-pigeon
Treron sieboldii, Sphenurus sieboldii ida-viigituvi White-bellied Green-pigeon, White-bellied Green Pigeon, Japanese Green Pigeon, White-bellied Wedge-tailed Green-pigeon, White-bellied Pigeon
Treron sphenurus, Treron sphenura, Sphenurus sphenura kiilsaba-viigituvi Wedge-tailed Green-pigeon, Wedge-tailed Green Pigeon, Singing Green-pigeon, Kokla
Treron teysmannii, Treron teysmanni sumba viigituvi Sumba Green-pigeon, Sumba Green Pigeon, Sumba Island Green Pigeon
Treron vernans koidu-viigituvi Pink-necked Green-pigeon, Pink-necked Green Pigeon, Pink-necked Pigeon
Treron waalia hallpea-viigituvi Bruce's Green-pigeon, Bruce's Green Pigeon, Yellow-bellied Green Pigeon
Trugon terrestris habetuvi Thick-billed Ground-pigeon, Thick-billed Ground Pigeon, Grey Ground-pigeon, Slaty Ground-pigeon, Thick-billed Jungle-pigeon
Turacoena manadensis, Macropygia manadensis valgepea-tuvi White-faced Cuckoo-dove, White-faced Pigeon, White-faced Black Cuckoo-dove, Sulawesi Black Pigeon, White-faced Black Pigeon, White-faced Pigeon, White-headed Pigeon*
Turacoena modesta, Macropygia modesta nõgituvi Black Cuckoo-dove, Slaty Cuckoo-dove, Slate-coloured Cuckoo-dove, Timor Black Pigeon
Turtur abyssinicus sudaani halatuvi Black-billed Wood-dove, Black-billed Wood Dove, Black-billed Blue-spotted Wood-dove, Abyssinian Wood-dove
Turtur afer sinitähn-halatuvi Blue-spotted Wood-dove, Blue-spotted Wood Dove, Red-billed Wood-dove, Saphire-spotted Wood-dove, Metallic-spotted Wood-dove
Turtur brehmeri, Calopelia brehmeri sinipea-tuvi Blue-headed Wood-dove, Blue-headed Wood Dove, Blue-headed Dove, Maiden Dove
Turtur chalcospilos savanni-halatuvi Emerald-spotted Wood-dove, Emerald-spotted Wood Dove, Emerald-spotted Dove, Green-spotted Wood-dove
Turtur tympanistria, Tympanistria tympanistria tamburiintuvi Tambourine Dove, Forest Dove, White-breasted Pigeon, White-breasted Wood-dove
Uropelia campestris, Columbina campestris pisituvi Long-tailed Ground-dove, Long-tailed Ground Dove, Azure-spotted Ground-dove, Mauve-spotted Dove
Zenaida asiatica, Melopelia asiatica valgetiib-tuvi White-winged Dove, Singing Dove, Mesquite Dove, White-wing
Zenaida auriculata, Zenaidura auriculata lõuna-ruugetuvi Eared Dove, Violet-eared Dove, Blue-eared Dove, Torpedo Dove, Bronze-necked Dove, Gold-neck Dove
Zenaida aurita antilli ruugetuvi Zenaida Dove, Pea Dove, Seaside Dove, Wood Dove, Mountain Dove
Zenaida galapagoensis, Nesopelia galapagoensis galápagose tuvi Galapagos Dove
Zenaida graysoni, Zenaidura graysoni socorro ruugetuvi Socorro Dove, Grayson's Dove
Zenaida macroura, Zenaidura macroura händ-ruugetuvi Mourning Dove, American Mourning Dove, Carolina Dove
Zenaida meloda peruu valgetiib-tuvi West Peruvian Dove, Pacific Dove, Southern White-wing Dove
Zentrygon albifacies, Geotrygon albifacies, Oreopeleia albifacies maia töbituvi White-faced Quail-dove
Zentrygon carrikeri, Geotrygon carrikeri, Oreopeleia carrikeri veracruzi töbituvi Tuxtla Quail-dove, Velacruz Quail-dove, Carriker's Quail-dove, Purplish-backed Quail-dove*
Zentrygon chiriquensis, Geotrygon chiriquensis, Oreopeleia chiriquensis ruske-töbituvi Chiriqui Quail-dove, Rufous-breasted Quail-dove
Zentrygon costaricensis, Geotrygon costaricensis, Oreopeleia costaricensis kostariika töbituvi Buff-fronted Quail-dove, Costa Rican Quail-dove, Costa Rican Quail Dove
Zentrygon frenata, Geotrygon frenata, Oreopeleia frenata mägi-töbituvi White-throated Quail-dove, White-throated Quail Dove, Alamor Quail-dove, Bourcier's Quail-dove, Peruvian Quail-dove, Pink-faced Quail-dove
Zentrygon goldmani, Geotrygon goldmani, Oreopeleia goldmani panama töbituvi Russet-crowned Quail-dove, Russet-crowned Quail Dove, Mount Pirri Quail-dove, Goldman's Quail-dove
Zentrygon lawrencii, Geotrygon lawrencii, Oreopeleia lawrencii valjas-töbituvi Purplish-backed Quail-dove, Lawrence's Quail Dove
Zentrygon linearis, Geotrygon linearis, Oreopeleia linearis tuhk-töbituvi Lined Quail-dove, Lined Quail Dove, White-faced Quail-dove*
In orderColumbiformes family Columbidae 377 results found
Coraciiformes - siniraalised Alcedinidae - jäälindlased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Actenoides bougainvillei, Halcyon bougainvillei loit-safiirlind Moustached Kingfisher
Actenoides capucinus, Actenoides monachus capucinus Black-headed Kingfisher
Actenoides concretus, Actenoides concreta, Halcyon concretus malai safiirlind Rufous-collared Kingfisher, Chestnut-collared Kingfisher
Actenoides excelsus, Actenoides bougainvillei excelsus guadalcanali safiirlind Guadalcanal Moustached Kingfisher
Actenoides hombroni, Halcyon hombroni mindanao safiirlind Blue-capped Kingfisher, Hombron's Kingfisher, Wood Kingfisher
Actenoides lindsayi, Halcyon lindsayi helmes-safiirlind Spotted Kingfisher, Spotted Wood Kingfisher
Actenoides monachus, Actenoides monacha, Halcyon monachus, Dacelalcyon monachus, Actenoides monachus roheselg-safiirlind Blue-headed Kingfisher, Green-backed Kingfisher, Blue-headed Wood Kingfisher, Celebes Green Kingfisher, Celebes Lowland Kingfisher, Celebean Blue-and-white Kingfisher, Cowled Kingfisher, Lonely Kingfisher, Lowland Kingfisher
Actenoides princeps, Halcyon princeps, Monachalcyon princeps, Actenoides princeps viir-safiirlind Scaly-breasted Kingfisher, Bar-headed Wood Kingfisher, Scaly Kingfisher, Regent Kingfisher, Princely Kingfisher, Celebes Mountain Kingfisher, Mountane Kingfisher
Actenoides regalis, Actenoides princeps regalis Plain-backed Kingfisher
Alcedo atthis jäälind (harilik jäälind) Common Kingfisher, River Kingfisher*, European Kingfisher, Eurasian Kingfisher, Kingfisher
Alcedo coerulescens, Cyanispida coerulescens lasuur-jäälind Cerulean Kingfisher, Small Blue Kingfisher, Caerulean Kingfisher
Alcedo euryzona tõmmu-jäälind Javan Blue-banded Kingfisher, Blue-banded Kingfisher, Broad-zoned Kingfisher
Alcedo hercules, [Alcedo grandis] suur-jäälind Blyth's Kingfisher, Great Blue Kingfisher
Alcedo meninting türkiis-jäälind Blue-eared Kingfisher, Deep-blue Kingfisher, Malaysian Kingfisher
Alcedo peninsulae, Alcedo euryzona peninsulae Malay Blue-banded Kingfisher
Alcedo quadribrachys ametüst-jäälind Shining-blue Kingfisher, Shining Kingfisher
Alcedo semitorquata koobalt-jäälind Half-collared Kingfisher
Caridonax fulgidus, Caridonax fulgida, Halcyon fulgida sunda safiirlind White-rumped Kingfisher, Glittering Kingfisher, Blue-and-white Kingfisher
Ceryle rudis, Megaceryle rudis kirju-kuningkalur Pied Kingfisher, Lesser Pied Kingfisher, Small Pied Kingfisher
Ceyx argentatus, Alcedo argentata must-jäälind Southern Silvery Kingfisher, Silvery Kingfisher*
Ceyx azureus, Alcedo azurea, Alcedo azureus, Alcyone azurea lõuna-jäälind Azure Kingfisher, Blue Kingfisher, Creek Kingfisher, Purple Kingfisher, River Kingfisher*, Water Kingfisher
Ceyx cajeli, Ceyx lepidus cajeli buru jäälind Buru Dwarf-kingfisher
Ceyx collectoris, Ceyx lepidus collectoris New Georgia Dwarf-kingfisher
Ceyx cyanopectus, Alcedo cyanopectus, Alcedo cyanopecta, Alcyone cyanopecta vööt-jäälind Northern Indigo-banded Kingfisher, Indigo-banded Kingfisher, Dwarf River Kingfisher, Blue-breasted Kingfisher, Philippine Pectoral Kingfisher
Ceyx dispar, Ceyx lepidus dispar manuse jäälind Manus Dwarf-kingfisher
Ceyx erithaca, Ceyx erithacus ritsika-jäälind Oriental Dwarf-kingfisher, Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher, Three-toed Kingfisher, Malay Kingfisher, Rufous-backed Kingfisher, Red-backed Kingfisher, Black-backed Dwarf-kingfisher, Rufous-backed Dwarf-kingfisher, Malay Forest-kingfisher
Ceyx fallax sulawesi jäälind Sulawesi Dwarf-kingfisher, Sulawesi Dwarf Kingfisher, Sulawesi Pygmy Kingfisher, Celebes Kingfisher, Sulawesi Kingfisher, Celebes Forest Kingfisher, Blue-crowned Dwarf-kingfisher, Celebes Dwarf-kingfisher, Celebes Pygmy-kingfisher
Ceyx flumenicola, Ceyx argentatus flumenicola, Alcedo argentata flumenicola Northern Silvery Kingfisher
Ceyx gentianus, Ceyx lepidus gentianus makira jäälind San Cristobal Dwarf-kingfisher, Makira Dwarf-kingfisher
Ceyx goodfellowi Goodfellow's Kingfisher
Ceyx lepidus uropygialis, Ceyx uropygialis halmahera jäälind North Moluccan Dwarf-kingfisher
Ceyx lepidus, Alcedo lepida mets-jäälind Moluccan Dwarf-kingfisher, Variable Dwarf-kingfisher, Variable Dwarf Kingfisher, Dwarf Kingfisher, Gentian Kingfisher, Variable Kingfisher, Dwarf Forest-kingfisher, Variable Forest-kingfisher
Ceyx margarethae, Ceyx lepidus margarethae eris-jäälind Dimorphic Dwarf-kingfisher
Ceyx meeki pallidus, Ceyx lepidus pallidus, Ceyx pallidus bougainville'i jäälind Bougainville Dwarf-kingfisher
Ceyx meeki, Ceyx lepidus meeki leet-jäälind North Solomons Dwarf-kingfisher
Ceyx melanurus rubiin-jäälind North Philippine Dwarf-kingfisher, Philippine Dwarf-kingfisher, Philippine Dwarf Kingfisher, Philippine Forest Kingfisher, Philippine Forest-kingfisher
Ceyx mindanensis, Ceyx melanurus mindanensis mindanao jäälind South Philippine Dwarf-kingfisher
Ceyx mulcatus, Ceyx lepidus mulcatus uusiirimaa jäälind New Ireland Dwarf-kingfisher
Ceyx nigrirostris, Ceyx cyanopectus nigrirostris, Alcedo cyanopectus nigrirostris Southern Indigo-banded Kingfisher
Ceyx nigromaxilla malaitae, Ceyx lepidus malaitae, Ceyx malaitae malaita jäälind Malaita Dwarf-kingfisher
Ceyx nigromaxilla, Ceyx lepidus nigromaxilla guadalcanali jäälind Guadalcanal Dwarf-kingfisher
Ceyx pusillus, Alcedo pusilla, Ceyx pusilla, Alcyone pusilla väike-jäälind Little Kingfisher, Mangrove Kingfisher*, Little Kingfisher
Ceyx rufidorsa ruske-jäälind Rufous-backed Kingfisher
Ceyx sacerdotis, Ceyx lepidus sacerdotis uusbritannia jäälind New Britain Dwarf-kingfisher
Ceyx sangirensis, Ceyx fallax sangirensis sangihe jäälind Sangihe Dwarf-kingfisher
Ceyx solitarius, Ceyx lepidus solitarius paapua jäälind New Guinea Dwarf-kingfisher
Ceyx wallacii, Ceyx lepidus wallacii sulasaarte jäälind Sula Dwarf-kingfisher
Ceyx websteri, Alcedo websteri melaneesia jäälind Bismarck Kingfisher, Bismark Pygmy Kingfisher, Island Kingfisher, Webster's Kingfisher
Chloroceryle aenea kääbus-kuningkalur American Pygmy-kingfisher, American Pygmy Kingfisher, Pygmy Kingfisher, Least Green Kingfisher
Chloroceryle amazona laulu-kuningkalur Amazon Kingfisher
Chloroceryle americana väike-kuningkalur Green Kingfisher
Chloroceryle inda punakõht-kuningkalur Green-and-rufous Kingfisher, Green and Rufous Kingfisher
Cittura cyanotis ruskesaba-safiirlind Sulawesi Lilac Kingfisher, Lilac-cheeked Kingfisher, Celebes Blue-eared Kingfisher, Blue-eared Kingfisher, Celebes Kingfisher, Lilac-marked Kingfisher, Masked Kingfisher, Sulawesi Blue-eared Kingfisher, Celebes Flat-billed Kingfisher, Lilac Kingfishe
Cittura sanghirensis, Cittura cyanotis sanghirensis sangihe safiirlind Sangihe Lilac Kingfisher
Clytoceyx rex hiidnokk-safiirlind Shovel-billed Kingfisher, Shovel-billed Kookaburra, Emperor Kingfisher, Crab-eating Kingfisher
Corythornis cristatus, Alcedo cristata, Corythornis cristata tutt-jäälind Malachite Kingfisher, Diademed Kingfisher*
Corythornis leucogaster, Alcedo leucogaster varju-jäälind White-bellied Kingfisher
Corythornis madagascariensis, Ceyx madagascariensis, Ispidina madagascariensis puna-jäälind Madagascar Pygmy-kingfisher, Madagascar Pygmy Kingfisher, Madagascar Rufous Kingfisher
Corythornis nais, Alcedo nais príncipe jäälind Principe Kingfisher, Príncipe Kingfisher
Corythornis thomensis, Alcedo thomensis são tomé jäälind Sao Tome Kingfisher, São Tomé Kingfisher
Corythornis vintsioides, Alcedo vintsioides madagaskari tutt-jäälind Madagaskar Kingfisher, Madagaskar Malachite Kingfisher, Malagasy Kingfisher, Diademed Kingfisher*
Dacelo gaudichaud, Sauromarptis gaudichaud valgenokk-kuukabarra (valgenokk-safiirlind) Rufous-bellied Kookaburra, Rufous-bellied Giant Kingfisher, Rufous-bellied Giant Kookaburra, Gaudichaud's Kookaburra
Dacelo leachii siniõlg-kuukabarra (siniõlg-safiirlind) Blue-winged Kookaburra, Northern Blue-winged Kookaburra, Fawn-breasted Kingfisher, Leach's Kingfisher, Barking Jackass, Howling Jackass
Dacelo novaeguineae, Dacelo gigas kuukabarra (naeru-safiirlind) Laughing Kookaburra, Kookaburra, Jackass, Brown Kingfisher, Giant Kingfisher, Laughing Kingfisher
Dacelo tyro, Melidora tyro, Capricia tyro, Sauromarptis tyro täpik-kuukabarra (täpik-safiirlind) Spangled Kookaburra, Aru Giant Kingfisher, Mantled Kingfisher, Aru Kookaburra
Halcyon albiventris välja-safiirlind Brown-hooded Kingfisher, Brown-headed Kingfisher
Halcyon badia mahagon-safiirlind Chocolate-backed Kingfisher
Halcyon chelicuti, Chelicutia chelicuti triip-safiirlind Striped Kingfisher
Halcyon coromanda, Entomothera coromanda puna-safiirlind Ruddy Kingfisher
Halcyon cyanoventris jaava safiirlind Javan Kingfisher, Java Kingfisher, Blue-bellied Kingfisher
Halcyon gularis, Halcyon smyrnensis gularis White-throated Kingfisher, Brown-breasted Kingfisher
Halcyon leucocephala hallpea-safiirlind Grey-headed Kingfisher, Grey-hooded Kingfisher, Chestnut-bellied Kingfisher*
Halcyon malimbica sinipugu-safiirlind Blue-breasted Kingfisher, Black-winged Kingfisher
Halcyon pileata mustpea-safiirlind Black-capped Kingfisher, Black-capped Purple Kingfisher
Halcyon senegalensis salu-safiirlind Woodland Kingfisher, Angola Kingfisher, Red-and-black-billed Kingfisher, Senegal Kingfisher, Angolan Woodland Kingfisher
Halcyon senegaloides ranniku-safiirlind Mangrove Kingfisher, African Mangrove Kingfisher
Halcyon smyrnensis ruske-safiirlind White-breasted Kingfisher, White-throated Kingfisher, Smyrna Kingfisher
Ispidina lecontei, Ceyx lecontei, Corythornis lecontei, Myioceyx lecontei kääbus-jäälind African Dwarf-kingfisher, African Dwarf Kingfisher, Dwarf Kingfisher, Red-headed Dwarf-kingfisher, Black-fronted Pygmy-kingfisher
Ispidina picta, Ceyx pictus, Ceyx picta, Corythornis picta savanni-jäälind African Pygmy-kingfisher, African Pygmy Kingfisher, Pygmy Kingfisher, Miniature Kingfisher
Lacedo melanops, Lacedo pulchella melanops Black-faced Kingfisher
Lacedo pulchella vööt-safiirlind Banded Kingfisher
Megaceryle alcyon, Ceryle alcyon põhja-kuningkalur Belted Kingfisher
Megaceryle lugubris, Ceryle lugubris kroon-kuningkalur Crested Kingfisher, Greater Pied Kingfisher, Great Pied Kingfisher, Large Pied Kingfisher
Megaceryle maxima, Ceryle maxima hiid-kuningkalur Giant Kingfisher, African Giant Kingfisher, Alucan Giant Kingfisher
Megaceryle torquata, Ceryle torquata kaelus-kuningkalur Ringed Kingfisher
Melidora macrorrhina öö-safiirlind Hook-billed Kingfisher
Pelargopsis amauroptera, Pelargopsis amauropterus, Halcyon amauropterus, Ramphalcyon amauroptera rand-safiirlind Brown-winged Kingfisher, Brown-winged Stork-billed Kingfisher
Pelargopsis capensis, Halcyon capensis, Ramphalcyon capensis jõgi-safiirlind Stork-billed Kingfisher, Brown-headed Stork-billed Kingfisher
Pelargopsis melanorhyncha, Halcyon melanorhyncha, Ramphalcyon melanorhyncha pugal-safiirlind Black-billed Kingfisher, Great-billed Kingfisher, Dusky-faced Kingfisher, Celebes Stork-billed Kingfisher, Sunda Stork-billed Kingfisher
Syma megarhyncha, Halcyon megarhyncha, Todiramphus megarhyncha mägi-safiirlind Mountain Kingfisher, Mountain Yellow-billed Kingfisher, Greater Yellow-billed Kingfisher
Syma torotoro, Halcyon torotoro, Todiramphus torotoro, Halcyon torotoro koldnokk-safiirlind Yellow-billed Kingfisher, Lesser Yellow-billed Kingfisher, Lowland Yellow-billed Kingfisher, Lowland Kingfisher, Saw-billed Kingfisher
Tanysiptera carolinae numfori paradiisi-safiirlind Numfor Paradise-kingfisher, Numfor Paradise Kingfisher, Caroline Racquet-tail
Tanysiptera danae pruun-safiirlind Brown-headed Paradise-kingfisher, Brown-backed Paradise Kingfisher, Ruddy Racquet-tail
Tanysiptera ellioti kofiau paradiisi-safiirlind Kofiau Paradise-kingfisher, Kofiau Paradise Kingfisher, Elliott's Paradise-kingfisher, Elliott's Racquet-tail
Tanysiptera galatea paradiisi-safiirlind Common Paradise-kingfisher, Common Paradise Kingfisher, Galatea Racquet-tail
Tanysiptera hydrocharis aru safiirlind Little Paradise-kingfisher, Aru Paradise-kingfisher, Aru Paradise Kingfisher, Lesser Paradise-kingfisher, Blue-tailed Paradise-kingfisher, Aru Island Racquet-tail
Tanysiptera nigriceps, Tanysiptera sylvia nigriceps Black-headed Paradise-kingfisher, Black-capped Paradise-kingfisher
Tanysiptera nympha roosakõht-safiirlind Red-breasted Paradise-kingfisher, Pink-breasted Paradise Kingfisher, Red-breasted Racquet-tail
Tanysiptera riedelii biaki paradiisi-safiirlind Biak Paradise-kingfisher, Biak Paradise Kingfisher, Riedel's Racquet-tail
Tanysiptera sylvia, Uralcyon sylvia niitsaba-safiirlind Buff-breasted Paradise-kingfisher, White-tailed Kingfisher, White-tailed Paradise-kingfisher, Australian Paradise-kingfisher, Long-tailed Paradise-kingfisher, Racquet-tailed Paradise-kingfisher, Silver-tailed Paradise-kingfisher, Australian Racquet-t
Todiramphus albonotatus, Todirhamphus albonotatus, Halcyon albonotata valgeselg-safiirlind New Britain Kingfisher, White-backed Kingfisher, White-mantled Kingfisher
Todiramphus australasia, Todirhamphus australasia, Halcyon australasia timori safiirlind Cinnamon-banded Kingfisher, Timor Kingfisher, Sunda Kingfisher, Lesser Sundas Kingfisher, Cinnamon-backed Kingfisher, Cinnamon-collared Kingfisher
Todiramphus chloris, Todirhamphus chloris, Halcyon chloris mangroovi-safiirlind Collared Kingfisher, White-collared Kingfisher, Black-masked Kingfisher, Mangrove Kingfisher*
Todiramphus cinnamominus miyakoensis, Todiramphus miyakoensis ryukyu safiirlind Ryukyu Kingfisher, Ryuki Kingfisher
Todiramphus cinnamominus, Todirhamphus cinnamominus, Halcyon cinnamomina mikroneesia safiirlind Guam Kingfisher, Micronesian Kingfisher
Todiramphus diops, Todirhamphus diops, Halcyon diops maluku safiirlind Blue-and-white Kingfisher, Moluccan Kingfisher, North Moluccan Kingfisher
Todiramphus enigma, Todirhamphus enigma, Halcyon enigma talaudi safiirlind Talaud Kingfisher, Obscure Kingfisher
Todiramphus farquhari, Todirhamphus farquhari, Halcyon farquhari vanuatu safiirlind Vanuatu Kingfisher, Chestnut-bellied Kingfisher
Todiramphus funebris, Todirhamphus funebris, Halcyon funebris tõmmu-safiirlind Sombre Kingfisher, Funereal Kingfisher, Halmahera Kingfisher, Moluccan Kingfisher, Olive-backed Kingfisher
Todiramphus gambieri gertrudae, Todiramphus gertrudae, Halcyon gertrudae niau safiirlind Niau Kingfisher
Todiramphus gambieri, Todirhamphus gambieri, Halcyon gambieri tuamotu safiirlind Tuamotu Kingfisher
Todiramphus godeffroyi, Todirhamphus godeffroyi, Halcyon godeffroyi markiisaarte safiirlind Marquesan Kingfisher, Marquesas Kingfisher
Todiramphus lazuli, Todirhamphus lazuli, Halcyon lazuli cerami safiirlind Lazuli Kingfisher, Lazuline Kingfisher, South Moluccan Kingfisher
Todiramphus leucopygius, Todirhamphus leucopygius, Halcyon leucopygia melaneesia safiirlind Ultramarine Kingfisher
Todiramphus macleayii, Todirhamphus macleayii, Halcyon macleayii mets-safiirlind Forest Kingfisher, Blue Kingfisher, Bush Kingfisher, Macleay's Kingfisher
Todiramphus nigrocyaneus, Todirhamphus nigrocyaneus, Halcyon nigrocyanea must-safiirlind Blue-black Kingfisher, Black-sided Kingfisher
Todiramphus pelewensis, Todiramphus cinnamominus pelewensis palau safiirlind Palau Kingfisher
Todiramphus pyrrhopygius, Todirhamphus pyrrhopygia, Halcyon pyrrhopygia kõnnu-safiirlind Red-backed Kingfisher, Golden Kingfisher, Red-rumped Kingfisher
Todiramphus recurvirostris, Todiramphus sanctus recurvirostris, Todirhamphus sanctus recurvirostris, Todirhamphus recurvirostris, Halcyon recurvirostris samoa safiirlind Flat-billed Kingfisher
Todiramphus reichenbachii, Todiramphus cinnamominus reichenbachii pohnpei safiirlind Pohnpei Kingfisher
Todiramphus ruficollaris, Todiramphus tutus ruficollaris, Todirhamphus ruficollaris, Halcyon ruficollaris, Halcyon mangaia mangaia safiirlind Mangaia Kingfisher, Mangaia Island Kingfisher, Tanga'eo
Todiramphus sanctus, Todirhamphus sanctus, Halcyon sancta lõuna-safiirlind Sacred Kingfisher, Green Kingfisher, Tree Kingfisher, Wood Kingfisher
Todiramphus saurophagus, Todirhamphus saurophagus, Todirhamphus saurophaga, Halcyon saurophaga hele-safiirlind Beach Kingfisher, White-headed Kingfisher
Todiramphus tutus, Todirhamphus tuta, Halcyon tuta rohe-safiirlind Chattering Kingfisher, Pacific Kingfisher, Borabora Kingfisher, Bora Bora Kingfisher, Polynesian Kingfisher, Respected Kingfisher, South-Pacific Kingfisher, Leeward Island Kingfisher
Todiramphus veneratus, Todirhamphus veneratus, Halcyon venerata tahiti safiirlind Tahiti Kingfisher, Tahitian Kingfisher, Venerated Kingfisher
Todiramphus winchelli, Todirhamphus winchelli, Halcyon winchelli punakael-safiirlind Rufous-lored Kingfisher, Winchell's Kingfisher
Todiramphus youngi, Todiramphus veneratus youngi moorea safiirlind Moorea Kingfisher
In orderCoraciiformes family Alcedinidae 127 results found
 Brachypteraciidae - maaraaglased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Atelornis crossleyi ruske-maaraag Rufous-headed Ground-roller, Crossley's Ground Roller
Atelornis pittoides sinipea-maaraag Pitta-like Ground-roller, Pitta-like Ground Roller, Blue-headed Ground-roller
Brachypteracias leptosomus vööt-maaraag Short-legged Ground-roller, Short-legged Ground Roller, Short-legged Pitta-roller
Brachypteracias squamiger, [Brachypteracias squamigera], Geobiastes squamigerus soomus-maaraag Scaly Ground-roller, Scaly Ground Roller, Scaled Ground-roller
Uratelornis chimaera händ-maaraag Long-tailed Ground-roller, Long-tailed Ground Roller
In orderCoraciiformes family Brachypteraciidae 5 results found
 Coraciidae - siniraaglased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Coracias abyssinicus, [Coracias abyssinica] saheli siniraag Abyssinian Roller
Coracias affinis, Coracias benghalensis affinis Indochinese Roller
Coracias benghalensis india siniraag Indian Roller, Blue Jay*
Coracias caudatus, [Coracias caudata] rohtla-siniraag Lilac-breasted Roller
Coracias cyanogaster valgepea-siniraag Blue-bellied Roller
Coracias garrulus siniraag (harilik siniraag) European Roller, Eurasian Roller, Blue Roller, Common Roller, Roller
Coracias naevius, [Coracias naevia] suur-siniraag Purple Roller, Rufous-crowned Roller
Coracias spatulatus, [Coracias spatulata] lippsaba-siniraag Racquet-tailed Roller, Racket-tailed Roller
Coracias temminckii sulawesi siniraag Purple-winged Roller, Sulawesi Roller, Celebes Roller, Temminck's Roller
Eurystomus azureus türkiis-tõmmuraag Azure Dollarbird, Azure Roller, Purple Roller*, Purple Dollarbird
Eurystomus glaucurus savanni-tõmmuraag Broad-billed Roller, Cinnamon Roller, African Broad-billed Roller
Eurystomus gularis mets-tõmmuraag Blue-throated Roller
Eurystomus orientalis ida-tõmmuraag Oriental Dollarbird, Dollarbird, Eastern Broad-billed Roller, Broad-billed Roller, Red-billed Roller
In orderCoraciiformes family Coraciidae 13 results found
 Meropidae - mesilasenäplased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Meropogon forsteni purpur-mesilasenäpp Purple-bearded Bee-eater, Sulawesi Bearded Bee Eater, Sulawesi Bee-eater, Celebes Bearded Bee-eater, Celebes Bee-eater
Merops albicollis, Aerops albicollis kõrbe-mesilasenäpp White-throated Bee-eater, White-throated Bee Eater, Black-crowned Bee-eater
Merops americanus, Merops viridis americanus Rufous-crowned Bee-eater
Merops apiaster mesilasenäpp (harilik mesilasenäpp) European Bee-eater, Eurasian Bee-eater, Bee-eater, Bee Eater
Merops boehmi, Aerops boehmi ruugepea-mesilasenäpp Böhm's Bee-eater, Boehm's Bee-eater, Boehm's Bee Eater
Merops breweri, Bombylonax breweri mustpea-mesilasenäpp Black-headed Bee-eater, Black-headed Bee Eater
Merops bullockoides, Mellitophagus bullockoides, [Merops bulockoides] valgelaup-mesilasenäpp White-fronted Bee-eater, White-fronted Bee Eater, White-fronted Bee-eater
Merops bulocki, Mellitophagus bulocki, [Merops bullocki] savanni-mesilasenäpp Red-throated Bee-eater, Red-throated Bee Eater
Merops cyanophrys, Merops orientalis cyanophrys araabia mesilasenäpp Arabian Green Bee-eater
Merops gularis, Meropiscus gularis, Mellitophagus gularis must-mesilasenäpp Black Bee-eater, Black Bee Eater
Merops hirundineus, Dicrocercus hirundineus harksaba-mesilasenäpp Swallow-tailed Bee-eater, Swallow-tailed Bee Eater
Merops lafresnayii, Merops variegatus lafresnayii Ethiopian Bee-eater, Cinnamon-chested Bee-eater
Merops leschenaulti ida-mesilasenäpp Chestnut-headed Bee-eater, Bay-headed Bee-eater, Bay-headed Bee Eater
Merops malimbicus jõgi-mesilasenäpp Rosy Bee-eater, Rosy Bee Eater
Merops mentalis, Merops muelleri mentalis Blue-moustached Bee-eater
Merops muelleri, Meropiscus muelleri, Mellitophagus muelleri sini-mesilasenäpp Blue-headed Bee-eater, Blue-headed Bee Eater
Merops nubicoides, Merops nubicus nubicoides puna-mesilasenäpp Southern Carmine Bee-eater, Southern Carmine Bee Eater, Ruby Bee-eater, Carmine Bee-eater*, Carmine Bee Eater*
Merops nubicus, Merops nubicus nubicus karmiin-mesilasenäpp Northern Carmine Bee-eater, Carmine Bee-eater*, Carmine Bee Eater*, Northern Carmine Bee Eater
Merops oreobates, Mellitophagus oreobates, Merops oreobates mägi-mesilasenäpp Cinnamon-chested Bee-eater, Chinnamon-chested Bee Eater, Chinnamon-breasted Bee-eater
Merops orientalis väike-mesilasenäpp Asian Green Bee-eater, Little Green Bee-eater, Little Green Bee Eater, Least Green Bee-eater, Small Green Bee-eater, Green Bee-eater
Merops ornatus austraalia mesilasenäpp Rainbow Bee-eater, Australian Bee Eater, Rainbowbird
Merops persicus rohe-mesilasenäpp Blue-cheeked Bee-eater, Blue-cheeked Bee Eater
Merops philippinus sinisaba-mesilasenäpp Blue-tailed Bee-eater, Blue-tailed Bee Eater
Merops pusillus, Mellitophagus pusillus pisi-mesilasenäpp Little Bee-eater, Little Bee Eater
Merops revoilii somaali mesilasenäpp Somali Bee-eater, Somali Bee Eater
Merops superciliosus ruskekurk-mesilasenäpp Olive Bee-eater, Madagascar Bee-eater, Malagasy Bee-eater, Brown-breasted Bee-eater
Merops variegatus, Mellitophagus variegatus soo-mesilasenäpp Blue-breasted Bee-eater, Blue-breasted Bee Eater
Merops viridis lasuurkurk-mesilasenäpp Blue-throated Bee-eater, Chestnut-headed Bee Eater
Merops viridissimus, Merops orientalis viridissimus African Green Bee-eater
Nyctyornis amictus, [Nyctyornis amicta] punahabe-mesilasenäpp Red-bearded Bee-eater, Red-bearded Bee Eater, Red-breasted Bee-eater
Nyctyornis athertoni sinihabe-mesilasenäpp Blue-bearded Bee-eater, Blue-bearded Bee Eater
In orderCoraciiformes family Meropidae 31 results found
 Momotidae - motmotlased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Aspatha gularis mägimotmot Blue-throated Motmot
Baryphthengus martii suurmotmot Rufous Motmot
Baryphthengus ruficapillus brasiilia motmot Rufous-capped Motmot
Electron carinatum kariibi motmot Keel-billed Motmot
Electron platyrhynchum selvamotmot Broad-billed Motmot
Eumomota superciliosa türkiismotmot Turquoise-browed Motmot
Hylomanes momotula värbmotmot Tody Motmot, Tody-Motmot
Momotus aequatorialis andi motmot Highland Motmot, Equatorial Motmot
Momotus bahamensis, Momotus momota bahamensis trinidadi motmot Trinidad Motmot
Momotus coeruliceps, Momotus momota coeruliceps Blue-crowned Motmot
Momotus lessonii, Momotus momota lessonii Blue-diademed Motmot
Momotus mexicanus punapea-motmot Russet-crowned Motmot
Momotus momota diadeem-motmot Amazonian Motmot, Blue-crowned Motmot
Momotus subrufescens argenticinctus, Momotus momota argenticinctus, Momotus argenticinctus Silver-banded Motmot
Momotus subrufescens, Momotus momota subrufescens Whooping Motmot, Tawny-bellied Motmot
In orderCoraciiformes family Momotidae 15 results found
 Todidae - todilased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Todus angustirostris ahasnokk-todi Narrow-billed Tody
Todus mexicanus puertoriiko todi Puerto Rican Tody
Todus multicolor kuuba todi Cuban Tody
Todus subulatus lainokk-todi Broad-billed Tody, Hispaniolan Tody
Todus todus jamaika todi Jamaican Tody
In orderCoraciiformes family Todidae 5 results found
Cuculiformes - käolised Cuculidae - kägulased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Cacomantis aeruginosus, Cacomantis heinrichi, Cuculus heinrichi maluku tüüdukägu Moluccan Cuckoo, Heinrich's Brush Cuckoo, Heinrich's Cuckoo, Moluccan Brush Cuckoo
Cacomantis castaneiventris, Cuculus castaneiventris paapua tüüdukägu Chestnut-breasted Cuckoo
Cacomantis flabelliformis, Cuculus flabelliformis, Cacomantis pyrrophanus, Cacomantis pyrrhophanus kiilsaba-tüüdukägu Fan-tailed Cuckoo, Fan-tailed Brush Cuckoo, Ash-coloured Cuckoo, Fan-tailed Cuckoo
Cacomantis merulinus, Cuculus merulinus väike-tüüdukägu Plaintive Cuckoo, Brain-fever Bird*
Cacomantis passerinus, Cacomantis merulinus passerinus hall-tüüdukägu Grey-bellied Cuckoo, Indian Plaintive Cuckoo, Grey-bellied Plaintive Cuckoo
Cacomantis sonneratii, Penthoceryx sonneratii, Cuculus sonneratii viir-tüüdukägu Banded Bay Cuckoo, Indian Banded Bay Cuckoo, Banded Cuckoo, Bay-banded Cuckoo
Cacomantis variolosus sepulcralis, Cacomantis sepulcralis sunda tüüdukägu Rusty-breasted Cuckoo, Indonesian Cuckoo, Rusty-breasted Brush Cuckoo
Cacomantis variolosus, Cuculus variolosus võsa-tüüdukägu Brush Cuckoo, Square-tailed Cuckoo, Grey-headed Cuckoo
Caliechthrus leucolophus valgekiird-kägu White-crowned Cuckoo, White-crowned Koel
Carpococcyx radiceus, Carpococcyx radiatus vööt-redukägu Bornean Ground-cuckoo, Bornean Ground Cuckoo, Ground Cuckoo, Radiated Ground-cuckoo, Sunda Ground-cuckoo (s.l.), Green-billed Ground-cuckoo (s.l.), Malay Ground-cuckoo (s.l.)
Carpococcyx renauldi suur-redukägu Coral-billed Ground-cuckoo, Coral-billed Ground Cuckoo, Renauld's Ground-cuckoo
Carpococcyx viridis sumatra redukägu Sumatran Ground-cuckoo
Centropus andamanensis, [Centropus andamenensis] andamani kannuskägu Andaman Coucal, Brown Coucal
Centropus anselli koldkõht-kannuskägu Gabon Coucal
Centropus ateralbus pugal-kannuskägu Pied Coucal, New Britain Coucal, White-necked Coucal
Centropus bengalensis väike-kannuskägu Lesser Coucal, Small Coucal
Centropus bernsteini võsa-kannuskägu Black-billed Coucal, Lesser Black Coucal, Bernstein's Coucal, Black Scrub Coucal
Centropus celebensis sulawesi kannuskägu Bay Coucal, Celebes Coucal, Celebean Coucal
Centropus chalybeus biaki kannuskägu Biak Coucal, Biak Island Coucal
Centropus chlororhynchos, Centropus chlororhynchus vandelnokk-kannuskägu Green-billed Coucal, Sri Lanka Green-billed Coucal, Ceylon Coucal
Centropus cupreicaudus soo-kannuskägu Coppery-tailed Coucal
Centropus goliath suur-kannuskägu Goliath Coucal, Large Coucal, Giant Coucal
Centropus grillii luha-kannuskägu Black Coucal, African Black Coucal, Black-chested Coucal
Centropus leucogaster mustpugu-kannuskägu Black-throated Coucal, Great Coucal*
Centropus leucogaster neumanni, Centropus neumanni sairi kannuskägu Smaller Black-throated Coucal, Neumann's Coucal
Centropus melanops mask-kannuskägu Black-faced Coucal
Centropus menbeki menebiki-kannuskägu Ivory-billed Coucal, Greater Black Coucal, Greater Coucal*
Centropus milo saalomonisaarte kannuskägu Buff-headed Coucal
Centropus monachus sinipea-kannuskägu Blue-headed Coucal
Centropus nigrorufus sunda kannuskägu Javan Coucal, Sunda Coucal
Centropus phasianinus faasan-kannuskägu Pheasant Coucal, Pheasant-Coucal
Centropus phasianinus mui, Centropus mui timori kannuskägu Fuiloro Coucal, Timor Coucal
Centropus rectunguis lodu-kannuskägu Short-toed Coucal
Centropus senegalensis rohu-kannuskägu Senegal Coucal
Centropus sinensis punaselg-kannuskägu Greater Coucal, Common Coucal, Large Coucal, Common Crow-Pheasant, Lark-heeled Cuckoo*
Centropus spilopterus kai kannuskägu Kai Coucal
Centropus steerii mindoro kannuskägu Black-hooded Coucal, Steere's Coucal
Centropus superciliosus valgekulm-kannuskägu White-browed Coucal, Lark-heeled Cuckoo*
Centropus superciliosus burchelli, Centropus burchelli, Centropus superciliosus burchellii, Centropus burchellii lõuna-kannuskägu Burchell's Coucal
Centropus toulou madagaskari kannuskägu Madagascar Coucal, Madagascan Coucal, Black Coucal, Malagasy Coucal
Centropus unirufus ruske-kannuskägu Rufous Coucal
Centropus violaceus ronk-kannuskägu Violaceous Coucal, Violet Coucal, Giant Forest Coucal
Centropus viridis filipiini kannuskägu Philippine Coucal, Green Coucal
Cercococcyx mechowi jõgi-händkägu Dusky Long-tailed Cuckoo
Cercococcyx montanus mägi-händkägu Barred Long-tailed Cuckoo, Barred Cuckoo, Mountain Long-tailed Cuckoo
Cercococcyx olivinus oliiv-händkägu Olive Long-tailed Cuckoo
Ceuthmochares aereus aafrika malkohakägu Chattering Yellowbill, Yellowbill*, Yellow-bill*, Blue Malkoha
Ceuthmochares australis, Ceuthmochares aereus australis Whistling Yellowbill, Green Malkoha, Green Coukal
Chalcites basalis, Chrysococcyx basalis välja-pronkskägu Horsfield's Bronze-cuckoo, Horsfield's Bronze Cuckoo, Horsfield's Cuckoo*, Australian Bronze Cuckoo, Narrow-billed Bronze Cuckoo, Rufous-tailed Bronze Cuckoo
Chalcites crassirostris, Chrysococcyx crassirostris maluku pronkskägu Pied Bronze-cuckoo, Pied Bronze Cuckoo, Island Cuckoo
Chalcites lucidus, Chrysococcyx lucidus ränd-pronkskägu Shining Bronze-cuckoo, Shining Bronze Cuckoo, Golden Bronze Cuckoo, Golden Bronze-cuckoo
Chalcites megarhynchus, Rhamphomantis megarhynchus, Ramphomantis megarhynchus pikknokk-kägu Long-billed Cuckoo, Little Long-billed Cuckoo
Chalcites meyerii, Chrysococcyx meyeri, Chalcites meyeri rusktiib-pronkskägu White-eared Bronze-cuckoo, White-eared Bronze Cuckoo, Meyer's Bronze Cuckoo
Chalcites minutillus rufomerus, Chrysococcyx rufomerus, Chalcites rufomerus oliiv-pronkskägu Dark-backed Bronze-cuckoo, Green-cheeked Bronze-cuckoo, Green-cheeked Bronze Cuckoo
Chalcites minutillus russatus, Chrysococcyx russatus, Chalcites russatus pruun-pronkskägu Gould's Bronze-cuckoo, Gould's Bronze Cuckoo, Rufous Bronze-cuckoo
Chalcites minutillus, Chrysococcyx minutillus, Chrysococcyx malayanus väike-pronkskägu Little Bronze-cuckoo, Little Bronze Cuckoo, Malay Green Cuckoo, Malay Bronze-cuckoo
Chalcites osculans, Chrysococcyx osculans, Misocalius osculans, Misocallus osculans mustkõrv-kägu Black-eared Cuckoo
Chalcites ruficollis, Chrysococcyx ruficollis mägi-pronkskägu Rufous-throated Bronze-cuckoo, Rufous-throated Bronze Cuckoo, Reddish-throated Bronze Cuckoo, Mountain Bronze-cuckoo
Chrysococcyx caprius valgerind-rohekägu Diederik Cuckoo, Diederic Cuckoo, Dideric Cuckoo, Didric Cuckoo
Chrysococcyx cupreus kuldkõht-rohekägu African Emerald Cuckoo, Emerald Cuckoo*
Chrysococcyx flavigularis kuldkurk-kägu Yellow-throated Cuckoo, Yellow-throated Green Cuckoo
Chrysococcyx klaas väike-rohekägu Klaas's Cuckoo, Klaas' Cuckoo
Chrysococcyx maculatus, Chalcites maculatus, Chalcococcyx maculatus smaragdkägu Asian Emerald Cuckoo, Asiatic Emerald Cuckoo, Oriental Emerald Cuckoo, Emerald Cuckoo*
Chrysococcyx xanthorhynchus, Chalcites xanthorhynchus, Chalcococcyx xanthorhynchus ametüstkägu Violet Cuckoo
Clamator coromandus aasia harakkägu Chestnut-winged Cuckoo, Red-winged Crested Cuckoo, Chestnut-winged Crested Cuckoo
Clamator glandarius harakkägu Great Spotted Cuckoo
Clamator jacobinus, Oxylophus jacobinus jakobiinkägu Jacobin Cuckoo, Black and White Cuckoo, Black-and-white Cuckoo, Pied Cuckoo, Pied Crested Cuckoo
Clamator levaillantii, Oxylophus levaillantii suur-jakobiinkägu Levaillant's Cuckoo, African Striped Cuckoo, Striped Cuckoo, Striped Crested Cuckoo
Coccycua cinerea, Coccyzus cinereus väike-vihmakägu Ash-coloured Cuckoo, Ash-colored Cuckoo
Coccycua minuta, Piaya minuta väike-oravkägu Little Cuckoo
Coccycua pumila, Coccyzus pumilus värb-vihmakägu Dwarf Cuckoo
Coccyzus americanus koldnokk-vihmakägu Yellow-billed Cuckoo
Coccyzus bahamensis, Saurothera merlini bahamensis bahama sisalikukägu Bahama Lizard-cuckoo
Coccyzus erythropthalmus, [Coccyzus erythrophthalmus] põhja-vihmakägu Black-billed Cuckoo
Coccyzus euleri, [Coccyzus julieni] hõberind-vihmakägu Pearly-breasted Cuckoo
Coccyzus ferrugineus kookosesaare kägu (kookosesaare vihmakägu) Cocos Cuckoo, Cocos Island Cuckoo
Coccyzus lansbergi ruuge-vihmakägu Grey-capped Cuckoo, Gray-capped Cuckoo
Coccyzus longirostris, Saurothera longirostris haiti sisalikukägu Hispaniolan Lizard-cuckoo, Hispaniolan Lizard Cuckoo
Coccyzus melacoryphus lõuna-vihmakägu Dark-billed Cuckoo, Azara's Cuckoo
Coccyzus merlini, Saurothera merlini suur-sisalikukägu Cuban Lizard-cuckoo, Great Lizard Cuckoo, Great Lizard-cuckoo
Coccyzus minor mangroovikägu (mangroovi-vihmakägu) Mangrove Cuckoo, Maynard's Cuckoo
Coccyzus pluvialis, Hyetornis pluvialis, Piaya pluvialis jamaika oravkägu Chestnut-bellied Cuckoo, Old Man Bird, Hunter
Coccyzus rufigularis, Hyetornis rufigularis, Piaya rufigularis haiti oravkägu Bay-breasted Cuckoo, Rufous-breasted Cuckoo
Coccyzus vetula, Saurothera vetula jamaika sisalikukägu Jamaican Lizard-cuckoo, Jamaican Lizard Cuckoo, Old Woman Bird
Coccyzus vieilloti, Saurothera vieilloti puertoriiko sisalikukägu Puerto Rican Lizard-cuckoo, Puerto Rican Lizard Cuckoo
Coua caerulea sini-siidkägu Blue Coua, Blue Madagascar Coucal
Coua coquereli lääne-siidkägu Coquerel's Coua, Coquerel's Madagascar Coucal
Coua cristata, Serisomus cristata tutt-siidkägu Crested Coua, Crested Madagascar Coucal
Coua cursor kõrbe-siidkägu Running Coua, Running Coucal
Coua delalandei teo-siidkägu (†) Snail-eating Coua, Delalande's Coua
Coua gigas suur-siidkägu Giant Coua, Giant Madagascar Coucal
Coua olivaceiceps, Coua ruficeps olivaceiceps Olive-capped Coua
Coua pyropyga, Coua cristata pyropyga Chestnut-vented Coua
Coua reynaudii tanu-siidkägu Red-fronted Coua, Reynaud's Coua, Red-footed Madagascar Coucal, Red-fronted Madagascar Coucal
Coua ruficeps punakiird-siidkägu Red-capped Coua, Red-capped Madagascar Coucal
Coua serriana, [Coua serrina] tõmmu-siidkägu Red-breasted Coua, Red-breasted Madagascar Coucal, Rufous-breasted Madagascar Coucal
Coua verreauxi, Serisomus verreauxi väike-siidkägu Verreaux's Coua, Southern Crested Madagascar Coucal, Southern Crested Coua
Crotophaga ani kiilnokk-ühiskägu Smooth-billed Ani, Black Witch, Tick Bird
Crotophaga major suur-ühiskägu Greater Ani
Crotophaga sulcirostris vagunokk-ühiskägu Groove-billed Ani
Cuculus canorus kägu (harilik kägu) Common Cuckoo, Eurasian Cuckoo, European Cuckoo, Grey Cuckoo, Cuckoo
Cuculus clamosus, Cuculus cafer mustkägu Black Cuckoo
Cuculus crassirostris, Hierococcyx crassirostris sulawesi haugaskägu Sulawesi Cuckoo, Sulawesi Hawk-cuckoo, Sulawesi Hawk Cuckoo, Celebes Hawk-cuckoo
Cuculus gularis savannikägu African Cuckoo
Cuculus lepidus, Cuculus saturatus lepidus Sunda Cuckoo, Sunda Lesser Cuckoo
Cuculus micropterus vilekägu Indian Cuckoo, Short-winged Cuckoo
Cuculus poliocephalus väikekägu Lesser Cuckoo, Asian Lesser Cuckoo, Small Cuckoo, Little Cuckoo
Cuculus rochii madagaskari väikekägu Madagascar Cuckoo, Madagascar Lesser Cuckoo, Madagascan Cuckoo
Cuculus saturatus optatus, Cuculus optatus, [Cuculus horsfieldi], [Cuculus saturatus horsfieldi], Cuculus saturatus (s.l.) taigakägu Himalayan Cuckoo, Horsfield's Cuckoo, Northern Muted Cuckoo, Oriental Cuckoo*
Cuculus saturatus saturatus lõuna-taigakägu Oriental Cuckoo, Himalayan Cuckoo, Blyth's Cuckoo, Southern Muted Cuckoo
Cuculus solitarius, Notococcyx solitarius punarind-kägu Red-chested Cuckoo
Dasylophus superciliosus, Phaenicophaeus superciliosus tutt-malkohakägu Red-crested Malkoha, Rough-crested Cuckoo, Red-crested Cuckoo
Dromococcyx pavoninus väike-selvakägu Pavonine Cuckoo
Dromococcyx phasianellus suur-selvakägu Pheasant Cuckoo, Pheasant-Cuckoo
Eudynamys orientalis cyanocephalus, Eudynamys cyanocephala, Eudynamys scolopaceus cyanocephalus, Eudynamys cyanocephalus austraalia koelkägu Australian Koel, Blue-headed Koel, Pacific Koel
Eudynamys orientalis melanorhynchus, Eudynamys scolopacea melanorhyncha, Eudynamys melanorhyncha, Eudynamys melanorhynchus mustnokk-koelkägu Eastern Koel, Black-billed Koel
Eudynamys scolopaceus, Eudynamys scolopacea, Eudynamis scolopacea koelkägu Western Koel, Asian Koel, Common Koel*, Koel*
Geococcyx californianus suur-jooksurkägu (jooksurkägu) Greater Roadrunner, Road-runner
Geococcyx velox väike-jooksurkägu Lesser Roadrunner, Lesser Road-runner
Guira guira guirakägu Guira Cuckoo, White Ani
Heteroscenes pallidus, Cuculus pallidus helekägu Pallid Cuckoo
Hierococcyx bocki, Hierococcyx sparverioides bocki, Cuculus sparverioides bocki malai haugaskägu Dark Hawk-cuckoo
Hierococcyx fugax, Cuculus fugax pagu-haugaskägu Malay Hawk-cuckoo, Hodgson's Hawk-cuckoo, Fugitive Hawk Cuckoo, Malaysian Hawk-cuckoo, Horsfield's Hawk-cuckoo
Hierococcyx hyperythrus, Cuculus fugax hyperythrus, Cuculus hyperythrus hiina haugaskägu Northern Hawk-cuckoo
Hierococcyx nisicolor, Cuculus fugax nisicolor, Cuculus nisicolor Whistling Hawk-cuckoo, Hodgson's Hawk-cuckoo
Hierococcyx pectoralis, Cuculus pectoralis filipiini haugaskägu Philippine Hawk-cuckoo
Hierococcyx sparverioides, Cuculus sparverioides tamme-haugaskägu Large Hawk-cuckoo, Large Hawk Cuckoo, Brain-fever Bird*
Hierococcyx vagans, Cuculus vagans habe-haugaskägu Moustached Hawk-cuckoo, Small Hawk Cuckoo, Lesser Hawk-cuckoo, Dwarf Hawk-cuckoo
Hierococcyx varius, Cuculus varius india haugaskägu Common Hawk-cuckoo, Common Hawk Cuckoo, Ceilon Hawk Cuckoo, Brain-fever Bird*
Lepidogrammus cumingi, Phaenicophaeus cumingi soomus-malkohakägu Scale-feathered Malkoha, Scale-feathered Cuckoo, Scaly Cuckoo
Microdynamis parva mustkiird-kägu Dwarf Koel, Black-capped Cuckoo, Black-capped Koel
Morococcyx erythropygus rästaskägu Lesser Ground-cuckoo, Lesser Ground Cuckoo, Rufous-rumped Cuckoo
Neomorphus geoffroyi punakõht-maakägu Rufous-vented Ground-cuckoo, Rufous-vented Ground Cuckoo
Neomorphus geoffroyi squamiger, Neomorphus squamiger hele-maakägu Scaled Ground-cuckoo, Scaled Ground Cuckoo
Neomorphus pucheranii punanokk-maakägu Red-billed Ground-cuckoo, Red-billed Ground Cuckoo
Neomorphus radiolosus vööt-maakägu Banded Ground-cuckoo, Banded Ground Cuckoo
Neomorphus rufipennis, Neomorphus nigrogularis purpur-maakägu Rufous-winged Ground-cuckoo, Rufous-winged Ground Cuckoo, Chapman's Ground-cuckoo
Pachycoccyx audeberti miombokägu Thick-billed Cuckoo
Phaenicophaeus curvirostris oeneicaudus, Phaenicophaeus curvirostra oeneicaudus mentawai malkohakägu Mentawai Malkoha
Phaenicophaeus curvirostris, Zanclostomus curvirostris, Rhamphococcyx curvirostris, Phaenicophaeus curvirostra helk-malkohakägu Chestnut-breasted Malkoha, Chestnut-breasted Malcoha
Phaenicophaeus diardi, Rhopodytes diardi mustkõht-malkohakägu Black-bellied Malkoha, Lesser Green-billed Malcoha, Black-billed Malcoha
Phaenicophaeus oeneicaudus, Phaenicophaeus curvirostris oeneicaudus Mentawai Malkoha
Phaenicophaeus pyrrhocephalus valgekõht-malkohakägu Red-faced Malkoha, Red-faced Malcoha
Phaenicophaeus sumatranus, Rhopodytes sumatranus pruunkõht-malkohakägu Chestnut-bellied Malkoha, Rufous-bellied Malcoha
Phaenicophaeus tristis, Rhopodytes tristis händ-malkohakägu Green-billed Malkoha, Greater Green-billed Malcoha
Phaenicophaeus viridirostris, Rhopodytes viridirostris prill-malkohakägu Blue-faced Malkoha, Small Green-billed Malcoha, Lesser Green-billed Malkoha
Piaya cayana oravkägu (hallkõht-oravkägu) Common Squirrel-cuckoo, Squirrel-cuckoo*, Squirrel Cuckoo*
Piaya melanogaster ruske-oravkägu Black-bellied Cuckoo
Piaya mexicana, Piaya cayana mexicana mehhiko oravkägu Mexican Squirrel-cuckoo
Rhamphococcyx calyorhynchus, Phaenicophaeus calyorhynchus, Zanclostomus calyorhynchus sulawesi malkohakägu Yellow-billed Malkoha, Fiery-billed Malcoha, Celebes Malkoha
Rhinortha chlorophaea, Phaenicophaeus chlorophaeus ruske-malkohakägu Raffles's Malkoha, Raffles' Malcoha
Scythrops novaehollandiae hiidnokk-kägu Channel-billed Cuckoo
Surniculus dicrurioides, Surniculus lugubris dicrurioides Fork-tailed Drongo-cuckoo, Asian Drongo-cuckoo
Surniculus lugubris malai drongokägu Square-tailed Drongo-cuckoo, Drongo-cuckoo (s.l.), Drongo Cuckoo (s.l.)
Surniculus musschenbroeki, Surniculus lugubris musschenbroeki maluku drongokägu Moluccan Drongo-cuckoo
Surniculus velutinus filipiini drongokägu Philippine Drongo-cuckoo
Taccocua leschenaultii, Phaenicophaeus leschenaultii leet-malkohakägu Sirkeer Malkoha, Sirkeer Cuckoo, Sirkeer, Southern Sirkeer
Tapera naevia triipkägu Striped Cuckoo, American Striped Cuckoo, Four-winged Cuckoo
Urodynamis taitensis, Eudynamys taitensis, Eudynamis taitensis maoori koelkägu Long-tailed Koel
Zanclostomus javanicus, Phaenicophaeus javanicus puna-malkohakägu Red-billed Malkoha, Red-billed Malcoha
In orderCuculiformes family Cuculidae 160 results found
Dinornithiformes - moalised Dinornithidae - moalased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Dinornis novaezealandiae, Dinornis giganteus, Dinornis struthioides hiidmoa (†) North Island Giant Moa, Large Bush Moa, Giant Moa
Dinornis robustus, Dinornis torosus, Dinornis maximus, Dinornis giganteus maximus lõuna-hiidmoa (†) South Island Giant Moa, Slender Moa, Slender Bush Moa
In orderDinornithiformes family Dinornithidae 2 results found
Eurypygiformes - päikesekurelised Eurypygidae - päikesekurglased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Eurypyga helias päikesekurg Sunbittern, Sun-Bittern
In orderEurypygiformes family Eurypygidae 1 results found
 Rhynochetidae - kagulased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Rhynochetos jubatus kagu Kagu, Cagou
In orderEurypygiformes family Rhynochetidae 1 results found
Falconiformes - pistrikulised Falconidae - pistriklased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Caracara cheriway, Polyborus plancus cheriway põhja-tuttkarakaara Crested Caracara
Caracara lutosa, Polyborus plancus lutosus, Polyborus lutosus, Caracara lutosus guadalupe karakaara (†) Guadalupe Caracara
Caracara plancus, Polyborus plancus tuttkarakaara Southern Caracara, Crested Caracara, Common Caracara
Daptrius ater metskarakaara Black Caracara, Yellow-throated Caracara
Falco alopex rebas-tuuletallaja Fox Kestrel
Falco amurensis ida-punajalgpistrik Amur Falcon, Eastern Red-footed Falcon, Manchurian Red-footed Falcon, Amur Red-footed Falcon
Falco araeus, Falco araea seišelli tuuletallaja Seychelles Kestrel
Falco ardosiaceus, Dissodectes ardosiaceus hall-tuuletallaja Grey Kestrel
Falco berigora, Nesierax berigora, Hieracidea berigora, Ieracidea berigora viupistrik Brown Falcon
Falco biarmicus kõnnupistrik Lanner Falcon, Lanner
Falco cenchroides austraalia tuuletallaja Nankeen Kestrel, Australian Kestrel
Falco cherrug stepipistrik Saker Falcon, Saker
Falco cherrug f. altaicus altai pistrik Altai Saker, Altai Falcon
Falco chicquera palmipistrik Red-headed Falcon, Red-necked Falcon*, Red-headed Merlin, Turumti
Falco columbarius, Aesalon columbarius väikepistrik Merlin, Pigeon Hawk
Falco concolor nõgipistrik Sooty Falcon
Falco cuvierii, Falco cuvieri aafrika lõopistrik African Hobby
Falco deiroleucus ruugepugu-pistrik Orange-breasted Falcon
Falco dickinsoni, Dissodectes dickinsoni kahkpea-tuuletallaja Dickinson's Kestrel, White-rumped Kestrel
Falco duboisi réunioni tuuletallaja (†) Reunion Kestrel, Réunion Kestrel
Falco eleonorae vahemere pistrik Eleonora's Falcon
Falco fasciinucha kaljupistrik Taita Falcon, Teita Falcon
Falco femoralis, Falco fuscocaerulescens tandempistrik Aplomado Falcon
Falco hypoleucos hõbepistrik Grey Falcon
Falco jugger india kõnnupistrik Laggar Falcon, Lagger Falcon
Falco longipennis, Falco severus longipennis austraalia lõopistrik Australian Hobby, Little Falcon
Falco mexicanus, Gennaia mexicanus, Hierofalco mexicanus preeriapistrik Prairie Falcon
Falco moluccensis, Falco cenchroides moluccensis sunda tuuletallaja Spotted Kestrel, Moluccan Kestrel
Falco naumanni stepi-tuuletallaja Lesser Kestrel
Falco newtoni madagaskari tuuletallaja Madagascar Kestrel, Madagascan Kestrel, Newton's Kestrel, Aldabra Kestrel
Falco novaeseelandiae, Falco novaezeelandiae, Nesierax novaezeelandiae, Hieracidea novaezeelandiae maoori pistrik New Zealand Falcon, New Zealand Hobby
Falco peregrinus madens, Falco madens kapverdi rabapistrik Cape Verde Peregrine
Falco peregrinus pelegrinoides, Falco pelegrinoides kõrbepistrik Barbary Falcon
Falco peregrinus, Rhynchodon peregrinus rabapistrik Peregrine Falcon, Peregrine
Falco punctatus mauritiuse tuuletallaja Mauritius Kestrel
Falco ruficollis, Falco chicquera ruficollis aafrika palmipistrik Red-necked Falcon
Falco rufigularis, Falco albigularis nahkhiirepistrik Bat Falcon
Falco rupicoloides valgesilm-tuuletallaja Greater Kestrel, White-eyed Kestrel
Falco rusticolus, Falco gyrfalco jahipistrik Gyrfalcon, Gyr Falcon, Gyr, Jerfalcon
Falco severus ida-lõopistrik Oriental Hobby, Indian Hobby
Falco sparverius, Cerchneis sparverius, Tinnunculus sparverius ameerika tuuletallaja American Kestrel, American Sparrowhawk
Falco subbuteo lõopistrik Eurasian Hobby, Northern Hobby, Hobby
Falco subniger mustpistrik Black Falcon
Falco tinnunculus tuuletallaja (harilik tuuletallaja) Common Kestrel, European Kestrel, Eurasian Kestrel, Rock Kestrel, Kestrel
Falco tinnunculus alexandri, Falco alexandri kapverdi tuuletallaja Greater Cape Verde Kestrel
Falco tinnunculus neglectus, Falco neglectus atlandi tuuletallaja Lesser Cape Verde Kestrel
Falco tinnunculus rupicolus, Falco rupicolus Rock Kestrel
Falco vespertinus punajalg-pistrik Red-footed Falcon, Western Red-footed Falcon
Falco zoniventris, Dissodectes zoniventris vöötkõht-tuuletallaja Banded Kestrel, Madagascar Banded Kestrel, Barred Kestrel
Herpetotheres cachinnans, Micrastur cachinnans naerupistrik Laughing Falcon
Ibycter americanus, Daptrius americanus herilasekarakaara Red-throated Caracara
Micrastur buckleyi peruu metspistrik Buckley's Forest-falcon, Buckley's Forest Falcon, Traylor's Forest Falcon, Lesser Forest-falcon
Micrastur gilvicollis amasoonia metspistrik Lined Forest-falcon, Lined Forest Falcon
Micrastur mintoni brasiilia metspistrik Cryptic Forest-falcon, Cryptic Forest Falcon
Micrastur mirandollei mustpea-metspistrik Slaty-backed Forest-falcon, Slaty-backed Forest Falcon
Micrastur plumbeus väike-metspistrik Plumbeous Forest-falcon, Plumbeous Forest Falcon, Sclater's Forest-falcon
Micrastur ruficollis vööt-metspistrik Barred Forest-falcon, Barred Forest Falcon
Micrastur semitorquatus suur-metspistrik Collared Forest-falcon, Collared Forest Falcon
Microhierax caerulescens jõgi-värbpistrik Collared Falconet, Red-thighed Falconet, Red-legged Falconet, Red-breasted Falconet
Microhierax erythrogenys, Microhierax erythrogonys filipiini värbpistrik Philippine Falconet
Microhierax fringillarius, Microhierax horsfieldi malai värbpistrik Black-thighed Falconet, Black-legged Falconet, Black-tailed Falconet, Black-sided Falconet, Malay Falconet
Microhierax latifrons tanu-värbpistrik White-fronted Falconet, Bornean Falconet
Microhierax melanoleucus hiina värbpistrik Pied Falconet, White-legged Falconet
Milvago chimachima, Polyborus chimachima helekarakaara Yellow-headed Caracara, Chimachima Caracara
Phalcoboenus albogularis valgekurk-karakaara White-throated Caracara, Darwin's Caracara
Phalcoboenus australis randkarakaara Striated Caracara, Forster's Caracara, Johnny Rook
Phalcoboenus carunculatus, Polyborus carunculatus näsakarakaara Carunculated Caracara
Phalcoboenus chimango, Milvago chimango, Polyborus chimango väikekarakaara Chimango Caracara, Chimango, Chimango Hawk
Phalcoboenus megalopterus mägikarakaara Mountain Caracara
Polihierax insignis, Neohierax insignis valgepära-pistrik White-rumped Pygmy-falcon, White-rumped Pygmy Falcon, White-rumped Falcon, Fielden's Falconet
Polihierax semitorquatus manukpistrik African Pygmy-falcon, African Pygmy Falcon, Pygmy Falcon
Spiziapteryx circumcincta, Spiziapteryx circumcinctus täpiktiib-pistrik Spot-winged Falconet
In orderFalconiformes family Falconidae 72 results found
Galliformes - kanalised Cracidae - hokolased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Aburria aburri sireenhoko Wattled Guan, Wattled Piping-guan
Chamaepetes goudotii punakõht-nõlvahoko Sickle-winged Guan, Goudot's Sickle-winged Guan, Rufous Sickle-winged Guan
Chamaepetes unicolor must-nõlvahoko Black Guan, Black Sickle-winged Guan
Crax alberti, Crax annulata sinisagar-hoko Blue-billed Curassow, Albert's Curassow, Prince Albert's Curassow, Colombian Curassow, Blue-knobbed Curassow
Crax alector, Crax nigra guajaana hoko Black Curassow, Crested Curassow, Smooth-billed Curassow
Crax blumenbachii bahia hoko Red-billed Curassow, Red-wattled Curassow, Blumenbach's Curassow
Crax daubentoni ljaanohoko Yellow-knobbed Curassow, Daubenton's Curassow
Crax fasciolata, Crax sclateri palehoko Bare-faced Curassow, Banded Curassow, Fasciated Curassow, Sclater's Curassow
Crax globulosa, Crax carunculata, Crax yarrellii punasagar-hoko Wattled Curassow, Yarrell's Curassow, Globulose Curassow
Crax pinima, Crax fasciolata pinima maranhão hoko Belem Curassow
Crax rubra, Crax globicera suurhoko Great Curassow, Great Crested Curassow, Mexican Curassow, Globose Curassow
Mitu mitu, Crax mitu suurnokk-hoko Alagoas Curassow, Razor-billed Curassow
Mitu salvini, Crax salvini loreto hoko Salvin's Curassow, Salvin's Razor-billed Curassow
Mitu tomentosum, Mitu tomentosa, Crax tomentosa jõgihoko Crestless Curassow, Lesser Razor-billed Curassow
Mitu tuberosum, Mitu tuberosa, Crax tuberosa kühmnokk-hoko Razor-billed Curassow, Greater Razor-billed Curassow, Amazonian Razor-billed Curassow
Nothocrax urumutum, Crax urumutum ööhoko Nocturnal Curassow, Rufous Curassow, Flat-crested Curassow, Urumutum Curassow, Urumutum
Oreophasis derbianus sarvhoko Horned Guan, Derby's Guan, Lord Derby's Mountain Pheasant
Ortalis araucuan, Ortalis guttata araucuan bahia tšatšalaka East Brazilian Chachalaca
Ortalis canicollis lõuna-tšatšalaka Chaco Chachalaca, Grey-headed Chachalaca
Ortalis cinereiceps, Ortalis garrula cinereiceps panama tšatšalaka Grey-headed Chachalaca, Gray-headed Chachalaca
Ortalis columbiana, Ortalis guttata columbiana kolumbia tšatšalaka Colombian Chachalaca
Ortalis erythroptera ekuadori tšatšalaka Rufous-headed Chachalaca
Ortalis garrula punatiib-tšatšalaka Chestnut-winged Chachalaca
Ortalis guttata, Ortalis motmot guttata kiripugu-tšatšalaka Speckled Chachalaca, Spotted Chachalaca
Ortalis leucogastra valgekõht-tšatšalaka White-bellied Chachalaca
Ortalis motmot väike-tšatšalaka Little Chachalaca, Variable Chachalaca, Guiana Chachalaca
Ortalis poliocephala suur-tšatšalaka West Mexican Chachalaca
Ortalis ruficauda venetsueela tšatšalaka Rufous-vented Chachalaca, Rufous-tailed Chachalaca, Red-tailed Chachalaca
Ortalis squamata, Ortalis guttata squamata Scaled Chachalaca
Ortalis superciliaris, Ortalis motmot superciliaris, Ortalis spixi kahkkulm-tšatšalaka Buff-browed Chachalaca, Superciliated Chachalaca
Ortalis vetula võsa-tšatšalaka Plain Chachalaca, Common Chachalaca, Mexican Chachalaca, Eastern Chachalaca
Ortalis wagleri punakõht-tšatšalaka Rufous-bellied Chachalaca, Wagler's Chachalaca
Pauxi koepckeae, Pauxi unicornis koepckeae sira kiiverhoko Sira Curassow
Pauxi pauxi, Crax pauxi, Mitu pauxi kiiverhoko Helmeted Curassow, Northern Helmeted Curassow, Galeated Curassow
Pauxi unicornis, Pauxi pauxi unicornis, Crax unicornis lõuna-kiiverhoko Horned Curassow, Southern Helmeted Curassow, Bolivian Helmeted Curassow
Penelope albipennis valgetiib-lotthoko White-winged Guan
Penelope argyrotis laidsaba-lotthoko Band-tailed Guan
Penelope barbata, Penelope argyrotis barbata väike-lotthoko Bearded Guan
Penelope dabbenei, Penelope nigrifrons punapale-lotthoko Red-faced Guan, Dabbene's Guan
Penelope jacquacu häälis-lotthoko Spix's Guan, White-browed Guan
Penelope jacucaca valgekulm-lotthoko White-browed Guan, Brown Guan
Penelope marail läik-lotthoko Marail Guan, Cayenne Guan
Penelope montagnii andi lotthoko Andean Guan
Penelope obscura tõmmu-lotthoko Dusky-legged Guan, Dusky Guan, Common Guan
Penelope ochrogaster ruskekõht-lotthoko Chestnut-bellied Guan
Penelope ortoni mustpõsk-lotthoko Baudo Guan, Orton's Guan
Penelope perspicax cauca lotthoko Cauca Guan
Penelope pileata ruskepugu-lotthoko White-crested Guan, White-headed Guan, Green-backed Guan, Pileated Guan
Penelope purpurascens, Penelope cristata suur-lotthoko Crested Guan, Purple Guan, Purplish Guan
Penelope superciliaris brasiilia lotthoko Rusty-margined Guan, Superciliated Guan, White-eyebrowed Guan
Penelopina nigra lokut-nõlvahoko Highland Guan, Black Penelopina, Black Chachalaca, Black Pajuil, Black Guan, Little Guan, Penelopina
Pipile cujubi, Aburria cujubi amasoonia pugalhoko Red-throated Piping-guan, Red-throated Piping Guan
Pipile cumanensis, Pipile pipile cumanensis, Aburria cumanensis läik-pugalhoko Blue-throated Piping-guan, Blue-throated Piping Guan, Common Piping-guan
Pipile grayi, Pipile cumanensis grayi, Pipile pipile grayi White-throated Piping-guan
Pipile jacutinga, Aburria jacutinga palmi-pugalhoko Black-fronted Piping-guan, Black-fronted Piping Guan, White-crested Piping Guan
Pipile pipile, Aburria pipile paruk-pugalhoko Trinidad Piping-guan, Trinidad Piping Guan, Blue-throated Piping Guan
In orderGalliformes family Cracidae 56 results found
 Megapodiidae - rihukanalased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Aepypodius arfakianus sagar-rihukana Wattled Brush-turkey, Wattled Brush Turkey, Wattled Scrub-turkey
Aepypodius bruijnii lott-rihukana Waigeo Brush-turkey, Bruijn's Brush-turkey, Bruijn's Brush Turkey, Waigeo Scrub-turkey
Alectura lathami kalkun-rihukana Australian Brush-turkey, Brush Turkey, Australian Scrub-turkey, Australian Bush-turkey
Eulipoa wallacei, Megapodius wallacei punaselg-rihukana Moluccan Scrubfowl, Moluccan Megapode, Moluccas Scrub Fowl, Moluccas Scrub Hen, Wallace's Scrubfowl
Leipoa ocellata kõnnu-rihukana Malleefowl, Mallee Fowl, Lowan
Macrocephalon maleo vasar-rihukana Maleo, Maleo Fowl, Maleofowl, Gray's Brush-turkey
Megapodius bernsteinii sulasaarte rihukana Sula Scrubfowl, Sula Megapode, Sula Scrub Fowl
Megapodius cumingii filipiini rihukana Philippine Scrubfowl, Philippine Megapode, Philippine Scrub Fowl, Tabon Scrubfowl
Megapodius decollatus, [Megapodius affinis] paapua rihukana New Guinea Scrubfowl, New Guinea Megapode, New Guinea Scrub Fowl
Megapodius eremita melaneesia rihukana Melanesian Scrubfowl, Melanesian Megapode, Bismarck Scrub Fowl, Bismarck Scrubfowl
Megapodius freycinet tõmmu-rihukana Dusky Scrubfowl, Dusky Megapode, Dusky Scrub Fowl, Dusky Scrub Hen, Common Scrubfowl
Megapodius freycinet forsteni, Megapodius reinwardt forstenii, Megapodius forstenii serami rihukana Seram Scrubfowl, Forsten's Scrubfowl, Forsten's Megapode
Megapodius geelvinkianus, Megapodius freycinet geelvinkianus biaki rihukana Biak Scrubfowl, Geelvink Scrubfowl, Biak Megapode
Megapodius laperouse mikroneesia rihukana Micronesian Scrubfowl, Micronesian Megapode, Marianas Scrub Fowl, Marianas Scrub Hen
Megapodius layardi vanuatu rihukana Vanuatu Scrubfowl, Vanuatu Megapode, Banks Islands Scrub Fowl, Banks Island Scrub Hen, Tristram's Scrubfowl, New Hebrides Scrubfowl
Megapodius nicobariensis nicobari rihukana Nicobar Scrubfowl, Nicobar Megapode, Nicobar Scrub Fowl, Nicobar Scrubhen
Megapodius pritchardii tonga rihukana Tongan Scrubfowl, Polynesian Scrubfowl, Polynesian Megapode, Polynesian Scrub Fowl, Niaufoou Scrub Fowl, Niaufoou Scrubfowl, Polynesian Scrub Hen, Niuafo'ou Scrubfowl, Pritchard's Scrubfowl, Niuafo'ou Megapode, Pritchard's Megapode, Tongan Megapode
Megapodius reinwardt punajalg-rihukana Orange-footed Scrubfowl, Orange-footed Megapode, Orange-footed Scrub Fowl
Megapodius tenimberensis, Megapodius reinwardt tenimberensis tanimbari rihukana Tanimbar Scrubfowl, Tanimbar Megapode
Talegalla cuvieri, Talegallus cuvieri punanokk-rihukana Red-billed Brush-turkey, Red-billed Brush Turkey, Red-billed Scrub-turkey
Talegalla fuscirostris nõgi-rihukana Black-billed Brush-turkey, Black-billed Brush Turkey, Yellow-legged Brush-turkey, Black-billed Scrub-turkey
Talegalla jobiensis pruunkael-rihukana Collared Brush-turkey, Brown-collared Brush-turkey, Brown-collared Brush Turkey, Red-legged Brush-turkey, Brown-billed Brush-turkey
In orderGalliformes family Megapodiidae 22 results found
 Numididae - pärlkanalased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Acryllium vulturinum hund-pärlkana Vulturine Guineafowl
Agelastes meleagrides kiilas-pärlkana White-breasted Guineafowl
Agelastes niger, Phasidus niger must-pärlkana Black Guineafowl
Guttera edouardi, Guttera pucherani edouardi Southern Crested Guineafowl, South African Crested Guineafowl
Guttera plumifera paruk-pärlkana Plumed Guineafowl
Guttera pucherani kähar-pärlkana Eastern Crested Guineafowl, Crested Guineafowl*
Guttera verreauxi, Guttera pucherani verreauxi Western Crested Guineafowl
Numida meleagris pärlkana (kiiver-pärlkana) Helmeted Guineafowl
Numida meleagris galeatus, Numida meleagris galeata, Numida galeata, Numida galeatus sudaani pärlkana (sudaani kiiver-pärlkana) West African Guineafowl, Grey-breasted Helmeted Guineafowl
In orderGalliformes family Numididae 9 results found
 Odontophoridae - selvavutlased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Callipepla californica, Lophortyx californica kalifornia tuttvutt California Quail, Valley Quail
Callipepla douglasii, Lophortyx douglasii võsa-tuttvutt Elegant Quail, Douglas Quail
Callipepla gambelii, Lophortyx gambelii kõrbe-tuttvutt Gambel's Quail, Desert Quail
Callipepla squamata soomus-tuttvutt Scaled Quail, Blue Quail
Colinus cristatus lõuna-nurmvutt Crested Bobwhite
Colinus leucopogon, Colinus cristatus leucopogon täpik-nurmvutt Spot-bellied Bobwhite
Colinus nigrogularis mustkurk-nurmvutt Black-throated Bobwhite, Black-throated Quail, Yucatan Bobwhite
Colinus virginianus nurmvutt (põhja-nurmvutt) Northern Bobwhite, Common Bobwhite, Bobwhite
Cyrtonyx montezumae mehhiko maskvutt Montezuma Quail, Montezuma's Quail, Harlequin Quail
Cyrtonyx ocellatus, Cyrtonyx ocellata maia maskvutt Ocellated Quail
Cyrtonyx sallei, Cyrtonyx montezumae sallei guerrero maskvutt Spot-breasted Quail, Salle's Quail
Dactylortyx thoracicus lauluvutt Singing Quail, Long-toed Quail, Long-toed Partridge
Dendrortyx barbatus hallkurk-händvutt Bearded Wood-Partridge, Bearded Tree-quail, Bearded Wood Partridge, Bearded Tree Quail, Bearded Tree Partridge, Bearded Tree-partridge
Dendrortyx leucophrys valgekurk-händvutt Buffy-crowned Wood-Partridge, Buffy-crowned Tree-quail, Buffy-crowned Wood Partridge, Buffy-crowned Tree Quail, Buffy-crowned Tree Partridge
Dendrortyx macroura mustkurk-händvutt Long-tailed Wood-Partridge, Long-tailed Tree-quail, Long-tailed Wood Partridge, Long-tailed Tree Quail, Long-tailed Tree Partridge, Long-tailed Tree-partridge
Odontophorus atrifrons mustpõsk-selvavutt Black-fronted Wood-quail, Black-fronted Wood Quail
Odontophorus balliviani aimaraa selvavutt Stripe-faced Wood-quail, Stripe-faced Wood Quail
Odontophorus capueira hall-selvavutt Spot-winged Wood-quail, Spot-winged Wood Quail
Odontophorus columbianus, Odontophorus colombianus venetsueela selvavutt Venezuelan Wood-quail, Venezuela Wood Quail
Odontophorus dialeucos panama selvavutt Tacarcuna Wood-quail, Tacarcuna Wood Quail
Odontophorus erythrops manisk-selvavutt Rufous-fronted Wood-quail, Rufous-fronted Wood Quail, Rufous-breasted Wood-quail
Odontophorus gujanensis pruun-selvavutt Marbled Wood-quail, Marbled Wood Quail
Odontophorus guttatus põhja-selvavutt Spotted Wood-quail, Spotted Wood Quail
Odontophorus hyperythrus prill-selvavutt Chestnut Wood-quail, Chestnut Wood Quail
Odontophorus leucolaemus mustrind-selvavutt Black-breasted Wood-quail, Black-breasted Wood Quail, White-throated Wood Quail
Odontophorus melanonotus tume-selvavutt Dark-backed Wood-quail, Black-backed Wood Quail
Odontophorus melanotis tanu-selvavutt Black-eared Wood-quail, Black-eared Wood Quail
Odontophorus speciosus peruu selvavutt Rufous-breasted Wood-quail, Rufous-breasted Wood Quail
Odontophorus stellatus paruk-selvavutt Starred Wood-quail, Starred Wood Quail
Odontophorus strophium tamme-selvavutt Gorgeted Wood-quail, Gorgeted Wood Quail
Oreortyx pictus, Oreortyx picta, Callipepla pictus mägi-tuttvutt Mountain Quail
Philortyx fasciatus vööt-tuttvutt Banded Quail, Barred Quail
Ptilopachus nahani, Acentrortyx nahani, [Francolinus nahani], [Pternistis nahani] uganda frankoliin (uganda frankoliinkana) Nahan's Partridge, Nahan's Francolin, Nahan's Forest Francolin
Ptilopachus petrosus rahnukana Stone Partridge
Rhynchortyx cinctus roostepõsk-vutt Tawny-faced Quail, Banded Wood-quail
In orderGalliformes family Odontophoridae 35 results found
 Phasianidae - faasanlased (kanalased)
Family and species in Estonian in English
Afropavo congensis kongo paabulind Congo Peafowl, Congo Peacock, African Peafowl
Alectoris barbara berberi kivikana Barbary Partridge
Alectoris chukar, Alectoris kakelik aasia kivikana Chukar, Chukar Partridge, Chukor Partridge, Chukor
Alectoris graeca kalju-kivikana Rock Partridge
Alectoris magna, Caccabis hwanghoensis uiguuri kivikana Przewalski's Partridge, Przewalski's Rock Partridge, Rusty-necklaced Partridge
Alectoris melanocephala araabia kivikana Arabian Partridge, Arabian Chukar, Arabian Red-legged Partridge
Alectoris philbyi mustkurk-kivikana Philby's Partridge, Philby's Rock Partridge, Philby's Rock-partridge
Alectoris rufa lääne-kivikana Red-legged Partridge
Ammoperdix griseogularis kõnnukana See-see Partridge, See See Partridge, See-see
Ammoperdix heyi kõrbekana Sand Partridge
Anurophasis monorthonyx, Coturnix monorthonyx mägivutt Snow Mountain Quail, Snow Mountains Quail, New Guinea Quail
Arborophila ardens hainani künkakana Hainan Partridge, Hainan Hill-partridge, Hainan Hill Partridge, White-eared Hill-partridge, Hainan Tree-partridge, Hainan Partridge
Arborophila atrogularis mustkurk-künkakana White-cheeked Partridge, White-cheeked Hill-partridge, White-cheeked Hill Partridge
Arborophila brunneopectus helmes-künkakana Bar-backed Partridge, Brown-breasted Hill-partridge, Bar-backed Hill Partridge, Brown-breasted Hill Partridge, Brown-breasted Partridge, Bar-backed Hill-partridge, Barred Hill-partridge
Arborophila cambodiana kambodža künkakana Chestnut-headed Partridge, Chestnut-headed Hill-partridge, Chestnut-headed Hill Partridge, Chestnut-headed Tree Partridge, Chestnut-headed Partridge, Rufous-faced Hill-partridge
Arborophila cambodiana diversa, Arborophila diversa tai künkakana Siamese Partridge, Siamese Hill-Partridge
Arborophila campbelli, Arborophila orientalis campbelli malai künkakana Malay Partridge, Campbell's Hill Partridge
Arborophila charltonii, Tropicoperdix charltonii koldjalg-künkakana Chestnut-necklaced Partridge, Chestnut-necklaced Hill-partridge, Chestnut-necklaced Hill Partridge, Chestnut-necklaced Tree-partridge, Chestnut-breasted Hill-partridge, Chestnut-breasted Tree Partridge
Arborophila chloropus merlini, Arborophila merlini, Tropicoperdix merlini annami künkakana Annam Hill-partridge, Annam Partridge, Annam Tree-partridge, Annamese Hill Partridge
Arborophila chloropus, Tropicoperdix chloropus rohejalg-künkakana Green-legged Partridge, Green-legged Hill-partridge, Green-legged Hill Partridge, Scaly-breasted Hill-partridge, Scaly-breasted Partridge, Woodland Hill-partridge, Green-legged Tree-partridge
Arborophila crudigularis taivani künkakana Taiwan Partridge, Taiwan Hill-partridge, Taiwan Hill Partridge, White-throated Hill Partridge, Formosan Hill-partridge, Formosan Partridge
Arborophila davidi valjas-künkakana Orange-necked Partridge, Orange-necked Hill-partridge, Orange-necked Hill Partridge, David's Tree Partridge, David's Hill-partridge, Orange-breasted Hill-partridge
Arborophila gingica kaelus-künkakana Collared Partridge, Collared Hill-partridge, Collared Hill Partridge, Rickett's Hill Partridge, Rickett's Partridge, White-necklaced Partridge, White-necklaced Hill-partridge, Fokien Hill-partridge
Arborophila graydoni, Arborophila charltonii graydoni, Tropicoperdix charltonii graydoni Sabah Partridge
Arborophila hyperythra kalimantani künkakana Bornean Partridge, Bornean Hill-partridge, Red-breasted Hill Partridge, Bornean Tree Partridge, Red-breasted Tree Partridge, Red-breasted Partridge
Arborophila javanica jaava künkakana Chestnut-bellied Partridge, Chestnut-bellied Hill-partridge, Chestnut-bellied Hill Partridge, Chestnut-bellied Tree Partridge, Chestnut-bellied Partridge, Javan Hill-partridge
Arborophila mandellii punarind-künkakana Chestnut-breasted Partridge, Chestnut-breasted Hill-partridge, Chestnut-breasted Hill Partridge, Red-breasted Hill Partridge
Arborophila orientalis mustkiird-künkakana White-faced Partridge, Grey-breasted Hill-partridge, Horsfield's Hill Partridge, Grey-breasted Partridge, Sumatran Hill Partridge, Bare-throated Hill-partridge
Arborophila rolli, Arborophila orientalis rolli bataki künkakana Tan-breasted Partridge, Roll's Hill Partridge
Arborophila rubrirostris punanokk-künkakana Red-billed Partridge, Red-billed Hill-partridge, Red-billed Hill Partridge, Red-billed Tree Partridge
Arborophila rufipectus sichuani künkakana Sichuan Partridge, Sichuan Hill-partridge, Sichuan Hill Partridge, Boulton's Hill Partridge
Arborophila rufogularis punakael-künkakana Rufous-throated Partridge, Rufous-throated Hill-partridge, Rufous-throated Hill Partridge
Arborophila sumatrana, Arborophila orientalis sumatrana Sumatran Partridge, Sumatran Hill Partridge
Arborophila tonkinensis, Arborophila chloropus tonkinensis, Tropicoperdix chloropus tonkinensis Tonkin Partridge
Arborophila torqueola himaalaja künkakana Hill Partridge, Common Hill-partridge, Common Hill Partridge, Neclaced Hill-partridge, Indian Hill-partridge
Argusianus argus, Argusianus giganteus argusfaasan Great Argus, Great Argus Pheasant, Great Argus-pheasant, Argus Pheasant
Bambusicola fytchii mägi-bambuskana Mountain Bamboo-partridge, Mountain Bamboo Partridge, Bamboo Partridge
Bambusicola sonorivox, Bambusicola thoracica sonorivox taivani bambuskana Taiwan Bamboo-partridge
Bambusicola thoracicus, Bambusicola thoracica bambuskana (hiina bambuskana) Chinese Bamboo-partridge, Chinese Bamboo Partridge, Bamboo Partridge
Bonasa bonasia, Tetrastes bonasia laanepüü Hazel Grouse, Hazel Hen
Bonasa sewerzowi mägi-laanepüü Chinese Grouse, Severtzov's Grouse, Severtzov's Hazel Grouse, Black-breasted Hazel Grouse
Bonasa umbellus kraepüü Ruffed Grouse
Caloperdix oculeus, Caloperdix oculea roostekana Ferruginous Partridge, Ferruginous Wood-partridge, Ferrugineous Wood Partridge
Catreus wallichii viirfaasan Cheer Pheasant, Chir Pheasant, Wallich's Pheasant
Centrocercus minimus väike-pujupüü Gunnison Grouse, Gunnison Sage-grouse
Centrocercus urophasianus pujupüü Sage Grouse, Greater Sage Grouse, Sage Hen, Sage Chicken
Chrysolophus amherstiae teemantfaasan Lady Amherst's Pheasant
Chrysolophus pictus kuldfaasan Golden Pheasant
Coturnix coromandelica india vihmavutt Rain Quail, Black-breasted Quail
Coturnix coturnix põldvutt Common Quail, Quail
Coturnix delegorguei aafrika vihmavutt Harlequin Quail
Coturnix japonica ida-põldvutt Japanese Quail, Asian Migratory Quail
Coturnix novaezelandiae maoori vutt (†) New Zealand Quail
Coturnix pectoralis punakurk-vutt Stubble Quail, Pectoral Quail, Grey Quail
Crossoptilon auritum sini-kõrvukfaasan Blue Eared-pheasant, Blue Eared Pheasant, Pallas's Eared-pheasant, Mongolian Eared-pheasant
Crossoptilon crossoptilon valge-kõrvukfaasan White Eared-pheasant, White Eared Pheasant, Tibetan Eared-pheasant
Crossoptilon harmani, Crossoptilon crossoptilon harmani hall-kõrvukfaasan Tibetan Eared-Pheasant, Elwes's Eared-Pheasant
Crossoptilon mantchuricum pruun-kõrvukfaasan Brown Eared-pheasant, Brown Eared Pheasant, Manchurian Eared-pheasant
Dendragapus fuliginosus, Dendragapus obscurus fuliginosus Sooty Grouse, Blue Grouse*
Dendragapus obscurus, Falcipennis obscurus nulupüü Dusky Grouse, Blue Grouse*
Dendroperdix sephaena rovuma, Francolinus sephaena rovuma, Peliperdix sephaena rovuma, Francolinus rovuma, Peliperdix rovuma rannikufrankoliin (ranniku-frankoliinkana) Kirk's Francolin
Dendroperdix sephaena, Francolinus sephaena, Peliperdix sephaena tanufrankoliin (tanu-frankoliinkana) Crested Francolin
Falcipennis canadensis, Canachites canadensis, Dendragapus canadensis kuusepüü Spruce Grouse, Canada Grouse, Taiga Grouse
Falcipennis falcipennis, Dendragapus falcipennis taigapüü Siberian Grouse, Siberian Spruce Grouse, Asian Spruce Grouse, Sharp-winged Grouse
Falcipennis franklinii, Falcipennis canadensis franklinii, Canachites canadensis franklinii Franklin's Grouse
Francolinus francolinus mustfrankoliin (must-frankoliinkana) Black Francolin, Black Partridge
Francolinus gularis soofrankoliin (soo-frankoliinkana) Swamp Francolin, Swamp Partridge
Francolinus pictus vihma-frankoliin (vihma-frankoliinkana) Painted Francolin, Painted Partridge
Francolinus pintadeanus ida-frankoliin (ida-frankoliinkana) Chinese Francolin
Francolinus pondicerianus, Ortygornis pondicerianus hallfrankoliin (hall-frankoliinkana) Grey Francolin, Indian Grey Francolin, Grey Partridge
Galloperdix bicalcarata tseiloni kannuskana Sri Lanka Spurfowl, Ceylon Spurfowl
Galloperdix lunulata ehis-kannuskana Painted Spurfowl
Galloperdix spadicea ruuge-kannuskana Red Spurfowl
Gallus gallus puna-džunglikana (bankiva kana) Red Junglefowl, Red Jungle-fowl, Wild Junglefowl
Gallus lafayettii, Gallus lafayetii tseiloni džunglikana Sri Lanka Junglefowl, Ceylon Junglefowl, Ceylon Jungle-fowl, La Fayette's Junglefowl
Gallus sonneratii täpik-džunglikana Grey Junglefowl, Grey Jungle-fowl, Sonnerat's Junglefowl
Gallus varius, Creagrius varius rohe-džunglikana Green Junglefowl, Green Jungle-fowl, Javan Junglefowl
Haematortyx sanguiniceps süsikana Crimson-headed Partridge, Crimson-headed Wood Partridge
Ithaginis cruentus püüfaasan Blood Pheasant
Lagopus lagopus rabapüü Willow Grouse, Willow Ptarmigan
Lagopus lagopus scotica, Lagopus lagopus scoticus, Lagopus scoticus keldi rabapüü Red Grouse
Lagopus leucura, Lagopus leucurus valgesaba-püü White-tailed Ptarmigan, Snow Grouse
Lagopus muta, Lagopus mutus lumepüü Rock Ptarmigan, Ptarmigan
Lerwa lerwa lumekana Snow Partridge
Lophophorus impejanus, Lophophorus impeyanus kroon-läikfaasan Himalayan Monal, Impeyan Monal, Himalayan Pheasant, Himalayan Monal Pheasant
Lophophorus lhuysii hiina läikfaasan Chinese Monal, Chinese Monal Pheasant
Lophophorus sclateri hõbeselg-läikfaasan Sclater's Monal, Sclater's Monal Pheasant, Sclater's Pheasant, Crestless Monal
Lophura bulweri, Lobiophasis bulweri valgesaba-faasan Bulwer's Pheasant, White-tailed Wattled Pheasant, Wattled Pheasant
Lophura diardi, Diardigallus diardi prelaatfaasan Siamese Fireback, Siamese Fireback Pheasant, Diard's Fireback
Lophura edwardsi f. hatinhensis, [Lophura edwardsi hatinhensis], [Lophura hatinhensis], [Lophura haitiensis] vietnami faasan Vo Quy's Pheasant, Vietnamese Pheasant, Vo Quy's Fireback, Vietnamese Fireback, Vietnam Fireback
Lophura edwardsi, Hierophasis edwardsi annami faasan Edwards's Pheasant, Edwards' Pheasant
Lophura erythrophthalma, Acomus erythrophthalma, Houppifer erythrophthalma kuldsaba-kanafaasan Malay Crestless Fireback, Malayan Crestless Fireback, Crestless Fireback*, Crestless Fireback Pheasant*, Rufous-tailed Fireback
Lophura ignita, Euplocamus ignita rüütelfaasan Bornean Crested Fireback, Crested Fireback*, Crested Fireback Pheasant*
Lophura inornata hoogerwerfi, Lophura hoogerwerfi, Houppifer hoogerwerfi acehi kanafaasan Aceh Pheasant, Sumatra Fireback Pheasant, Hoogerwerf's Pheasant, Sumatran Pheasant
Lophura inornata, Chalcocomus inornata, Houppifer inornata sumatra kanafaasan Salvadori's Pheasant
Lophura leucomelanos, Lophura leucomelana, Gennaeus leucomelanos terasfaasan Kalij Pheasant, Kalij
Lophura nycthemera, Gennaeus nycthemera hõbefaasan Silver Pheasant
Lophura pyronota, Lophura erythrophthalma pyronota kirjufaasan Bornean Crestless Fireback
Lophura rufa, Lophura ignita rufa tuliselg-faasan Malay Crested Fireback, Malayan Crested Fireback, Viellot's Fireback, Malaysian Fireback
Lophura swinhoii, Hierophasis swinhoii valgeselg-faasan Swinhoe's Pheasant, Formosan Pheasant
Lyrurus mlokosiewiczi, Tetrao mlokosiewiczi mägiteder Caucasian Grouse, Caucasian Black Grouse
Lyrurus tetrix, Tetrao tetrix teder Black Grouse, Eurasian Black Grouse
Margaroperdix madagarensis, Margaroperdix madagascarensis helmeskana Madagascar Partridge, Madagascan Partridge
Melanoperdix niger, Melanoperdix nigra nõgikana Black Partridge, Black Wood-partridge, Black Wood Partridge
Meleagris gallopavo metskalkun Wild Turkey, Common Turkey, Turkey
Meleagris ocellata, Agriocharis ocellata silmikkalkun Ocellated Turkey
Ophrysia superciliosa tuhkvutt Himalayan Quail, Himalayan Mountain Quail, Indian Quail
Pavo cristatus sini-paabulind Indian Peafowl, Common Peafowl, Blue Peafowl, Indian Peacock
Pavo muticus rohe-paabulind Green Peafowl, Green-necked Peafowl, Green Peacock
Peliperdix albogularis, Francolinus albogularis põlendikufrankoliin (põlendiku-frankoliinkana) White-throated Francolin
Peliperdix coqui, Francolinus coqui väikefrankoliin (väike-frankoliinkana) Coqui Francolin, Coqui's Francolin
Peliperdix lathami, Francolinus lathami metsfrankoliin (mets-frankoliinkana) Forest Francolin, Latham's Francolin, Latham's Forest Francolin
Peliperdix schlegelii, Francolinus schlegelii vöötfrankoliin (vööt-frankoliinkana) Schlegel's Francolin
Perdicula argoondah kõnnuvutt Rock Bush-quail, Rock Bush Quail
Perdicula asiatica džunglivutt Jungle Bush-quail, Jungle Bush Quail
Perdicula erythrorhyncha, Cryptoplectron erythrorhyncha valgekurk-vutt Painted Bush-quail, Painted Bush Quail
Perdicula manipurensis, Cryptoplectron manipurensis heinavutt Manipur Bush-quail, Manipur Bush Quail
Perdix dauurica, Perdix dauuricae, Perdix barbata habe-nurmkana Daurian Partridge
Perdix hodgsoniae, Sacfa hodgsoniae tiibeti nurmkana Tibetan Partridge, Hodgson's Partridge
Perdix perdix nurmkana Grey Partridge, Gray Francolin, Common Partridge, Partridge
Phasianus colchicus faasan (jahifaasan) Common Pheasant, Ring-necked Pheasant, Pheasant
Phasianus colchicus torquatus, Phasianus torquatus kaelusfaasan Grey-rumped Pheasant, Ringnecked Pheasant, Ring-necked Pheasant, Ringneck Pheasant
Phasianus versicolor rohefaasan Green Pheasant, Japanese Pheasant
Polyplectron bicalcaratum hall-paabufaasan Grey Peacock-pheasant, Burmese Peacock-Pheasant, Iris Peacock-pheasant, Chinquis Peacock-pheasant
Polyplectron chalcurum, Chalcurus chalcurum sumatra paabufaasan Bronze-tailed Peacock-pheasant, Sumatran Peacock-Pheasant, Lesson's Peacock-Pheasant
Polyplectron germaini vietnami paabufaasan Germain's Peacock-pheasant
Polyplectron inopinatum, Chalcurus inopinatum mägi-paabufaasan Mountain Peacock-pheasant, Rothschild's Peacock-Pheasant, Mirror Peacock-Pheasant, Malayan Peacock-Pheasant
Polyplectron katsumatae, Polyplectron bicalcaratum katsumatae hainani paabufaasan Hainan Peacock-pheasant, Hainan Peacock Pheasant
Polyplectron malacense kübar-paabufaasan Malay Peacock-pheasant, Malaysian Peacock-pheasant, Malayan Peacock-Pheasant, Crested Peacock-pheasant
Polyplectron napoleonis, Polyplectron emphanum, Polyplectron napolensis palawani paabufaasan Palawan Peacock-pheasant, Napoleon's Peacock-Pheasant, Palawan Peacock-Pheasant
Polyplectron schleiermacheri kalimantani paabufaasan Bornean Peacock-pheasant
Pternistis adspersus, Francolinus adspersus, Notocolinus adspersus viirfrankoliin (viir-frankoliinkana) Red-billed Francolin
Pternistis afer, Francolinus afer punakurk-frankoliin (punakurk-frankoliinkana) Red-necked Francolin, Red-necked Spurfowl, Bare-throated Francolin
Pternistis ahantensis, Francolinus ahantensis, Squamatocolinus ahantensis ginea frankoliin (ginea frankoliinkana) Ahanta Francolin
Pternistis atrifrons, Francolinus castaneicollis atrifrons Black-fronted Francolin
Pternistis bicalcaratus, Francolinus bicalcaratus, Chaetopus bicalcaratus savannifrankoliin (savanni-frankoliinkana) Double-spurred Francolin
Pternistis camerunensis, Francolinus camerunensis, Oreocolinus camerunensis kameruni frankoliin (kameruni frankoliinkana) Mount Cameroon Francolin, Cameroun Mountain Francolin, Cameroon Francolin
Pternistis capensis, Francolinus capensis, Notocolinus capensis kapi frankoliin (kapi frankoliinkana) Cape Francolin
Pternistis castaneicollis, Francolinus castaneicollis, Oreocolinus castaneicollis etioopia frankoliin (etioopia frankoliinkana) Chestnut-naped Francolin
Pternistis clappertoni, Francolinus clappertoni, Chaetopus clappertoni liivafrankoliin (liiva-frankoliinkana) Clapperton's Francolin
Pternistis erckelii, Francolinus erckelii, Oreocolinus erckelii suurfrankoliin (suur-frankoliinkana) Erckel's Francolin
Pternistis griseostriatus, Francolinus griseostriatus, Squamatocolinus griseostriatus ruugefrankoliin (ruuge-frankoliinkana) Grey-striped Francolin
Pternistis hartlaubi, Francolinus hartlaubi, Chaetopus hartlaubi, Chapinortyx hartlaubi namiibia frankoliin (namiibia frankoliinkana) Hartlaub's Francolin
Pternistis harwoodi, Francolinus harwoodi, Chaetopus harwoodi sorgofrankoliin (sorgo-frankoliinkana) Harwood's Francolin
Pternistis hildebrandti, Francolinus hildebrandti, Chaetopus hildebrandti, Notocolinus hildebrandti tähnikfrankoliin (tähnik-frankoliinkana) Hildebrandt's Francolin
Pternistis icterorhynchus, Francolinus icterorhynchus, Chaetopus icterorhynchus koldnokk-frankoliin (koldnokk-frankoliinkana) Heuglin's Francolin, Yellow-billed Francolin
Pternistis jacksoni, Francolinus jacksoni, Oreocolinus jacksoni keenia frankoliin (keenia frankoliinkana) Jackson's Francolin
Pternistis leucoscepus, Francolinus leucoscepus kuldkurk-frankoliin (kuldkurk-frankoliinkana) Yellow-necked Francolin, Yellow-necked Spurfowl
Pternistis natalensis, Francolinus natalensis, Chaetopus natalensis, Notocolinus natalensis kiripugu-frankoliin (kiripugu-frankoliinkana) Natal Francolin
Pternistis nobilis, Francolinus nobilis, Oreocolinus nobilis ruanda frankoliin (ruanda frankoliinkana) Handsome Francolin
Pternistis ochropectus, Francolinus ochropectus, Oreocolinus ochropectus kadakafrankoliin (kadaka-frankoliinkana) Djibouti Francolin, Pale-bellied Francolin, Ochre-breasted Francolin, Tadjoura Francolin
Pternistis rufopictus, Francolinus rufopictus serengeti frankoliin (serengeti frankoliinkana) Grey-breasted Francolin, Grey-breasted Spurfowl, Painted Francolin
Pternistis squamatus, Francolinus squamatus tuhkfrankoliin (tuhk-frankoliinkana) Scaly Francolin
Pternistis swainsonii, Francolinus swainsonii lammifrankoliin (lammi-frankoliinkana) Swainson's Francolin, Swainson's Spurfowl
Pternistis swierstrai, Francolinus swierstrai, Oreocolinus swierstrai kaelusfrankoliin (kaelus-frankoliinkana) Swierstra's Francolin
Pucrasia macrolopha tuttfaasan Koklass Pheasant, Koklass
Rheinardia ocellata nigrescens, Rheinardia nigrescens malai pärlfaasan Malaysian Argus
Rheinardia ocellata, Rheinartia ocellata pärlfaasan Crested Argus, Rheinard's Argus, Ocellated Argus, Crested Argus-pheasant
Rhizothera dulitensis, Rhizothera longirostris dulitensis Dulit Partridge
Rhizothera longirostris suurnokk-kana Long-billed Partridge, Long-billed Wood Partridge, Long-billed Wood-partridge
Rollulus rouloul, Rollulus roulroul tanukana Crested Partridge, Crested Wood-partridge, Roulroul, Crested Wood Partridge
Scleroptila afra, Francolinus africanus, Scleroptila africanus lõunafrankoliin (lõuna-frankoliinkana) Grey-winged Francolin, Greywing Francolin
Scleroptila elgonensis, Francolinus psilolaemus elgonensis Elgon Francolin
Scleroptila finschi, Francolinus finschi punapõsk-frankoliin (punapõsk-frankoliinkana) Finsch's Francolin
Scleroptila gutturalis, Francolinus levaillantoides, Francolinus levalliantoides, Scleroptila levaillantoides, Scleroptila levalliantoides, Francolinus gariepensis valgekurk-frankoliin (valgekurk-frankoliinkana) Orange River Francolin, Archer's Francolin, Archer's Greywing Francolin
Scleroptila levaillantii, Francolinus levaillantii orufrankoliin (oru-frankoliinkana) Red-winged Francolin, Red-wing Francolin
Scleroptila psilolaema, Francolinus psilolaemus, Scleroptila psilolaemus kanarbikufrankoliin (kanarbiku-frankoliinkana) Moorland Francolin, Montane Francolin, Shoa Francolin
Scleroptila shelleyi, Francolinus shelleyi välufrankoliin (välu-frankoliinkana) Shelley's Francolin
Scleroptila streptophora, Francolinus streptophorus, Scleroptila streptophorus, Dendroperdix streptophorus kraefrankoliin (krae-frankoliinkana) Ring-necked Francolin
Scleroptila whytei, Francolinus shelleyi whytei Whyte's Francolin
Synoicus adansonii, Coturnix adansonii, Excalfactoria adansonii aafrika sinivutt African Blue Quail, King Quail, Blue Quail
Synoicus chinensis, Coturnix chinensis, Excalfactoria chinensis ida-sinivutt Asian Blue Quail, Blue-breasted Quail, King Quail, Indian Blue Quail, Painted Quail, Chinese Quail
Synoicus ypsilophorus, Coturnix ypsilophora, Synoicus ypsilophora soovutt Brown Quail, Tasmanian Brown Quail
Syrmaticus ellioti, Calophasis ellioti valgekõht-faasan Elliot's Pheasant, White-necked Pheasant, Long-tailed Pheasant, Chinese Bar-backed Pheasant, Bar-backed Pheasant
Syrmaticus humiae, Calophasis humiae birma faasan Mrs Hume's Pheasant, Hume's Pheasant, Mrs. Hume's Pheasant, Bar-tailed Pheasant, Black-necked Bar-tailed Pheasant
Syrmaticus mikado, Calophasis mikado mikaadofaasan Mikado Pheasant
Syrmaticus reevesii kuningfaasan Reeves's Pheasant, Reeves' Pheasant, White-crowned Long-tailed Pheasant, Bar-tailed Pheasant
Syrmaticus soemmerringii, Graphephasianus soemmerringii vaskfaasan Copper Pheasant, Soemmerring's Pheasant
Tetrao urogalloides, Tetrao parvirostris kivimetsis (kivimõtus) Black-billed Capercaillie, Small-billed Capercaillie, Short-billed Capercaillie, Siberian Capercaillie, Rock Capercaillie
Tetrao urogallus metsis (mõtus) Western Capercaillie, Capercaillie
Tetraogallus altaicus altai mägikana Altai Snowcock
Tetraogallus caspius pärsia mägikana Caspian Snowcock
Tetraogallus caucasicus kaukaasia mägikana Caucasian Snowcock
Tetraogallus himalayensis suur-mägikana (himaalaja mägikana) Himalayan Snowcock
Tetraogallus tibetanus tiibeti mägikana Tibetan Snowcock
Tetraophasis obscurus, Tetraogallus obscurus punakurk-mägikana Chestnut-throated Partridge, Verreaux's Monal-partridge, Verreaux's Monal Partridge, Chestnut-throated Monal-partridge, Verreaux's Pheasant-partridge, Verreaux's Pheasant-grouse, Verreaux's Partridge
Tetraophasis szechenyii, Tetraogallus szechenyii koldkurk-mägikana Buff-throated Partridge, Szechenyi's Monal-partridge, Szechenyi's Monal Partridge, Buff-throated Monal-partridge, Tibetan Monal-partridge, Tibetan Partridge, Szechenyi's Pheasant-grouse, Szechenyi's Pheasant-partridge, Szechenyi's Partridge
Tragopan blythii nagalandi helmesfaasan (nagalandi tragopan) Blyth's Tragopan, Grey-bellied Tragopan
Tragopan caboti hele-helmesfaasan (heletragopan) Cabot's Tragopan, Chinese Tragopan, Yellow-bellied Tragopan
Tragopan melanocephalus tõmmu-helmesfaasan (tõmmutragopan) Western Tragopan, Western Horned Tragopan, Black-headed Horned Tragopan
Tragopan satyra saatür-helmesfaasan (saatürtragopan) Satyr Tragopan, Crimson Tragopan, Indian Tragopan
Tragopan temminckii puna-helmesfaasan (punatragopan) Temminck's Tragopan, Crimson-bellied Tragopan
Tympanuchus cupido preeriapüü Greater Prairie-chicken, Greater Prairie Chicken, Prairie Chicken, Pinnated Grouse
Tympanuchus pallidicinctus väike-preeriapüü Lesser Prairie-chicken, Lesser Prairie Chicken, Lesser Prairie Grouse, Lesser Pinnated Grouse
Tympanuchus phasianellus, Pedioecetes phasianellus välupüü Sharp-tailed Grouse
Xenoperdix udzungwensis udzungwa nõlvakana Udzungwa Forest-partridge, Udzungwa Forest Partridge
Xenoperdix udzungwensis obscurata, Xenoperdix obscuratus rubeho nõlvakana Rubeho Forest-partridge
[Lophura imperialis] = Lophura edwardsi x L. nycthemera keiserfaasan Imperial Pheasant
In orderGalliformes family Phasianidae 198 results found
Gaviiformes - kaurilised Gaviidae - kaurlased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Gavia adamsii tundrakaur Yellow-billed Loon, White-billed Diver, White-billed Loon, Yellow-billed Diver
Gavia arctica järvekaur Arctic Loon, Black-throated Diver, Black-throated Loon, Arctic Diver
Gavia immer jääkaur Common Loon, Great Northern Diver, Great Northern Loon, Black-billed Loon
Gavia pacifica, Gavia arctica pacifica kirdekaur Pacific Loon, Pacific Diver
Gavia stellata punakurk-kaur Red-throated Loon, Red-throated Diver
In orderGaviiformes family Gaviidae 5 results found
Gruiformes - kurelised Aramidae - ruikkurglased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Aramus guarauna, Aramus scolopaceus ruikkurg Limpkin
In orderGruiformes family Aramidae 1 results found
 Gruidae - kurglased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Anthropoides paradiseus, Anthropoides paradisea, Grus paradisea paradiisikurg Blue Crane, Stanley Crane, Paradise Crane
Anthropoides virgo, Grus virgo neitsikurg Demoiselle Crane
Antigone antigone, Grus antigone saaruskurg Sarus Crane
Antigone canadensis, Grus canadensis kanada kurg Sandhill Crane, Painted Button Quail, Brown Crane, Canadian Crane, Blue Crane, Grey Crane
Antigone rubicunda, Grus rubicunda brolgakurg (austraalia kurg) Brolga, Australian Crane
Antigone vipio, Grus vipio idakurg White-naped Crane, Japanese White-naped Crane, Japanese White-necked Crane
Balearica pavonina põhja-kroonkurg Black Crowned-crane, Black Crowned Crane, Crowned Crane, Dark Crowned Crane
Balearica regulorum lõuna-kroonkurg Grey Crowned-crane, Grey Crowned Crane, South African Crowned Crane, Blue-necked Crane, Royal Crane
Bugeranus carunculatus, Grus carunculatus lottkurg Wattled Crane, Great African Wattled Crane
Grus americana trompetkurg Whooping Crane, Whooper*, Big White Crane
Grus grus sookurg Eurasian Crane, Common Crane
Grus japonensis õnnekurg (jaapani kurg) Red-crowned Crane, Manchurian Crane, Japanese Crane
Grus monacha munkkurg Hooded Crane
Grus nigricollis mägikurg Black-necked Crane
Leucogeranus leucogeranus, Grus leucogeranus, Bugeranus leucogeranus valgekurg Siberian Crane, Great White Crane, Siberian White Crane, Asiatic White Crane
In orderGruiformes family Gruidae 15 results found
 Heliornithidae - redulindlased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Heliopais personatus, Heliopais personata aasia redulind Masked Finfoot, Asian Finfoot
Heliornis fulica ameerika redulind Sungrebe, American Finfoot
Podica senegalensis aafrika redulind African Finfoot, Peters' Finfoot
In orderGruiformes family Heliornithidae 3 results found
 Psophiidae - trompetlindlased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Psophia crepitans halltiib-trompetlind Grey-winged Trumpeter, Gray-winged Trumpeter, Common Trumpeter
Psophia crepitans napensis, Psophia napensis Napo Trumpeter, Ecuador Trumpeter
Psophia dextralis, Psophia viridis dextralis, Psophia obscura dextralis Olive-winged Trumpeter
Psophia leucoptera valgetiib-trompetlind White-winged Trumpeter, Pale-winged Trumpeter
Psophia obscura, Psophia viridis obscura Black-winged Trumpeter, Dark-winged Trumpeter, Dusky Trumpeter
Psophia ochroptera, Psophia crepitans ochroptera Ochre-winged Trumpeter
Psophia viridis tõmmu-trompetlind Green-winged Trumpeter, Dark-winged Trumpeter
In orderGruiformes family Psophiidae 7 results found
 Rallidae - ruiklased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Amaurolimnas concolor, Eulabeornis concolor, Aramides concolor loduruik Uniform Crake
Amaurornis cinerea, Porzana cinerea, Poliolimnas cinerea valjashuik White-browed Crake, White-browed Rail, Ashy Crake, Grey-bellied Crake
Amaurornis isabellina, Amaurornis isabellinus ruugehuik Isabelline Bush-hen, Sulawesi Water Hen, Isabelline Waterhen
Amaurornis magnirostris Talaud Bush-hen
Amaurornis marginalis, Aenigmatolimnas marginalis, Porzana marginalis triiphuik Striped Crake
Amaurornis moluccana, Amaurornis moluccanus lõuna-tõmmuhuik Pale-vented Bush-hen, Rufous-tailed Bush-hen, Moluccan Rufous-tailed Moorhen, Rufous-tailed Waterhen, Eastern Bush-hen, Rufous-vented Bush-hen
Amaurornis olivacea, Amaurornis olivaceus filipiini tõmmuhuik Philippine Bush-hen, Plain Bush-hen, Rufous-tailed Moorhen, Bush-hen
Amaurornis phoenicurus valgerind-huik White-breasted Waterhen, White-breasted Water Hen
Aphanapteryx bonasia mauritiuse metsruik (†) Red Rail, Mauritian Red Rail
Aphanapteryx leguati rodriguese metsruik (†) Rodrigues Rail, Leguat's Rail
Aramides axillaris, Eulabeornis axillaris rand-võsaruik Rufous-necked Wood-rail, Rufous-necked Wood Rail, Rufous-crowned Wood-rail
Aramides cajaneus, Aramides cajanea, Eulabeornis cajaneus hallkael-võsaruik Grey-necked Wood-rail, Gray-necked Wood Rail, Grey-necked Wood Rail, Cayenne Wood-rail
Aramides calopterus, Eulabeornis calopterus amasoonia võsaruik Red-winged Wood-rail, Red-winged Wood Rail
Aramides mangle, Eulabeornis mangle väike-võsaruik Little Wood-rail, Little Wood Rail
Aramides saracura, Eulabeornis saracura rohenokk-võsaruik Slaty-breasted Wood-rail, Slaty-breasted Wood Rail, Saracura Wood-rail
Aramides wolfi, Eulabeornis wolfi pruun-võsaruik Brown Wood-rail, Brown Wood Rail, Brown-backed Wood-rail
Aramides ypecaha, Eulabeornis ypecaha suur-võsaruik Giant Wood-rail, Giant Wood Rail
Aramidopsis plateni, Rallus plateni norskruik Snoring Rail, Platen's Rail, Celebes Rail
Atlantisia podarces, Aramides podarces sainthelena ruik (†) St. Helena Crake, St. Helena Rail
Atlantisia rogersi hiirruik Inaccessible Rail, Inaccessible Island Rail
Cabalus modestus, Gallirallus modestus, Rallus modestus chathami ruik (†) Chatham Rail, Chatham Islands Rail, Chatham Island Rail
Canirallus oculeus aafrika metsruik Grey-throated Rail
Coturnicops exquisitus väike-vuttruik Swinhoe's Rail, Swinhoe's Yellow Crake, Swinhoe's Yellow Rail, Siberian Rail
Coturnicops notatus tume-vuttruik Speckled Rail, Darwin's Rail
Coturnicops noveboracensis kold-vuttruik Yellow Rail, American Yellow Rail
Crex crex rukkirääk Corncrake, Corn Crake
Crex egregia, Porzana egregia, Crecopsis egregia savannirääk African Crake
Cyanolimnas cerverai kuuba huik Zapata Rail
Diaphorapteryx hawkinsi (†) Hawkins's Rail
Dryolimnas augusti réunioni ruik (†) Reunion Rail
Dryolimnas cuvieri, Canirallus cuvieri, Lewinia cuvieri valgekurk-ruik White-throated Rail, Cuvier's Rail
Eulabeornis castaneoventris hiidhuik Chestnut Rail, Chestnut-bellied Rail
Fulica alai havai lauk Hawaiian Coot
Fulica americana ameerika lauk American Coot
Fulica americana f. caribaea, Fulica americana caribaea, Fulica caribaea kariibi lauk Caribbean Coot
Fulica ardesiaca andi lauk Andean Coot, Slate-colored Coot, Slate-coloured Coot
Fulica armillata tähtlauk Red-gartered Coot
Fulica atra lauk Common Coot, Black Coot, Coot, Eurasian Coot
Fulica cornuta, Lycornis cornuta sarviklauk Horned Coot
Fulica cristata sagarlauk Red-knobbed Coot, Crested Coot
Fulica gigantea, Phalaria gigantea suurlauk Giant Coot
Fulica leucoptera vööttiib-lauk White-winged Coot
Fulica newtoni maskareeni lauk (†) Mascarene Coot
Fulica rufifrons rägalauk Red-fronted Coot
Gallicrex cinerea sarviktait Watercock, Water Cock
Gallinula angulata väiketait Lesser Moorhen
Gallinula chloropus tait Common Moorhen, Moorhen, Common Gallinule
Gallinula comeri, Gallinula nesiotis comeri gough'i tait Gough Moorhen, Gough Island Coot, Gough Island Moorhen
Gallinula galeata, Gallinula chloropus galeata ameerika tait Common Gallinule, Laughing Moorhen
Gallinula melanops, Porphyriops melanops naerutait Spot-flanked Gallinule, Little Waterhen
Gallinula nesiotis, Porphyriornis nesiotis tristan da cunha tait (†) Tristan Moorhen, Tristan da Cunha Moorhen, Gough Island Coot
Gallinula tenebrosa tumetait Dusky Moorhen
Gallirallus australis veeka (veekaruik) Weka, Weka Rail
Gallirallus calayanensis calayani ruik Calayan Rail
Gallirallus lafresnayanus, Rallus lafresnayanus, Tricholimnas lafresnayanus uuskaledoonia ruik New Caledonian Rail, New Caledonian Wood Rail
Gallirallus sharpei, Rallus sharpei, Gallirallus philippensis f. sharpei sunda ruik (†) Sharpe's Rail
Gymnocrex plumbeiventris, Eulabeornis plumbeiventris, Aramides plumbeiventris paapua maskruik Bare-eyed Rail
Gymnocrex rosenbergii, Eulabeornis rosenbergii, Aramides rosenbergii sulawesi maskruik Blue-faced Rail, Bald-faced Rail, Rosenberg's Bare-eyed Rail, Rosenberg's Rail
Gymnocrex talaudensis Talaud Rail
Habroptila wallacii, Rallus wallacii, Amaurornis wallacii, Rallus wallacii halmahera jooksuhuik Invisible Rail, Wallace's Rail, Halmahera Rail, Drummer Rail
Hapalocrex flaviventer, Porzana flaviventer, Poliolimnas flaviventer koldrind-huik Yellow-breasted Crake
Himantornis haematopus kurgruik Nkulengu Rail
Hypotaenidia dieffenbachii, Gallirallus dieffenbachii, Rallus dieffenbachii, Nesolimnas dieffenbachii kaelusruik (†) Dieffenbach's Rail
Hypotaenidia immaculata, Nesoclopeus woodfordi immaculatus Santa Isabel Rail
Hypotaenidia insignis, Gallirallus insignis, Rallus insignis, Habropteryx insignis uusbritannia ruik New Britain Rail, Bismarck Rail, Pink-legged Rail, Sclater's Rail
Hypotaenidia okinawae, Gallirallus okinawae, Rallus okinawae okinawa ruik Okinawa Rail
Hypotaenidia owstoni, Gallirallus owstoni, Rallus owstoni guami ruik Guam Rail
Hypotaenidia pacifica, Gallirallus pacificus, Rallus pacificus tahiti ruik (†) Tahiti Rail, Tahitian Rail
Hypotaenidia philippensis, Gallirallus philippensis, Rallus philippensis vööruik Buff-banded Rail, Banded Rail, Land Rail, Banded Land Rail
Hypotaenidia poeciloptera, Nesoclopeus poecilopterus, Rallus poecilopterus, Rallina poecilopterus saareruik (†) Bar-winged Rail, Barred-winged Rail, Barred Wing Rail, Fiji Rail
Hypotaenidia rovianae, Gallirallus rovianae, Rallus rovianae kitikete-ruik Roviana Rail
Hypotaenidia sylvestris, Gallirallus sylvestris, Rallus sylvestris, Tricholimnas sylvestris, Gallirallus conditicius pruunruik Lord Howe Woodhen, Lord Howe Rail, Woodhen, Lord Howe Wood Rail, Gilbert Rail
Hypotaenidia tertia, Nesoclopeus woodfordi tertius Bougainville Rail
Hypotaenidia torquata, Gallirallus torquatus, Rallus torquatus, Hypotaenidia torquatus kriimruik Barred Rail
Hypotaenidia wakensis, Gallirallus wakensis, Rallus wakensis wake'i ruik (†) Wake Island Rail
Hypotaenidia woodfordi, Nesoclopeus woodfordi, Rallus woodfordi, Rallina woodfordi tumeruik Guadalcanal Rail, Woodword's Rail, Solomons Rail
Laterallus albigularis kolumbia pisiruik White-throated Crake
Laterallus exilis hallrind-pisiruik Grey-breasted Crake, Gray-breasted Crake
Laterallus jamaicensis tõmmu-pisiruik Black Rail, American Black Crake
Laterallus leucopyrrhus paraná pisiruik Red-and-white Crake, Red and White Crake
Laterallus levraudi venetsueela pisiruik Rusty-flanked Crake
Laterallus melanophaius lõuna-pisiruik Rufous-sided Crake, Rufous-sided Rail
Laterallus ruber puna-pisiruik Ruddy Crake, Red Crake
Laterallus spilonota, Laterallus spilonotus galápagose pisiruik Galapagos Rail
Laterallus tuerosi, Laterallus jamaicensis tuerosi vöötselg-pisiruik Junin Rail, Junín Rail
Laterallus xenopterus kampo-pisiruik Rufous-faced Crake, Horqueta Crake
Lewinia mirifica, Lewinia mirificus, Dryolimnas mirificus luzoni väikeruik Brown-banded Rail, Luzon Rail
Lewinia muelleri, Dryolimnas muelleri motumaha väikeruik Auckland Rail, Auckland Islands Rail, Auckland Island Rail
Lewinia pectoralis, Rallus pectoralis, Dryolimnas pectoralis väikeruik Lewin's Rail, Lewin's Water Rail, Slate-breasted Rail
Lewinia striata, Gallirallus striatus, Rallus striatus, Hypotaenidia striatus punapea-ruik Slaty-breasted Rail, Blue-breasted Banded Rail
Megacrex inepta, Amaurornis ineptus, Habroptila inepta paapua jooksuhuik New Guinea Flightless Rail, Papuan Flightless Rail, Grey-faced Rail
Mentocrex beankaensis, Canirallus beankaensis Tsingy Wood-rail, Tsingy Wood Rail
Mentocrex kioloides, Canirallus kioloides madagaskari metsruik Madagascar Wood-rail, Madagascar Wood Rail, Madagascan Forest Rail, Madagascar Grey-throated Rail, Grey-throated Wood-rail, Kioloides Rail
Micropygia schomburgkii, Coturnicops schomburgkii helmes-vuttruik Ocellated Crake, Ocellated Rail, Dotted Crake
Mundia elpenor, Atlantisia elpenor, Atlantisea elpenor, Aramides elpenor ascensioni ruik (†) Ascension Crake, Ascension Rail
Neocrex colombiana, Neocrex colombianus, Porzana columbiana kolumbia huik Colombian Crake
Neocrex erythrops, Porzana erythrops ehisnokk-huik Paint-billed Crake
Pardirallus maculatus, Rallus maculatus kirjuhuik Spotted Rail
Pardirallus nigricans, Rallus nigricans, Ortygonax nigricans soo-kilthuik Blackish Rail
Pardirallus sanguinolentus, Rallus sanguinolentus, Ortygonax sanguinolentus, Pardirallus rytirhynchos roo-kilthuik Plumbeous Rail
Pareudiastes pacificus, Gallinula pacifica, Pareudiastes pacifica samoa metstait Samoan Moorhen, Samoan Woodhen, Samoan Wood Rail
Pareudiastes silvestris, Gallinula silvestris, Gallinula sylvestris, Pareudiastes sylvestris, Edithornis sylvestris makira metstait Makira Moorhen, San Cristobal Moorhen, San Cristobal Mountain Rail, Mountain Rail
Porphyrio albus, Fulica alba valge-sultantait (†) White Swamphen, White Gallinule, Lord Howe Swamphen, Lord Howe Island Swamphen, New Britain Gallinule
Porphyrio alleni, Gallinula alleni, Porphyrula alleni aafrika sultantait Allen's Gallinule
Porphyrio caerulescens réunioni sultantait (†) Reunion Gallinule
Porphyrio flavirostris, Gallinula flavirostris, Porphyrula flavirostris, Porphyrio parvus hele-sultantait Azure Gallinule, Little Gallinule
Porphyrio hochstetteri takahe (lõuna-sultantait) South Island Takahe, Takahe*, Southern Takahe
Porphyrio kukwiedei uuskaledoonia sultantait (†) New Caledonia Gallinule
Porphyrio mantelli, Notornis mantelli suur-sultantait (†) North Island Takahe, Moho
Porphyrio martinicus, Porphyrio martinica, Gallinula martinica, Porphyrula martinica koldjalg-sultantait Purple Gallinule, American Purple Gallinule
Porphyrio paepae markiisaarte sultantait (†) Marquesan Swamphen
Porphyrio porphyrio sultantait Purple Swamphen, Purple Gallinule*
Porphyrio porphyrio bellus, Porphyrio bellus siniõlg-sultantait Western Swamphen
Porphyrio porphyrio madagascariensis, Porphyrio madagascariensis smaragd-sultantait African Swamphen, African Purple Swamphen, African Purple Gallinule
Porphyrio porphyrio melanotus, Porphyrio melanotus tõmmu-sultantait Australasian Swamphen, Pukeko, Australian Swamphen
Porphyrio porphyrio poliocephalus, Porphyrio poliocephalus lasuur-sultantait Grey-headed Swamphen, Purple Coot, Moorhen
Porphyrio porphyrio pulverulentus, Porphyrio pulverulentus pruunselg-sultantait Philippine Swamphen, Azure-breasted Swamphen
Porzana albicollis tärinhuik Ash-throated Crake, White-throated Crake, White-necked Crake
Porzana carolina ameerika huik Sora, Sora Rail, Sora Crake, Carolina Rail, Carolina Crake
Porzana fasciata, Anurolimnas fasciatus, Laterallus fasciatus, Laterallus hauxwelli soo-rägaruik Black-banded Crake
Porzana fluminea austraalia huik Australian Crake, Australian Spotted Crake, Water Crake
Porzana porzana täpikhuik Spotted Crake, Eurasian Spotted Crake
Porzana spiloptera, Laterallus spiloptera pampahuik Dot-winged Crake, Dot-winged Rail
Rallicula forbesi, Rallina forbesi mägi-metsruik Forbes's Forest-rail, Forbes's Forest Rail, Forbes' Chestnut Rail, Red-backed Forest-rail
Rallicula leucospila, Rallina leucospila viirsaba-metsruik White-striped Forest-rail, White-striped Forest Rail, White-striped Chestnut Rail
Rallicula mayri, Rallina mayri ruske-metsruik Mayr's Forest-rail, Mayr's Forest Rail, Mayr's Chestnut Rail, Black-tailed Forest-rail
Rallicula rubra, Rallina rubra puna-metsruik Chestnut Forest-rail, Chestnut Forest Rail, New Guinea Chestnut Rail
Rallina canningi andamani metsruik Andaman Crake, Andaman Banded Crake
Rallina eurizonoides, Rallina superciliaris vööt-metsruik Slaty-legged Crake, Slaty-legged Banded Crake, Banded Crake, Ryukyu Crake, Philippine Crake
Rallina fasciata punajalg-metsruik Red-legged Crake, Malaysian Banded Crake, Malaysian Crake
Rallina tricolor tõmmu-metsruik Red-necked Crake, Red-necked Rail
Rallus antarcticus patagoonia ruik Austral Rail
Rallus aquaticus rooruik Western Water Rail, Water Rail*
Rallus caerulescens aafrika rooruik African Rail, African Water Rail, Kaffir Rail, Cape Rail
Rallus crepitans, Rallus longirostris crepitans klaperruik Clapper Rail
Rallus elegans suur-klaperruik King Rail
Rallus indicus, Rallus aquaticus indicus Eastern Water Rail, Brown-cheeked Rail
Rallus limicola paduruik Virginia Rail
Rallus longirostris klaperruik (rand-klaperruik) Mangrove Rail, Clapper Rail*
Rallus madagascariensis madagaskari rooruik Madagascar Rail, Madagascan Rail
Rallus obsoletus, Rallus longirostris obsoletus kalifornia ruik Ridgway's Rail
Rallus semiplumbeus, Rallus semiplumbeous mägiruik Bogota Rail
Rallus tenuirostris, Rallus elegans tenuirostris asteegi ruik Mexican Rail, Highland Rail, Aztec Rail
Rallus wetmorei mangrooviruik Plain-flanked Rail, Wetmore's Rail
Rougetius rougetii etioopia ruik Rouget's Rail, Abyssinian Rail
Rufirallus castaneiceps, Anurolimnas castaneiceps, Rallina castaneiceps mets-rägaruik Chestnut-headed Crake, Chestnut-headed Rail
Rufirallus viridis, Anurolimnas viridis, Laterallus viridis väike-rägaruik Russet-crowned Crake, Cayenne Crake
Sarothrura affinis, Coturnicops affinis triippirk Striped Flufftail, Red-tailed Flufftail, Chestnut-tailed Flufftail, Chestnut-tailed Crake
Sarothrura ayresi, Coturnicops ayresi, Ortygops macmillani valgetiib-pirk White-winged Flufftail, White-winged Crake
Sarothrura boehmi, Coturnicops boehmi rohupirk Streaky-breasted Flufftail, Boehm's Flufftail, Streaky-breasted Crake
Sarothrura elegans, Coturnicops elegans võsapirk Buff-spotted Flufftail, Buff-spotted Crake
Sarothrura insularis, Coturnicops insularis madagaskari pirk Madagascar Flufftail, Madagascan Flufftail, Madagascar Crake
Sarothrura lugens, Coturnicops lugens valgekurk-pirk Chestnut-headed Flufftail, Long-toed Flufftail, African Chestnut-headed Crake
Sarothrura pulchra, Coturnicops pulchra täpikpirk White-spotted Flufftail, White-spotted Crake
Sarothrura rufa, Coturnicops rufa padupirk Red-chested Flufftail, Red-chrested Crake
Sarothrura watersi, Coturnicops watersi kaislapirk Slender-billed Flufftail, Waters' Crake, Waters's Flufftail
Tribonyx hodgenorum, Gallinula hodgenorum uusmeremaa kanatait (†) Hodgen's Waterhen
Tribonyx mortierii, Gallinula mortierii tasmaania kanatait Tasmanian Native-hen, Tasmanian Native Hen
Tribonyx ventralis, Gallinula ventralis, Microtribonyx ventralis austraalia kanatait Black-tailed Native-hen, Black-tailed Native Hen
Zapornia akool, Amaurornis akool pruunhuik Brown Crake
Zapornia astrictocarpus, Porzana astrictocarpus sainthelena huik (†) St. Helena Rail
Zapornia atra, Porzana atra, Nesophylax atra, Nesophylax ater nõgihuik Henderson Crake, Henderson Island Crake, North's Crake
Zapornia bicolor, Amaurornis bicolor, Porzana bicolor mustsaba-huik Black-tailed Crake, Elwes's Crake, Elwes' Crake
Zapornia flavirostra, Amaurornis flavirostris, Amaurornis flavirostra, Porzana flavirostra, Limnocorax flavirostra musthuik Black Crake, African Black Crake
Zapornia fusca, Porzana fusca, Amaurornis fusca kaneelhuik Ruddy-breasted Crake, Ruddy Crake*
Zapornia monasa, Porzana monasa, Aphanolimnas monasa pühahuik (†) Kosrae Crake, Kusaie Crake, Ponape Crake, Kittlitz's Crake
Zapornia nigra, Porzana nigra tahiti huik (†) Tahiti Crake
Zapornia olivieri, Amaurornis olivieri, Porzana olivieri sakalava huik Sakalava Rail, Olivier's Crake
Zapornia palmeri, Porzana palmeri laysani huik (†) Laysan Rail, Laysan Crake
Zapornia parva, Porzana parva väikehuik Little Crake
Zapornia paykullii, Porzana paykullii, Rallina paykullii mandariinhuik Band-bellied Crake, Siberian Ruddy Crake, Chinese Banded Crake
Zapornia pusilla, Porzana pusilla värbhuik Baillon's Crake, Marsh Crake, Tiny Crake
Zapornia sandwichensis, Porzana sandwichensis, Pennula sandwichensis, Porzana millsi hawaii huik (†) Hawaiian Crake, Hawaiian Rail
Zapornia tabuensis, Porzana tabuensis, Rallus tabuensis putoto-huik Spotless Crake, Sooty Crake, Sooty Rail, Tabuan Crake, Leaden Crake, Little Swamphen, Blue Rail
In orderGruiformes family Rallidae 174 results found
Leptosomiformes - kurolilised Leptosomidae - kurollased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Leptosomus discolor kurol Cuckoo-roller, Cuckoo Roller, Courol
In orderLeptosomiformes family Leptosomidae 1 results found
Mesitornithiformes - roatelolised Mesitornithidae - roatelolased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Mesitornis unicolor, Mesoenas unicolor pruun-roatelo Brown Mesite, Brown Roatelo
Mesitornis variegatus, Mesitornis variegata, Mesoenas variegata valgerind-roatelo White-breasted Mesite, White-breasted Roatelo, Roatelo
Monias benschi sirpnokk-roatelo Subdesert Mesite, Bensch's Monia, Bensch's Rail, Monias
In orderMesitornithiformes family Mesitornithidae 3 results found
Musophagiformes - turakolised Musophagidae - turakolased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Corythaeola cristata hiidturako Great Blue Turaco, Great Turaco, Great Blue Plantain-eater, Blue Plantain-eater
Corythaixoides concolor, Crinifer concolor hallturako Grey Go-away-bird, Grey Go-away Bird, Go-away Bird, Grey Lourie
Corythaixoides leopoldi, Corythaixoides personatus leopoldi mustpõsk-turako Black-faced Go-away Bird, Black-faced Lourie
Corythaixoides personatus, Corythaixoides personata, Gymnoscizornis personata, Crinifer personata maskturako Brown-faced Go-away-bird, Bare-faced Go-away-bird (s.l.), Bare-faced Go-away Bird (s.l.)
Crinifer piscator, Crinifer africanus rohtlaturako Western Plantain-eater, Western Grey Plantain-eater, Grey Plantain-eater
Crinifer zonurus ida-rohtlaturako Eastern Plantain-eater, Eastern Grey Plantain-eater
Criniferoides leucogaster, Corythaixoides leucogaster akaatsiaturako White-bellied Go-away-bird, White-bellied Go-away Bird
Gallirex johnstoni, Ruwenzorornis johnstoni, Musophaga johnstoni, Tauraco johnstoni mägiturako Ruwenzori Turaco, Johnston's Turaco
Gallirex porphyreolophus, Tauraco porphyreolophus, Musophaga porphyreolopha aedturako Purple-crested Turaco, Violet-crested Turaco, Violet-crested Lourie
Musophaga rossae prillturako Ross's Turaco, Lady Ross's Turaco, Lady Ross's Violet Plantain-eater, Ross's Lourie
Musophaga violacea violett-turako Violet Turaco, Violet Plantain-eater
Tauraco bannermani kameruni turako Bannerman's Turaco
Tauraco corythaix lõunaturako Knysna Turaco, Knysna Lourie
Tauraco erythrolophus vikerturako Red-crested Turaco
Tauraco fischeri rannikuturako Fischer's Turaco
Tauraco hartlaubi keenia turako Hartlaub's Turaco, Black-crested Turaco
Tauraco leucolophus, Turacus leucolophus, Heuglinornis leucolophus valgetutt-turako White-crested Turaco
Tauraco leucotis etioopia turako White-cheeked Turaco
Tauraco livingstonii roheturako Livingstone's Turaco, Livingstone's Lourie
Tauraco macrorhynchus paguturako Yellow-billed Turaco, Crested Turaco, Black-tipped Crested Turaco, Verreaux's Turaco
Tauraco persa metsturako Green Turaco, Guinea Turaco, Green-crested Turaco, Green Lourie
Tauraco ruspolii kadakaturako Ruspoli's Turaco, Prince Ruspoli's Turaco
Tauraco schalowi, Tauraco schalowi chalcolophus, Tauraco chalcolophus smaragdturako Schalow's Turaco, Irangi Turaco
Tauraco schuettii, Tauraco schuetti mustnokk-turako Black-billed Turaco
In orderMusophagiformes family Musophagidae 24 results found
Opisthocomiformes - hoatsiinilised Opisthocomidae - hoatsiinlased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Opisthocomus hoazin hoatsiin Hoatzin
In orderOpisthocomiformes family Opisthocomidae 1 results found
Otidiformes - trapilised Otidae (Otididae) - traplased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Afrotis afra, Eupodotis afra, Eupodotis atra musttrapp Southern Black Bustard, Black Bustard*, Black Korhaan, Little Black Bustard
Afrotis afraoides, Eupodotis afraoides peegeltrapp Northern Black Bustard, White-quilled Bustard, White-quilled Korhaan
Ardeotis arabs, Choriotis arabs, Otis arabs saheli trapp Arabian Bustard, Sudan Bustard, Great Arabian Bustard
Ardeotis australis, Choriotis australis, Otis australis austraalia trapp Australian Bustard
Ardeotis kori, Choriotis kori, Otis kori hiidtrapp Kori Bustard, Large Bustard
Ardeotis nigriceps, Choriotis nigriceps, Otis nigriceps india trapp Great Indian Bustard, Indian Bustard
Chlamydotis macqueeni, Chlamydotis undulata macqueeni aasia kraetrapp Asian Houbara, McQueen's Bustard
Chlamydotis undulata, Neotis undulata kraetrapp African Houbara, Houbara Bustard, Houbara, Ruffed Bustard
Eupodotis caerulescens, Trachelotis caerulescens sinitrapp Blue Bustard, Blue Korhaan
Eupodotis senegalensis ruugetrapp White-bellied Bustard, White-bellied Korhaan, Senegal Bustard
Eupodotis senegalensis barrowii, Eupodotis barrowii, Eupodotis cafra lõuna-ruugetrapp Southern White-bellied Bustard, Barrow's Bustard
Heterotetrax humilis, Eupodotis humilis somaali trapp Little Brown Bustard, Somali Black-throated Bustard, Brown Bustard
Heterotetrax rueppelii, Eupodotis rueppellii, Heterotetrax rueppellii namiibia trapp Rüppell's Bustard, Ruppell's Bustard, Rueppell's Bustard, Rüppell's Korhaan
Heterotetrax vigorsii, Eupodotis vigorsii karoo trapp Karoo Bustard, Vigor's Bustard, Black-throated Bustard, Vigor's Bustard, Black-throated Korhaan, Vigor's Korhaan, Karoo Korhaan, Vaal Korhaan
Houbaropsis bengalensis, Eupodotis bengalensis bengali trapp Bengal Florican
Lissotis hartlaubii, Eupodotis hartlaubii kiltmaa-trapp Hartlaub's Bustard
Lissotis melanogaster, Eupodotis melanogaster savannitrapp Black-bellied Bustard, Black-bellied Korhaan
Lophotis gindiana, Eupodotis gindiana ida-viletrapp Buff-crested Bustard
Lophotis ruficrista, Eupodotis ruficrista viletrapp Red-crested Bustard, Red-crested Korhaan, Buff-crested Bustard*, Crested Bustard, Bush Bustard
Lophotis savilei, Eupodotis savilei sudaani viletrapp Savile's Bustard, Lynes's Bustard, Pygmy Bustard
Neotis denhami, Otis denhami pugaltiib-trapp Denham's Bustard, Stanley Bustard
Neotis heuglinii, Otis heuglinii masktrapp Heuglin's Bustard
Neotis ludwigii, Otis ludwigii mustpea-trapp Ludgwig's Bustard
Neotis nuba kõrbetrapp Nubian Bustard
Otis tarda suurtrapp Great Bustard
Sypheotides indicus, Sypheotides indica, Eupodotis indica tutt-trapp Lesser Florican, Leekh, Likh
Tetrax tetrax, Otis tetrax väiketrapp Little Bustard
In orderOtidiformes family Otidae (Otididae) 27 results found
Passeriformes - värvulised Acanthisittidae - nürisabalased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Acanthisitta chloris õõne-nürisaba Rifleman, Alpine Rifleman, Rifleman Wren
Dendroscansor decurvirostris Long-billed Wren
Pachyplichas jagmi Grant Mackie's wren, Grant-Mackie's Wren, North Island Stout-legged Wren
Pachyplichas yaldwyni Yaldwyn's Wren, South Island Stout-legged Wren
Xenicus gilviventris kalju-nürisaba Rock Wren, South Island Wren
Xenicus longipes mets-nürisaba Bush Wren, Green Wren
Xenicus lyalli, Traversia lyalli kivi-nürisaba Stephens Wren, Stephens Island Wren, Stevens Island Wren, Travers' Wren
In orderPasseriformes family Acanthisittidae 7 results found
Family and species in Estonian in English
Acanthiza apicalis Inland Thornbill, Broad-tailed Thornbill
Acanthiza chrysorrhoa Yellow-rumped Thornbill, Yellow-tailed Thornbill
Acanthiza cinerea, [Gerygone cinerea] Grey Thornbill, Mountain Gerygone, Grey Gerygone, Grey Flyeater
Acanthiza ewingii Tasmanian Thornbill
Acanthiza inornata Western Thornbill
Acanthiza iredalei Slender-billed Thornbill, Samphire Thornbill
Acanthiza katherina Mountain Thornbill
Acanthiza lineata Striated Thornbill
Acanthiza murina New Guinea Thornbill, Papuan Thornbill, De Vis' Tree Warbler
Acanthiza nana Yellow Thornbill, Little Thornbill
Acanthiza pusilla Brown Thornbill
Acanthiza reguloides Buff-rumped Thornbill, Buff-tailed Thornbill
Acanthiza robustirostris Slaty-backed Thornbill, Robust Thornbill
Acanthiza uropygialis Chestnut-rumped Thornbill, Chestnut-tailed Thornbill
Acanthornis magna, Acanthornis magnus, Sericornis magnus Scrubtit, Scrub Tit
Aphelocephala leucopsis Southern Whiteface
Aphelocephala nigricincta Banded Whiteface
Aphelocephala pectoralis Chestnut-breasted Whiteface
Calamanthus campestris Rufous Fieldwren, Rufous Field Wren, Rufous Calamanthus
Calamanthus cautus, Hylacola cauta, Hylacola cautus Shy Heathwren, Shy Heath Wren, Shy Hylacola
Calamanthus fuliginosus Striated Fieldwren, Striated Field Wren, Striated Calamanthus
Calamanthus montanellus Western Fieldwren, Western Calamanthus
Calamanthus pyrrhopygius, Hylacola pyrrhopygia, Hylacola pyrrhopygius Chestnut-rumped Heathwren, Chestnut-rumped Heath Wren, Chestnut-rumped Hylacola
Crateroscelis murina Rusty Mouse-warbler, Lowland Mouse Warbler
Crateroscelis nigrorufa Bicoloured Mouse-warbler, Bicolored Mouse-warbler, Mid-mountain Mouse Warbler
Crateroscelis robusta Mountain Mouse-warbler, Mountain Mouse Warbler
Gerygone albofrontata Chatham Gerygone, Chatham Island Gerygone, Chatham Islands Gerygone, Chatham Island Flyeater
Gerygone chloronota, Gerygone chloronotus Green-backed Gerygone, Green-backed Flyeater
Gerygone chrysogaster, [Gerygone ruficauda] Yellow-bellied Gerygone, Yellow-bellied Flyeater, Rufous-tailed Flyeater
Gerygone citrina, Gerygone flavolateralis citrina Rennell Gerygone
Gerygone dorsalis Rufous-sided Gerygone, Rufous-sided Flyeater
Gerygone flavolateralis Fan-tailed Gerygone, Fan-tailed Flyeater
Gerygone fusca Western Gerygone, White-tailed Gerygone, White-tailed Flyeater
Gerygone hypoxantha, Gerygone magnirostris hypoxantha Biak Gerygone
Gerygone igata Grey Gerygone, Grey Warbler, New Zealand Grey Flyeater
Gerygone inornata Plain Gerygone, Plain Flyeater
Gerygone insularis, Gerygone igata insularis (†) Lord Howe Gerygone, Lord Howe Island Gerygone
Gerygone levigaster, Gerygone laevigaster Mangrove Gerygone, Mangrove Flyeater
Gerygone magnirostris Large-billed Gerygone, Large-billed Flyeater
Gerygone modesta, Gerygone igata modesta Norfolk Gerygone, Norfolk Island Gerygone, Norfolk Island Flyeater
Gerygone mouki Brown Gerygone, Brown Flyeater
Gerygone olivacea White-throated Gerygone, White-throated Flyeater
Gerygone palpebrosa Fairy Gerygone, Black-headed Flyeater
Gerygone ruficollis Brown-breasted Gerygone, Treefern Gerygone, Treefern Flyeater
Gerygone sulphurea Golden-bellied Gerygone, Golden-bellied Flyeater
Gerygone tenebrosa Dusky Gerygone, Dusky Flyeater
Oreoscopus gutturalis, Crateroscelis gutturalis Fernwren, Fern Wren
Origma solitaria Rockwarbler, Rock Warbler, Origma
Pachycare flavogriseum, Pachycare flavogrisea Goldenface, Golden-faced Pachycare
Pycnoptilus floccosus Pilotbird, Pilot Bird
Pyrrholaemus brunneus Redthroat
Pyrrholaemus sagittatus, Chthonicola sagittatus, Chthonicola sagittata Speckled Warbler, Little Field Wren
Sericornis arfakianus Grey-green Scrubwren, Grey-green Sericornis
Sericornis beccarii, Sericornis magnirostra beccarii Tropical Scrubwren, Beccari's Scrubwren, Little Sericornis
Sericornis citreogularis Yellow-throated Scrubwren, Yellow-throated Sericornis
Sericornis frontalis White-browed Scrubwren, White-browed Sericornis
Sericornis frontalis maculatus, Sericornis maculatus Spotted Scrubwren, Spotted Scrub Wren
Sericornis humilis, Sericornis frontalis humilis Tasmanian Scrubwren, Brown Scrubwren, Tasmanian Sericornis
Sericornis keri Atherton Scrubwren, Atherton Sericornis
Sericornis magnirostra, Sericornis magnirostris Large-billed Scrubwren, Large-billed Sericornis
Sericornis nouhuysi Large Scrubwren, Large Mountain Sericornis
Sericornis papuensis Papuan Scrubwren, Papuan Sericornis
Sericornis perspicillatus Buff-faced Scrubwren, Buff-faced Sericornis
Sericornis rufescens Vogelkop Scrubwren, Arfak Buff-faced Sericornis
Sericornis spilodera Pale-billed Scrubwren, Pale-billed Sericornis
Sericornis virgatus, Sericornis magnirostra virgatus Perplexing Scrubwren
Smicrornis brevirostris Weebill
In orderPasseriformes family Acanthizidae 67 results found
 Acrocephalidae - roolindlased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Acrocephalus aequinoctialis kiritimati roolind Kiritimati Reed-warbler, Polynesian Reed Warbler, Polynesian Reed-warbler, Bokikokiko, Christmas Island Warbler, Christmas Warbler, Christmas Island Reed-warbler, Christmas Reed-warbler, Equinoctial Warbler, Equinoctial Reed-warbler, Polynesian Warbl
Acrocephalus agricola, Notiocichla agricola padu-roolind Paddyfield Warbler, Jerdon's Reed-warbler
Acrocephalus arundinaceus rästas-roolind Great Reed-warbler, Great Reed Warbler, European Great Reed-warbler
Acrocephalus astrolabii, [Acrocephalus luscinius astrolabii] mangareva roolind (†) Mangareva Reed-warbler, Mangareva Reed Warbler, Astrolabe Nightingale Reed Warbler, Gambier Islands Warbler
Acrocephalus atyphus, Acrocephalus caffer atyphus tuamotu roolind Tuamotu Reed-warbler, Tuamotu Warbler
Acrocephalus australis austraalia roolind Australasian Reed-warbler, Australian Reed-warbler, Australian Reed Warbler, Australian Great Reed-warbler, Long-billed Reed-warbler
Acrocephalus bistrigiceps, Titiza bistrigiceps mustkulm-roolind Black-browed Reed-warbler, Schrenk's Reed Warbler, Von Schrenck's Reed-warbler
Acrocephalus brevipennis, Calamocichla brevipennis, Calamorus brevipennis, Calamoecetor brevipennis kapverdi roolind Cape Verde Swamp-warbler, Cape Verde Swamp Warbler, Cape Verde Cane Warbler, Cape Verde Cane-warbler, Cane Warbler, Cape Verde Islands Warbler, Cape Verde Warbler, Dohrn's Swamp-warbler
Acrocephalus caffer polüneesia roolind Tahiti Reed-warbler, Long-billed Reed Warbler, Long-billed Reed-warbler, Long-billed Warbler, Tahitian Warbler, Komako
Acrocephalus concinens, Acrocephalus agricola concinens, Notiocichla concinens lammi-roolind Blunt-winged Warbler, Blunt-winged Paddyfield Warbler, Blunt-winged Reed-warbler
Acrocephalus dumetorum, Notiocichla dumetorum aed-roolind Blyth's Reed-warbler, Blyth's Reed Warbler
Acrocephalus familiaris havai roolind Millerbird, Hawaiian Reed-warbler
Acrocephalus gracilirostris, Calamocichla gracilirostris bantu roolind Lesser Swamp-warbler, Swamp Warbler, Lesser Swamp Reed-warbler, African Swamp-warbler, African Reed-warbler*, Cape Reed-warbler
Acrocephalus griseldis mesopotaamia roolind Basra Reed-warbler, Basra Reed Warbler
Acrocephalus hiwae, Acrocephalus luscinius hiwae saipani roolind Saipan Reed-warbler, Hiwai's Warbler, Saipan Reed Warbler
Acrocephalus kerearako mangaia roolind Cook Reed-warbler, Cook Islands Reed-warbler, Cook Islands Warbler, Cook Warbler, Mangaia Reed-warbler, Kerearako
Acrocephalus longirostris, Acrocephalus caffer longirostris moorea roolind Moorea Reed-warbler, Mo'orea Reed-warbler, Moorea Reed Warbler, Moorea Warbler, Mo'orea Warbler
Acrocephalus luscinius, Acrocephalus luscinia mikroneesia roolind (†) Nightingale Reed-warbler, Nightingale Reed Warbler
Acrocephalus melanopogon, Lusciniola melanopogon, Titiza melanopogon mustpea-roolind Moustached Warbler, Eurasian Moustached Warbler, Moustached Sedge Warbler
Acrocephalus mendanae markiisaarte roolind Southern Marquesan Reed-warbler, Marquesan Reed-warbler, Marquesan Warbler
Acrocephalus musae, Acrocephalus garretti huahine roolind (†) Huahine Reed-warbler, Forster's Warbler, Garrett's Reed Warbler, Huahine long-billed Reed Warbler, Leeward Islands Reed-warbler, Society Islands Reed-Warbler
Acrocephalus newtoni, Calamocichla newtoni madagaskari roolind Madagascar Swamp-warbler, Madagascar Swamp Warbler, Madagascar Warbler
Acrocephalus nijoi, Acrocephalus luscinius nijoi aguijani roolind (†) Aguijan Reed-warbler, Aguiguan Reed Warbler, Aguiguan Reed-Warbler, Aguijan Warble
Acrocephalus orientalis ida-roolind Oriental Reed-warbler, Oriental Reed Warbler, Oriental Great Reed Warbler, Eastern Great Reed-warbler
Acrocephalus orinus, Notiocichla orina himaalaja roolind Large-billed Reed-warbler, Large-billed Reed Warbler, Hume's Large-billed Reed-warbler, Hume's Reed-warbler
Acrocephalus paludicola, Titiza paludicola tarna-roolind Aquatic Warbler
Acrocephalus palustris, Notiocichla palustris soo-roolind (putke-roolind) Marsh Warbler, European Marsh Warbler, Marsh Reed-warbler
Acrocephalus percernis, Acrocephalus mendanae percernis nukuhiva roolind Northern Marquesan Reed-Warbler, Northern Marquesan Reed Warbler, Northern Marquesan Warbler
Acrocephalus rehsei, Acrocephalus luscinia rehsei nauru roolind Nauru Reed-warbler, Nauru Warbler, Finsch's Reed-warbler, Pleasant Warbler
Acrocephalus rimitarae, Acrocephalus vaughani rimitarae rimatara roolind Rimatara Reed-warbler
Acrocephalus rodericanus, Bebrornis rodericanus, Calamocichla rodericanus maskareeni roolind Rodrigues Warbler, Rodrigues Brush-warbler, Rodriguez Brush-warbler, Rodriguez Brush Warbler, Rodrigues Swamp-warbler
Acrocephalus rufescens, Calamocichla rufescens papüüruse-roolind Greater Swamp-warbler, Rufous Swamp Warbler, Rufous Swamp-warbler, Rufous Cane-warbler, Long-clawed Papyrus-warbler
Acrocephalus schoenobaenus, Titiza schoenobaenus kõrkja-roolind Sedge Warbler, European Sedge Warbler
Acrocephalus scirpaceus avicenniae, Acrocephalus baeticatus avicenniae, Acrocephalus avicenniae, Notiocichla avicenniae mangroovi-roolind Mangrove Reed-warbler, Mangrove Reed Warbler
Acrocephalus scirpaceus baeticatus, Acrocephalus baeticatus, Notiocichla baeticata aafrika roolind African Reed-warbler, African Reed Warbler
Acrocephalus scirpaceus fuscus, Acrocephalus fuscus, Notiocichla fusca turgi roolind Caspian Reed-warbler, Caspian Reed Warbler
Acrocephalus scirpaceus, Notiocichla scirpacea tiigi-roolind Common Reed-warbler, Eurasian Reed-warbler, Eurasian Reed Warbler, Reed Warbler, European Reed-warbler
Acrocephalus sechellensis, Bebrornis sechellensis, Calamocichla sechellensis seišelli roolind Seychelles Warbler, Seychelles Brush-warbler, Seychelles Brush Warbler, Seychelles Swamp-warbler
Acrocephalus sorghophilus, Titiza sorghophilus ruuge-roolind Streaked Reed-warbler, Chinese Reed-warbler, Specled Reed Warbler
Acrocephalus stentoreus lõuna-roolind Clamorous Reed-warbler, Clamorous Reed Warbler, Southern Great Reed-warbler
Acrocephalus syrinx, Acrocephalus luscinia syrinx karoliini roolind Caroline Reed-warbler, Caroline Islands Reed-warbler
Acrocephalus taiti, Acrocephalus vaughani taiti valge-roolind Henderson Reed-warbler, Henderson Island Reed-warbler, Henderson Island Warbler, Henderson Warbler, Henderson Island Sparrow, Henderson Sparrowr
Acrocephalus tangorum, Notiocichla tangorum mandžuuria roolind White-browed Reed-warbler, Manchurian Reed-warbler, Manchurian Paddyfield Warbler, North China Reed-warbler, Manchurian Warbler
Acrocephalus vaughani pitcairni roolind Pitcairn Reed-warbler, Pitcairn Warbler
Acrocephalus yamashinae, Acrocephalus luscinius yamashinae pagani roolind (†) Pagan Reed-Warbler, Pagan Reed Warbler, Pagan Warbler, Takatsukasa's Reed Warbler
Arundinax aedon, Iduna aedon, Acrocephalus aedon, Phragmaticola aedon võsa-käosulane (võsa-roolind) Thick-billed Warbler, Thick-billed Reed Warbler, Thick-billed Reed-warbler
Calamonastides bensoni, Calamonastides gracilirostris bensoni Zambian Yellow Warbler
Calamonastides gracilirostris, Chloropeta gracilirostris papüüruse-käosulane Papyrus Yellow Warbler, Yellow Swamp Warbler, Yellow Swamp-warbler, Papyrus Flycatcher-warbler, Thin-billed Flycatcher-warbler, Yellow Flycatcher-warbler
Hippolais icterina käosulane (harilik käosulane) Icterine Warbler
Hippolais languida kõnnu-käosulane Upcher's Warbler
Hippolais olivetorum õlipuu-käosulane Olive-tree Warbler
Hippolais polyglotta lääne-käosulane Melodious Warbler
Iduna caligata, Hippolais caligata väike-käosulane Booted Warbler
Iduna natalensis, Chloropeta natalensis bantu käosulane African Yellow Warbler, Yellow Warbler, Yellow Flycatcher-warbler, Yellow Flycatcher, Dark-capped Yellow Warbler
Iduna opaca, Iduna pallida opaca, Hippolais pallida opaca mauri käosulane Isabelline Warbler, Western Olivaceous Warbler
Iduna pallida, Hippolais pallida leet-käosulane Olivaceous Warbler, Eastern Olivaceous Warbler
Iduna rama, Hippolais rama lõuna-käosulane Sykes's Warbler, Sykes' Warbler
Iduna similis, Chloropeta similis mägi-käosulane Mountain Yellow Warbler, Mountain Flycatcher-warbler, Mountain Warbler, Mountain Yellow Flycatcher, Mountain Yellow Flycatcher-warbler, Highland Flycatcher-warbler
Nesillas aldabrana, Nesillas aldabranus aldabra aretika (†) Aldabra Brush-warbler, Aldabra Warbler, Aldabra Tsikirity
Nesillas brevicaudata, Nesillas typica brevicaudata ngazidja aretika Grand Comoro Brush-warbler
Nesillas lantzii, Nesillas typica lantzii kõnnu-aretika Subdesert Brush-warbler
Nesillas mariae mwali aretika Moheli Brush-warbler, Moheli Tsikirity, Comoro Warbler, Comoro Tsikirity
Nesillas typica aretika (harilik aretika) Madagascar Brush-warbler, Madagascan Brush-warbler, Tsikirity Warbler, Common Tsikirity
Nesillas typica longicaudata, Nesillas longicaudata ndzuani aretika Anjouan Brush-warbler
In orderPasseriformes family Acrocephalidae 64 results found
 Aegithalidae - sabatihaslased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Aegithalos annamensis, Aegithalos concinnus annamensis annami sabatihane Grey-crowned Tit
Aegithalos bonvaloti sharpei, Aegithalos sharpei, Aegithalos iouschistos sharpei chini sabatihane Burmese Tit
Aegithalos bonvaloti, Aegithalos iouschistos bonvaloti tanu-sabatihane Black-browed Tit, Père Bonvalot's Tit
Aegithalos caudatus sabatihane Long-tailed Tit
Aegithalos caudatus europaeus lääne-sabatihane Western Long-tailed Tit, European Tit
Aegithalos concinnus mustkurk-sabatihane Black-throated Tit, Red-headed Tit
Aegithalos fuliginosus, Aegithalos iouschistos fuliginosus kaelus-sabatihane Sooty Tit, Sooty Long-tailed Tit, White-necklaced Tit
Aegithalos glaucogularis, Aegithalos caudatus glaucogularis hiina sabatihane Silver-throated Tit
Aegithalos iouschistos mägi-sabatihane Rufous-fronted Tit, Black-browed Tit, Blyth's Long-tailed Tit
Aegithalos iredalei, Aegithalos concinnus iredalei punakiird-sabatihane Red-headed Tit
Aegithalos leucogenys pakistani sabatihane White-cheeked Tit
Aegithalos niveogularis himaalaja sabatihane White-throated Tit, White-throated Long-tailed Tit
Leptopoecile elegans kuuse-sabatihane Crested Tit-warbler, Crested Tit Warbler
Leptopoecile sophiae purpur-sabatihane White-browed Tit-warbler, Severtzov's Tit Warbler
Psaltria exilis pisi-sabatihane Pygmy Tit
Psaltriparus minimus melanotis, Psaltriparus melanotis mehhiko sabatihane Black-eared Bushtit
Psaltriparus minimus, Aegithalos minimus ameerika sabatihane American Bushtit, Bushtit, Common Bushtit
In orderPasseriformes family Aegithalidae 17 results found
 Aegithinidae - mangolindlased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Aegithina lafresnayei suur-mangolind Great Iora
Aegithina nigrolutea džungli-mangolind Marshall's Iora, White-tailed Iora
Aegithina tiphia mangolind (harilik mangolind) Common Iora, Indian Iora, Black-winged Iora, Small Iora
Aegithina viridissima mets-mangolind Green Iora
In orderPasseriformes family Aegithinidae 4 results found
 Alaudidae - lõolased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Alaemon alaudipes jooksurlõoke Greater Hoopoe-lark, Hoopoe Lark, Bifasciated Lark, Large Desert Lark
Alaemon hamertoni somaali jooksurlõoke Lesser Hoopoe-lark, Witherby's Lark
Alauda arvensis põldlõoke Eurasian Skylark, Eurasian Sky Lark, European Skylark, Northern Skylark, Common Skylark, Skylark, Sky Lark
Alauda arvensis japonica, Alauda japonica jaapani põldlõoke Japanese Skylark
Alauda gulgula kagu-põldlõoke Oriental Skylark, Oriental Sky Lark, Oriental Lark, Lesser Skylark, Small Skylark, Little Skylark, Eastern Skylark, Indian Skylark, Indian Small Skylark
Alauda leucoptera, Melanocorypha leucoptera valgetiib-lõoke White-winged Lark
Alauda razae, Spizocorys razae, Calandrella razae, Razocorys razae kapverdi lõoke Raso Lark, Raza Island Lark, Raza Lark, Razo Lark, Raso Short-toed Lark, Raso Skylark, Cape Verde Lark, Cape Verde Skylark
Alaudala heinei, Alaudala rufescens heinei, Calandrella rufescens heinei turgi väikelõoke Turkestan Short-toed Lark
Alaudala raytal, Calandrella raytal kalda-väikelõoke Sand Lark, Asian Short-toed Lark, Indian Short-toed Lark, Indian Sand Lark, Raytal Lark
Alaudala rufescens cheleensis, Calandrella cheleensis, Calandrella rufescens cheleensis soolaku-väikelõoke Asian Short-toed Lark, Asiatic Short-toed Lark, Mongolian Short-toed Lark, Eastern Short-toed Lark, Grey Short-toed Lark, Lesser Sand Lark
Alaudala rufescens, Calandrella rufescens, Calandrella pispoletta kõnnu-väikelõoke Lesser Short-toed Lark, Common Short-toed Lark, Short-toed Lark*, Rufous Short-toed Lark*, Rufous Sand Lark
Alaudala somalica athensis, Calandrella somalica athensis, Calandrella athensis, Alaudala athensis savanni-väikelõoke Athi Short-toed Lark, Athi Lark
Alaudala somalica, Calandrella somalica triip-väikelõoke Somali Short-toed Lark, Rufous Short-toed Lark*
Ammomanes cinctura, Ammomanes cincturus kõrbelõoke (kõrbe-kõnnulõoke) Bar-tailed Lark, Bar-tailed Desert Lark, Bar-tailed Sand Lark, Black-tailed Lark, Black-tailed Desert Lark, Black-tailed Finch-lark
Ammomanes deserti kivi-kõnnulõoke Desert Lark, Desert Finch-lark, Sand Lark*
Ammomanes phoenicura, Ammomanes phoenicurus india kõnnulõoke Rufous-tailed Lark, Rufous-tailed Desert Lark, Rufous-tailed Finch-lark
Ammomanopsis grayi, [Ammomanes grayi] helelõoke Gray's Lark, Gray's Sand Lark
Calandrella acutirostris mägi-väikelõoke Hume's Lark, Hume's Short-toed Lark, Slender-billed Lark
Calandrella blanfordi vadi-väikelõoke Blanford's Lark, Blanford's Short-toed Lark
Calandrella blanfordi erlangeri, Calandrella erlangeri etioopia väikelõoke Erlanger's Lark, Erlanger's Short-toed Lark, Ethiopian Short-toed Lark
Calandrella brachydactyla välja-väikelõoke Greater Short-toed Lark, Short-toed Lark, European Short-toed Lark
Calandrella cinerea punapea-väikelõoke Red-capped Lark, African Short-toed Lark, Rufous Short-toed Lark
Calandrella cinerea williamsi, Calandrella williamsi maasai väikelõoke Northern Red-capped Lark
Calandrella dukhunensis, Calandrella brachydactyla dukhunensis ida-väikelõoke Eastern Short-toed Lark
Calandrella eremica, Calandrella blanfordi eremica Rufous-capped Lark, Aden Lark
Calendulauda africanoides, [Mirafra africanoides] kahkrind-lõoke Fawn-coloured Lark, Fawn-coloured Bush Lark, Fawn Lark, Fawn Bushlark
Calendulauda albescens, Certhilauda albescens kapimaa lõoke Karoo Lark
Calendulauda alopex, [Mirafra alopex] rebaslõoke Foxy Lark, Abyssinian Lark, Abyssinian Bushlark
Calendulauda burra, Certhilauda burra [Ammomanes burra] liivalõoke Red Lark, Ferruginous Lark, Sand Lark*
Calendulauda erythrochlamys barlowi, Calendulauda barlowi, Certhilauda barlowi piimalillelõoke Barlow's Lark
Calendulauda erythrochlamys, Certhilauda erythrochlamys luitelõoke Dune Lark, Aristida Lark, Red-backed Lark
Calendulauda poecilosterna, [Mirafra poecilosterna] roosapugu-lõoke Pink-breasted Lark
Calendulauda sabota naevia, Calendulauda naevia, [Mirafra naevia], [Mirafra bradfieldi] namiibia puhmalõoke Bradfield's Lark, Large-billed Lark
Calendulauda sabota, [Mirafra sabota] puhmalõoke Sabota Lark
Certhilauda chuana tsvaana lõoke Short-clawed Lark, Short-clawed Bushlark
Certhilauda curvirostris pikknokk-lõoke Cape Long-billed Lark, Long-billed Lark
Certhilauda curvirostris brevirostris, Certhilauda brevirostris söödilõoke Agulhas Long-billed Lark
Certhilauda semitorquata sotho lõoke Eastern Long-billed Lark
Certhilauda subcoronata karoo lõoke Karoo Long-billed Lark
Certhilauda subcoronata benguelensis, Certhilauda benguelensis benguela lõoke Benguela Long-billed Lark
Chersomanes albofasciata beesleyi, Chersomanes beesleyi, Certhilauda albofasciata beesleyi maasai kannuslõoke Beesley's Lark, Pygmy Spike-heeled Lark
Chersomanes albofasciata, Certhilauda albofasciata kannuslõoke (harilik kannuslõoke) Spike-heeled Lark
Chersophilus duponti pujulõoke Dupont's Lark
Eremalauda dunni, Ammomanes dunni kaevurlõoke Dunn's Lark
Eremalauda eremodites, Eremalauda dunni eremodites araabia kaevurlõoke Arabian Lark
Eremophila alpestris sarviklõoke Horned Lark, Shore Lark
Eremophila bilopha kõrbe-sarviklõoke Temminck's Lark, Temmink's Horned Lark
Eremopterix australis tõmmu-värblõoke Black-eared Sparrow-lark, Black-eared Finch-lark, Grey-backed Sparrow-lark*
Eremopterix griseus, Eremopterix grisea india värblõoke Ashy-crowned Sparrow-lark, Ashy-crowned Finch-lark, Black-bellied Sparrow-lark, Black-bellied Finch-lark, Ceylon Finch-lark
Eremopterix hova, [Mirafra hova] madagaskari lõoke Madagascar Lark, Madagascar Bushlark, Hova Lark
Eremopterix leucopareia ühis-värblõoke Fischer's Sparrow-lark, Fischer's Finch-lark
Eremopterix leucotis pruunselg-värblõoke Chestnut-backed Sparrow-lark, Chestnut-backed Finch-lark, White-cheeked Sparrow-lark, White-cheeked Finch-lark
Eremopterix nigriceps lauk-värblõoke Black-crowned Sparrow-lark, Black-crowned Finch Lark, White-fronted Sparrow-lark, White-fronted Finch-lark, White-crested Sparrow-lark, White-crested Finch-lark
Eremopterix signatus, Eremopterix signata kuši värblõoke Chestnut-headed Sparrow-lark, Chestnut-headed Finch Lark
Eremopterix verticalis hallselg-värblõoke Grey-backed Sparrow-lark, Grey-backed Finch-lark
Galerida cristata tuttlõoke Crested Lark, Common Crested Lark
Galerida cristata macrorhyncha, Galerida macrorhyncha hele-tuttlõoke Maghreb Lark
Galerida deva väike-tuttlõoke Syke's Lark, Syke's Crested Lark, Tawny Lark, Deccan Lark
Galerida magnirostris, Calendula magnirostris lõunalõoke Large-billed Lark, Southern Thick-billed Lark, Thick-billed Lark*
Galerida malabarica malabari tuttlõoke Malabar Lark, Malabar Crested Lark, Short-crested Lark
Galerida modesta sudaani tuttlõoke Sun Lark
Galerida theklae kivi-tuttlõoke Thekla's Lark, Thekla Lark
Heteromirafra archeri somaali küüsiklõoke Liben Lark, Archer's Lark, Archer's Long-clawed Lark, Somali Long-clawed Lark, Somali Lark
Heteromirafra archeri sidamoensis, Heteromirafra sidamoensis sidamo küüsiklõoke Sidamo Lark, Sidamo Bushlark, Ethiopian Long-clawed Lark, Sidamo Long-clawed Lark
Heteromirafra ruddi nõlva-küüsiklõoke Rudd's Lark, Rudd's Long-clawed Lark, South African Long-clawed Lark, Long-clawed Lark
Lullula arborea nõmmelõoke Woodlark, Wood Lark
Melanocorypha bimaculata nõlva-stepilõoke Bimaculated Lark, Eastern Calandra Lark
Melanocorypha calandra stepilõoke Calandra Lark, European Calandra Lark
Melanocorypha maxima tiibeti lõoke (tiibeti stepilõoke) Tibetan Lark, Long-billed Calandra Lark, Asiatic Long-billed Lark, Asiatic Calandra Lark, Asiatic Lark, Long-billed Lark*
Melanocorypha mongolica mongoolia stepilõoke Mongolian Lark, Mongolian Sand Lark, Mongolian Skylark
Melanocorypha yeltoniensis mustlõoke (must-stepilõoke) Black Lark
Mirafra affinis, Mirafra assamica affinis draviidi rohtlalõoke Jerdon's Bushlark, Rufous-winged Bushlark
Mirafra africana ruuge-rohtlalõoke Rufous-naped Lark, Somali Lark*, Red Somali Lark*
Mirafra albicauda tume-rohtlalõoke White-tailed Lark, White-tailed Bush Lark, White-tailed Bushlark, Northern White-tailed Lark, Northern White-tailed Bushlark
Mirafra angolensis orulõoke Angola Lark, Angolan Lark, Angola Bushlark
Mirafra apiata lõgislõoke (harilik lõgislõoke) Cape Clapper Lark, Clapper Lark, Bar-tailed Lark*
Mirafra ashi rand-rohtlalõoke Ash's Lark, Ash's Bushlark
Mirafra assamica bengali rohtlalõoke Bengal Bushlark, Rufous-winged Bush Lark, Rufous-winged Lark, Rufous-winged Bushlark*, Bush Lark*, Collared Lark*
Mirafra cheniana taidur-rohtlalõoke Melodious Lark, Latakoo Lark, Southern Lark, Southern Singing Lark
Mirafra collaris kaeluslõoke Collared Lark, Collared Bushlark
Mirafra cordofanica kuld-rohtlalõoke Kordofan Lark, Kordofan Bushlark, Kordofan Bush-Lark, Golden Lark
Mirafra degodiensis, Mirafra gilletti degodiensis degodi lõoke Degodi Lark, Erard's Lark
Mirafra erythrocephala, [Mirafra marionae] indohiina rohtlalõoke Indochinese Bushlark, Rufous-winged Bushlark, Bush Lark*
Mirafra erythroptera dekkani rohtlalõoke Indian Bushlark, Indian Lark, Red-winged Lark*, Indian Red-winged Bushlark, Indian Red-winged Lark, Red-winged Bushlark*, Rusty-winged Lark, Rusty-winged Bushlark
Mirafra fasciolata, Mirafra rufipilea ida-lõgislõoke Eastern Clapper Lark
Mirafra gilletti kuši lõoke Gillett's Lark
Mirafra hypermetra suur-rohtlalõoke Red-winged Lark, Red-winged Bush Lark, Red-winged Bushlark
Mirafra javanica ida-rohtlalõoke Horsfield's Bushlark, Australasian Bushlark, Australasian Lark, Eastern Singing Bush Lark, Eastern Bushlark, Singing Bushlark*
Mirafra javanica cantillans, Mirafra cantillans lääne-rohtlalõoke Singing Bushlark, Western Singing Bush Lark, Singing Lark
Mirafra microptera birma rohtlalõoke Burmese Bushlark, Rufous-winged Bushlark*
Mirafra passerina mopaani-rohtlalõoke Monotonous Lark, Monotonous Bush Lark, Monotonous Bushlark, White-tailed Lark*
Mirafra pulpa vile-rohtlalõoke Friedmann's Lark, Friedmann's Bushlark, Sagon Lark, Friedmann's Lark
Mirafra rufa roostelõoke Rusty Lark, Rusty Bush Lark, Rusty Bushlark
Mirafra rufocinnamomea käristilõoke Flappet Lark, Cinnamon Bushlark
Mirafra sharpii, Mirafra africana sharpii ruske-rohtlalõoke Sharpe's Lark, Somali Bushlark, Somali Lark*
Mirafra somalica somaali rohtlalõoke Somali Lark, Somali Long-billed Lark, Somali Long-billed Bushlark, Red Somali Lark*
Mirafra williamsi rünka-rohtlalõoke Williams's Lark, Williams's Bushlark, Williams' Lark, Marsabit Lark
Pinarocorys erythropygia, Mirafra erythropygia, Pinarocorys erythropygia põhja-põlendikulõoke Rufous-rumped Lark, Rufous-rumped Bushlark, Red-tailed Lark
Pinarocorys nigricans, Mirafra nigricans lõuna-põlendikulõoke Dusky Lark
Ramphocoris clotbey, Rhamphocoris clotbey suurnokk-lõoke Thick-billed Lark, Clotbey's Lark, Clotbey Lark, Clot Bey's Lark
Spizocorys conirostris roosanokk-lõoke Pink-billed Lark
Spizocorys fremantlii, Pseudalaemon fremantlii, Galerida fremantlii valjaslõoke Short-tailed Lark
Spizocorys fringillaris, Botha fringillaris karjamaa-lõoke Botha's Lark
Spizocorys obbiensis rannikulõoke Obbia Lark
Spizocorys personata habelõoke Masked Lark
Spizocorys sclateri lõõnelõoke Sclater's Lark, Sclater's Short-toed Lark
Spizocorys starki, Eremalauda starki leetlõoke Stark's Lark, Stark's Short-toed Lark
In orderPasseriformes family Alaudidae 107 results found
 Artamidae - tuulaslased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Artamus cinereus halltuulas Black-faced Woodswallow, Black-faced Wood Swallow
Artamus cyanopterus valgetiib-tuulas Dusky Woodswallow, Dusky Wood Swallow
Artamus fuscus aasia tuulas Ashy Woodswallow, Ashy Wood Swallow
Artamus insignis melaneesia tuulas White-backed Woodswallow, Bismarck Woodswallow, Bismarck Wood Swallow
Artamus leucoryn, Artamus leucorynchus, Artamus leucorhynchus valgekõht-tuulas White-breasted Woodswallow, White-breasted Wood Swallow
Artamus maximus paapua tuulas Great Woodswallow, Papuan Wood Swallow
Artamus mentalis, Artamus leucorhynchus mentalis fidži tuulas Fiji Woodswallow
Artamus minor väiketuulas Little Woodswallow, Little Wood Swallow
Artamus monachus metstuulas Ivory-backed Woodswallow, White-backed Wood Swallow
Artamus personatus masktuulas Masked Woodswallow, Masked Wood Swallow
Artamus superciliosus ruskekõht-tuulas White-browed Woodswallow, White-browed Wood Swallow
Cracticus argenteus, Cracticus torquatus argenteus hõbeselg-leigar Silver-backed Butcherbird
Cracticus cassicus paapua leigar Hooded Butcherbird, Black-headed Butcher Bird
Cracticus louisiadensis, Cracticus cassicus louisiadensis tagula leigar Tagula Butcherbird, White-rumped Butcher Bird
Cracticus mentalis valgekurk-leigar Black-backed Butcherbird, Black-backed Butcher Bird
Cracticus nigrogularis taideleigar Pied Butcherbird, Black-throated Butcher Bird
Cracticus torquatus hall-leigar Grey Butcherbird, Grey Butcher Bird
Gymnorhina tibicen, Cracticus tibicen suurleigar Australian Magpie, Black-backed Magpie
Melloria quoyi, Cracticus quoyi mustleigar Black Butcherbird, Black Butcher Bird
Peltops blainvillii Lowland Peltops, Lowland Peltops Flycatcher
Peltops montanus Highland Peltops, Mountain Peltops, Mountain Peltops Flycatcher
Strepera fuliginosa must-karravong Black Currawong
Strepera graculina pugal-karravong Pied Currawong
Strepera versicolor hall-karravong Grey Currawong
In orderPasseriformes family Artamidae 24 results found
 Atrichornithidae - tihnikulindlased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Atrichornis clamosus häälis-tihnikulind Noisy Scrub-bird, Western Scrubbird, Western Scrub-bird
Atrichornis rufescens väike-tihnikulind Rufous Scrub-bird, Rufous Scrubbird, Eastern Scrub-bird
In orderPasseriformes family Atrichornithidae 2 results found
Family and species in Estonian in English
Bernieria inceleber, Bernieria madagascariensis incelebris Pale Bernieria
Bernieria madagascariensis, [Phyllastrephus madagascariensis] Long-billed Tetraka, Common Tetraka, Madagascar Tetraka, Madagascar Greenbul, Long-billed Greenbul
Crossleyia tenebrosa, Xanthomixis tenebrosus, [Phyllastrephus tenebrosus] Dusky Tetraka, Dusky Greenbul
Crossleyia xanthophrys, Oxylabes xanthophrys, [Phyllastrephus xanthophrys] Madagascar Yellowbrow, Yellow-browed Oxylabes, Tetraka
Cryptosylvicola randrianasoloi Cryptic Warbler
Hartertula flavoviridis, [Neomixis flavoviridis] Wedge-tailed Tetraka, Wedge-tailed Jery
Oxylabes madagascariensis White-throated Oxylabes, White-throated Foditany
Randia pseudozosterops Rand's Warbler, Marvantsetra Warbler, Maroantsetra Warbler
Thamnornis chloropetoides Thamnornis, Thamnornis Warbler, Kiritika Warbler, Kiritika
Xanthomixis apperti, [Phyllastrephus apperti] Appert's Tetraka, Appert's Greenbul
Xanthomixis cinereiceps, Oxylabes cinereiceps, [Phyllastrephus cinereiceps] Grey-crowned Tetraka, Grey-crowned Greenbul, Grey-crowned Oxylabes
Xanthomixis zosterops, [Phyllastrephus zosterops] Spectacled Tetraka, Short-billed Tetraka, Short-billed Greenbul, Spectacled Greenbul
In orderPasseriformes family Bernieridae 12 results found
 Bombycillidae - siidisabalased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Bombycilla cedrorum ameerika siidisaba Cedar Waxwing, Cedar Bird
Bombycilla garrulus siidisaba (viristaja) Bohemian Waxwing, Waxwing, Greater Waxwing, Common Waxwing
Bombycilla japonica amuuri siidisaba Japanese Waxwing, East Asian Waxwing
In orderPasseriformes family Bombycillidae 3 results found
 Buphagidae - pühvlilindlased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Buphagus africanus koldnokk-pühvlilind Yellow-billed Oxpecker
Buphagus erythrorynchus, Buphagus erythrorhynchus punanokk-pühvlilind Red-billed Oxpecker
In orderPasseriformes family Buphagidae 2 results found
Family and species in Estonian in English
Calcarius lapponicus lapi tsiitsitaja (keltsalind) Lapland Longspur, Lapland Bunting
Calcarius ornatus mustkõht-tsiitsitaja Chestnut-collared Longspur, Chestnut-coloured Longspur
Calcarius pictus, Leptoplectron pictus tarnatsiitsitaja Smith's Longspur
Plectrophenax hyperboreus lumelind McKay's Bunting
Plectrophenax nivalis hangelind Snow Bunting
Rhynchophanes mccownii, Calcarius mccownii preeriatsiitsitaja McCown's Longspur
In orderPasseriformes family Calcariidae 6 results found
 Callaeidae - kookakolased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Callaeas cinereus, Callaeas cinerea punasagar-kookako South Island Kokako, Kokako
Callaeas wilsoni, Callaeas cinereus wilsoni sinisagar-kookako North Island Kokako
Heteralocha acutirostris huia (†) Huia
Philesturnus carunculatus, Creadion carunculatus lõunatieke South Island Saddleback, Saddleback
Philesturnus rufusater, Philesturnus carunculatus rufusater põhjatieke North Island Saddleback
In orderPasseriformes family Callaeidae 5 results found
Family and species in Estonian in English
Calyptomena hosii safiir-lainokk Hose's Broadbill, Magnificent Green Broadbill, Magnificent Broadbill, Hose's Magnificent Broadbill, Blue-bellied Broadbill
Calyptomena viridis viigi-lainokk Green Broadbill, Lesser Green Broadbill
Calyptomena whiteheadi suur-lainokk Whitehead's Broadbill, Black-throated Green Broadbill, Black-throated Broadbill
Smithornis capensis võsa-lainokk African Broadbill, Delacour's Broadbill
Smithornis rufolateralis väike-lainokk Rufous-sided Broadbill, Red-sided Broadbill, Red Broadbill
Smithornis sharpei hallpea-lainokk Grey-headed Broadbill
In orderPasseriformes family Calyptomenidae 6 results found
Family and species in Estonian in English
Calyptophilus frugivorus Eastern Chat-tanager, Chat-tanager*
Calyptophilus tertius Western Chat-tanager
In orderPasseriformes family Calyptophilidae 2 results found
 Campephagidae - naagaslased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Campephaga flava Black Cuckooshrike, Black Cuckoo-shrike, African Black Cuckoo Shrike
Campephaga petiti Petit's Cuckooshrike, Petit's Cuckoo-shrike, Petit's Cuckoo Shrike
Campephaga phoenicea Red-shouldered Cuckooshrike, Red-shouldered Cuckoo-shrike, Red-shouldered Cuckoo Shrike
Campephaga quiscalina Purple-throated Cuckooshrike, Purple-throated Cuckoo-shrike, Purple-throated Cuckoo Shrike
Campochaera sloetii kuldnaagas Golden Cuckooshrike, Golden Cuckoo-shrike, Orange Cuckoo Shrike
Ceblepyris caesius, Coracina caesia Grey Cuckooshrike, Grey Cuckoo-shrike, African Grey Cuckoo Shrike, African Greybird
Ceblepyris cinereus, Coracina cinerea Madagascar Cuckooshrike, Madagascar Cuckoo-shrike, Madagascar Cuckoo Shrike, Ashy Cuckooshrike
Ceblepyris cucullatus, Coracina cinerea cucullata Comoro Cuckooshrike, Comoro Cuckoo-shrike
Ceblepyris graueri, Coracina graueri Grauer's Cuckooshrike, Grauer's Cuckoo-shrike, Grauer's Cuckoo Shrike
Ceblepyris pectoralis, Coracina pectoralis White-breasted Cuckooshrike, White-breasted Cuckoo-shrike, White-breasted Cuckoo Shrike, Grey-throated Cuckoo-shrike, Black-chested Cuckoo-shrike
Celebesica abbotti, Coracina abbotti, Edolisoma abbotti Pygmy Cuckooshrike, Pygmy Cuckoo-shrike, Pygmy Cuckoo Shrike, Celebes Cuckoo-shrike, Celebes Mountain Cuckoo-shrike, Mountain Cuckoo-shrike
Coracina welchmani, Coracina caledonica welchmani North Melanesian Cuckooshrike, North Melanesian Cuckoo-shrike
Coracina atriceps Moluccan Cuckooshrike, Moluccan Cuckoo-shrike, Moluccan Cuckoo Shrike, Seran Cuckoo-shrike
Coracina bicolor Pied Cuckooshrike, Pied Cuckoo-shrike, Pied Cuckoo Shrike, Muna Cuckoo-shrike*, Bicoloured Cuckoo-shrike
Coracina boyeri Boyer's Cuckooshrike, Boyer's Cuckoo-shrike, White-lored Cuckoo Shrike, Rufous-underwing Cuckoo-shrike
Coracina caeruleogrisea Stout-billed Cuckooshrike, Stout-billed Cuckoo-shrike, Stout-billed Greybird, Blue-grey Cuckoo-shrike
Coracina caledonica South Melanesian Cuckooshrike, South Melanesian Cuckoo-shrike, Melanesian Cuckoo-shrike, Melanesian Cuckooshrike, Melanesian Greybird
Coracina dobsoni, Coracina striata dobsoni Andaman Cuckooshrike, Andaman Cuckoo-shrike, Andaman Cuckoo Shrike
Coracina fortis Buru Cuckooshrike, Buru Cuckoo-shrike, Buru Island Cuckoo Shrike
Coracina javensis Large Cuckooshrike, Javan Cuckoo-shrike, Javan Cuckooshrike, Javan Cuckoo Shrike, White-vented Greybird
Coracina larvata Sunda Cuckooshrike, Sunda Cuckoo-shrike, Black-faced Greybird, Black-eared Cuckoo-shrike, Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike*
Coracina leucopygia White-rumped Cuckooshrike, White-rumped Cuckoo-shrike, White-rumped Cuckoo Shrike, Muna Cuckoo-shrike*, Sulawesi Cuckoo-shrike*
Coracina lineata Barred Cuckooshrike, Barred Cuckoo-shrike, Yellow-eyed Cuckooshrike, Lineated Cuckoo Shrike, Yellow-eyed Greybird, Barred Greybird
Coracina longicauda Hooded Cuckooshrike, Hooded Cuckoo-shrike, Black-hooded Greybird, Black-hooded Cuckoo-shrike, Long-tailed Cuckoo-shrike
Coracina macei Indian Cuckooshrike, Large Cuckoo-shrike*, Large Cuckooshrike*, Black-throated Cuckoo-shrike, Indian Cuckoo-shrike
Coracina maxima, Pteropodocys maxima Ground Cuckooshrike, Ground Cuckoo-shrike, Ground Cuckoo Shrikes, Greybird, Caterpillar-catcher
Coracina novaehollandiae Black-faced Cuckooshrike, Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike, Black-faced Cuckoo Shrike, Large Cuckoo-shrike*, Greater Cuckoo-shrike, White-vented Cuckoo-shrike, Australian Greybird
Coracina panayensis, Coracina striata panayensis Visayan Cuckooshrike, Visayan Cuckoo-shrike
Coracina papuensis White-bellied Cuckooshrike, White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike, Papuan Cuckoo Shrike
Coracina personata Wallacean Cuckooshrike, Wallacean Cuckoo-shrike, Wallacean Cuckoo Shrike
Coracina schistacea Slaty Cuckooshrike, Slaty Cuckoo-shrike, Slaty Cuckoo Shrike, Sula Cuckoo-shrike
Coracina striata Bar-bellied Cuckooshrike, Bar-bellied Cuckoo-shrike, Barred Cuckoo Shrike
Coracina temminckii Cerulean Cuckooshrike, Cerulean Cuckoo-shrike, Caerulean Cuckoo Shrike, Sulawesi Cuckoo-shrike*, Celebesi Cuckoo-shrike, Temminck's Cuckoo-shrike
Cyanograucalus azureus, Coracina azurea Blue Cuckooshrike, Blue Cuckoo-shrike, African Blue Cuckoo Shrike
Edolisoma anale, Coracina analis New Caledonian Cicadabird, New Caledonian Cuckooshrike, New Caledonian Cuckoo-shrike, Caledonian Greybird, New Caledonian Mountain Cuckoo-shrike
Edolisoma ceramense, Coracina ceramensis Pale Cicadabird, Pale Cuckoo-shrike, Moluccan Cicadabird, Pale-grey Cicadabird
Edolisoma coerulescens, Coracina coerulescens Blackish Cicadabird, Blackish Cuckooshrike, Blackish Cuckoo-shrike, Philippine Black Greybird, Philippine Cuckoo-shrike, Black Cuckoo-shrike
Edolisoma dispar, Coracina dispar Kai Cicadabird, Kai Cuckoo-shrike
Edolisoma dohertyi, Coracina dohertyi Sumba Cicadabird, Sumba Cuckoo-shrike, Black-barred Cuckoo-shrike, Black-barred Cicadabird
Edolisoma grayi, Coracina tenuirostris grayi Moluccan Cicadabird
Edolisoma holopolium, Coracina holopolia Solomon Cicadabird, Solomon Cuckoo-shrike, Solomon Islands Cuckoo-shrike, Solomon Islands Cuckooshrike, Black-bellied Cuckoo Shrike*, Cicada Cuckoo-shrike, Black-bellied Greybird, Black-bellied Cicadabird
Edolisoma incertum, Coracina incerta Black-shouldered Cicadabird, Black-shouldered Cicadabird, Philippine Cicadabird, Black-shouldered Cuckoo-shrike, Papuan Cicadabird, Sharpe's Cicadabird
Edolisoma insperatum, Coracina tenuirostris insperata Pohnpei Cicadabird
Edolisoma melas, Coracina melas, [Coracina melaena] New Guinea Cicadabird, New Guinea Cuckoo-shrike, New Guinea Cuckooshrike, New Guinea Cuckoo Shrike, New Guinea Black Cuckoo-shrike, Black Cuckoo-shrike, New Guinea Black Greybird, Black Greybird
Edolisoma meyerii, Coracina tenuirostris meyerii Geelvink Cicadabird
Edolisoma mindanense, Coracina mindanensis Black-bibbed Cicadabird, Black-bibbed Cuckoo-shrike, Philippine Cicadabird
Edolisoma monacha, Coracina tenuirostris monacha Palau Cicadabird
Edolisoma montanum, Coracina montana Black-bellied Cicadabird, Black-bellied Cuckoo-shrike, Black-bellied Cuckooshrike, Black-bellied Greybird, Mountain Cuckoo-shrike
Edolisoma morio, Coracina morio Sulawesi Cicadabird, Sulawesi Cuckoo-shrike, Celebes Cicadabird, Mueller's Cicadabird, Dark-grey Cicadabird
Edolisoma nesiotis, Coracina tenuirostris nesiotis Yap Cicadabird
Edolisoma obiense, Coracina tenuirostris obiensis Obi Cicadabird
Edolisoma ostentum, Coracina ostenta, [Coracina panayensis] White-winged Cicadabird, White-winged Cuckooshrike, White-winged Cuckoo-shrike, White-winged Cockoo Shrike, Philippine Cuckoo-shrike, Philippines Greybird
Edolisoma parvulum, Coracina parvula Halmahera Cicadabird, Halmahera Cuckoo-shrike, Halmahera Cuckooshrike, Halmahera Cuckoo Shrike
Edolisoma pygmaeum, Coracina holopolia pygmaea New Georgia Cicadabird
Edolisoma remotum, Coracina tenuirostris remota Melanesian Cicadabird
Edolisoma rostratum, Coracina tenuirostris rostrata Rossel Cicadabird
Edolisoma salomonis, Coracina salomonis Makira Cicadabird, San Cristobal Cicadabird, Makira Cuckoo-shrike, San Cristobal Cuckoo-shrike
Edolisoma schisticeps, Coracina schisticeps Grey-headed Cicadabird, Grey-headed Cuckoo-shrike, Grey-headed Cuckooshrike, New Guinea Greybird, Gray's Cuckoo-shrike, New Guinea Cuckoo-shrike*, Slaty Cuckoo-shrike, Black-tipped Cuckoo-shrike
Edolisoma sula, Coracina sula Sula Cicadabird, Sula Cuckoo-shrike
Edolisoma tenuirostre, Coracina tenuirostris Slender-billed Cicadabird, Common Cicadabird, Cicadabird, Long-billed Cicadabird, Jardine Triller, Jardine Caterpillar-eater
Lalage minor, Lalage melanoleuca minor Southern Black-and-white Triller
Lalage atrovirens Black-browed Triller, White-rumped Triller*
Lalage aurea Rufous-bellied Triller, Red-bellied Triller, Moluccan Triller, Black-backed Triller
Lalage conjuncta Mussau Triller, St Matthias Triller
Lalage fimbriata, Coracina fimbriata Lesser Cuckooshrike, Lesser Cuckoo-shrike, Lesser Cuckooshrike, Lesser Cuckoo Shrike
Lalage leucomela Varied Triller, White-browed Triller*, White-browed Pied Triller, White-browed Caterpillar-eater
Lalage leucoptera, Lalage atrovirens leucoptera Biak Triller
Lalage leucopyga Long-tailed Triller
Lalage leucopygialis White-rumped Triller, Sulawesi Triller
Lalage maculosa Polynesian Triller, Spotted Triller
Lalage melanoleuca Northern Black-and-white Triller, Black-and-white Triller*, Black and White Triller*
Lalage melanoptera, Coracina melanoptera, [Coracina sykesi] Black-headed Cuckooshrike, Black-headed Cuckoo-shrike, Black-headed Cuckooshrike, Black-headed Cuckoo Shrike, Large Grey Cuckoo-shrike
Lalage melaschistos, Coracina melaschistos Black-winged Cuckooshrike, Black-winged Cuckoo-shrike, Dark-grey Cuckoo Shrike, Lesser Grey Cuckoo-shrike
Lalage moesta, Lalage atrovirens moesta Tanimbar Triller, White-browed Triller
Lalage newtoni, Coracina newtoni Reunion Cuckooshrike, Reunion Cuckoo-shrike, Reunion Greybird
Lalage nigra Pied Triller
Lalage polioptera, Coracina polioptera Indochinese Cuckooshrike, Indochinese Cuckoo-shrike, Indochinese Cuckoo Shrike
Lalage sharpei, Oscarornis sharpei Samoan Triller
Lalage sueurii White-shouldered Triller, White-winged Triller*, Sueur's Triller
Lalage tricolor White-winged Triller, Australian Triller, Jardine Triller, White-shouldered Caterpillar-eater
Lalage typica, Coracina typica, Coquus typica Mauritius Cuckooshrike, Mauritius Cuckoo-shrike, Mauritius Greybird
Lobotos lobatus, Campephaga lobata lääne-sagarnaagas Western Wattled Cuckooshrike, Western Wattled Cuckoo Shrike, Western Wattled Cuckoo-shrike, Ghana Cuckoo-shrike
Lobotos oriolinus, Campephaga oriolina ida-sagarnaagas Eastern Wattled Cuckooshrike, Eastern Wattled Cuckoo-shrike, Eastern Wattled Cuckoo Shrike, Oriole Cuckoo-shrike
Malindangia mcgregori, Coracina mcgregori McGregor's Cuckooshrike, McGregor's Cuckoo-shrike, Sharp-tailed Greybird, Sharp-tailed Cuckoo-shrike
Pericrocotus brevirostris karmiin-hundnaagas Short-billed Minivet
Pericrocotus cantonensis valgepea-hundnaagas Swinhoe's Minivet, Brown-rumped Minivet, Canton Minivet
Pericrocotus cinnamomeus väike-hundnaagas Small Minivet, Little Minivet*, Lesser Minivet
Pericrocotus divaricatus põhja-hundnaagas Ashy Minivet
Pericrocotus erythropygius valgetiib-hundnaagas White-bellied Minivet, Jerdon's Minivet
Pericrocotus erythropygius albifrons, Pericrocotus albifrons birma hundnaagas Jerdon's Minivet
Pericrocotus ethologus mägi-hundnaagas Long-tailed Minivet, Flame-coloured Minivet
Pericrocotus flammeus loit-hundnaagas Scarlet Minivet, Indian Minivet, Flame Minivet, Orange Minivet
Pericrocotus flammeus speciosus, Pericrocotus speciosus leek-hundnaagas Scarlet Minivet
Pericrocotus igneus tuli-hundnaagas Fiery Minivet
Pericrocotus lansbergei väikesunda hundnaagas Flores Minivet, Little Minivet*, Orange-breasted Minivet, Sumbawa Minivet
Pericrocotus miniatus kinaver-hundnaagas Sunda Minivet
Pericrocotus montanus, Pericrocotus solaris montanus malai hundnaagas Grey-throated Minivet
Pericrocotus roseus roosarind-hundnaagas Rosy Minivet
Pericrocotus solaris hallpõsk-hundnaagas Grey-chinned Minivet, Yellow-throated Minivet, Mountain Minivet
Pericrocotus tegimae, Pericrocotus divaricatus tegimae ryukyu hundnaagas Ryukyu Minivet
In orderPasseriformes family Campephagidae 100 results found
 Cardinalidae - kardinallased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Amaurospiza moesta Blue Seedeater, Blackish-blue Seedeater
Amaurospiza moesta carrizalensis, Amaurospiza carrizalensis Carrizal Seedeater
Amaurospiza moesta concolor, Amaurospiza concolor Cabanis's Seedeater, Blue Seedeater*
Amaurospiza relicta, Amaurospiza concolor relicta Slate-blue Seedeater
Cardinalis cardinalis kardinal Northern Cardinal, Common Cardinal
Cardinalis phoeniceus, Pyrrhuloxia phoeniceus Vermilion Cardinal
Cardinalis sinuatus, Pyrrhuloxia sinuatus Pyrrhuloxia
Caryothraustes canadensis Yellow-green Grosbeak
Caryothraustes celaeno, Rhodothraupis celaeno Crimson-collared Grosbeak
Caryothraustes erythromelas, Periporphyrus erythromelas Red-and-black Grosbeak, Red and Black Grosbeak
Caryothraustes poliogaster Black-faced Grosbeak
Cyanocompsa parellina Blue Bunting
Cyanoloxia brissonii, Cyanocompsa brissonii Ultramarine Grosbeak
Cyanoloxia cyanoides, Cyanocompsa cyanoides Blue-black Grosbeak
Cyanoloxia glaucocaerulea Glaucous-blue Grosbeak, Indigo Grosbeak
Cyanoloxia rothschildii, Cyanoloxia cyanoides rothschildii, Cyanocompsa cyanoides rothschildii Amazonian Grosbeak
Granatellus francescae, Granatellus venustus francescae Tres Marias Chat
Granatellus paraensis, Granatellus pelzelni paraensis Rose-bellied Chat
Granatellus pelzelni lõuna-rubiinsäälik Rose-breasted Chat
Granatellus sallaei yucatani rubiinsäälik Grey-throated Chat, Gray-throated Chat
Granatellus venustus põhja-rubiinsäälik Red-breasted Chat
Habia atrimaxillaris Black-cheeked Ant-tanager, Black-cheeked Ant Tanager
Habia carmioli, Chlorothraupis carmioli Carmiol's Tanager, Olive Tanager*
Habia cristata Crested Ant-tanager, Crested Ant Tanager
Habia frenata, Chlorothraupis frenata, Chlorothraupis carmioli frenata Yellow-lored Tanager, Olive Tanager
Habia fuscicauda Red-throated Ant-tanager, Red-throated Ant Tanager
Habia gutturalis Sooty Ant-tanager, Sooty Ant Tanager
Habia olivacea, Chlorothraupis olivacea Lemon-spectacled Tanager, Lemon-browed Tanager
Habia rubica Red-crowned Ant-tanager, Red-crowned Ant Tanager
Habia stolzmanni, Chlorothraupis stolzmanni Ochre-breasted Tanager
Passerina amoena vööt-indigolind Lazuli Bunting
Passerina caerulea, Guiraca caerulea suur-indigolind Blue Grosbeak
Passerina ciris viker-indigolind Painted Bunting
Passerina cyanea indigolind (harilik indigolind) Indigo Bunting
Passerina leclancherii Orange-breasted Bunting
Passerina rositae Rose-bellied Bunting
Passerina versicolor Varied Bunting
Pheucticus aureoventris Black-backed Grosbeak
Pheucticus chrysogaster Golden Grosbeak, Golden-bellied Grosbeak, Yellow-bellied Grosbreak
Pheucticus chrysopeplus Yellow Grosbreak
Pheucticus ludovicianus hund-kuhiknokk Rose-breasted Grosbeak
Pheucticus melanocephalus Black-headed Grosbeak
Pheucticus tibialis Black-thighed Grosbeak
Piranga bidentata kiriselg-leeklind Flame-colored Tanager, Flame-coloured Tanager
Piranga erythrocephala mehhiko leeklind Red-headed Tanager
Piranga flava maksa-leeklind Red Tanager, Lowland Hepatic-tanager, Hepatic Tanager*
Piranga hepatica haemalea, Piranga haemalea, Piranga lutea haemalea, Piranga flava haemalea Blood-red Tanager
Piranga hepatica lutea, Piranga lutea, Piranga flava lutea Highland Hepatic-tanager
Piranga hepatica, Piranga flava hepatica männi-leeklind Hepatic Tanager, Northern Hepatic-tanager
Piranga leucoptera väike-leeklind White-winged Tanager
Piranga ludoviciana loode-leeklind Western Tanager
Piranga olivacea kirde-leeklind Scarlet Tanager
Piranga roseogularis hall-leeklind Rose-throated Tanager
Piranga rubra laulu-leeklind Summer Tanager
Piranga rubriceps andi leeklind Red-hooded Tanager
Spiza americana põld-kuhiknokk Dickcissel
In orderPasseriformes family Cardinalidae 56 results found
 Certhiidae - porlased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Certhia americana ameerika porr American Treecreeper, Brown Creeper, American Tree-Creeper
Certhia brachydactyla aedporr Short-toed Treecreeper, Short-toed Tree-Creeper
Certhia discolor tõmmuporr Sikkim Treecreeper, Brown-throated Treecreeper*, Brown-throated Tree-Creeper*
Certhia familiaris porr (harilik porr) Eurasian Treecreeper, Eurasian Tree-Creeper, Common Treecreeper, Treecreeper
Certhia himalayana vöötsaba-porr Bar-tailed Treecreeper, Bar-tailed Tree-Creeper, Himalayan Treecreeper
Certhia hodgsoni, Certhia familiaris hodgsoni mägiporr Hodgson's Treecreeper
Certhia manipurensis, Certhia discolor manipurensis kaguporr Manipur Treecreeper
Certhia nipalensis ruskeporr Rusty-flanked Treecreeper, Rusty-flanked Tree-Creeper, Stoliczka's Treecreeper
Certhia tianquanensis sichuani porr Sichuan Treecreeper
In orderPasseriformes family Certhiidae 9 results found
Family and species in Estonian in English
Chaetops aurantius, Chaetops frenatus aurantius Drakensberg Rockjumper, Orange-breasted Rockjumper, Orange-breasted Rock-jumper
Chaetops frenatus Cape Rockjumper, Rockjumper, Rufous Rockjumper, Rufous Rock-jumper
In orderPasseriformes family Chaetopidae 2 results found
 Chloropseidae - viherlüüdiklased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Chloropsis aurifrons tanu-viherlüüdik Golden-fronted Leafbird, Gold-fronted Chloropsis
Chloropsis cochinchinensis sinitiib-viherlüüdik Javan Leafbird, Blue-winged Leafbird*, Green Leafbird, Golden-headed Leafbird, Yellow-headed Leafbird, Gold-mantled Chloropsis
Chloropsis cyanopogon väike-viherlüüdik Lesser Green Leafbird, Blue-whiskered Leafbird
Chloropsis cyanopogon septentrionalis, Chloropsis septentrionalis Yellow-bordered Leafbird
Chloropsis flavipennis filipiini viherlüüdik Philippine Leafbird, Yellow-quilled Leafbird, Yellow-billed Leafbird
Chloropsis hardwickii, Chloropsis hardwickei ruugekõht-viherlüüdik Orange-bellied Leafbird, Hardwicke's Leafbird, Orange-bellied Chloropsis
Chloropsis jerdoni, Chloropsis cochinchinensis jerdoni india viherlüüdik Jerdon's Leafbird, Indian Leafbird, Jerdon's Chloropsis
Chloropsis kinabaluensis, Chloropsis cochinchinensis kinabaluensis, [Chloropsis flavocincta] mägi-viherlüüdik Bornean Leafbird
Chloropsis lazulina, Chloropsis hardwickii lazulina Greyish-crowned Leafbird
Chloropsis media, Chloropsis aurifrons media koldlaup-viherlüüdik Sumatran Leafbird
Chloropsis moluccensis, Chloropsis cochinchinensis moluccensis Blue-winged Leafbird
Chloropsis palawanensis palawani viherlüüdik Yellow-throated Leafbird, Palawan Leafbird
Chloropsis sonnerati suur-viherlüüdik Greater Green Leafbird, Greater Leafbird, Malachite-shouldered Leafbird
Chloropsis venusta sinipea-viherlüüdik Blue-masked Leafbird, Masked Leafbird, Sumatran Leafbird*
In orderPasseriformes family Chloropseidae 14 results found
 Cinclidae - vesipaplased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Cinclus cinclus vesipapp (harilik vesipapp) White-throated Dipper, Common Dipper, Eurasian Dipper, White-breasted Dipper, Dipper
Cinclus leucocephalus andi vesipapp White-capped Dipper
Cinclus mexicanus hall-vesipapp American Dipper, North American Dipper, Mexican Dipper
Cinclus pallasii tõmmu-vesipapp Brown Dipper, Pallas's Dipper, Asian Dipper, Asiatic Dipper
Cinclus schulzii, Cinclus schulzi punakurk-vesipapp Rufous-throated Dipper, Argentine Dipper
In orderPasseriformes family Cinclidae 5 results found
Family and species in Estonian in English
Cinclosoma ajax Painted Quail-thrush, Ajax Quail Thrush
Cinclosoma alisteri, Cinclosoma cinnamomeum alisteri Nullarbor Quail Thrush
Cinclosoma castaneothorax Chestnut-breasted Quail-thrush, Chestnut-breasted Quail Thrush
Cinclosoma castanotum, Cinclosoma castanotus Chestnut Quail-thrush, Chestnut Quail Thrush
Cinclosoma cinnamomeum Cinnamon Quail-thrush, Cinnamon Quail Thrush
Cinclosoma marginatum, Cinclosoma castaneothorax marginatum Western Quail-thrush
Cinclosoma punctatum Spotted Quail-thrush, Spotted Quail Thrush
Ptilorrhoa caerulescens Blue Jewel-babbler, Lowland Rail Babbler
Ptilorrhoa castanonota Chestnut-backed Jewel-babbler, Mid-mountain Rail Babbler
Ptilorrhoa geislerorum, Ptilorrhoa caerulescens geislerorum Dimorphic Jewel-babbler
Ptilorrhoa leucosticta Spotted Jewel-babbler, High Mountain Rail Babbler
In orderPasseriformes family Cinclosomatidae 11 results found
 Cisticolidae - rohulindlased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Apalis alticola Brown-headed Apalis
Apalis argentea Kungwe Apalis
Apalis bamendae Bamenda Apalis
Apalis binotata Masked Apalis
Apalis chapini Chapin's Apalis
Apalis chariessa White-winged Apalis
Apalis chirindensis Chirinda Apalis
Apalis cinerea Grey Apalis
Apalis flavida Yellow-breasted Apalis, Yellow-chested Apalis
Apalis flavigularis Yellow-throated Apalis
Apalis flavocincta, Apalis flavida flavocincta Brown-tailed Apalis
Apalis fuscigularis Taita Apalis
Apalis goslingi Gosling's Apalis, Cameroon Apalis
Apalis jacksoni Black-throated Apalis
Apalis kaboboensis Kabobo Apalis, Prigogine's Apalis
Apalis karamojae Karamoja Apalis
Apalis lynesi Namuli Apalis
Apalis melanocephala Black-headed Apalis
Apalis nigriceps Black-capped Apalis
Apalis personata Black-faced Apalis, Mountain Masked Apalis
Apalis porphyrolaema Chestnut-throated Apalis
Apalis ruddi Rudd's Apalis
Apalis rufogularis Buff-throated Apalis
Apalis sharpii Sharpe's Apalis
Apalis thoracica Bar-throated Apalis
Apalis viridiceps Brown-tailed Apalis
Artisornis metopias, [Orthotomus metopias] Red-capped Forest-warbler, African Tailorbird, Red-capped Forest Warbler
Artisornis moreaui, [Orthotomus moreaui] Long-billed Forest-warbler, Long-billed Tailorbird, Long-billed Forest Warbler, Long-billed Apalis, Moreau's Tailorbird
Artisornis sousae, Artisornis moreaui sousae Mozambique Forest-warbler
Bathmocercus cerviniventris oja-rohulind Black-headed Rufous-warbler, Black-headed Rufous Warbler, Black-capped Rufous Warbler, Black-faced Rufous Warbler, Stream Warbler
Bathmocercus rufus sõba-rohulind Black-faced Rufous-warbler, Black-faced Rufous Warbler, Rufous Warbler
Calamonastes fasciolatus, Calamonastes fasciolata Barred Wren-Warbler, Barred Camaroptera, Thornbush Barred Wren-Warbler
Calamonastes simplex Grey Wren-warbler, Grey Wren Warbler
Calamonastes stierlingi Stierling's Wren-warbler, Stierling's Wren Warbler, Woodland Barred Wren-warbler, Eastern Barred Bush-warbler
Calamonastes undosus Miombo Wren-warbler, Zambia Wren-warbler
Camaroptera brachyura Bleating Camaroptera, Grey-backed Camaroptera, Bleating Bush-warbler; Green-backed Camaroptera (s. str.)
Camaroptera chloronota Olive-green Camaroptera
Camaroptera harterti Hartert's Camaroptera, Angola Camaroptera
Camaroptera superciliaris Yellow-browed Camaroptera
Camaroptera toroensis, Camaroptera chloronota toroensis Tawny-breasted Camaroptera
Cisticola aberdare Aberdare Cisticola, Aberdare Mountain Cisticola
Cisticola aberrans nõlva-rohulind Lazy Cisticola
Cisticola aberrans emini, Cisticola emini kalju-rohulind Rock-loving Cisticola
Cisticola angusticauda Tabora Cisticola
Cisticola anonymus, Cisticola anonyma Chattering Cisticola
Cisticola aridulus, Cisticola aridula kõnnu-rohulind Desert Cisticola
Cisticola ayresii häälistiib-rohulind Wing-snapping Cisticola, Ayres's Cisticola, Ayres's Cloud Cisticola
Cisticola bailunduensis, Cisticola aberrans bailunduensis Huambo Cisticola
Cisticola bodessa Boran Cisticola
Cisticola brachypterus, Cisticola brachyptera välu-rohulind Short-winged Cisticola, Siffling Cisticola
Cisticola brunnescens Pectoral-patch Cisticola
Cisticola bulliens angoola rohulind Bubbling Cisticola
Cisticola cantans Singing Cisticola
Cisticola carruthersi papüüruse-rohulind Carruthers's Cisticola, Carruthers' Cisticola
Cisticola cherina, Cisticola cherinus madagaskari rohulind Madagascar Cisticola
Cisticola chiniana, Cisticola chinianus Rattling Cisticola
Cisticola chubbi Chubb's Cisticola
Cisticola cinereolus, Cisticola cinereola tuhk-rohulind Ashy Cisticola
Cisticola cinnamomeus Pale-crowned Cisticola, Wetland Cisticola, Silent Cisticola
Cisticola dambo Dambo Cisticola, Cloud-scraping Cisticola, Black-tailed Cloud Cisticola
Cisticola erythrops Red-faced Cisticola
Cisticola exilis ida-rohulind Golden-headed Cisticola, Gold-capped Cisticola, Bright-capped Cisticola, Bright-headed Cisticola, Bright-crowned Cisticola, Golden Cisticola, Yellow-headed Cisticola, Exile Warbler
Cisticola eximius, Cisticola eximia Black-backed Cisticola, Black-necked Cisticola
Cisticola fulvicapilla, Cisticola fulvicapillus Neddicky, Piping Cisticola
Cisticola galactotes kõrkja-rohulind Rufous-winged Cisticola, Winding Cisticola*
Cisticola guinea, [Cisticola dorsti] Dorst's Cisticola, Long-tailed Cisticola
Cisticola haematocephala, Cisticola haematocephalus kikuju rohulind Coastal Cisticola
Cisticola haesitatus, Cisticola haesitata rand-rohulind Socotra Cisticola, Island Cisticola
Cisticola hunteri Hunter's Cisticola
Cisticola juncidis rohulind (harilik rohulind) Zitting Cisticola, Fan-tailed Cisticola, Fan-tailed Warbler, Common Cisticola, Streaked Cisticola, Streak-headed Cisticola
Cisticola lais kingu-rohulind Wailing Cisticola
Cisticola lais distinctus, Cisticola distinctus keenia rohulind Lynes's Cisticola, Kedong Cisticola
Cisticola lateralis Whistling Cisticola
Cisticola luapula, Cisticola galactotes luapula padu-rohulind Luapula Cisticola
Cisticola lugubris etioopia rohulind Ethiopian Cisticola
Cisticola marginatus tarna-rohulind Winding Cisticola
Cisticola melanurus, Cisticola melanura, Apalis melanurus mustsaba-rohulind Black-tailed Cisticola, Slender-tailed Cisticola, Angola Cisticola, Pearson's Cisticola
Cisticola nana, [Cisticola nanus] pisi-rohulind Tiny Cisticola
Cisticola natalensis Croaking Cisticola
Cisticola nigriloris Black-lored Cisticola, Black-browed Cisticola, Mountain Cisticola
Cisticola njombe Churring Cisticola, Njombe Cisticola
Cisticola pipiens roo-rohulind Chirping Cisticola
Cisticola restrictus, Cisticola restricta tana rohulind Tana River Cisticola
Cisticola robustus, Cisticola robusta Stout Cisticola
Cisticola ruficeps Red-pate Cisticola
Cisticola ruficeps mongalla Mongalla Cisticola
Cisticola rufilatus, Cisticola rufilata Tinkling Cisticola, Grey Cisticola
Cisticola rufus, Cisticola rufa Rufous Cisticola
Cisticola subruficapilla, Cisticola subruficapillus Grey-backed Cisticola, Red-headed Cisticola
Cisticola textrix tiks-rohulind Cloud Cisticola, Tink-tink Cisticola, Pinc-pinc Cisticola
Cisticola tinniens Levaillant's Cisticola, Tinkling Cisticola*
Cisticola troglodytes rebas-rohulind Foxy Cisticola
Cisticola woosnami Trilling Cisticola
Drymocichla incana Red-winged Grey Warbler
Eminia lepida, Hypergerus lepida Grey-capped Warbler
Eremomela atricollis Black-necked Eremomela, Black-collared Eremomela
Eremomela badiceps Rufous-crowned Eremomela, Brown-crowned Eremomela*
Eremomela canescens Green-backed Eremomela
Eremomela flavicrissalis Yellow-vented Eremomela
Eremomela gregalis Karoo Eremomela, Karoo Green Eremomela, Karoo Green Warbler, Yellow-rumped Eremomela
Eremomela icteropygialis Yellow-bellied Eremomela, Grey-backed Eremomela
Eremomela icteropygialis salvadorii, Eremomela salvadorii Salvadori's Eremomela
Eremomela pusilla Senegal Eremomela, Smaller Green-backed Eremomela, Small Eremomela, Smaller Eremomela
Eremomela scotops Green-capped Eremomela, Green-cap Eremomela, Greencap Eremomela, Dusky-faced Warbler
Eremomela turneri Turner's Eremomela, Brown-crowned Eremomela*
Eremomela usticollis Burnt-neck Eremomela, Brown-throated Eremomela, Brown-throated Bush-warbler
Euryptila subcinnamomea rünka-rohulind Cinnamon-breasted Warbler, Cinnamon-breasted Grey Warbler, Kopje Warbler
Hypergerus atriceps piho-rohulind Oriole Warbler, Moho, Oriole Babbler
Incana incana, Cisticola incana, Cisticola incanus hall-rohulind Socotra Warbler, Incana Cisticola, Socotra Cisticola, Socotra Grass-warbler
Malcorus pectoralis, Prinia pectoralis kaelus-rohulind Rufous-eared Warbler, Rufous-eared Prinia
Micromacronus leytensis Visayan Miniature Babbler, Miniature Tit-Babbler, Leyte Tit-Babbler
Micromacronus sordidus, Micromacronus leytensis sordidus Mindanao Miniature Babbler
Neomixis pallidior, Neomixis striatigula pallidior Subdesert Jery
Neomixis striatigula Stripe-throated Jery
Neomixis tenella Common Jery, Northern Jery
Neomixis viridis Green Jery, Southern Green Jery
Oreolais pulcher, Apalis pulchra Black-collared Apalis
Oreolais ruwenzorii, Apalis ruwenzorii Ruwenzori Apalis, Collared Apalis
Oreophilais robertsi, Prinia robertsi Briar Warbler, Roberts' Warbler, Roberts' Prinia, Forest Prinia
Orthotomus atrogularis mustkurk-rätseplind Dark-necked Tailorbird, Black-necked Tailor Bird, Black-necked Tailorbird, Black-cheeked Tailorbird, Dark-cheeked Tailorbird
Orthotomus castaneiceps rupiku-rätseplind Chestnut-crowned Tailorbird, Philippine Tailorbird
Orthotomus chaktomuk khmeeri rätseplind Cambodian Tailorbird
Orthotomus chloronotus, Orthotomus castaneiceps chloronotus viherselg-rätseplind Green-backed Tailorbird
Orthotomus cinereiceps valgepõsk-rätseplind White-eared Tailorbird, White-eared Tailor Bird
Orthotomus derbianus tuhkkõht-rätseplind Grey-backed Tailorbird, Luzon Tailor Bird
Orthotomus frontalis hallkiird-rätseplind Rufous-fronted Tailorbird
Orthotomus nigriceps valgekulm-rätseplind Black-headed Tailorbird, Black-headed Tailor Bird, White-browed Tailorbird, White-faced Tailorbird
Orthotomus ruficeps hall-rätseplind Ashy Tailorbird, Grey Tailor Bird, Red-headed Tailorbird
Orthotomus samarensis koldkõht-rätseplind Yellow-breasted Tailorbird, Samar Tailor Bird, Samar Tailorbird
Orthotomus sepium jaava rätseplind Olive-backed Tailorbird, Ashy Tailor Bird, Javan Tailorbird, Bali Tailorbird
Orthotomus sericeus roostesaba-rätseplind Rufous-tailed Tailorbird, Red-headed Tailor Bird, Rufous-backed Tailorbird, Rufous-crowned Tailorbird
Orthotomus sutorius aed-rätseplind Common Tailorbird, Long-tailed Tailor Bird, Long-tailed Indian Tailorbird
Phragmacia substriata, Prinia substriata Namaqua Warbler, White-breasted Prinia, Namaqua Prinia
Phyllolais pulchella, Apalis pulchella Buff-bellied Warbler, Acacia Warbler
Poliolais lopezi, [Poliolais lopesi], Camaroptera lopezi, Artisornis lopezi White-tailed Warbler, Cameroon Warbler
Prinia atrogularis himaalaja puhmalind Black-throated Prinia, Hill Prinia*, White-browed Prinia, Brown Hill Warbler*, White-breasted Hill Warbler, White-browed Hill Warbler
Prinia bairdii, Herpystera bairdii vööt-puhmalind Banded Prinia
Prinia buchanani kõnnu-puhmalind Rufous-fronted Prinia, Rufous-fronted Wren-warbler
Prinia cinereocapilla terai-puhmalind Grey-crowned Prinia, Grey-capped Prinia, Grey-capped Wren-warbler, Hodgson's Long-tailed Warbler, Hodgson's Wren-warbler, Yellow-breasted Wren-warbler
Prinia crinigera, [Prinia criniger] mägi-puhmalind Striated Prinia, Hill Prinia*, Brown Hill Warbler, David's Hill Warbler
Prinia erythroptera, Heliolais erythropterus, Heliolais erythroptera punatiib-puhmalind Red-winged Prinia, Red-winged Warbler
Prinia familiaris sunda puhmalind Bar-winged Prinia, Bar-winged Wren-warbler
Prinia flavicans mustpugu-puhmalind Black-chested Prinia
Prinia flaviventris koldkõht-puhmalind Yellow-bellied Prinia, Yellow-bellied Wren-warbler
Prinia fluviatilis padu-puhmalind River Prinia, Lake Chad Prinia
Prinia gracilis leet-puhmalind Graceful Prinia, Graceful Warbler, Streaked Prinia, Stripe-backed Prinia
Prinia hodgsonii hallpugu-puhmalind Grey-breasted Prinia, Franklin's Prinia, Hodgson's Prinia, Franklin's Wren-warbler, Hodgson's Wren-warbler, Ashy-grey Wren-warbler
Prinia hypoxantha, Prinia maculosa hypoxantha draakonimägede puhmalind Drakensberg Prinia
Prinia inornata tuhk-puhmalind Plain Prinia, Plain-coloured Prinia, Tawny Prinia*, White-browed Prinia, Brown Wren-warbler, Plain Wren-warbler
Prinia khasiana, Prinia atrogularis khasiana mustkurk-puhmalind Rufous-crowned Prinia
Prinia maculosa tähnik-puhmalind Karoo Prinia
Prinia molleri são tomé puhmalind Sao Tome Prinia, Sao Thome Prinia
Prinia polychroa suur-puhmalind Brown Prinia, Brown Hill Prinia, Javan Brown Prinia, Brown Hill Warbler*, Javan Hill Warbler
Prinia rufescens pruunselg-puhmalind Rufescent Prinia, Lesser Brown Prinia, Rufous Prinia, Rufous Wren-warbler, Lesser Brown Wren-warbler, Dark-crowned Prinia
Prinia socialis aed-puhmalind Ashy Prinia, Ashy Wren-warbler
Prinia somalica hele-puhmalind Pale Prinia
Prinia sonitans, Prinia flaviventris sonitans hiina puhmalind Chinese Prinia
Prinia subflava aafrika puhmalind Tawny-flanked Prinia, Tawny Prinia
Prinia superciliaris, Prinia atrogularis superciliaris nõlva-puhmalind Hill Prinia
Prinia sylvatica džungli-puhmalind Jungle Prinia, Jungle Wren-warbler, White-tailed Prinia, Large Prinia, Large Wren-warbler
Scepomycter winifredae rubehoensis, Scepomycter rubehoensis punapea-rohulind Rubeho Warbler
Scepomycter winifredae, Bathmocercus winifredae ruugepea-rohulind Winifred's Warbler, Mrs. Moreau's Warbler, Mrs Moreau's Warbler, Mrs Moreau's Rufous Warbler
Schistolais leontica, Prinia leontica Sierra Leone Prinia, White-eyed Prinia
Schistolais leucopogon, Prinia leucopogon White-chinned Prinia
Spiloptila clamans Cricket Warbler, Cricket Longtail, Scaly Longtail, Cricket Prinia
Urolais epichlorus, Prinia epichlora, [Urolais epichlora] Green Longtail
Urorhipis rufifrons, Prinia rufifrons, [Apalis rufifrons, Spiloptila rufifrons] ruskelaup-puhmalind Red-fronted Warbler, Red-faced Warbler, Red-faced Apalis, African Red-faced Apalis
In orderPasseriformes family Cisticolidae 167 results found
 Climacteridae - tüvelindlased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Climacteris affinis valgekulm-tüvelind White-browed Treecreeper
Climacteris erythrops punakulm-tüvelind Red-browed Treecreeper
Climacteris melanurus, Climacteris melanura tõmmu-tüvelind Black-tailed Treecreeper
Climacteris picumnus leetkulm-tüvelind Brown Treecreeper
Climacteris rufus, Climacteris rufa ruuge-tüvelind Rufous Treecreeper
Cormobates leucophaea, Cormobates leucophaeus, Climacteris leucophaea valgepugu-tüvelind White-throated Treecreeper
Cormobates placens, Climacteris placens paapua tüvelind Papuan Treecreeper
In orderPasseriformes family Climacteridae 7 results found
 Cnemophilidae - satäänlindlased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Cnemophilus loriae, Loria loriae must-satäänlind Loria's Satinbird, Loria's Bird-of-paradise, Loria's Cnemophilus, Loria's Bird of Paradise
Cnemophilus macgregorii leek-satäänlind Yellow Satinbird, Crested Bird-of-paradise, Crested Cnemophilus, Sickle-crested Bird of Paradise
Cnemophilus sanguineus, Cnemophilus macgregorii sanguineus Red Satinbird
Loboparadisea sericea väävel-satäänlind Yellow-breasted Satinbird, Yellow-breasted Bird-of-paradise, Yellow-breasted Cnemophilus, Wattle-billed Bird of Paradise
In orderPasseriformes family Cnemophilidae 4 results found
Family and species in Estonian in English
Conopophaga ardesiaca Slaty Gnateater
Conopophaga aurita Chestnut-belted Gnateater
Conopophaga castaneiceps Chestnut-crowned Gnateater
Conopophaga cearae, Conopophaga lineata cearae Ceara Gnateater
Conopophaga lineata Rufous Gnateater, Silvery-tufted Gnateater
Conopophaga malanogaster, Pseudoconopophaga malanogaster Black-bellied Gnateater
Conopophaga melanops Black-cheeked Gnateater
Conopophaga peruviana Ash-throated Gnateater
Conopophaga roberti Hooded Gnateater
Conopophaga snethlageae, Conopophaga aurita snethlageae Black-breasted Gnateater
Pittasoma michleri Black-crowned Pittasoma, Black-crowned Antpitta, Michler's Antpitta
Pittasoma rufopileatum Rufous-crowned Pittasoma, Rufous-crowned Antpitta
In orderPasseriformes family Conopophagidae 12 results found
Family and species in Estonian in English
Corcorax melanorhamphos, Corcorax melanoramphos White-winged Chough
Struthidea cinerea Apostlebird, Apostle Bird
In orderPasseriformes family Corcoracidae 2 results found
 Corvidae - vareslased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Aphelocoma californica võsa-sininäär Western Scrub-jay, Western Scrub Jay
Aphelocoma californica woodhouseii, Aphelocoma woodhouseii hallrind-sininäär Woodhouse's Scrub-jay
Aphelocoma coerulescens florida sininäär (florida võsa-sininäär) Florida Scrub-jay, Florida Scrub Jay, Scrub Jay
Aphelocoma insularis saare-sininäär Island Scrub-jay, Island Scrub Jay
Aphelocoma ultramarina, Aphelocoma sordida asteegi sininäär Ultramarine Jay, Mexican Jay, Gray-breasted Jay, Arizona Jay
Aphelocoma unicolor maia sininäär Unicolored Jay, Unicoloured Jay
Aphelocoma wollweberi, Aphelocoma ultramarina wollweberi lääne-sininäär Mexican Jay
Cissa chinensis, Kitta chinensis roheharakas Common Green Magpie, Green Magpie
Cissa hypoleuca, Kitta hypoleuca, Cissa thalassina hypoleuca vietnami roheharakas Indochinese Green Magpie, Eastern Green Magpie, Yellow-breasted Magpie
Cissa jefferyi, Cissa thalassina jefferyi Bornean Green Magpie
Cissa thalassina, Kitta thalassina lühisaba-roheharakas Javan Green Magpie, Short-tailed Green Magpie, Short-tailed Magpie
Corvus albicollis kaelusronk White-necked Raven, African White-necked Raven
Corvus albus pugalronk Pied Crow
Corvus bennetti kõnnuvares Little Crow
Corvus brachyrhynchos ameerika vares American Crow
Corvus capensis aafrika künnivares Cape Crow, Black Crow
Corvus caurinus loodevares Northwestern Crow, North-western Crow
Corvus corax ronk (kaaren) Common Raven, Raven
Corvus corone capellanus, Corvus cornix capellanus, Corvus capellanus helevares Mesopotamian Crow, Iraqi Pied Crow, Iraq Pied Crow
Corvus corone cornix, Corvus cornix hallvares Hooded Crow, Hoodiecrow
Corvus corone orientalis, Corvus orientalis idavares Eastern Carrion Crow, Oriental Crow
Corvus corone, Corvus corone corone mustvares Carrion Crow
Corvus coronoides halavares Australian Raven
Corvus crassirostris etioopia ronk Thick-billed Raven
Corvus cryptoleucus asteegi ronk Chihuahuan Raven, White-necked Raven
Corvus dauuricus, Coloeus dauuricus idahakk Daurian Jackdaw
Corvus edithae, Corvus ruficollis edithae väike-kõrberonk Somali Crow, Ethiopian Raven
Corvus enca salenokk-vares Slender-billed Crow
Corvus florensis florese vares Flores Crow
Corvus frugilegus künnivares Rook
Corvus fuscicapillus pruunpea-vares Brown-headed Crow
Corvus hawaiiensis, Corvus tropicus havai vares Hawaiian Crow
Corvus imparatus mehhiko vares Tamaulipas Crow
Corvus insularis, Corvus meeki insularis, Corvus orru insularis melaneesia vares Bismarck Crow, Island Crow
Corvus jamaicensis jamaika vares Jamaican Crow
Corvus kubaryi mariaani vares Mariana Crow, Marianas Crow
Corvus leucognaphalus haiti vares White-necked Crow
Corvus macrorhynchos suurnokk-vares Large-billed Crow
Corvus macrorhynchos levaillantii, Corvus levaillantii džunglivares Jungle Crow
Corvus meeki, Corvus woodfordi meeki bougainville'i vares Bougainville Crow
Corvus mellori eukalüptivares Little Raven
Corvus monedula monedula, Coloeus monedula monedula rootsi hakk Scandinavian Jackdaw
Corvus monedula soemmeringii, Coloeus monedula soemmeringii kaelushakk Eastern Jackdaw, East European Jackdaw
Corvus monedula spermologus, Coloeus monedula spermologus läänehakk British Jackdaw
Corvus monedula, Coloeus monedula hakk Eurasian Jackdaw, Western Jackdaw, Jackdaw
Corvus moneduloides uuskaledoonia vares New Caledonian Crow
Corvus nasicus kuuba vares Cuban Crow
Corvus orru viljavares Torresian Crow, Australian Crow
Corvus ossifragus kalavares Fish Crow
Corvus palmarum palmivares Palm Crow
Corvus pectoralis, Corvus torquatus kaelusvares Collared Crow
Corvus rhipidurus lühisaba-ronk Fan-tailed Raven
Corvus ruficollis kõrberonk Brown-necked Raven
Corvus sinaloae sinaloa vares Sinaloa Crow
Corvus splendens õuevares House Crow
Corvus tasmanicus tasmaania vares Forest Raven
Corvus tasmanicus boreus, Corvus boreus kaguvares Relict Raven
Corvus tristis paapua vares Grey Crow
Corvus typicus sulawesi vares Piping Crow
Corvus unicolor banggai vares Banggai Crow
Corvus validus pikknokk-vares Long-billed Crow, Moluccan Crow
Corvus violaceus, Corvus enca violaceus filipiini vares Violet Crow, Violaceous Crow
Corvus woodfordi valgenokk-vares White-billed Crow
Crypsirina cucullata hall-pisiharakas Hooded Treepie, Hooded Raquet-tailed Tree Pie
Crypsirina temia must-pisiharakas Racquet-tailed Treepie, Racket-tailed Treepie, Black Raquet-tailed Tree Pie
Cyanocitta cristata sininäär Blue Jay
Cyanocitta stelleri tutt-sininäär Steller's Jay
Cyanocorax affinis kolumbia sininäär Black-chested Jay
Cyanocorax beecheii, Cissilopha beecheii tõmmu-sininäär Purplish-backed Jay
Cyanocorax cayanus guajaana sininäär Cayenne Jay
Cyanocorax chrysops kübar-sininäär Plush-crested Jay
Cyanocorax coeruleus, Cyanocorax caeruleus, Uroleuca caerulea araukaaria-sininäär Azure Jay
Cyanocorax colliei, Calocitta colliei mustkurk-haraknäär Black-throated Magpie-jay, Collie's Magpie-Jay
Cyanocorax cristatellus, Uroleuca cristatella kihar-sininäär Curl-crested Jay
Cyanocorax cyanomelas, Uroleuca cyanomelas purpur-sininäär Purplish Jay
Cyanocorax cyanopogon pugal-sininäär White-naped Jay
Cyanocorax dickeyi hari-sininäär Tufted Jay
Cyanocorax formosus, Calocitta formosa, Cyanocorax formosa haraknäär (valgekurk-haraknäär) White-throated Magpie-jay
Cyanocorax hafferi Campina Jay
Cyanocorax heilprini ljaano-sininäär Azure-naped Jay
Cyanocorax melanocyaneus, Cissilopha melanocyanea honduurase sininäär Bushy-crested Jay
Cyanocorax morio, Psilorhinus morio pruunnäär Brown Jay
Cyanocorax mystacalis meskite-sininäär White-tailed Jay
Cyanocorax sanblasianus, Cissilopha sanblasiana kookose-sininäär San Blas Jay
Cyanocorax violaceus, Uroleuca violacea jõgi-sininäär Violaceous Jay
Cyanocorax yncas rohenäär Green Jay, Inca Jay, Inca Green Jay
Cyanocorax yncas luxuosus, Cyanocorax luxuosus violettpea-sininäär Green Jay
Cyanocorax yucatanicus, Cissilopha yucatanica yucatani sininäär Yucatan Jay, Yucatán Jay
Cyanolyca argentigula kostariika sininäär Silvery-throated Jay
Cyanolyca armillata kaelus-sininäär Black-collared Jay, Collared Jay
Cyanolyca cucullata lasuurkiird-sininäär Azure-hooded Jay
Cyanolyca mirabilis valgekurk-sininäär White-throated Jay
Cyanolyca nanus, Cyanolyca nana väike-sininäär Dwarf Jay
Cyanolyca pulchra pagu-sininäär Beautiful Jay
Cyanolyca pumilo guatemaala sininäär Black-throated Jay
Cyanolyca quindiuna, Cyanolyca armillata quindiuna Quindio Jay
Cyanolyca turcosa ekuadori sininäär Turquoise Jay
Cyanolyca viridicyanus, Cyanolyca viridicyana andi sininäär White-collared Jay
Cyanopica cooki, Cyanopica cyanus cooki ibeeria siniharakas Iberian Azure-winged Magpie
Cyanopica cyanus, Cyanopica cyana siniharakas (hiina siniharakas) Asian Azure-winged Magpie, Azure-winged Magpie
Dendrocitta bayleyii, Dendrocitta bayleyi andamani ruskharakas Andaman Treepie, Andaman Tree Pie
Dendrocitta cinerascens, Dendrocitta occipitalis cinerascens kalimantani ruskharakas Bornean Treepie, Bornean Tree Pie
Dendrocitta formosae hiina ruskharakas Grey Treepie, Himalayan Tree Pie
Dendrocitta frontalis bambuse-ruskharakas Collared Treepie, Black-browed Tree Pie
Dendrocitta leucogastra draviidi ruskharakas White-bellied Treepie, Southern Tree Pie
Dendrocitta occipitalis (incl. D. cinerascens) sunda ruskharakas Sunda Treepie, Malaysian Tree Pie
Dendrocitta occipitalis, Dendrocitta occipitalis occipitalis sumatra ruskharakas Sumatran Treepie
Dendrocitta vagabunda aed-ruskharakas Rufous Treepie, Indian Tree Pie
Garrulus bispecularis, Garrulus glandarius bispecularis Plain-crowned Jay
Garrulus glandarius pasknäär Eurasian Jay, Jay
Garrulus glandarius brandtii, Garrulus brandtii Brandtu2019s Jay
Garrulus lanceolatus, Lalocitta lanceolatus tutt-pasknäär Black-headed Jay, Lanceolated Jay
Garrulus leucotis, Garrulus glandarius leucotis White-faced Jay
Garrulus lidthi, Lalocitta lidthi ryukyu pasknäär Amami Jay, Lidth's Jay, Purple Jay
Gymnorhinus cyanocephalus männi-sininäär Pinyon Jay
Nucifraga caryocatactes mänsak Northern Nutcracker, Spotted Nutcracker, Eurasian Nutcracker, Nutcracker
Nucifraga caryocatactes caryocatactes pähklimänsak
Nucifraga caryocatactes macrorhynchos seedrimänsak Slender-billed Nutcracker
Nucifraga columbiana hallmänsak Clark's Nutcracker
Nucifraga hemispila, Nucifraga caryocatactes hemispila Southern Nutcracker
Nucifraga multipunctata, Nucifraga caryocatactes multipunctata kašmiiri mänsak Large-spotted Nutcracker, Kashmir Nutcracker, Larger Spotted Nutcracker, Larger-spotted Nutcracker
Perisoreus canadensis ameerika laanenäär Gray Jay, Grey Jay
Perisoreus infaustus laanenäär Siberian Jay
Perisoreus internigrans hiina laanenäär Sichuan Jay, Szechwan Grey Jay
Pica asirensis, Pica pica asirensis araabia harakas Asir Magpie, Arabian Magpie
Pica hudsonia, Pica pica hudsonia ameerika harakas Black-billed Magpie
Pica mauritanica, Pica pica mauritanica, Pica pica mauretanica berberi harakas Maghreb Magpie
Pica nuttalli kalifornia harakas Yellow-billed Magpie
Pica pica harakas Eurasian Magpie, Common Magpie, Black-billed Magpie, Magpie
Platysmurus aterrimus, Platysmurus leucopterus aterrimus Bornean Black Magpie
Platysmurus leucopterus mustnäär Malay Black Magpie, Black Magpie*, White-winged Magpie
Podoces biddulphi uiguuri maanäär Xinjiang Ground-Jay, Biddulph's Ground-jay, Xinjiang Ground Jay, Biddulph's Ground Jay
Podoces hendersoni mongoolia maanäär Mongolian Ground-Jay, Henderson's Ground-jay, Mongolian Ground Jay, Henderson's Ground Jay
Podoces panderi saksauuli-maanäär Turkestan Ground-Jay, Pander's Ground-jay, Turkestan Ground Jay, Pander's Ground Jay
Podoces pleskei pärsia maanäär Iranian Ground-Jay, Pleske's Ground-jay, Pleske's Ground Jay
Ptilostomus afer savanniharakas (piapiak) Piapiac
Pyrrhocorax graculus mägihakk Yellow-billed Chough, Alpine Chough, Red-billed Chough
Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax kaljuhakk Red-billed Chough, Chough
Temnurus temnurus kidasaba-harakas Ratchet-tailed Treepie, Notch-tailed Tree Pie
Urocissa caerulea, Cissa caerulea taivani lasuurharakas Taiwan Blue Magpie, Formosan Blue Magpie, Formosan Magpie
Urocissa erythroryncha, Urocissa erythrorhyncha, Cissa erythrorhyncha hiina lasuurharakas Red-billed Blue Magpie, Blue Magpie
Urocissa flavirostris, Cissa flavirostris himaalaja lasuurharakas Yellow-billed Blue Magpie, Gold-billed Magpie
Urocissa ornata, Cissa ornata tseiloni lasuurharakas Sri Lanka Blue Magpie, Ceylon Blue Magpie, Ceylon Magpie
Urocissa whiteheadi, Cissa whiteheadi, Cissopica whiteheadi suurharakas Hainan Magpie, White-winged Magpie*
Urocissa xanthomelana, Urocissa whiteheadi xanthomelana White-winged Magpie
Zavattariornis stresemanni akaatsianäär Ethiopian Bushcrow, Stresemann's Bushcrow, Stresemann's Bush Crow, Stresemann's Bush-Crow
In orderPasseriformes family Corvidae 146 results found
 Cotingidae - kotingalased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Ampelioides tschudii soomuskotinga Scaled Fruiteater
Ampelion rubrocristatus, Ampelion rubrocristata hall-tuttkotinga Red-crested Cotinga
Ampelion rufaxilla kaelus-tuttkotinga Chestnut-crested Cotinga
Carpodectes antoniae mangroovikotinga Yellow-billed Cotinga, Antonia's Cotinga
Carpodectes hopkei valgekotinga Black-tipped Cotinga, Hopke's Cotinga, White Cotinga
Carpodectes nitidus lumikotinga Snowy Cotinga
Carpornis cucullata, Carpornis cucullatus, [Ampelion cucullata] Hooded Berryeater
Carpornis melanocephala, Carpornis melanocephalus, [Ampelion melanocephala] Black-headed Berryeater
Cephalopterus glabricollis paljaskael-sirmilind Bare-necked Umbrellabird
Cephalopterus ornatus amasoonia sirmilind Amazonian Umbrellabird, Umbrellabird, Ornate Umbrellabird
Cephalopterus penduliger lokut-sirmilind Long-wattled Umbrellabird
Conioptilon mcilhennyi Black-faced Cotinga
Cotinga amabilis põhja-safiirkotinga Lovely Cotinga
Cotinga cayana türkiiskotinga Spangled Cotinga
Cotinga cotinga ametüstkotinga Purple-breasted Cotinga, Blue Cotinga*
Cotinga maculata koobaltkotinga Banded Cotinga
Cotinga maynana lasuurkotinga Plum-throated Cotinga
Cotinga nattererii lõuna-safiirkotinga Blue Cotinga, Natterer's Cotinga
Cotinga ridgwayi kostariika safiirkotinga Turquoise Cotinga, Ridgway's Cotinga
Doliornis remseni, Ampelion remseni Chestnut-bellied Cotinga
Doliornis sclateri, Ampelion sclateri Bay-vented Cotinga
Gymnoderus foetidus paljaskael-kotinga Bare-necked Fruitcrow
Haematoderus militaris karmiinkotinga Crimson Fruitcrow
Lipaugus ater, Tijuca atra kuldtiib-kotinga Black-and-gold Cotinga, Black and Gold Cotinga
Lipaugus conditus, Tijuca condita bromeeliakotinga Grey-winged Cotinga, Orgaos Cotinga, Snow's Cotinga
Lipaugus fuscocinereus Dusky Piha
Lipaugus lanioides palmikotinga Cinnamon-vented Piha
Lipaugus streptophorus kraekotinga Rose-collared Piha
Lipaugus unirufus roostekotinga Rufous Piha
Lipaugus uropygialis, Chirocylla uropygialis Scimitar-winged Piha, Scimitar-winged Cotinga
Lipaugus vociferans hääliskotinga Screaming Piha, Greenheart Bird
Lipaugus weberi tanukotinga Chestnut-capped Piha
Perissocephalus tricolor, Cephalopterus tricolor kapuutskotinga Capuchinbird, Capuchin Bird, Calfbird
Phibalura boliviana, Phibalura flavirostris boliviana boliivia pääsukotinga Apolo Cotinga, Bolivian Swallow-tailed Cotinga, Palkachupa Cotinga
Phibalura flavirostris pääsukotinga Swallow-tailed Cotinga
Phoenicircus carnifex, Phoenicercus carnifex guajaana punakotinga Guianan Red Cotinga, Guianan Red-cotinga
Phoenicircus nigricollis, Phoenicercus nigricollis amasoonia punakotinga Black-necked Red Cotinga, Black-necked Red-Cotinga
Phytotoma raimondii Peruvian Plantcutter
Phytotoma rara tšiili kotinga Rufous-tailed Plantcutter, Chilean Plantcutter
Phytotoma rutila pampakotinga White-tipped Plantcutter, Red-breasted Plantcutter, Reddish Plantcutter
Pipreola arcuata Barred Fruiteater
Pipreola aureopectus Golden-breasted Fruiteater
Pipreola chlorolepidota Fiery-throated Fruiteater
Pipreola formosa Handsome Fruiteater
Pipreola frontalis Scarlet-breasted Fruiteater
Pipreola intermedia Band-tailed Fruiteater
Pipreola jucunda Orange-breasted Fruiteater
Pipreola lubomirskii Black-chested Fruiteater
Pipreola pulchra Masked Fruiteater
Pipreola riefferii Green-and-black Fruiteater, Green and Black Fruiteater
Pipreola riefferii tallmanorum, Pipreola tallmanorum Sira Fruiteater, Black-headed Fruiteater, Tallmans' Fruiteater
Pipreola squamipectus, Pipreola frontalis squamipectus Scaly-breasted Fruiteater, Bluish-fronted Fruiteater, Chapmans' Fruiteater
Pipreola whitelyi Red-banded Fruiteater
Porphyrolaema porphyrolaema pugalkotinga Purple-throated Cotinga
Procnias albus, Procnias alba valge-kellalind White Bellbird
Procnias averano habe-kellalind Bearded Bellbird
Procnias nudicollis paljaskurk-kellalind Bare-throated Bellbird
Procnias tricarunculatus, Procnias tricarunculata lokut-kellalind Three-wattled Bellbird
Pyroderus scutatus leekpugu-kotinga Red-ruffed Fruitcrow
Querula purpurata Purple-throated Fruitcrow, Red-breasted Fruitcrow, Scutated Fruitcrow
Rupicola peruvianus, Rupicola peruviana andi kaljukukes Andean Cock-of-the-rock, Andean Cock of the Rock, Red Cock-of-the-rock
Rupicola rupicola guajaana kaljukukes Guianan Cock-of-the-rock, Guianan Cock of the Rock, Orange Cock-of-the-rock
Snowornis cryptolophus, Lipaugus cryptolophus, [Lathria cryptolophus] Olivaceous Piha, Olivaceous Cotinga
Snowornis subalaris, Lipaugus subalaris, [Lathria subalaris] Grey-tailed Piha, Grey-tailed Cotinga
Xipholena atropurpurea valgetiib-kotinga White-winged Cotinga
Xipholena lamellipennis valgesaba-kotinga White-tailed Cotinga
Xipholena punicea purpurkotinga Pompadour Cotinga
Zaratornis stresemanni, Ampelion stresemanni White-cheeked Cotinga
In orderPasseriformes family Cotingidae 68 results found
 Dasyornithidae - rägalindlased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Dasyornis brachypterus ida-rägalind Eastern Bristlebird, Common Bristlebird
Dasyornis broadbenti suur-rägalind Rufous Bristlebird
Dasyornis longirostris lääne-rägalind Western Bristlebird
In orderPasseriformes family Dasyornithidae 3 results found
Family and species in Estonian in English
Dicaeum aeneum Midget Flowerpecker, Solomon Island Flowerpecker
Dicaeum agile Thick-billed Flowerpecker, Streaky-breasted Flowerpecker
Dicaeum agile aeruginosum, Dicaeum aeruginosa Striped Flowerpecker
Dicaeum annae Golden-rumped Flowerpecker, Sunda Flowerpecker
Dicaeum anthonyi Yellow-crowned Flowerpecker, Flame-crowned Flowerpecker
Dicaeum aureolimbatum Yellow-sided Flowerpecker
Dicaeum australe Red-keeled Flowerpecker, Red-striped Flowerpecker, Philippine Flowerpecker
Dicaeum beccarii, Dicaeum ignipectus beccarii Sumatran Flowerpecker
Dicaeum bicolor Bicoloured Flowerpecker, Bicolored Flowerpecker
Dicaeum cambodianum, Dicaeum ignipectus cambodianum Cambodian Flowerpecker
Dicaeum celebicum Grey-sided Flowerpecker, Black-sided Flowerpecker
Dicaeum chrysorrheum Yellow-vented Flowerpecker
Dicaeum concolor Nilgiri Flowerpecker, Plain Flowerpecker*
Dicaeum cruentatum Scarlet-backed Flowerpecker
Dicaeum erythrorhynchos Pale-billed Flowerpecker, Tickell's Flowerpecker
Dicaeum erythrothorax Buru Flowerpecker, Flame-breasted Flowerpecker, White-throated Flowerpecker
Dicaeum everetti Brown-backed Flowerpecker
Dicaeum eximium Red-banded Flowerpecker, New Ireland Flowerpecker
Dicaeum geelvinkianum Red-capped Flowerpecker
Dicaeum haematostictum Black-belted Flowerpecker
Dicaeum hanieli, Dicaeum sanguinolentum hanieli Timor Flowerpecker
Dicaeum hirundinaceum Mistletoebird, Mistletoe Flowerpecker
Dicaeum hypoleucum Buzzing Flowerpecker, White-bellied Flowerpecker
Dicaeum ignicolle, Dicaeum hirundinaceum ignicolle Aru Flowerpecker
Dicaeum igniferum Black-fronted Flowerpecker, Black-banded Flowerpecker
Dicaeum ignipectus Fire-breasted Flowerpecker, Green-backed Flowerpecker
Dicaeum kampalili, Dicaeum anthonyi kampalili Flame-crowned Flowerpecker
Dicaeum keiense, Dicaeum hirundinaceum keiense Pink-breasted Flowerpecker
Dicaeum luzoniense, Dicaeum ignipectus luzoniense Fire-throated Flowerpecker
Dicaeum maugei Red-chested Flowerpecker, Blue-cheeked Flowerpecker
Dicaeum melanozanthum, Dicaeum melanoxanthum Yellow-bellied Flowerpecker
Dicaeum minullum, Dicaeum concolor minullum Plain Flowerpecker
Dicaeum monticolum Black-sided Flowerpecker, Bornean Fire-breasted Flowerpecker
Dicaeum nehrkorni Crimson-crowned Flowerpecker, Red-headed Flowerpecker
Dicaeum nigrilore Olive-capped Flowerpecker
Dicaeum nitidum Louisiade Flowerpecker
Dicaeum pectorale Olive-crowned Flowerpecker
Dicaeum proprium Whiskered Flowerpecker, Grey-breasted Flowerpecker
Dicaeum pygmaeum Pygmy Flowerpecker, Palawan Flowerpecker
Dicaeum quadricolor Cebu Flowerpecker
Dicaeum retrocinctum Scarlet-collared Flowerpecker, Mindoro Flowerpecker
Dicaeum sanguinolentum Blood-breasted Flowerpecker
Dicaeum schistaceiceps, Dicaeum erythrothorax schistaceiceps Halmahera Flowerpecker
Dicaeum trigonostigma Orange-bellied Flowerpecker
Dicaeum tristrami Mottled Flowerpecker, San Cristobal Flowerpecker
Dicaeum trochileum Scarlet-headed Flowerpecker
Dicaeum vincens White-throated Flowerpecker, Legge's Flowerpecker
Dicaeum vulneratum Ashy Flowerpecker, Ashy-fronted Flowerpecker
Dicaeum wilhelminae, Dicaeum sanguinolentum wilhelminae Sumba Flowerpecker
Prionochilus maculatus Yellow-breasted Flowerpecker, Yellow-throated Flowerpecker
Prionochilus olivaceus Olive-backed Flowerpecker
Prionochilus percussus Crimson-breasted Flowerpecker
Prionochilus plateni Palawan Flowerpecker, Palawan Yellow-rumped Flowerpecker
Prionochilus thoracicus Scarlet-breasted Flowerpecker
Prionochilus xanthopygius Yellow-rumped Flowerpecker, Borneo Yellow-rumped Flowerpecker
In orderPasseriformes family Dicaeidae 55 results found
 Dicruridae - drongolased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Dicrurus adsimilis savannidrongo Fork-tailed Drongo
Dicrurus aeneus, Chaptia aeneus läikdrongo Bronzed Drongo
Dicrurus aldabranus aldabra drongo Aldabra Drongo
Dicrurus andamanensis andamani drongo Andaman Drongo
Dicrurus annectens, Dicrurus annectans varesnokk-drongo Crow-billed Drongo
Dicrurus atripennis metsdrongo Shining Drongo
Dicrurus balicassius filipiini drongo Balicassiao, Balicassio Drongo
Dicrurus bracteatus kagudrongo Spangled Drongo
Dicrurus caerulescens valgekõht-drongo White-bellied Drongo
Dicrurus densus, Dicrurus hottentottus densus väikesunda drongo Wallacean Drongo
Dicrurus forficatus tuttdrongo Crested Drongo, Madagascar Crested Drongo
Dicrurus fuscipennis komoori drongo Comoro Drongo
Dicrurus hottentottus džunglidrongo Hair-crested Drongo
Dicrurus leucophaeus tuhkdrongo Ashy Drongo
Dicrurus lophorinus, Dicrurus paradiseus lophorinus tupsdrongo Sri Lanka Drongo, Sri Lanka Crested Drongo, Ceylon Black-crested Drongo, Ceylon Crested Drongo
Dicrurus ludwigii kantsaba-drongo Square-tailed Drongo
Dicrurus macrocercus nurmdrongo Black Drongo
Dicrurus megarhynchus käärsaba-drongo Ribbon-tailed Drongo, New Ireland Drongo
Dicrurus menagei, Dicrurus hottentottus menagei tablase drongo Tablas Drongo
Dicrurus modestus panterdrongo Velvet-mantled Drongo
Dicrurus montanus sulawesi drongo Sulawesi Drongo
Dicrurus paradiseus paradiisidrongo Greater Racquet-tailed Drongo
Dicrurus remifer lippsaba-drongo Lesser Racquet-tailed Drongo, Lesser Racket-tailed Drongo
Dicrurus striatus, Dicrurus hottentottus striatus Short-tailed Drongo
Dicrurus sumatranus, Dicrurus hottentottus sumatranus sumatra drongo Sumatran Drongo
Dicrurus waldenii maore drongo Mayotte Drongo
In orderPasseriformes family Dicruridae 26 results found
Family and species in Estonian in English
Donacobius atricapilla, [Donacobius atricapillus] Donacobius, Black-capped Donacobius, Black-capped Mocking Thrush, Black-capped Mockingthrush
In orderPasseriformes family Donacobiidae 1 results found
 Dulidae - palmilindlased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Dulus dominicus palmilind Palmchat, Palm Chat
In orderPasseriformes family Dulidae 1 results found
Family and species in Estonian in English
Elachura formosa, [Spelaeornis formosus] Spotted Elachura, Spotted Wren-Babbler, Spotted Wren Babbler
In orderPasseriformes family Elachuridae 1 results found
 Emberizidae - tsiitsitajalased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Emberiza affinis, Emberiza forbesi termiiditsiitsitaja Brown-rumped Bunting
Emberiza aureola kuldtsiitsitaja Yellow-breasted Bunting
Emberiza bruniceps punapea-tsiitsitaja Red-headed Bunting
Emberiza buchanani kivitsiitsitaja Grey-necked Bunting
Emberiza cabanisi mustpõsk-tsiitsitaja Cabanis's Bunting, Cabanis's Yellow Bunting
Emberiza cabanisi orientalis miombotsiitsitaja Three-streaked Bunting, Nyasa Cabanis' Bunting
Emberiza caesia nõlvatsiitsitaja Cretzschmar's Bunting
Emberiza calandra, Miliaria calandra halltsiitsitaja Corn Bunting
Emberiza capensis rünkatsiitsitaja Cape Bunting
Emberiza chrysophrys evengi tsiitsitaja Yellow-browed Bunting
Emberiza cia mägitsiitsitaja Rock Bunting
Emberiza cineracea türgi tsiitsitaja Cinereous Bunting
Emberiza cioides kingutsiitsitaja Meadow Bunting, Siberian Meadow Bunting
Emberiza cirlus viinamäe-tsiitsitaja Cirl Bunting
Emberiza citrinella talvike Yellowhammer, Yellow Bunting, Yellowhammer
Emberiza citrinella erythrogenys idatalvike Eastern Yellowhammer
Emberiza elegans tanutsiitsitaja Yellow-throated Bunting, Yellow-headed Bunting
Emberiza flaviventris savannitsiitsitaja Golden-breasted Bunting, African Golden-breasted Bunting
Emberiza fucata kee-tsiitsitaja Chestnut-eared Bunting, Grey-hooded Bunting
Emberiza godlewskii yunnanensis, Emberiza yunnanensis lõunahiina tsiitsitaja Yunnan Bunting
Emberiza godlewskii, Emberiza cia godlewskii idatsiitsitaja Godlewski's Bunting, Eastern Rock Bunting
Emberiza goslingi, Emberiza tahapisi goslingi sudaani tsiitsitaja Grey-throated Bunting
Emberiza hortulana põldtsiitsitaja Ortolan Bunting
Emberiza impetuani leet-tsiitsitaja Lark-like Bunting, Larklike Bunting
Emberiza jankowskii nõmmetsiitsitaja Jankowski's Bunting, Rufous-backed Bunting
Emberiza koslowi tiibeti tsiitsitaja Tibetan Bunting, Koslow's Bunting
Emberiza lathami, Melophus lathami tutt-tsiitsitaja Crested Bunting
Emberiza leucocephalos, Emberiza leucocephala männitalvike Pine Bunting
Emberiza melanocephala mustpea-tsiitsitaja Black-headed Bunting
Emberiza pallasi pajutsiitsitaja Pallas's Bunting, Pallas' Reed Bunting
Emberiza personata, Emberiza spodocephala personata ainu tsiitsitaja Masked Bunting
Emberiza poliopleura somaali tsiitsitaja Somali Bunting, Somali Golden-breasted Bunting
Emberiza pusilla väiketsiitsitaja Little Bunting
Emberiza rustica põhjatsiitsitaja Rustic Bunting
Emberiza rutila rusketsiitsitaja Chestnut Bunting
Emberiza sahari, Emberiza striolata sahari külatsiitsitaja House Bunting
Emberiza schoeniclus rootsiitsitaja Reed Bunting
Emberiza siemsseni, Latoucheornis siemsseni sinitsiitsitaja Slaty Bunting, Fokien Blue Bunting
Emberiza socotrana sokotra tsiitsitaja Socotra Bunting, Socotra Mountain Bunting
Emberiza spodocephala hallpea-tsiitsitaja Black-faced Bunting
Emberiza stewarti tadžiki tsiitsitaja White-capped Bunting, Chestnut-breasted Bunting
Emberiza striolata kaljutsiitsitaja Striolated Bunting, Striated Bunting
Emberiza sulphurata honshu tsiitsitaja Yellow Bunting, Japanese Yellow Bunting
Emberiza tahapisi vöötpea-tsiitsitaja Cinnamon-breasted Bunting, Cinnamon-breasted Rock Bunting
Emberiza tristrami taigatsiitsitaja Tristram's Bunting
Emberiza variabilis ohhoota tsiitsitaja Grey Bunting, Japanese Grey Bunting
Emberiza yessoensis karbus-tsiitsitaja Ochre-rumped Bunting, Japanese Reed Bunting
In orderPasseriformes family Emberizidae 47 results found
 Estrildidae - amadiinlased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Amadina erythrocephala paradiisiamadiin Red-headed Finch, Paradise Sparrow
Amadina fasciata verikurk-amadiin Cut-throat Finch, Cut-throat Weaver
Amandava amandava, Estrilda amandava maasik-amadiin Red Avadavat, Red Munia
Amandava formosa, Estrilda formosa viher-amadiin Green Avadavat, Green Munia
Amandava subflava, Sporaeginthus subflava, Estrilda subflava kuldamadiin Zebra Waxbill
Chloebia gouldiae, Erythrura gouldiae, Lonchura gouldiae ehisamadiin Gouldian Finch
Clytospiza monteiri pruun-täpikamadiin Brown Twinspot, Brown Twin-spot
Coccopygia bocagei, Estrilda quartinia bocagei manisk-amadiin Angola Waxbill, Angola Swee, Bocage's Swee Waxbill
Coccopygia melanotis, Estrilda melanotis oliivselg-amadiin Swee Waxbill
Coccopygia quartinia, Estrilda quartinia koldkõht-amadiin Yellow-bellied Waxbill, Yellow-bellied Swee, East African Swee Waxbill
Cryptospiza jacksoni tõmmu-mägiamadiin Dusky Crimsonwing, Dusky Crimson-wing
Cryptospiza reichenovii, Cryptospiza reichenowii väike-mägiamadiin Red-faced Crimsonwing, Red-faced Crimson-wing
Cryptospiza salvadorii hall-mägiamadiin Abyssinian Crimsonwing, Ethiopian Crimsonwing, Ethiopian Crimson-wing, Abyssinian Crimson-wing
Cryptospiza shelleyi suur-mägiamadiin Shelley's Crimsonwing, Shelley's Crimson-wing
Emblema pictum, [Emblema picta] helmes-amadiin Painted Finch, Painted Firetail
Erythrura coloria mindanao roheamadiin Red-eared Parrotfinch, Mount Katanglad Parrotfinch
Erythrura cyaneovirens punapea-roheamadiin Red-headed Parrotfinch, Red-headed Parrot Finch
Erythrura cyaneovirens regia, Erythrura regia vanuatu roheamadiin Royal Parrotfinch
Erythrura hyperythra bambuse-roheamadiin Tawny-breasted Parrotfinch, Bamboo Parrot Finch
Erythrura kleinschmidti, Ramphostruthus kleinschmidti suurnokk-roheamadiin Pink-billed Parrotfinch, Pink-billed Parrot Finch, Pink-billed Parrot-finch
Erythrura papuana suur-roheamadiin Papuan Parrotfinch, Papuan Parrot Finch
Erythrura pealii, Erythrura cyaneovirens pealii fidži roheamadiin Fiji Parrotfinch, Fiji Parrot Finch
Erythrura prasina malai roheamadiin Pin-tailed Parrotfinch, Pin-tailed Parrot Finch
Erythrura psittacea punakurk-roheamadiin Red-throated Parrotfinch, Red-throated Parrot Finch
Erythrura trichroa sinipõsk-roheamadiin Blue-faced Parrotfinch, Blue-faced Parrot Finch
Erythrura tricolor türkiis-roheamadiin Tricoloured Parrotfinch, Tricolored Parrotfinch, Three-coloured Parrot Finch
Erythrura viridifacies filipiini roheamadiin Green-faced Parrotfinch, Green-faced Parrot Finch
Estrilda astrild vahanokk-amadiin Common Waxbill
Estrilda atricapilla husaaramadiin Black-headed Waxbill
Estrilda charmosyna, Estrilda erythronotos charmosyna roosa-amadiin Black-cheeked Waxbill, Red-rumped Waxbill
Estrilda coerulescens, Estrilda caerulescens põhja-hõbeamadiin Lavender Waxbill, Red-tailed Lavender Waxbill
Estrilda erythronotos, Estrilda erythronotus vööttiib-amadiin Black-faced Waxbill, Black-cheeked Waxbill*
Estrilda kandti, Estrilda atricapilla kandti, Estrilda graueri mägi-husaaramadiin Kandt's Waxbill
Estrilda melpoda tulipõsk-amadiin Orange-cheeked Waxbill
Estrilda nigriloris, Estrilda astrild nigriloris upemba amadiin Black-lored Waxbill, Black-faced Waxbill
Estrilda nonnula hallselg-amadiin Black-crowned Waxbill
Estrilda paludicola pruunselg-amadiin Fawn-breasted Waxbill
Estrilda paludicola ochrogaster, Estrilda ochrogaster koldrind-amadiin Abyssinian Waxbill
Estrilda perreini lõuna-hõbeamadiin Black-tailed Waxbill, Black-tailed Lavender Waxbill
Estrilda poliopareia nigeeria amadiin Anambra Waxbill
Estrilda rhodopyga karmiintiib-amadiin Crimson-rumped Waxbill
Estrilda rufibarba araabia amadiin Arabian Waxbill
Estrilda thomensis, Estrilda cinderella angoola hõbeamadiin Cinderella Waxbill
Estrilda troglodytes savanniamadiin Black-rumped Waxbill
Euodice cantans, Lonchura cantans, Euodice malabarica cantans aafrika leetamadiin African Silverbill
Euodice malabarica, Lonchura malabarica india leetamadiin Indian Silverbill, White-throated Munia, Indian Silverbill, Warbling Silverbill*, Common Silverbill*
Euschistospiza cinereovinacea tume-täpikamadiin Dusky Twinspot, Dusky Twin-spot
Euschistospiza dybowskii punaselg-täpikamadiin Dybowski's Twinspot, Dybowski's Dusky Twin-spot
Granatina granatina, Uraeginthus granatinus, Uraeginthus granatina granaat-amadiin Violet-eared Waxbill, Common Grenadier
Granatina ianthinogaster, Uraeginthus ianthinogaster aaloeamadiin Purple Grenadier
Heteromunia pectoralis, Lonchura pectoralis pärlrind-amadiin Pictorella Mannikin, Pictorella Finch, Pictorella Munia
Hypargos margaritatus roosarind-täpikamadiin Pink-throated Twinspot, Rosy Twin-spot
Hypargos niveoguttatus punarind-täpikamadiin Red-throated Twinspot, Peters's Twinspot, Peters's Twin-spot
Lagonosticta larvata mustpõsk-leekamadiin Ethiopian Firefinch, Black-faced Firefinch, Black-throated Firefinch, Masked Fire Finch
Lagonosticta nigricollis, Lagonosticta larvata nigricollis Grey Firefinch
Lagonosticta nitidula hall-leekamadiin Brown Firefinch, Brown Fire Finch
Lagonosticta rara mustkõht-leekamadiin Black-bellied Firefinch, Black-bellied Fire Finch
Lagonosticta rhodopareia kõnnu-leekamadiin Jameson's Firefinch, Jameson's Fire Finch
Lagonosticta rubricata võsa-leekamadiin African Firefinch, African Fire Finch
Lagonosticta rubricata landanae, Lagonosticta landanae angoola leekamadiin Pale-billed Firefinch, Pale-billed Fire Finch
Lagonosticta rufopicta jõgi-leekamadiin Bar-breasted Firefinch, Bar-breasted Fire Finch
Lagonosticta sanguinodorsalis rünka-leekamadiin Rock Firefinch
Lagonosticta senegala akaatsia-leekamadiin Red-billed Firefinch, Red-bellied Fire Finch, Senegal Firefinch
Lagonosticta umbrinodorsalis, [Lagonosticta bruneli] tšaadi leekamadiin Chad Firefinch, Reichenow's Firefinch
Lagonosticta vinacea, Lagonosticta larvata vinacea bambuse-leekamadiin Vinaceous Firefinch, Vinaceous Fire Finch, Black-faced Firefinch*
Lagonosticta virata mali leekamadiin Mali Firefinch, Kuli Koro Fire Finch
Lepidopygia nana, Lonchura nana, Lemuresthes nana madagaskari amadiin Madagascar Munia, Madagascar Bibfinch, Madagascan Munia, Bib-Finch
Lonchura atricapilla, Lonchura malacca atricapilla põhja-ruskeamadiin Chestnut Munia
Lonchura caniceps tuhk-amadiin Grey-headed Mannikin
Lonchura castaneothorax roostepugu-amadiin Chestnut-breasted Mannikin, Chestnut-breasted Munia
Lonchura ferruginosa, Lonchura malacca ferruginosa jaava ruskeamadiin White-capped Munia
Lonchura flaviprymna koldamadiin Yellow-rumped Mannikin, Yellow-rumped Munia, Yellow-tailed Mannikin
Lonchura forbesi uusiirimaa amadiin New Ireland Mannikin, New Ireland Finch, New Ireland Munia
Lonchura fuscans kalimantani amadiin Dusky Munia, Dusky Mannikin
Lonchura fuscata, Padda fuscata timori riisiamadiin Timor Sparrow, Timor Dusky Sparrow
Lonchura grandis sooamadiin Great-billed Mannikin, Grand Mannikin, Grand Munia
Lonchura hunsteini süsiamadiin Hunstein's Mannikin, White-cowled Mannikin, White-headed Finch, Mottled Munia
Lonchura hunsteini nigerrima, Lonchura nigerrima uushannoveri amadiin New Hanover Mannikin, New Hanover Munia
Lonchura kelaarti kirikõht-amadiin Black-throated Munia, Rufous-bellied Mannikin
Lonchura leucogastra valgekõht-amadiin White-bellied Munia, White-headed Munia
Lonchura leucogastroides jaava pugal-amadiin Javan Munia, Javanese Mannikin
Lonchura leucosticta, Lonchura tristissima leucosticta tähnik-amadiin White-spotted Mannikin, White-spotted Munia
Lonchura maja valgepea-amadiin White-headed Munia, Pale-headed Mannikin
Lonchura malacca ruskeamadiin Tricoloured Munia, Black-headed Munia, Chestnut Mannikin
Lonchura melaena uusbritannia amadiin Buff-bellied Mannikin, Thick-billed Mannikin, Bismarck Mannikin, Bismarck Munia, New Britain Finch
Lonchura molucca maluku amadiin Black-faced Munia, Moluccan Mannikin
Lonchura montana ülanguamadiin Snow Mountain Mannikin, Snow Mountain Munia
Lonchura monticola vööamadiin Alpine Mannikin, Alpine Munia
Lonchura nevermanni habeamadiin Grey-crowned Mannikin, Grey-crowned Munia, White-crowned Mannikin
Lonchura oryzivora, Padda oryzivora riisiamadiin Java Sparrow
Lonchura pallida helepea-amadiin Pale-headed Munia, Pallid Finch
Lonchura punctulata võrkamadiin Scaly-breasted Munia, Nutmeg Mannikin
Lonchura quinticolor timori ruskeamadiin Five-coloured Munia, Five-colored Munia, Coloured Finch
Lonchura spectabilis tulisaba-amadiin Hooded Mannikin, Hooded Munia, New Britain Mannikin
Lonchura striata pugal-amadiin White-rumped Munia, White-backed Munia
Lonchura stygia mustamadiin Black Mannikin, Black Munia
Lonchura teerinki mustpugu-amadiin Black-breasted Mannikin, Black-breasted Munia, Grand Valley Mannikin
Lonchura tristissima tõmmuamadiin Streak-headed Mannikin, Streak-headed Munia
Lonchura vana arfaki amadiin Grey-banded Mannikin, Grey-banded Munia, Arfak Mannikin
Mandingoa nitidula, Hypargos nitidula rohe-täpikamadiin Green Twinspot, Green-backed Twinspot, Green-backed Twin-spot
Neochmia evangelinae, Neochmia phaeton evangelinae White-bellied Crimson Finch
Neochmia modesta, Aidemosyne modesta vöötamadiin Plum-headed Finch
Neochmia phaeton karmiinamadiin Black-bellied Crimson Finch, Crimson Finch*
Neochmia ruficauda, Bathilda ruficauda kõrkja-amadiin Star Finch
Neochmia temporalis, Aegintha temporalis punakulm-amadiin Red-browed Finch, Red-browed Firetail, Red-browed Waxbill
Nesocharis ansorgei kaelus-tihasamadiin White-collared Oliveback, White-collared Olive-back
Nesocharis capistrata suur-tihasamadiin Grey-headed Oliveback, Grey-headed Olive-back
Nesocharis shelleyi väike-tihasamadiin Shelley's Oliveback, Fernando Po Oliveback, Fernando Po Olive-back
Nigrita bicolor kastan-amadiin Chestnut-breasted Nigrita, Chestnut-breasted Negrofinch, Chestnut-breasted Negro Finch
Nigrita canicapillus, Nigrita canicapilla suur-munkamadiin Grey-headed Nigrita, Grey-headed Negrofinch, Grey-crowned Negro Finch
Nigrita fusconotus, Nigrita fusconota, Percnopis fusconota sametpea-amadiin White-breasted Nigrita, White-breasted Negrofinch, White-breasted Negro Finch
Nigrita luteifrons väike-munkamadiin Pale-fronted Nigrita, Pale-fronted Negrofinch, Pale-fronted Negro Finch
Odontospiza griseicapilla, Spermestes caniceps, Lonchura griseicapilla, Euodice griseicapilla hallpea-amadiin Grey-headed Silverbill
Oreostruthus fuliginosus pruunamadiin Mountain Firetail, Crimson-sided Mountain Finch
Ortygospiza atricollis niidu-vuttamadiin African Quailfinch; Black-faced Quailfinch (s.str.)
Ortygospiza atricollis fuscocrissa, Ortygospiza fuscocrissa prill-vuttamadiin African Quailfinch
Ortygospiza atricollis gabonensis, Ortygospiza gabonensis kongo vuttamadiin Black-chinned Quailfinch, Red-billed Quailfinch
Paludipasser locustella, Ortygospiza locustella puna-vuttamadiin Locust Finch, Locustfinch
Parmoptila jamesoni Jameson's Antpecker
Parmoptila rubrifrons tanu-sipelgaamadiin Red-fronted Antpecker, Red-fronted Flowerpecker Weaver-finch
Parmoptila woodhousei sipelga-amadiin Woodhouse's Antpecker, Flowerpecker Weaver-finch
Poephila acuticauda pahlsaba-amadiin Long-tailed Finch
Poephila cincta mustkurk-amadiin Black-throated Finch
Poephila personata rohuamadiin Masked Finch
Pyrenestes minor, Pyrenestes ostrinus minor pruun-veriamadiin Lesser Seedcracker
Pyrenestes ostrinus suurnokk-veriamadiin Black-bellied Seedcracker
Pyrenestes sanguineus, Pyrenestes ostrinus sanguineus soo-veriamadiin Crimson Seedcracker
Pytilia afra kuldtiib-amadiin Orange-winged Pytilia
Pytilia hypogrammica tulitiib-amadiin Yellow-winged Pytilia, Red-faced Pytilia
Pytilia lineata etioopia amadiin Red-billed Pytilia, Ethiopian Pytilia, Ethiopian Aurora Finch, Lineated Pytilia
Pytilia melba rohetiib-amadiin Green-winged Pytilia, Melba Finch
Pytilia phoenicoptera punatiib-amadiin Red-winged Pytilia, Crimson-winged Pytilia
Spermestes bicolor nigriceps, Lonchura bicolor nigriceps, Lonchura nigriceps, Spermestes nigriceps ruskselg-amadiin Rufous-backed Mannikin, Brown-backed Munia
Spermestes bicolor, Lonchura bicolor eeben-amadiin Black-and-white Mannikin, Black and White Mannikin, Black-and-white Munia
Spermestes cucullata, Lonchura cucullata pronksamadiin Bronze Mannikin, Bronze Munia
Spermestes fringilloides, Lonchura fringilloides karbus-amadiin Magpie Mannikin, Magpie-Mannikin, Magpie Munia
Spermophaga haematina sininokk-veriamadiin Western Bluebill
Spermophaga poliogenys mets-veriamadiin Grant's Bluebill
Spermophaga ruficapilla uganda veriamadiin Red-headed Bluebill
Stagonopleura bella, Emblema bella viiramadiin Beautiful Firetail, Beautiful Firetail Finch
Stagonopleura guttata, Emblema guttata, Zonaeginthus guttata teemantamadiin Diamond Firetail, Diamond Firetail Finch
Stagonopleura oculata, Emblema oculata pärlamadiin Red-eared Firetail, Red-eared Firetail Finch
Taeniopygia bichenovii, Poephila bichenovii kiritiib-amadiin Double-barred Finch
Taeniopygia castanotis, Taeniopygia guttata castanotis, Zonaeginthus castanotis austraalia sebra-amadiin Australian Zebra Finch, Chestnut-eared Finch
Taeniopygia guttata, Poephila guttata sebra-amadiin Timor Zebra Finch, Spotted-sided Finch
Uraeginthus angolensis savanni-lasuuramadiin Blue-breasted Cordon-bleu, Blue Waxbill, Blue-breasted Cordonbleu, Cordon-bleu
Uraeginthus bengalus aed-lasuuramadiin Red-cheeked Cordon-bleu, Red-cheeked Cordonbleu
Uraeginthus cyanocephalus, Uraeginthus cyanocephala kõrbe-lasuuramadiin Blue-capped Cordon-bleu, Blue-capped Cordonbleu
In orderPasseriformes family Estrildidae 148 results found
Family and species in Estonian in English
Eulacestoma nigropectus Wattled Ploughbill, Wattled Shrike Tit
In orderPasseriformes family Eulacestomidae 1 results found
Family and species in Estonian in English
Eupetes macrocerus Rail-babbler, Malay Rail-Babbler, Malay Rail Babbler, Malaysian Rail-babbler
In orderPasseriformes family Eupetidae 1 results found
 Eurylaimidae - lainoklased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Corydon sumatranus, Corydon corydon tõmmu-lainokk Dusky Broadbill
Cymbirhynchus affinis, Cymbirhynchus macrorhynchos affinis Irrawaddy Broadbill
Cymbirhynchus macrorhynchos jõgi-lainokk Black-and-red Broadbill, Black and Red Broadbill, Common Rouge-et-noir Bird, Allied Broadbill
Eurylaimus harterti, Eurylaimus javanicus harterti Banded Broadbill
Eurylaimus javanicus purpur-lainokk Javan Broadbill, Banded Broadbill*, Horsfield's Broadbill, Purple-headed Broadbill
Eurylaimus ochromalus kaelus-lainokk Black-and-yellow Broadbill, Black and Yellow Broadbill
Psarisomus dalhousiae händ-lainokk Long-tailed Broadbill, Yellow-throated Broadbill
Pseudocalyptomena graueri mägi-lainokk Grauer's Broadbill, African Green Broadbill
Sarcophanops samarensis, Eurylaimus samarensis visayani lainokk Visayan Wattled Broadbill, Samar Broadbill, Visayan Broadbill, Visayan Wattled Broadbill
Sarcophanops steerii, Eurylaimus steerii mindanao lainokk Mindanao Wattled Broadbill, Steere's Broadbill, Mindanao Broadbill, Wattled Broadbill
Serilophus lunatus hõbe-lainokk Silver-breasted Broadbill, Collared Broadbill, Gould's Broadbill, Hodgson's Broadbill, Red-backed Broadbill
Serilophus rubropygius, Serilophus lunatus rubropygius Grey-browed Broadbill
In orderPasseriformes family Eurylaimidae 12 results found
Family and species in Estonian in English
Falcunculus frontatus Eastern Shrike-tit, Shrike-tit*, Crested Shrike-tit, Crested Shrike Tit
Falcunculus leucogaster, Falcunculus frontatus leucogaster Western Shrike-tit
Falcunculus whitei, Falcunculus frontatus whitei Northern Shrike-tit
In orderPasseriformes family Falcunculidae 3 results found
Family and species in Estonian in English
Chamaeza campanisona Short-tailed Antthrush, Short-tailed Ant-thrush
Chamaeza meruloides Cryptic Antthrush, Such's Antthrush
Chamaeza mollissima Barred Antthrush, Barred Ant-thrush
Chamaeza nobilis Striated Antthrush, Striated Ant-thrush, Noble Antthrush
Chamaeza ruficauda Rufous-tailed Antthrush, Rufous-tailed Ant-thrush, Brazilian Antthrush
Chamaeza turdina Scalloped Antthrush, Schwartz's Antthrush
Formicarius analis Black-faced Antthrush, Black-faced Ant-thrush, Rufous-necked Antthrush
Formicarius colma Rufous-capped Antthrush, Rufous-capped Ant-thrush, Colma Antthrush
Formicarius moniliger Mayan Antthrush, Mexican Antthrush
Formicarius nigricapillus Black-headed Antthrush, Black-headed Ant-thrush
Formicarius rufifrons Rufous-fronted Antthrush, Rufous-fronted Ant-thrush
Formicarius rufipectus Rufous-breasted Antthrush, Rufous-breasted Ant-thrush
In orderPasseriformes family Formicariidae 12 results found
 Fringillidae - vintlased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Acanthis flammea cabaret, Carduelis cabaret, Carduelis flammea cabaret, Acanthis cabaret lõuna-urvalind Lesser Redpoll, Lesser Common Redpoll
Acanthis flammea f. holboellii, Carduelis flammea f. holboellii hiid-urvalind Common Redpoll (holboellii), Holboell's Redpoll, Holböll's Redpoll
Acanthis flammea hornemanni, Carduelis hornemanni, Acanthis hornemanni hele-urvalind Arctic Redpoll, Hoary Redpoll
Acanthis flammea, Carduelis flammea urvalind Redpoll, Common Redpoll
Agraphospiza rubescens, Carpodacus rubescens välu-karmiinleevike Blanford's Rosefinch, Crimson Rosefinch
Akialoa ellisiana, Hemignathus ellisianus, Hemignathus obscurus ellisianus akialoa-nestevint (akialoa) (†) Oahu Akialoa, Greater Akialoa
Akialoa lanaiensis, Hemignathus ellisianus lanaiensis, Hemignathus obscurus lanaiensis (†) Lanai Akialoa, Maui Nui Akialoa
Akialoa obscura, Hemignathus obscurus väike-akialoa-nestevint (väike-akialoa) (†) Hawaii Akialoa, Lesser Akialoa
Akialoa stejnegeri, Hemignathus ellisianus stejnegeri, Hemignathus stejnegeri, Hemignathus procerus (†) Kauai Akialoa
Bucanetes githagineus, Rhodopechys githaginea kõrbeleevike Trumpeter Finch
Bucanetes mongolicus, Eremopsaltria mongolica, Rhodopechys mongolica kivileevike Mongolian Finch, Mongolian Trumpeter Finch
Callacanthis burtoni seedrileevike Spectacled Finch, Red-spectacled Finch, Red-browed Rosefinch
Carduelis carduelis ohakalind European Goldfinch, Eurasian Goldfinch, Goldfinch
Carduelis citrinella, Serinus citrinella kuusevint Citril Finch
Carduelis corsicana, Carduelis citrinella corsicana, Serinus citrinella corsicana, Serinus corsicana türreeni vint Corsican Finch
Carpodacus dubius, Carpodacus thura dubius gansu karmiinleevike Chinese White-browed Rosefinch
Carpodacus edwardsii pruun-karmiinleevike Dark-rumped Rosefinch, Large Rosefinch
Carpodacus erythrinus karmiinleevike (harilik karmiinleevike) Common Rosefinch, Scarlet Rosefinch
Carpodacus ferreorostris, Chaunoproctus ferreorostris bonini leevike (†) Bonin Grosbeak, Bonin Islands Grosbeak, Bonin Finch
Carpodacus formosanus, Carpodacus vinaceus formosanus taivani karmiinleevike Taiwan Rosefinch
Carpodacus pulcherrimus mägi-karmiinleevike Beautiful Rosefinch
Carpodacus pulcherrimus davidianus, Carpodacus davidianus hiina karmiinleevike Chinese Beautiful Rosefinch
Carpodacus puniceus, Pyrrhospiza punicea liustiku-karmiinleevike Red-fronted Rosefinch, Rose-breasted Rosefinch
Carpodacus rhodochlamys artša-karmiinleevike Red-mantled Rosefinch
Carpodacus rhodochlamys grandis, Carpodacus grandis kašmiiri karmiinleevike Blyth's Rosefinch
Carpodacus roborowskii, Kozlowia roborowskii kalju-karmiinleevike Tibetan Rosefinch, Roborovski's Rosefinch, Tibet Rosefinch
Carpodacus rodochroa, Carpodacus rodochrous, Carpodacus rhodochrous himaalaja karmiinleevike Pink-browed Rosefinch
Carpodacus rodopeplus, Carpodacus rhodopeplus rododendroni-karmiinleevike Spot-winged Rosefinch
Carpodacus roseus siberi karmiinleevike Pallas's Rosefinch
Carpodacus rubicilla suur-karmiinleevike Great Rosefinch, Caucasian Great Rosefinch
Carpodacus rubicilla severtzovi, Carpodacus severtzovi lume-karmiinleevike Spotted Rosefinch, Spotted Great Rosefinch
Carpodacus rubicilloides tähnik-karmiinleevike Streaked Rosefinch, Eastern Great Rosefinch
Carpodacus sibiricus, Uragus sibiricus sabaleevike Long-tailed Rosefinch
Carpodacus sillemi, [Leucosticte sillemi] kahk-karmiinleevike Sillem's Mountain-finch, Sillem's Mountain Finch
Carpodacus sipahi, Haematospiza sipahi verileevike Scarlet Finch
Carpodacus stoliczkae, Carpodacus synoicus stoliczkae leet-karmiinleevike Pale Rosefinch
Carpodacus subhimachalus, Propyrrhula subhimachala, Pinicola subhimachala, Pinicola subhimachalus, Propyrrhula subhimachalus mägi-männileevike Crimson-browed Finch, Red-headed Finch
Carpodacus synoicus hele-karmiinleevike Sinai Rosefinch, Pale Rosefinch*
Carpodacus thura valgekulm-karmiinleevike Himalayan White-browed Rosefinch, White-browed Rosefinch*
Carpodacus trifasciatus vööt-karmiinleevike Three-banded Rosefinch
Carpodacus verreauxii, Carpodacus rodopeplus verreauxii yunnani karmiinleevike Sharpe's Rosefinch
Carpodacus vinaceus bambuse-karmiinleevike Vinaceous Rosefinch
Carpodacus waltoni, Carpodacus eos väike-karmiinleevike Pink-rumped Rosefinch, Stresemann's Rosefinch, Walton's Rosefinch
Chloridops kona, Loxioides kona kona nestevint (†) Kona Grosbeak, Grosbeak Finch
Chloris ambigua, Carduelis ambigua yunnani rohevint Black-headed Greenfinch, Yunnan Greenfinch
Chloris chloris, Carduelis chloris rohevint European Greenfinch, Western Greenfinch, Greenfinch
Chloris monguilloti, Carduelis monguilloti annami rohevint Vietnamese Greenfinch, Vietnam Greenfinch
Chloris sinica, Carduelis sinica ida-rohevint Oriental Greenfinch, Grey-capped Greenfinch
Chloris spinoides, Carduelis spinoides mägi-rohevint Yellow-breasted Greenfinch, Black-headed Greenfinch
Chlorodrepanis flava, Hemignathus flavus, Hemignathus chloris, Viridonia chloris oahu amakihi-nestevint (oahu amakihi) Oahu Amakihi
Chlorodrepanis stejnegeri, Hemignathus kauaiensis, Viridonia stejnegeri kauai amakihi-nestevint (kauai amakihi) Kauai Amakihi
Chlorodrepanis virens, Hemignathus virens, Viridonia virens, Hemignathus virens amakihi-nestevint (amakihi) Hawaii Amakihi, Common Amakihi, Amakihi
Chlorophonia callophrys, Chlorophonia occipitalis callophrys, Euphonia callophrys kuldkulm-marjavint Golden-browed Chlorophonia
Chlorophonia cyanea, Euphonia cyanea sinikukal-marjavint Blue-naped Chlorophonia
Chlorophonia flavirostris, Euphonia flavirostris punanokk-marjavint Yellow-collared Chlorophonia
Chlorophonia occipitalis, Euphonia occipitalis smaragd-marjavint Blue-crowned Chlorophonia
Chlorophonia pyrrhophrys, Euphonia pyrrhophrys mägi-marjavint Chestnut-breasted Chlorophonia
Chrysocorythus estherae, Serinus estherae kanarbikuvint Mountain Serin, Malay Goldfinch
Ciridops anna ula-ai-haawane-nestevint (ula-ai-haawane) (†) Ula-ai-hawane
Coccothraustes coccothraustes suurnokk-vint (suurnokk) Hawfinch
Crithagra albogularis, Serinus albogularis hele-rohtlavint White-throated Canary, White-throated Seedeater
Crithagra ankoberensis, Carduelis ankoberensis, Serinus ankoberensis ankoberi rohtlavint Ankober Serin
Crithagra atrogularis, Serinus atrogularis tuhk-rohtlavint Black-throated Canary, Yellow-rumped Seedeater, Southern Yellow-rumped Seedeater
Crithagra buchanani, Serinus buchanani tsavo rohtlavint Southern Grosbeak-canary, Kenya Grosbeak-Canary
Crithagra burtoni, Serinus burtoni suur-rohtlavint Thick-billed Seedeater
Crithagra canicapilla, Serinus gularis canicapilla, Serinus canicapilla, Serinus canicapillus pruun-rohtlavint West African Seedeater
Crithagra capistrata, Serinus capistratus mask-koldvint Black-faced Canary
Crithagra citrinelloides, Serinus citrinelloides ruskme-koldvint Abyssinian Citril, African Citril, African Citril Finch
Crithagra citrinipectus, Serinus citrinipectus mosambiigi rohtlavint Lemon-breasted Canary, Lemon-breasted Seedeater
Crithagra concolor, Neospiza concolor são tomé vint Sao Tome Grosbeak, São Tomé Grosbeak, Sao Tome Canary, Sao Thome Grosbeak-Weaver
Crithagra donaldsoni, Serinus donaldsoni roosanokk-rohtlavint Northern Grosbeak-canary, Abyssinian Grosbeak-Canary, Grosbeak Canary
Crithagra dorsostriata, Serinus dorsostriatus valgekõht-rohtlavint White-bellied Canary
Crithagra flavigula, Serinus flavigula shoa rohtlavint Yellow-throated Seedeater
Crithagra flaviventris, Serinus flaviventris kuld-rohtlavint Yellow Canary
Crithagra frontalis, Serinus citrinelloides frontalis, Serinus frontalis riftioru-koldvint Yellow-browed Citril, Western Citril
Crithagra gularis, Serinus gularis valgekulm-rohtlavint Streaky-headed Seedeater
Crithagra hyposticta, Serinus citrinelloides hypostictus, Serinus hypostictus tanganjika koldvint East African Citril
Crithagra koliensis, Serinus koliensis papüüruse-koldvint Papyrus Canary
Crithagra leucoptera, Serinus leucopterus prootea-rohtlavint Protea Canary, White-winged Seedeater
Crithagra leucopygia, Serinus leucopygius hall-rohtlavint White-rumped Seedeater
Crithagra melanochroa, Serinus melanochrous, Serinus burtoni melanochrous kipengere rohtlavint Kipengere Seedeater
Crithagra menachensis, Serinus menachensis jeemeni rohtlavint Yemen Serin
Crithagra mennelli, Serinus mennelli mustpõsk-rohtlavint Black-eared Seedeater
Crithagra mozambica, Serinus mozambicus habe-rohtlavint Yellow-fronted Canary
Crithagra reichardi, Serinus reichardi viir-rohtlavint Reichard's Seedeater, Stripe-breasted Seedeater*
Crithagra reichenowi, Serinus reichenowi, Serinus atrogularis reichenowi keenia rohtlavint Reichenow's Seedeater, Kenya Yellow-rumped Seedeater
Crithagra rothschildi, Serinus rothschildi araabia rohtlavint Arabian Serin, Olive-rumped Serin, Arabian Yellow-rumped Serin, Arabian Canary
Crithagra rufobrunnea, Serinus rufobrunneus ruuge-rohtlavint Principe Seedeater, Principé Seedeater
Crithagra scotops, Serinus scotops mets-koldvint Forest Canary
Crithagra striatipectus, Crithagra reichardi striatipectus, Serinus reichardi striatipectus Stripe-breasted Seedeater
Crithagra striolata whytii, Serinus striolatus whytii, Serinus whytii malawi rohtlavint Yellow-browed Seedeater
Crithagra striolata, Serinus striolatus triip-rohtlavint Streaky Seedeater
Crithagra sulphurata, Serinus sulphuratus koldkurk-rohtlavint Brimstone Canary
Crithagra symonsi, Pseudochloroptila symonsi, Serinus symonsi lesotho rohtlavint Drakensberg Siskin
Crithagra totta, Pseudochloroptila totta, Serinus totta, Serinus tottus pruunselg-rohtlavint Cape Siskin
Crithagra tristriata, Serinus tristriatus kadaka-rohtlavint Brown-rumped Seedeater
Crithagra xantholaema, Serinus xantholaemus, Serinus xantholaema kaelus-rohtlavint Salvadori's Seedeater
Crithagra xanthopygia, Serinus xanthopygius, Serinus atrogularis xanthopygius etioopia rohtlavint Yellow-rumped Seedeater, Abyssinian Yellow-rumped Seedeater
Drepanis coccinea, Vestiaria coccinea iiwi-nestevint Iiwi
Drepanis funerea must-nestevint (mustmamo) (†) Black Mamo
Drepanis pacifica kuning-nestevint (kuningmamo) (†) Hawaii Mamo
Dysmorodrepanis munroi, Psittirostra munroi lanai nestevint (†) Lanai Hookbill
Eophona migratoria, Coccothraustes migratorius hiina suurnokkvint (hiina suurnokk) Chinese Grosbeak, Yellow-billed Grosbeak, Black-tailed Hawfinch
Eophona personata, Coccothraustes personatus laane-suurnokkvint (laane-suurnokk) Japanese Grosbeak, Masked Hawfinch
Euphonia affinis mehhiko marjavint Scrub Euphonia
Euphonia anneae ruskkiird-marjavint Tawny-capped Euphonia
Euphonia cayennensis tume-marjavint Golden-sided Euphonia
Euphonia chalybea suurnokk-marjavint Green-throated Euphonia, Green-chinned Euphonia
Euphonia chlorotica võsa-marjavint Purple-throated Euphonia
Euphonia chrysopasta viher-marjavint White-lored Euphonia, Golden-bellied Euphonia
Euphonia concinna samet-marjavint Velvet-fronted Euphonia
Euphonia cyanocephala, Euphonia aureata, Cyanophonia cyanocephala kuldselg-marjavint Golden-rumped Euphonia
Euphonia elegantissima, Cyanophonia elegantissima, Euphonia musica elegantissima ruugekõht-marjavint Elegant Euphonia, Blue-hooded Euphonia
Euphonia finschi guajaana marjavint Finsch's Euphonia
Euphonia flavifrons, Euphonia musica flavifrons, Cyanophonia musica flavifrons väikeantilli marjavint Lesser Antillean Euphonia
Euphonia fulvicrissa kolumbia marjavint Fulvous-vented Euphonia
Euphonia gouldi oliiv-marjavint Olive-backed Euphonia
Euphonia hirundinacea, Euphonia lauta kuldkurk-marjavint Yellow-throated Euphonia
Euphonia imitans kirilaup-marjavint Spot-crowned Euphonia
Euphonia jamaica, Pyrrhuphonia jamaica jamaika marjavint Jamaican Euphonia
Euphonia laniirostris tanu-marjavint Thick-billed Euphonia
Euphonia luteicapilla niidu-marjavint Yellow-crowned Euphonia
Euphonia mesochrysa nõlva-marjavint Bronze-green Euphonia
Euphonia minuta, Euphonia olivacea valgekõht-marjavint White-vented Euphonia
Euphonia musica, Cyanophonia musica sinipea-marjavint Hispaniolan Euphonia, Antillean Euphonia
Euphonia pectoralis ruskekõht-marjavint Chestnut-bellied Euphonia
Euphonia plumbea hall-marjavint Plumbeous Euphonia
Euphonia rufiventris amasoonia marjavint Rufous-bellied Euphonia
Euphonia saturata ekuadori marjavint Orange-crowned Euphonia
Euphonia sclateri, Euphonia musica sclateri, Cyanophonia musica sclateri puertoriiko marjavint Puerto Rican Euphonia
Euphonia trinitatis salu-marjavint Trinidad Euphonia
Euphonia violacea pila-marjavint Violaceous Euphonia
Euphonia xanthogaster tulipea-marjavint Orange-bellied Euphonia
Fringilla coelebs metsvint Common Chaffinch, Chaffinch
Fringilla coelebs canariensis, Fringilla canariensis kanaari metsvint Canary Islands Chaffinch
Fringilla coelebs maderensis, Fringilla moreletti maderensis, Fringilla maderensis madeira metsvint Madeira Chaffinch
Fringilla coelebs moreletti, Fringilla moreletti atlandi metsvint Azores Chaffinch
Fringilla coelebs spodiogenys, Fringilla spodiogenys aafrika metsvint African Chaffinch
Fringilla montifringilla põhjavint Brambling
Fringilla polatzeki, Fringilla teydea polatzeki grancanaria sinivint Gran Canaria Blue Chaffinch
Fringilla teydea tenerife sinivint Tenerife Blue Chaffinch, Blue Chaffinch*, Teydefinch
Haemorhous cassinii, Carpodacus cassinii männi-karmiinleevike Cassin's Finch
Haemorhous mexicanus, Carpodacus mexicanus aed-karmiinleevike House Finch
Haemorhous purpureus, Carpodacus purpureus ameerika karmiinleevike Purple Finch
Hemignathus affinis, Hemignathus lucidus affinis Maui Nukupuu
Hemignathus hanapepe, Hemignathus lucidus hanapepe Kauai Nukupuu
Hemignathus lucidus nukupu'u-nestevint (†) Oahu Nukupuu
Hemignathus wilsoni, Hemignathus munroi akiapola'au-nestevint Akiapolaau, Hawaii Nukupuu
Hesperiphona abeillei, Coccothraustes abeillei mehhiko suurnokk-vint (mehhiko suurnokk) Hooded Grosbeak
Hesperiphona vespertina, Coccothraustes vespertianus ameerika suurnokk-vint (ameerika suurnokk) Evening Grosbeak
Himatione fraithii, Himatione sanguinea fraithii, Himatione sanguinea freethi laysani apapane-nestevint (laysani apapane) (†) Laysan Honeycreeper
Himatione sanguinea apapane-nestevint (apapane) Apapane
Leucosticte arctoa tõmmu-mägivint Asian Rosy-finch, Asian Rosy Finch, Rosy Finch
Leucosticte atrata must-mägivint Black Rosy-finch, Black Rosy Finch
Leucosticte australis colorado mägivint Brown-capped Rosy-finch, Brown-capped Rosy Finch
Leucosticte brandti mustpea-mägivint Brandt's Mountain-finch, Brandt's Mountain Finch, Black-headed Mountain-Finch, Brandt's Rosy Finch
Leucosticte nemoricola nõlva-mägivint Plain Mountain-finch, Plain Mountain Finch, Hodgson's Rosy Finch
Leucosticte tephrocotis hallpea-mägivint Grey-crowned Rosy-finch, Gray-crowned Rosy Finch
Linaria cannabina, Carduelis cannabina, Acanthis cannabina kanepilind Common Linnet, Eurasian Linnet, Linnet
Linaria flavirostris, Carduelis flavirostris, Acanthis flavirostris mägi-kanepilind Twite
Linaria johannis, Carduelis johannis, Acanthis johannis, Warsanglia johannis somaali kanepilind Warsangli Linnet
Linaria yemenensis, Carduelis yemenensis, Acanthis yemenensis, Pseudacanthis yemenensis jeemeni kanepilind Yemen Linnet, Yemeni Linnet
Linurgus olivaceus pihovint Oriole Finch, Oriole-Finch
Loxia curvirostra kuuse-käbilind Red Crossbill, Common Crossbill, Crossbill
Loxia leucoptera vööt-käbilind Two-barred Crossbill, White-winged Crossbill
Loxia megaplaga, Loxia leucoptera megaplaga haiti käbilind Hispaniolan Crossbill
Loxia pytyopsittacus männi-käbilind Parrot Crossbill
Loxia scotica šoti käbilind Scottish Crossbill
Loxioides bailleui palila-nestevint Palila
Loxops caeruleirostris, Loxops coccineus caeruleirostris akeke'e-nestevint (akeke'e) Akekee
Loxops coccineus akepa-nestevint (akepa) Hawaii Akepa
Loxops ochraceus, Loxops coccineus ochraceus Maui Akepa
Loxops wolstenholmei, Loxops coccinea rufa, Loxops coccineus wolstenholmei (†) Oahu Akepa
Magumma parva, Hemignathus parvus, Viridonia parva anianiau-nestevint Anianiau, Lesser Amakihi
Manucerthia mana, Loxops mana, Oreomystis man, Paroreomyza mana ohia-nestevint Hawaii Creeper
Melamprosops phaeosoma po'ouli-nestevint (po'ouli) Poo-uli, Po'ouli
Mycerobas affinis, Coccothraustes affinis tuli-suurnokkvint (tuli-suurnokk) Collared Grosbeak, Allied Grosbeak
Mycerobas carnipes, Coccothraustes carnipes artša-suurnokkvint (artša-suurnokk) White-winged Grosbeak
Mycerobas icterioides, Coccothraustes icterioides kašmiiri suurnokk-vint (kašmiiri suurnokk) Black-and-yellow Grosbeak, Black and Yellow Grosbeak
Mycerobas melanozanthos, Coccothraustes melanozanthos tähnik-suurnokkvint (tähnik-suurnokk) Spot-winged Grosbeak, Spotted-wing Grosbeak
Oreomystis bairdi, Paroreomyza bairdi akikiki-nestevint (akikiki) Akikiki, Kauai Creeper
Palmeria dolei tutt-nestevint (akohekohe) Akohekohe, Crested Honeycreeper
Paroreomyza flammea kaakaawahie-nestevint (kaakaawahie) (†) Kakawahie, Molokai Creeper
Paroreomyza maculata oahu alauahio-nestevint (oahu alauahio) Oahu Alauahio, Oahu Creeper
Paroreomyza montana maui alauahio-nestevint (maui alauahio) Maui Alauahio, Maui Creeper
Pinicola enucleator männileevike Pine Grosbeak
Procarduelis nipalensis, Carpodacus nipalensis tõmmu-karmiinleevike Dark-breasted Rosefinch, Dark Rosefinch
Pseudonestor xanthophrys konksnokk-nestevint Maui Parrotbill
Psittirostra psittacea o'u-nestevint Ou
Pyrrhoplectes epauletta süsileevike Gold-naped Finch, Gold-headed Finch
Pyrrhula aurantiaca ruugeleevike Orange Bullfinch
Pyrrhula erythaca hiina leevike Grey-headed Bullfinch, Beavan's Bullfinch
Pyrrhula erythrocephala punapea-leevike Red-headed Bullfinch
Pyrrhula leucogenis, Pyrrhula leucogenys filipiini leevike White-cheeked Bullfinch, Philippine Bullfinch
Pyrrhula murina, Pyrrhula pyrrhula murina assoori leevike Azores Bullfinch
Pyrrhula nipalensis hall-leevike Brown Bullfinch
Pyrrhula pyrrhula leevike (harilik leevike) Eurasian Bullfinch, Northern Bullfinch, Common Bullfinch, Bullfinch
Pyrrhula pyrrhula cineracea hõbeleevike Grey Bullfinch, Baikal Bullfinch
Pyrrhula waterstradti, Pyrrhula nipalensis waterstradti malai leevike Malay Bullfinch
Rhodacanthis flaviceps, Rhodacanthis palmeri flaviceps, Loxioides flaviceps väike-koa-nestevint (†) Lesser Koa-finch, Lesser Koa Finch
Rhodacanthis palmeri, Loxioides palmeri koa-nestevint (†) Greater Koa-finch, Greater Koa Finch, Koa Finch
Rhodopechys alienus, Rhodopechys sanguineus alienus aafrika kõnnuleevike African Crimson-winged Finch
Rhodopechys sanguineus, Rhodopechys sanguinea, Callacanthis sanguinea kõnnuleevike Eurasian Crimson-winged Finch, Crimson-winged Finch*
Rhodospiza obsoleta, Rhodopechys obsoleta oaasileevike Desert Finch, Lichenstein's Desert Finch
Rhynchostruthus louisae, Rhynchostruthus socotranus louisae somaali piimalillevint Somali Grosbeak
Rhynchostruthus percivali, Rhynchostruthus socotranus percivali jeemeni piimalillevint Arabian Grosbeak
Rhynchostruthus socotranus piimalillevint Socotra Grosbeak, Golden-winged Grosbeak
Serinus alario leucolaemus, Alario alario leucolaemus, Serinus leucolaemus, Serinus leucolaema namiibia ruskevint Damara Canary
Serinus alario, Alario alario ruskevint Black-headed Canary
Serinus canaria kanaari koldvint (kanaarilind) Island Canary, Canary
Serinus canicollis aed-koldvint Cape Canary, Yellow-crowned Canary*
Serinus flavivertex, Serinus canicollis flavivertex päikese-koldvint Yellow-crowned Canary
Serinus nigriceps mustpea-koldvint Ethiopian Siskin, Abyssinian Siskin, Black-headed Siskin
Serinus pusillus tulipea-koldvint Red-fronted Serin, Fire-fronted Serin
Serinus serinus koldvint European Serin, Serin
Serinus syriacus seedri-koldvint Syrian Serin
Spinus atratus, Carduelis atrata, Sporagra atrata mustsiisike Black Siskin
Spinus atriceps, Carduelis atriceps salveisiisike Black-capped Siskin
Spinus barbatus, Carduelis barbata, Sporagra barbata patagoonia siisike Black-chinned Siskin
Spinus crassirostris, Carduelis crassirostris, Sporagra crassirostris suurnokk-siisike Thick-billed Siskin
Spinus cucullatus, Carduelis cucullata, Sporagra cucullata punasiisike Red Siskin
Spinus dominicensis, Carduelis dominicensis haiti siisike Antillean Siskin
Spinus lawrencei, Carduelis lawrencei, Astragalinus lawrencei hõbesiisike Lawrence's Goldfinch
Spinus magellanicus capitalis, Carduelis magellanica capitalis, Sporagra capitalis Andean Hooded Siskin
Spinus magellanicus, Carduelis magellanica, Sporagra magellanica salusiisike Hooded Siskin, Lowland Hooded Siskin
Spinus notatus, Carduelis notata, Sporagra notata mehhiko siisike Black-headed Siskin
Spinus olivaceus, Carduelis olivacea, Sporagra olivacea inkasiisike Olivaceous Siskin
Spinus pinus, Carduelis pinus männisiisike Pine Siskin
Spinus psaltria, Carduelis psaltria, Astragalinus psaltria väikesiisike Lesser Goldfinch, Dark-backed Goldfinch
Spinus siemiradzkii, Carduelis siemiradzkii, Sporagra siemiradzkii safransiisike Saffron Siskin
Spinus spinescens, Carduelis spinescens, Sporagra spinescens paramosiisike Andean Siskin
Spinus spinus, Carduelis spinus siisike Eurasian Siskin, Spruce Siskin, Siskin
Spinus thibetanus, Carduelis thibetana, Serinus thibetanus, Chionomitris thibetana tiibeti siisike Tibetan Siskin, Tibetan Serin
Spinus tristis, Carduelis tristis, Astragalinus tristis kuldsiisike American Goldfinch
Spinus uropygialis, Carduelis uropygialis, Sporagra uropygialis kõnnusiisike Yellow-rumped Siskin
Spinus xanthogastrus, Carduelis xanthogastra, Sporagra xanthogastra tõmmusiisike Yellow-bellied Siskin
Spinus yarrellii, Carduelis yarrellii, Sporagra yarrellii kuldpõsk-siisike Yellow-faced Siskin
Telespiza cantans, Psittirostra cantans, Telespyza cantans laysani nestevint Laysan Finch
Telespiza ultima, Psittirostra ultima, Telespyza ultima niihau nestevint Nihoa Finch
Viridonia sagittirostris, Hemignathus sagittirostris wailuku nestevint (†) Greater Amakihi
In orderPasseriformes family Fringillidae 240 results found
 Furnariidae - ahjulindlased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Acrobatornis fonsecai Pink-legged Graveteiro
Anabacerthia amaurotis, Philydor amaurotis White-browed Foliage-gleaner
Anabacerthia lichtensteini, Philydor lichtensteini Ochre-breasted Foliage-gleaner, Lichtenstein's Foliage-gleaner
Anabacerthia ruficaudata, Philydor ruficaudatum, [Philydor ruficaudatus] Rufous-tailed Foliage-gleaner
Anabacerthia striaticollis, Philydor striaticollis Montane Foliage-gleaner
Anabacerthia variegaticeps, Philydor variegaticeps Scaly-throated Foliage-gleaner, Scaly-breasted Foliage-gleaner, Spectacled Foliage-gleaner, Mountain Foliage-gleaner, Scaly-breasted Leaf-gleaner
Anabazenops dorsalis, Automolus dorsalis, Philydor dorsalis Dusky-cheeked Foliage-gleaner, Crested Foliage-gleaner, Bamboo Foliage-gleaner
Anabazenops fuscus, Philydor fuscus White-collared Foliage-gleaner, Brown Anabazenops
Ancistrops strigilatus, Philydor strigilatus Chestnut-winged Hookbill, Spix's Hookbill
Anumbius annumbi Firewood-gatherer, Firewood Gatherer, Wood-gatherer
Aphrastura masafucrae, Aphrastura masafuerae Masafuera Rayadito, Mas Afuera Rayadito, Masafuera Creeper
Aphrastura spinicauda Thorn-tailed Rayadito, Thorn-tailed Creeper
Asthenes anthoides, Thripophaga anthoides Austral Canastero
Asthenes arequipae, Asthenes dorbignyi arequipae Arequipa Canastero, Dark-winged Canastero
Asthenes ayacuchensis, Schizoeaca vilcabambae ayacuchensis Ayacucho Thistletail
Asthenes baeri, Thripophaga baeri Short-billed Canastero
Asthenes berlepschi, Thripophaga berlepschi Berlepsch's Canastero
Asthenes coryi, Schizoeaca coryi Ochre-browed Thistletail, Cory's Thistletail
Asthenes dorbignyi, Thripophaga dorbignyi Creamy-breasted Canastero, Rusty-vented Canastero, Black-winged Canastero
Asthenes flammulata, Thripophaga flammulata Many-striped Canastero
Asthenes fuliginosa, Schizoeaca fuliginosa White-chinned Thistletail, White-chinned Spinetail, Andean Thistletail
Asthenes griseomurina, Schizoeaca griseomurina Mouse-colored Thistletail, Mouse-coloured Thistletail
Asthenes harterti, Schizoeaca harterti Black-throated Thistletail, Hartert's Thistletail
Asthenes helleri, Schizoeaca helleri Puna Thistletail, Heller's Thistletail
Asthenes heterura, Thripophaga heterura Maquis Canastero, Iquico Canastero
Asthenes huancavelicae, Asthenes dorbignyi huancavelicae Huancavelica Canastero, Pale-tailed Canastero
Asthenes hudsoni, Thripophaga hudsoni Hudson's Canastero
Asthenes humilis, Thripophaga humilis Streak-throated Canastero
Asthenes luizae Cipo Canastero
Asthenes maculicauda, Thripophaga maculicauda Scribble-tailed Canastero
Asthenes modesta, Thripophaga modesta Cordilleran Canastero, Cordillera Canastero
Asthenes moreirae, Oreophylax moreirae, Schizoeaca moreirae Itatiaia Spinetail, Itatiaia Thistletail, Brasilian Thistletail, Brasilian Spinetail
Asthenes ottonis, Thripophaga ottonis Rusty-fronted Canastero
Asthenes palpebralis, Schizoeaca palpebralis Eye-ringed Thistletail, Rufous-chinned Thistletail
Asthenes perijana, Schizoeaca perijana Perija Thistletail
Asthenes pudibunda, Thripophaga pudibunda Canyon Canastero
Asthenes pyrrholeuca, Thripophaga pyrrholeuca Sharp-billed Canastero, Lesser Canastero
Asthenes urubambensis, Thripophaga urubambensis Line-fronted Canastero
Asthenes usheri, Asthenes dorbignyi usheri, Thripophaga usheri White-tailed Canastero
Asthenes vilcabambae, Schizoeaca vilcabambae Vilcabamba Thistletail
Asthenes virgata, Thripophaga virgata Junin Canastero
Asthenes wyatti sclateri, Asthenes sclateri, Thripophaga sclateri Puna Canastero, Cordoba Canastero
Asthenes wyatti, Thripophaga wyatti Streak-backed Canastero
Automolus infuscatus Olive-backed Foliage-gleaner
Automolus lammi, Automolus leucophthalmus lammi Pernambuco Foliage-gleaner
Automolus leucophthalmus White-eyed Foliage-gleaner
Automolus melanopezus Brown-rumped Foliage-gleaner
Automolus ochrolaemus Buff-throated Foliage-gleaner, Buff-throated Leaf-gleaner, Buff-throated Automolus
Automolus paraensis, Automolus infuscatus paraensis Para Foliage-gleaner, Pará Foliage-gleaner
Automolus rufipileatus Chestnut-crowned Foliage-gleaner
Automolus subulatus, Hyloctistes subulatus, Philydor subulatus Amazonian Woodhaunter, Striped Woodhaunter, Striped Foliage-gleaner, Striped Leaf-gleaner
Automolus virgatus, Automolus subulatus virgatus, Hyloctistes subulatus virgatus, Philydor subulatus virgatus Western Woodhaunter
Berlepschia rikeri Palmcreeper, Point-tailed Palmcreeper
Campylorhamphus falcularius Black-billed Scythebill
Campylorhamphus multostriatus, Campylorhamphus procurvoides multostriatus Xingu Scythebill
Campylorhamphus probatus, Campylorhamphus procurvoides probatus Tapajos Scythebill
Campylorhamphus procurvoides Curve-billed Scythebill
Campylorhamphus pusillus Brown-billed Scythebill
Campylorhamphus trochilirostris Red-billed Scythebill, Common Scythebill
Certhiasomus stictolaemus, Deconychura stictolaema Spot-throated Woodcreeper
Certhiaxis cinnamomeus, Certhiaxis cinnamomea, Cranioleuca cinnamomea Yellow-chinned Spinetail, Yellow-throated Spinetail, Yellow-chinned Spinetail
Certhiaxis mustelinus, Certhiaxis mustelina, Cranioleuca mustelina Red-and-white Spinetail, Red and White Spinetail
Cichlocolaptes holti, Cichlocolaptes leucophrus holti, Philydor leucophrus holti Small Pale-browed Treehunter
Cichlocolaptes leucophrus, Philydor leucophrus, [Cichlocolaptes leucophrys] Large Pale-browed Treehunter, Rusty-rumped Cichlocolaptes, Pale-browed Treehunter*
Cichlocolaptes mazarbarnetti Cryptic Treehunter
Cinclodes albidiventris, Cinclodes fuscus albidiventris Chestnut-winged Cinclodes
Cinclodes albiventris, Cinclodes fuscus albiventris Cream-winged Cinclodes
Cinclodes antarcticus Blackish Cinclodes, Tussock-bird
Cinclodes aricomae, Upucerthia aricomae, [Geositta aricomae] Royal Cinclodes
Cinclodes atacamensis White-winged Cinclodes
Cinclodes comechingonus Cordoba Cinclodes, Comechingones Cinclodes, Chestnut-winged Cinclodes, Sierran Cinclodes
Cinclodes excelsior, Upucerthia excelsior, [Geositta excelsior] Stout-billed Cinclodes, Short-billed Cinclodes, Paramo Cinclodes
Cinclodes fuscus Buff-winged Cinclodes, Bar-winged Cinclodes, Dusky Cinclodes
Cinclodes maculirostris, Cinclodes antarcticus maculirostris Black Cinclodes
Cinclodes nigrofumosus Seaside Cinclodes, Chilean Seaside Cinclodes, D'Orbigny's Cinclodes
Cinclodes olrogi Olrog's Cinclodes
Cinclodes oustaleti Grey-flanked Cinclodes, Oustalet's Cinclodes
Cinclodes pabsti Long-tailed Cinclodes, Pabst's Cinclodes
Cinclodes palliatus White-bellied Cinclodes
Cinclodes patagonicus Dark-bellied Cinclodes, Patagonian Cinclodes
Cinclodes taczanowskii Surf Cinclodes, Taczanowski's Cinclodes, Peruvian Cinclodes
Clibanornis dendrocolaptoides, [Phacellodomus dendrocolaptoides] Canebrake Groundcreeper
Clibanornis erythrocephalus, Hylocryptus erythrocephalus, Automolus erythrocephalus Henna-hooded Foliage-gleaner, Tawny-headed Hylocryptus
Clibanornis rectirostris, Hylocryptus rectirostris, Automolus rectirostris Chestnut-capped Foliage-gleaner, Henna-capped Foliage-gleaner, Straight-billed Automolus
Clibanornis rubiginosus, Automolus rubiginosus Ruddy Foliage-gleaner, Ruddy Leaf-gleaner
Clibanornis rufipectus, Automolus rubiginosus rufipectus Santa Marta Foliage-gleaner
Coryphistera alaudina Lark-like Brushrunner
Cranioleuca albicapilla, Certhiaxis albicapilla Creamy-crested Spinetail, Buff-capped Spinetail
Cranioleuca albiceps, Certhiaxis albiceps Light-crowned Spinetail, Cinnamon-capped Spinetail
Cranioleuca antisiensis, Certhiaxis antisiensis Line-cheeked Spinetail, Northern Line-cheeked Spinetail
Cranioleuca baroni Baron's Spinetail, Southern Line-cheeked Spinetail
Cranioleuca berlepschi, Thripophaga berlepschi, Phacellodomus berlepschi Russet-mantled Softtail
Cranioleuca curtata, Certhiaxis curtata Ash-browed Spinetail
Cranioleuca demissa, Certhiaxis demissa Tepui Spinetail
Cranioleuca dissita, Cranioleuca vulpina dissita Coiba Spinetail
Cranioleuca erythrops, Certhiaxis erythrops Red-faced Spinetail
Cranioleuca hellmayri, Certhiaxis hellmayri Streak-capped Spinetail
Cranioleuca henricae Bolivian Spinetail
Cranioleuca marcapatae, Certhiaxis marcapatae Marcapata Spinetail
Cranioleuca muelleri, Certhiaxis muelleri Scaled Spinetail
Cranioleuca obsoleta, Certhiaxis obsoleta Olive Spinetail, Red-tailed Spinetail
Cranioleuca pallida, Certhiaxis pallida Pallid Spinetail
Cranioleuca pyrrhophia, Certhiaxis pyrrhophia Stripe-crowned Spinetail
Cranioleuca semicinerea, Certhiaxis semicinerea Grey-headed Spinetail, Pale-headed Spinetail
Cranioleuca subcristata, Certhiaxis subcristata Crested Spinetail
Cranioleuca sulphurifera, Certhiaxis sulphurifera Sulphur-throated Spinetail, Sulphur-bearded Spinetail
Cranioleuca vulpecula Parker's Spinetail
Cranioleuca vulpina, Certhiaxis vulpina Rusty-backed Spinetail
Cranioleuca weskei, Cranioleuca marcapatae weskei Vilcabamba Spinetail
Deconychura longicauda Northern Long-tailed Woodcreeper, Long-tailed Woodcreeper*
Deconychura pallida, Deconychura longicauda pallida Southern Long-tailed Woodcreeper
Deconychura typica, Deconychura longicauda typica Little Long-tailed Woodcreeper
Dendrexetastes rufigula Cinnamon-throated Woodcreeper, Streak-throated Woodcreeper, Streak-throated Woodhewer
Dendrocincla anabatina Tawny-winged Woodcreeper
Dendrocincla fuliginosa Plain-brown Woodcreeper, Plain Woodcreeper*
Dendrocincla homochroa Ruddy Woodcreeper
Dendrocincla merula White-chinned Woodcreeper
Dendrocincla turdina Plain-winged Woodcreeper, Plain Woodcreeper*, Thrush-like Woodcreeper
Dendrocincla tyrannina Tyrannine Woodcreeper
Dendrocolaptes certhia Amazonian Barred Woodcreeper, Amazonian Barred-Woodcreeper, Barred Woodcreeper
Dendrocolaptes hoffmannsi Hoffmann's Woodcreeper, Hoffmanns's Woodcreeper
Dendrocolaptes picumnus Black-banded Woodcreeper
Dendrocolaptes platyrostris Planalto Woodcreeper
Dendrocolaptes punctipectus, Dendrocolaptes sanctithomae punctipectus Eastern Barred Woodcreeper
Dendrocolaptes sanctithomae Northern Barred Woodcreeper, Northern Barred-Woodcreeper
Dendroplex kienerii, Xiphorhynchus kienerii, [Xiphorhynchus necopinus] Zimmer's Woodcreeper
Dendroplex picus, Xiphorhynchus picus Straight-billed Woodcreeper
Drymornis bridgesii Scimitar-billed Woodcreeper, Bridge's Woodcreeper, Scimitar-billed Woodhewer, Bridge's Woodhewer
Drymotoxeres pucheranii, Campylorhamphus pucherani, Campylorhamphus pucheranii Greater Scythebill
Eremobius phoenicurus Band-tailed Earthcreeper
Furnarius cinnamomeus, Furnarius leucopus cinnamomeus Pacific Hornero
Furnarius cristatus Crested Hornero
Furnarius figulus Wing-banded Hornero, White-banded Hornero, Band-tailed Hornero, Tail-banded Hornero
Furnarius leucopus Pale-legged Hornero
Furnarius longirostris, Furnarius leucopus longirostris Caribbean Hornero
Furnarius minor Lesser Hornero
Furnarius rufus Rufous Hornero, Red Hornero, Red Ovenbird
Furnarius torridus Pale-billed Hornero, Bay Hornero
Geocerthia serrana, Upucerthia serrana Striated Earthcreeper
Geositta antarctica Short-billed Miner
Geositta crassirostris Thick-billed Miner
Geositta cunicularia Common Miner
Geositta isabellina Creamy-rumped Miner, Isabelline Miner
Geositta maritima Greyish Miner, Shore Miner
Geositta peruviana Coastal Miner, Little Miner
Geositta poeciloptera, Geobates poecilopterus Campo Miner
Geositta punensis Puna Miner
Geositta rufipennis Rufous-banded Miner, Red-winged Miner
Geositta saxicolina Dark-winged Miner, Black-winged Miner
Geositta tenuirostris Slender-billed Miner
Glyphorynchus spirurus, Glyphorhynchus spirurus Wedge-billed Woodcreeper
Heliobletus contaminatus, Xenops contaminatus, [Heliobletus superciliosus], [Anabates contaminatus] Sharp-billed Treehunter, Sharp-billed Xenops, Fulvous-browed Sharp-bill
Hellmayrea gularis, Synallaxis gularis White-browed Spinetail, Lafresnaye's White-browed Spinetail, Lafresnaye's Spinetail
Hylexetastes perrotii Red-billed Woodcreeper
Hylexetastes perrotii brigidai, Hylexetastes brigidai Brigida's Woodcreeper
Hylexetastes perrotii uniformis, Hylexetastes uniformis Uniform Woodcreeper
Hylexetastes stresemanni Bar-bellied Woodcreeper
Lepidocolaptes affinis Northern Spot-crowned Woodcreeper, Spot-crowned Woodcreeper*
Lepidocolaptes albolineatus Lineated Woodcreeper
Lepidocolaptes angustirostris Narrow-billed Woodcreeper
Lepidocolaptes duidae, Lepidocolaptes albolineatus duidae Duida Woodcreeper
Lepidocolaptes falcinellus Scalloped Woodcreeper
Lepidocolaptes fatimalimae Inambari Woodcreeper
Lepidocolaptes fuscicapillus, Lepidocolaptes albolineatus fuscicapillus Dusky-capped Woodcreeper
Lepidocolaptes lacrymiger Montane Woodcreeper
Lepidocolaptes leucogaster White-striped Woodcreeper, White-bellied Woodcreeper
Lepidocolaptes neglectus, Lepidocolaptes affinis neglectus Southern Spot-crowned Woodcreeper
Lepidocolaptes souleyetii Streak-headed Woodcreeper, Souleyet's Woodcreeper
Lepidocolaptes squamatus Scaled Woodcreeper
Leptasthenura aegithaloides Plain-mantled Tit-spinetail
Leptasthenura andicola Andean Tit-spinetail
Leptasthenura berlepschi, Leptasthenura aegithaloides berlepschi Buffy Tit-spinetail
Leptasthenura fuliginiceps Brown-capped Tit-spinetail
Leptasthenura pallida, Leptasthenura aegithaloides pallida Pallid Tit-spinetail
Leptasthenura pileata Rusty-crowned Tit-spinetail
Leptasthenura platensis Tufted Tit-spinetail
Leptasthenura setaria Araucaria Tit-spinetail
Leptasthenura striata Streaked Tit-spinetail, Streak-backed Tit-spinetail
Leptasthenura striolata Striolated Tit-spinetail
Leptasthenura xenothorax White-browed Tit-spinetail
Limnoctites rectirostris, Limnornis rectirostris Straight-billed Reedhaunter, Straight-billed Reedrunner
Limnornis curvirostris Curve-billed Reedhaunter, Curve-billed Reedrunner
Lochmias nematura Streamcreeper, Sharp-tailed Streamcreeper, Streamside Streamcreeper, Streamside Lochmias, Sharp-tailed Creeper, Sharp-tailed Lochmias
Margarornis bellulus Beautiful Treerunner
Margarornis rubiginosus Ruddy Margarornis
Margarornis rubiginosus Ruddy Treerunner
Margarornis squamiger Pearled Treerunner
Margarornis stellatus Fulvous-dotted Treerunner, Star-chested Treerunner
Mazaria propinqua, Synallaxis propinqua White-bellied Spinetail
Megaxenops parnaguae Great Xenops, Reiser's Recurvebill
Metopothrix aurantiaca, Metopothrix aurantiacus Orange-fronted Plushcrown, Orange-fronted Softtail
Microxenops milleri, [Xenops milleri] Rufous-tailed Xenops, Miller's Xenops
Nasica longirostris mõõknokk-ronilind Long-billed Woodcreeper
Ochetorhynchus andaecola, [Upucerthia andaecola] Rock Earthcreeper, Rufous-tailed Earthcreeper
Ochetorhynchus melanurus, Chilia melanura Crag Earthcreeper, Crag Chilia, Mountain Tococo
Ochetorhynchus ruficaudus, [Upucerthia ruficaudus], [Upucerthia ruficauda] Straight-billed Earthcreeper, Meyen's Earthcreeper
Phacellodomus dorsalis Chestnut-backed Thornbird
Phacellodomus erythrophthalmus, Drioctistes erythrophthalmus Orange-eyed Thornbird, Red-eyed Thornbird
Phacellodomus ferrugineigula, Phacellodomus erythrophthalmus ferrugineigula, Drioctistes erythrophthalmus ferrugineigula Orange-breasted Thornbird
Phacellodomus inornatus, Phacellodomus rufifrons inornatus Plain Thornbird
Phacellodomus maculipectus, Phacellodomus striaticollis maculipectus Spot-breasted Thornbird
Phacellodomus ruber Greater Thornbird, Yellow-eyed Thornbird
Phacellodomus rufifrons Rufous-fronted Thornbird, Common Thornbird, Plain Thornbird, Plain-fronted Thornbird, Red-fronted Thornbird
Phacellodomus sibilatrix Little Thornbird, Doering's Thornbird
Phacellodomus striaticeps Streak-fronted Thornbird, Red-shouldered Thornbird
Phacellodomus striaticollis Freckle-breasted Thornbird, Rufous-headed Thornbird
Philydor atricapillus Black-capped Foliage-gleaner
Philydor erythrocercum, [Philydor erythrocercus] Rufous-rumped Foliage-gleaner, Rufous-rumped Leaf-gleaner, Ochre-bellied Foliage-gleaner
Philydor erythropterum, [Philydor erythropterus] Chestnut-winged Foliage-gleaner
Philydor fuscipenne, [Philydor fuscipennis] Slaty-winged Foliage-gleaner, Rufous-bellied Foliage-gleaner, Rufous-backed Foliage-gleaner, Santander Foliage-gleaner
Philydor novaesi Alagoas Foliage-gleaner, Novaes' Foliage-gleaner, Novaes's Foliage-gleaner, Greater Black-capped Foliage-gleaner
Philydor pyrrhodes Cinnamon-rumped Foliage-gleaner
Philydor rufum, [Philydor rufus] Buff-fronted Foliage-gleaner, Buff-fronted Leaf-gleaner
Phleocryptes melanops Wren-like Rushbird, Rushbird, Black-faced Spinetail
Premnoplex brunnescens, Margarornis brunnescens Spotted Barbtail
Premnoplex pariae, Premnoplex tatei pariae, Margarornis tatei pariae Paria Barbtail
Premnoplex tatei, Margarornis tatei White-throated Barbtail
Premnornis guttuliger, Premnornis guttuligera, Margarornis guttuligera Rusty-winged Barbtail, Spotted Treerunner
Pseudasthenes cactorum, Asthenes cactorum, Thripophaga cactorum Cactus Canastero
Pseudasthenes humicola, Asthenes humicola, Thripophaga humicola Dusky-tailed Canastero
Pseudasthenes patagonica, Asthenes patagonica, Thripophaga patagonica Patagonian Canastero
Pseudasthenes steinbachi, Asthenes steinbachi, Thripophaga steinbachi Steinbach's Canastero, Chestnut Canastero
Pseudocolaptes boissonneauii, [Pseudocolaptes boissonneautii] Streaked Tuftedcheek
Pseudocolaptes johnsoni, Pseudocolaptes lawrencii johnsoni Pacific Tuftedcheek
Pseudocolaptes lawrencii Buffy Tuftedcheek, Lawrence's Tuftedcheek
Pseudoseisura cristata Caatinga Cachalote, Caatinga Cacholote, Rufous Cacholote, Rufous-breasted Cacholote
Pseudoseisura gutturalis White-throated Cacholote
Pseudoseisura lophotes Brown Cachalote, Brown Cacholote
Pseudoseisura unirufa Grey-crested Cachalote
Pygarrhichas albogularis White-throated Treerunner
Roraimia adusta, Margarornis adustus Roraiman Barbtail, Roraima Barbtail
Schoeniophylax phryganophilus, Synallaxis phryganophila Chotoy Spinetail
Sclerurus albigularis Grey-throated Leaftosser, Grey-throated Leafscraper
Sclerurus caudacutus Black-tailed Leaftosser, Black-tailed Leafscraper
Sclerurus cearensis, Sclerurus scansor cearensis Ceara Leaftosser
Sclerurus guatemalensis Scaly-throated Leaftosser, Scaly-throated Leafscraper, Guatemalan Leaftosser, Guatemalan Leafscraper
Sclerurus mexicanus Tawny-throated Leaftosser, Tawny-throated Leafscraper, Mexican Leafscraper
Sclerurus rufigularis Short-billed Leaftosser, Short-billed Leafscraper
Sclerurus scansor Rufous-breasted Leaftosser, Rufous-breasted Leafscraper
Siptornis striaticollis Spectacled Prickletail, Stripe-necked Prickletail
Sittasomus griseicapillus Eastern Olivaceous Woodcreeper, Olivaceous Woodcreeper*
Sittasomus griseus, Sittasomus griseicapillus griseus Western Olivaceous Woodcreeper
Spartonoica maluroides, Synallaxis maluroides Bay-capped Wren-spinetail, Bay-capped Wren Spinetail, Wren-like Spintail
Sylviorthorhynchus desmurii, Sylviorthorhynchus desmursii Des Murs's Wiretail, Des Murs' Wiretail, Des Murs's Spinetail
Sylviorthorhynchus yanacensis, Leptasthenura yanacensis Tawny Tit-spinetail
Synallaxis albescens Pale-breasted Spinetail, Pale-breasted Castlebuilder, White-throated Spinetail
Synallaxis albigularis Dark-breasted Spinetail
Synallaxis albilora White-lored Spinetail, Ochre-breasted Spinetail
Synallaxis azarae Azara's Spinetail, Elegant Spinetail
Synallaxis beverlyae Orinoco Spinetail
Synallaxis brachyura Slaty Spinetail, Grey-throated Spinetail, Sooty Spinetail, Sooty Castlebuilder
Synallaxis cabanisi Cabanis's Spinetail
Synallaxis candei, Poecilurus candei White-whiskered Spinetail, Cande's Spinetail
Synallaxis castanea Black-throated Spinetail, Chestnut Spinetail
Synallaxis cherriei, [Synallaxis rufogularis] Chestnut-throated Spinetail
Synallaxis chinchipensis, Synallaxis stictothorax chinchipensis Chinchipe Spinetail
Synallaxis cinerascens Grey-bellied Spinetail
Synallaxis cinerea, Synallaxis whitneyi Bahia Spinetail
Synallaxis cinnamomea Stripe-breasted Spinetail, Cinnamomeous Spinetail
Synallaxis courseni Apurimac Spinetail, Blake's Spinetail, Coursen's Spinetail
Synallaxis erythrothorax Rufous-breasted Spinetail, Rufous-breasted Castlebuilder
Synallaxis frontalis Sooty-fronted Spinetail, Pelzeln's Spinetail
Synallaxis fuscorufa Rusty-headed Spinetail, Santa Marta Spinetail
Synallaxis gujanensis Plain-crowned Spinetail, Guianan Spinetail
Synallaxis hellmayri, Gyalophylax hellmayri, Asthenes hellmayri Red-shouldered Spinetail, Reiser's Spinetail
Synallaxis hypochondriaca, Siptornopsis hypochondriaca, Siptornopsis hypochondriacus, Thripophaga hypochondriacus Great Spinetail
Synallaxis hypospodia Cinereous-breasted Spinetail
Synallaxis infuscata Pinto's Spinetail, Plain Spinetail, Alagoas Spinetail, Pernambuco Spinetail
Synallaxis kollari, Poecilurus kollari Hoary-throated Spinetail, Kollar's Spinetail
Synallaxis macconnelli McConnell's Spinetail
Synallaxis maranonica Maranon Spinetail
Synallaxis moesta Dusky Spinetail, Sclater's Spinetail
Synallaxis ruficapilla Rufous-capped Spinetail
Synallaxis rutilans Ruddy Spinetail, Temminck's Spinetail
Synallaxis scutata, Synallaxis scutatus, Poecilurus scutata Ochre-cheeked Spinetail, Cinnamon-backed Spinetail, Ochre-cheeked Spinetail
Synallaxis simoni, Synallaxis albilora simoni Araguaia Spinetail
Synallaxis spixi Spix's Spinetail, Chicli Spinetail
Synallaxis stictothorax, Chinchipe stictothorax, Siptornopsis stictothorax Necklaced Spinetail, Spotted-breasted Spinetail
Synallaxis subpudica Silvery-throated Spinetail
Synallaxis superciliosa Buff-browed Spinetail
Synallaxis tithys Blackish-headed Spinetail, Black-faced Spinetail, Taczanowski's Spinetail
Synallaxis unirufa Rufous Spinetail
Synallaxis zimmeri Russet-bellied Spinetail
Syndactyla dimidiata, Philydor dimidiatum, [Philydor dimidiatus] Russet-mantled Foliage-gleaner, Planalto Foliage-gleaner
Syndactyla guttulata, Philydor guttulatus Guttulate Foliage-gleaner, Guttulated Foliage-gleaner, Guttulated Leaf-gleaner
Syndactyla roraimae, Automolus roraimae, [Automolus albigularis], [Philydor albigularis] White-throated Foliage-gleaner, Tepui Foliage-gleaner
Syndactyla ruficollis, Philydor ruficollis, Automolus ruficollis Rufous-necked Foliage-gleaner
Syndactyla rufosuperciliata, Philydor rufosuperciliatus Buff-browed Foliage-gleaner
Syndactyla striata, Simoxenops striatus, Philydor striatus Bolivian Recurvebill, Bolivian Foliage-gleaner
Syndactyla subalaris, Philydor subalaris Lineated Foliage-gleaner, Stripe-bellied Foliage-gleaner, Lineated Leaf-gleaner
Syndactyla ucayalae, Simoxenops ucayalae, Philydor ucayalae, Megaxenops ferruginea Peruvian Recurvebill, Peruvian Foliage-gleaner, Peruvian Recurvebill
Tarphonomus certhioides, Upucerthia certhioides, Ochetorhynchus certhioides Chaco Earthcreeper
Tarphonomus harterti, Upucerthia harterti, Ochetorhynchus harterti Bolivian Earthcreeper, Hartert's Earthcreeper
Thripadectes flammulatus Flammulated Treehunter
Thripadectes holostictus Striped Treehunter
Thripadectes ignobilis Uniform Treehunter, Chestnut-rumped Treehunter
Thripadectes melanorhynchus Black-billed Treehunter
Thripadectes rufobrunneus Streak-breasted Treehunter, Streaked Treehunter, Streak-breasted Leaf-gleaner
Thripadectes scrutator Rufous-backed Treehunter, Buff-throated Treehunter, Peruvian Treehunter, Taczanowski's Treehunter
Thripadectes virgaticeps Streak-capped Treehunter
Thripophaga amacurensis Delta Amacuro Softtail
Thripophaga cherrieri Orinoco Softtail
Thripophaga fusciceps, Phacellodomus fusciceps Plain Softtail
Thripophaga gutturata, Cranioleuca gutturata, Certhiaxis gutturata Speckled Spinetail, D'Orbigny's Spinetail
Thripophaga macroura Striated Softtail
Upucerthia albigula White-throated Earthcreeper
Upucerthia dumetaria Scale-throated Earthcreeper, Scaly-throated Earthcreeper
Upucerthia saturatior, Upucerthia dumetaria saturatior Forest Earthcreeper
Upucerthia validirostris Buff-breasted Earthcreeper, Buff-bellied Earthcreeper
Xenerpestes minlosi Double-banded Greytail, Double-banded Softtail
Xenerpestes singularis Equatorial Greytail, Equatorial Softtail
Xenops genibarbis, Xenops minutus genibarbis Plain Xenops
Xenops minutus White-throated Xenops, Plain Xenops*
Xenops rutilus, Xenops rutilans Streaked Xenops
Xenops tenuirostris Slender-billed Xenops
Xiphocolaptes albicollis White-throated Woodcreeper
Xiphocolaptes falcirostris Moustached Woodcreeper
Xiphocolaptes major Great Rufous Woodcreeper, Rufous Woodcreeper
Xiphocolaptes promeropirhynchus Strong-billed Woodcreeper, Giant Woodcreeper
Xiphorhynchus aequatorialis, Xiphocolaptes erythropygius aequatorialis Southern Spotted Woodcreeper
Xiphorhynchus atlanticus, Xiphorhynchus fuscus atlanticus Atlantic Woodcreeper
Xiphorhynchus beauperthuysii, Xiphorhynchus ocellatus weddellii Line-crowned Woodcreeper
Xiphorhynchus chunchotambo Tschudi's Woodcreeper
Xiphorhynchus elegans Elegant Woodcreeper
Xiphorhynchus erythropygius Northern Spotted Woodcreeper, Spotted Woodcreeper
Xiphorhynchus flavigaster Ivory-billed Woodcreeper, Laughing Woodcreeper
Xiphorhynchus fuscus, Lepidocolaptes fuscus Lesser Woodcreeper
Xiphorhynchus guttatoides, Xiphorhynchus guttatus guttatoides, Xiphorhynchus eytoni Lafresnaye's Woodcreeper, Dusky-billed Woodcreeper
Xiphorhynchus guttatus Buff-throated Woodcreeper
Xiphorhynchus lachrymosus Black-striped Woodcreeper
Xiphorhynchus obsoletus Striped Woodcreeper
Xiphorhynchus ocellatus Ocellated Woodcreeper
Xiphorhynchus pardalotus Chestnut-rumped Woodcreeper
Xiphorhynchus spixii Spix's Woodcreeper
Xiphorhynchus susurrans Cocoa Woodcreeper
Xiphorhynchus triangularis Olive-backed Woodcreeper
In orderPasseriformes family Furnariidae 336 results found
Family and species in Estonian in English
Grallaria albigula White-throated Antpitta
Grallaria alleni Moustached Antpitta
Grallaria alticola, Grallaria quitensis alticola Northern Tawny Antpitta
Grallaria andicolus, [Grallaria andicola] Stripe-headed Antpitta, Puno Antpitta
Grallaria atuensis, Grallaria quitensis atuensis Southern Tawny Antpitta
Grallaria bangsi Santa Marta Antpitta
Grallaria blakei Chestnut Antpitta
Grallaria capitalis Bay Antpitta
Grallaria carrikeri Pale-billed Antpitta
Grallaria chthonia Tachira Antpitta
Grallaria dignissima, Thamnocharis dignissima Ochre-striped Antpitta, Stripe-sided Antpitta
Grallaria eludens, Thamnocharis eludens Elusive Antpitta
Grallaria erythroleuca Red-and-white Antpitta, Chestnut-brown Antpitta
Grallaria erythrotis Rufous-faced Antpitta
Grallaria excelsa Great Antpitta
Grallaria fenwickorum, Grallaria urraoensis Urrao Antpitta
Grallaria flavotincta Yellow-breasted Antpitta
Grallaria gigantea Giant Antpitta
Grallaria griseonucha Grey-naped Antpitta
Grallaria guatimalensis Scaled Antpitta
Grallaria haplonota Plain-backed Antpitta
Grallaria hypoleuca White-bellied Antpitta, Bay-backed Antpitta
Grallaria kaestneri Cundinamarca Antpitta
Grallaria milleri Brown-banded Antpitta
Grallaria nuchalis Chestnut-naped Antpitta
Grallaria przewalskii Rusty-tinged Antpitta, Przewalski's Antpitta, Rusty-winged Antpitta
Grallaria quitensis Western Tawny Antpitta, Tawny Antpitta*
Grallaria ridgelyi Jocotoco Antpitta
Grallaria ruficapilla Chestnut-crowned Antpitta
Grallaria rufocinerea Bicolored Antpitta, Bicoloured Antpitta
Grallaria rufula Rufous Antpitta
Grallaria saltuensis, Grallaria rufula saltuensis Perija Antpitta
Grallaria squamigera Undulated Antpitta
Grallaria varia Variegated Antpitta
Grallaria watkinsi Watkins's Antpitta, Scrub Antpitta
Grallaricula cucullata Hooded Antpitta
Grallaricula cumanensis, Grallaricula nana cumanensis Sucre Antpitta
Grallaricula ferrugineipectus Rusty-breasted Antpitta
Grallaricula flavirostris Ochre-breasted Antpitta
Grallaricula leymebambae, Grallaricula nana leymebambae Rufous-breasted Antpitta
Grallaricula lineifrons Crescent-faced Antpitta
Grallaricula loricata Scallop-breasted Antpitta
Grallaricula nana Slate-crowned Antpitta
Grallaricula ochraceifrons Ochre-fronted Antpitta
Grallaricula peruviana Peruvian Antpitta
Hylopezus auricularis Masked Antpitta
Hylopezus berlepschi Amazonian Antpitta
Hylopezus dives Thicket Antpitta, Fulvous-bellied Antpitta*, Dives Antpitta
Hylopezus fulviventris White-lored Antpitta, Fulvous-bellied Antpitta*
Hylopezus macularius Spotted Antpitta
Hylopezus nattereri Speckle-breasted Antpitta
Hylopezus ochroleucus White-browed Antpitta, Speckle-breasted Antpitta
Hylopezus perspicillatus Streak-chested Antpitta, Spectacled Antpitta
Myrmothera campanisona Thrush-like Antpitta
Myrmothera simplex Tepui Antpitta, Brown-breasted Antpitta
In orderPasseriformes family Grallariidae 55 results found
 Hirundinidae - pääsulased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Alopochelidon fucata, Stelgidopteryx fucata ruugepea-pääsuke Tawny-headed Swallow
Atticora fasciata vööpääsuke White-banded Swallow
Atticora pileata, Notiochelidon pileata maia mägipääsuke Black-capped Swallow, Coban Swallow
Atticora tibialis, Neochelidon tibialis tõmmupääsuke White-thighed Swallow
Cecropis abyssinica, Hirundo abyssinica, Hirundo cucullata abyssinica väike-roostepääsuke Lesser Striped Swallow, Lesser Striped-Swallow, Striped Swallow
Cecropis cucullata, Hirundo cucullata lõuna-roostepääsuke Greater Striped Swallow, Greater Striped-Swallow, Streaked Swallow, Larger Stripe-breasted Swallow
Cecropis daurica badia, Cecropis badia, Hirundo badia indohiina roostepääsuke Rufous-bellied Swallow
Cecropis daurica domicella, Cecropis domicella, Hirundo domicella sudaani roostepääsuke West African Swallow, Striated Swallow*, Lowland Swallow
Cecropis daurica striolata, Cecropis striolata, Hirundo striolata triip-roostepääsuke Striated Swallow, Greater Striated Swallow, Larger Striated Swallow, Eastern Red-rumped Swallow, Mosque Swallow*, Oriental Mosque Swallow
Cecropis daurica, Hirundo daurica roostepääsuke Red-rumped Swallow, Golden-rumped Swallow
Cecropis hyperythra, Cecropis daurica hyperythra, Hirundo daurica hyperythra tseiloni roostepääsuke Sri Lanka Swallow
Cecropis semirufa, Hirundo semirufa välja-roostepääsuke Rufous-chested Swallow, Red-breasted Swallow
Cecropis senegalensis, Hirundo senegalensis puis-roostepääsuke Mosque Swallow, African Mosque Swallow
Cheramoeca leucosterna, [Cheramoeca leucosternus], [Cheramoeca leucosternum] valgeselg-pääsuke White-backed Swallow, White-breasted Swallow, Black-and-white Swallow
Delichon dasypus ida-räästapääsuke Asian House Martin, Asian House-Martin, Asian Martin
Delichon lagopodum, Delichon urbicum lagopodum Eastern House Martin
Delichon nipalense, Delichon nipalensis mägi-räästapääsuke Nepal House Martin, Nepal House-Martin, Nepal Martin
Delichon urbicum, Delichon urbica räästapääsuke Northern House Martin, Northern House-Martin, Common House Martin, European House Martin, Western House Martin, House Martin
Hirundo aethiopica sudaani suitsupääsuke Ethiopian Swallow
Hirundo albigularis valgekurk-suitsupääsuke White-throated Swallow
Hirundo angolensis, Hirundo lucida angolensis bantu suitsupääsuke Angola Swallow, Angolan Swallow
Hirundo atrocaerulea, Natalornis atrocaerulea sinipääsuke (ida-sinipääsuke) Blue Swallow, Montane Blue Swallow, Eastern Blue Swallow
Hirundo dimidiata, Hemicerops dimidiata sarapääsuke Pearl-breasted Swallow
Hirundo javanica domicola, Hirundo tahitica domicola, Hirundo domicola, Hirundo dumicola draviidi suitsupääsuke Hill Swallow, Nilgiri House Swallow
Hirundo javanica, Hirundo tahitica javanica House Swallow
Hirundo leucosoma, Hemicerops leucosoma valgetiib-pääsuke Pied-winged Swallow
Hirundo lucida aafrika suitsupääsuke Red-chested Swallow, African Barn Swallow, African Swallow
Hirundo megaensis, Hemicerops megaensis valgesaba-pääsuke White-tailed Swallow
Hirundo neoxena austraalia suitsupääsuke Welcome Swallow
Hirundo nigrita lõkapääsuke White-throated Swallow, White-throated Blue Swallow, Little Blue Swallow, West-African Swallow, White-chinned Swallow
Hirundo nigrorufa ruske-sinipääsuke Black-and-rufous Swallow, Black and Rufous Swallow
Hirundo rustica suitsupääsuke Barn Swallow, Swallow, Chimney Swallow, Common Swallow, House Swallow, Rustic Swallow
Hirundo rustica erythrogaster, Hirundo erythrogaster American Barn Swallow
Hirundo rustica rustica, Hirundo rustica European Swallow, Eurasian Swallow
Hirundo smithii niitsaba-pääsuke Wire-tailed Swallow
Hirundo tahitica rand-suitsupääsuke Tahiti Swallow, Pacific Swallow, House Swallow, Eastern Swallow, Coast Swallow
Neophedina cincta, Riparia cincta, Phedina cincta suur-kaldapääsuke Banded Martin, Banded Sand Martin
Orochelidon andecola, Haplochelidon andecola, [Stelgidopteryx andecola, Petrochelidon andecola, Hirundo andecola] andi pääsuke Andean Swallow, Andean Cliff Swallow
Orochelidon flavipes, Notiochelidon flavipes, Pygochelidon flavipes punakurk-mägipääsuke Pale-footed Swallow, Cloudforest Swallow
Orochelidon murina, Notiochelidon murina, Atticora murina pruunkõht-mägipääsuke Brown-bellied Swallow
Petrochelidon ariel, Hirundo ariel, Hylochelidon ariel punapea-kaljupääsuke Fairy Martin
Petrochelidon fluvicola, Hirundo fluvicola, Hylochelidon fluvicola india kaljupääsuke Streak-throated Swallow, Indian Cliff Swallow, Indian Swallow, Indian Cliff Martin
Petrochelidon fuliginosa, Hirundo fuliginosa mets-kaljupääsuke Forest Swallow, Forest Cliff Swallow, Dusky Swallow, Dusky Cliff Swallow
Petrochelidon fulva pallida, Hirundo fulva pallida, Petrochelidon pallida, [Hirundo pallida], Petrochelidon pelodoma, Hirundo pelodoma Coahuila Cliff Swallow, Mexican Cave Swallow, Cave Swallow*
Petrochelidon fulva, Hirundo fulva koopapääsuke Cave Swallow, Cinnamon-throated Cave Swallow, Cinnamon-throated Swallow
Petrochelidon nigricans, Hirundo nigricans, Hylochelidon nigricans eukalüptipääsuke Tree Martin, Australian Tree Martin
Petrochelidon perdita, Hirundo perdita mustpugu-kaljupääsuke Red Sea Swallow, Red Sea Cliff Swallow
Petrochelidon preussi, Hirundo preussi savanni-kaljupääsuke Preuss's Swallow, Preuss's Cliff Swallow, Preuss' Cliff Swallow
Petrochelidon pyrrhonota, Hirundo pyrrhonota, Petrochelidon albifrons ameerika kaljupääsuke Cliff Swallow, American Cliff Swallow, North American Cliff Swallow, Northern Cliff Swallow
Petrochelidon rufigula, Hirundo rufigula angoola kaljupääsuke Red-throated Swallow, Red-throated Cliff Swallow, Angola Cliff Swallow, Angolan Rock Swallow, Rock Swallow
Petrochelidon rufocollaris, Hirundo rufocollaris peruu kaljupääsuke Chestnut-collared Swallow, Peruvian Swallow
Petrochelidon spilodera, Hirundo spilodera rohtla-kaljupääsuke South African Swallow, South African Cliff Swallow
Phedina borbonica suur-triippääsuke Mascarene Martin, Madagascar Martin
Phedinopsis brazzae, Phedina brazzae, Riparia brazzae väike-triippääsuke Brazza's Martin, Congo Martin, Brazza's Swallow
Progne chalybea tuhk-türkiispääsuke Grey-breasted Martin, White-bellied Martin*
Progne cryptoleuca, Progne dominicensis cryptoleuca kuuba türkiispääsuke Cuban Martin
Progne dominicensis antilli türkiispääsuke Caribbean Martin, Snowy-bellied Martin, White-bellied Martin*
Progne elegans, Progne modesta elegans lõuna-türkiispääsuke Southern Martin, Elegant Martin
Progne modesta, [Hirundo concolor] väike-türkiispääsuke Galapagos Martin, Southern Martin
Progne murphyi, Progne modesta murphyi peruu türkiispääsuke Peruvian Martin, Chilean Martin
Progne sinaloae, Progne dominicensis sinaloae mehhiko türkiispääsuke Sinaloa Martin, White-bellied Martin*
Progne subis türkiispääsuke (põhja-türkiispääsuke) Purple Martin
Progne tapera, Phaeoprogne tapera kiilipääsuke Brown-chested Martin
Psalidoprocne albiceps valgepea-nõgipääsuke White-headed Saw-wing, White-headed Sawwing, White-headed Roughwing
Psalidoprocne fuliginosa kameruni nõgipääsuke Mountain Saw-wing, Mountain Sawwing, Cameroon Mountain Saw-wing, Cameroon Saw-wing, Mountain Roughwing Swallow, Mountain Roughwing
Psalidoprocne nitens kantsaba-nõgipääsuke Square-tailed Saw-wing, Square-tailed Sawwing, Square-tailed Roughwing Swallow, Roughwing Swallow
Psalidoprocne obscura läik-nõgipääsuke Fanti Saw-wing, Fanti Sawwing, Fantee Saw-wing, Fanti Roughwing, Fantee Roughwing
Psalidoprocne pristoptera pugaltiib-nõgipääsuke Black Saw-wing, Black Roughwing
Psalidoprocne pristoptera holomelas, Psalidoprocne holomelas, Psalidoprocne holomelaena lõuna-nõgipääsuke Black Saw-wing Swallow, Black Sawwing, Black Roughwing*, Black Wassing Swallow
Pseudochelidon eurystomina aafrika jõgipääsuke African River Martin, African River-Martin
Pseudochelidon sirintarae, Eurochelidon sirintarae aasia jõgipääsuke White-eyed River Martin, White-eyed River-Martin
Pseudohirundo griseopyga, Hirundo griseopyga kaevurpääsuke Grey-rumped Swallow, Grey-rumped Martin
Ptyonoprogne concolor, Hirundo concolor tume-kivipääsuke Dusky Crag Martin, Dusky Crag-Martin, Dusky Martin
Ptyonoprogne fuligula, Hirundo fuligula aafrika kivipääsuke Large Rock Martin, Rock Martin, African Rock Martin*
Ptyonoprogne obsoleta, Ptyonoprogne fuligula obsoleta, Hirundo fuligula obsoleta, Hirundo obsoleta kõrbe-kivipääsuke Pale Rock Martin, Pale Crag Martin
Ptyonoprogne rufigula, Hirundo fuligula fusciventris, Hirundo fusciventris, [Ptyonoprogne fuligula fusciventris] Red-throated Rock Martin
Ptyonoprogne rupestris, Hirundo rupestris kivipääsuke Eurasian Crag Martin, Eurasian Crag-Martin, Crag Martin, Mountain Crag Martin, Northern Crag Martin
Pygochelidon cyanoleuca, Notiochelidon cyanoleuca, Atticora cyanoleuca lõuna-mägipääsuke Blue-and-white Swallow, Blue and White Swallow
Pygochelidon melanoleuca, Atticora melanoleuca kaeluspääsuke Black-collared Swallow
Riparia chinensis, Riparia paludicola chinensis kagu-kaldapääsuke Asian Plain Martin, Grey-throated Martin, Gray-throated Martin
Riparia congica kongo kaldapääsuke Congo Sand Martin, Congo Martin
Riparia cowani, Riparia paludicola cowani madagaskari kaldapääsuke Madagascar Plain Martin
Riparia diluta, Riparia riparia diluta leet-kaldapääsuke Pale Sand Martin, Pale Martin, Eastern Sand Martin
Riparia paludicola väike-kaldapääsuke African Plain Martin, Plain Martin*, Brown-throated Sand Martin, African Sand Martin, Grey-breasted Sand Martin, Plain Sand Martin
Riparia riparia kaldapääsuke Collared Sand Martin, Sand Martin, Common Sand Martin, Gorgeted Sand Martin, Bank Swallow
Stelgidopteryx ridgwayi, Stelgidopteryx serripennis ridgwayi maia kammpääsuke Yucatan Rough-winged Swallow, Ridgway's Rough-winged Swallow
Stelgidopteryx ruficollis lõuna-kammpääsuke Southern Rough-winged Swallow, Rough-winged Swallow*
Stelgidopteryx serripennis põhja-kammpääsuke Northern Rough-winged Swallow, Rough-winged Swallow*
Tachycineta albilinea, Iridoprocne albilinea mangroovipääsuke Mangrove Swallow
Tachycineta albiventer, Iridoprocne albiventer kiritiib-pääsuke White-winged Swallow
Tachycineta bicolor, Iridoprocne bicolor õõnepääsuke Tree Swallow
Tachycineta cyaneoviridis, Callichelidon cyaneoviridis bahama pääsuke Bahama Swallow
Tachycineta euchrysea, Lamprochelidon euchrysea, Kalochelidon euchrysea kuldpääsuke Golden Swallow
Tachycineta leucorrhoa, Iridoprocne leucorrhoa safiirpääsuke White-rumped Swallow
Tachycineta meyeni, Iridoprocne meyeni, [Tachycineta leucopyga, Iridoprocne leucopyga] patagoonia pääsuke Chilean Swallow
Tachycineta stolzmanni, Tachycineta albilinea stolzmanni tumbese pääsuke Tumbes Swallow, Chepen Swallow, Stolzmann's Swallow, West Peruvian Swallow
Tachycineta thalassina rohepääsuke Violet-green Swallow
In orderPasseriformes family Hirundinidae 97 results found
Family and species in Estonian in English
Hyliota australis Southern Hyliota, Southern Yellow-bellied Flycatcher, Southern Yellow-bellied Hyliota, Austral Yellow-bellied Hyliota, Mashona Yellow-bellied Hyliota
Hyliota flavigaster Yellow-bellied Hyliota, Yellow-bellied Flycatcher, Yellow-bellied Warbler, Yellow-breasted Hyliota
Hyliota usambara Usambara Hyliota
Hyliota violacea Violet-backed Hyliota, Violet-backed Flycatcher
In orderPasseriformes family Hyliotidae 4 results found
Family and species in Estonian in English
Hylocitrea bonensis Northern Hylocitrea, Yellow-flanked Whistler, Olive-flanked Whistler, Buff-throated Thickhead
Hylocitrea bonthaina, Hylocitrea bonensis bonthaina Southern Hylocitrea
In orderPasseriformes family Hylocitreidae 2 results found
 Hypocoliidae - paindpuulindlased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Hypocolius ampelinus paindpuulind Hypocolius, Grey Hypocolius
In orderPasseriformes family Hypocoliidae 1 results found
 Icteridae - turpiallased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Agelaioides badius, [Molothrus badius] tuhkturpial Greyish Baywing, Bay-winged Cowbird
Agelaioides fringillarius, Agelaioides badius fringillarius, [Molothrus badius fringillarius] kahkturpial Pale Baywing
Agelaius assimilis, Agelaius phoeniceus assimilis seersantturpial Red-shouldered Blackbird, Cuban Red-winged Blackbird
Agelaius humeralis ruugeõlg-turpial Tawny-shouldered Blackbird
Agelaius phoeniceus leekõlg-turpial Red-winged Blackbird
Agelaius tricolor kalifornia turpial Tricolored Blackbird, Tricoloured Blackbird
Agelaius xanthomus mangrooviturpial Yellow-shouldered Blackbird
Agelasticus cyanopus, Chrysomus cyanopus, Agelaius cyanopus vesiturpial Unicolored Blackbird, Unicoloured Blackbird
Agelasticus thilius, Chrysomus thilius, Agelaius thilius paduturpial Yellow-winged Blackbird
Agelasticus xanthophthalmus, Chrysomus xanthophthalmus, Agelaius xanthophthalmus sooditurpial Pale-eyed Blackbird, Yellow-eyed Blackbird
Amblycercus holosericeus australis, Amblycercus australis andi bambuseturpial Chapman's Cacique
Amblycercus holosericeus [Cacicus holosericeus] bambuseturpial Yellow-billed Cacique
Amblyramphus holosericeus punapea-turpial Scarlet-headed Blackbird
Anumara forbesi, Curaeus forbesi pigiturpial Forbes's Blackbird
Cacicus cela pila-kuningturpial Yellow-rumped Cacique
Cacicus cela flavicrissus, Cacicus flavicrissus ekuadori kuningturpial Black-tailed Cacique, Yellow-rumped Cacique*
Cacicus chrysonotus mägi-kuningturpial Southern Mountain Cacique, Mountain Cacique (s.l.)
Cacicus chrysopterus väike-kuningturpial Golden-winged Cacique
Cacicus haemorrhous punaselg-kuningturpial Red-rumped Cacique
Cacicus koepckeae kuldpära-kuningturpial Selva Cacique
Cacicus latirostris, Ocyalus latirostris, [Psarocolius latirostris] selva-kuningturpial Band-tailed Oropendola
Cacicus leucoramphus, Cacicus chrysonotus leucoramphus andi kuningturpial Northern Mountain Cacique
Cacicus microrhynchus, Cacicus uropygialis microrhynchus panama kuningturpial Scarlet-rumped Cacique
Cacicus oseryi, Clypicterus oseryi, [Psarocolius oseryi] vada-kuningturpial Casqued Oropendola
Cacicus pacificus, Cacicus microrhynchus pacificus madaliku-kuningturpial Pacific Cacique
Cacicus sclateri nõgi-kuningturpial Ecuadorian Cacique, Ecuadorian Black Cacique
Cacicus solitarius, Procacicus solitarius lammiturpial Solitary Cacique
Cacicus uropygialis nõlva-kuningturpial Subtropical Cacique, Scarlet-rumped Cacique*
Cacicus vitellinus, Cacicus cela vitellinus kolumbia kuningturpial Black-tailed Cacique
Cassiculus melanicterus, Cacicus melanicterus tutt-turpial Yellow-winged Cacique
Chrysomus icterocephalus, [Agelaius icterocephalus] kuldpea-turpial Yellow-hooded Blackbird
Chrysomus ruficapillus, [Agelaius ruficapillus] ruskkiird-turpial Chestnut-capped Blackbird
Curaeus curaeus pöögiturpial Austral Blackbird
Dives dives männiturpial Melodious Blackbird
Dives warczewiczi kõnnuturpial Scrub Blackbird
Dolichonyx oryzivorus heinaturpial Bobolink
Euphagus carolinus taigaturpial Rusty Blackbird
Euphagus cyanocephalus väluturpial Brewer's Blackbird
Gnorimopsar chopi nõgiturpial Chopi Blackbird
Gymnomystax mexicanus pihoturpial Oriole Blackbird, Oriole-Blackbird
Hypopyrrhus pyrohypogaster punakõht-turpial Red-bellied Grackle
Icteria virens tihnikuturpial Yellow-breasted Chat
Icterus abeillei asteegi turpial Black-backed Oriole, Abeille's Oriole
Icterus auratus yucatani turpial Orange Oriole
Icterus auricapillus tulipea-turpial Orange-crowned Oriole
Icterus bonana martinique'i turpial Martinique Oriole
Icterus bullockiorum, Icterus bullockii valgetiib-turpial Bullock's Oriole
Icterus cayanensis pagunturpial Epaulet Oriole
Icterus chrysater koldselg-turpial Yellow-backed Oriole
Icterus chrysocephalus, Icterus cayanensis chrysocephalus buritipalmi-turpial Moriche Oriole
Icterus croconotus, Icterus icterus croconotus porgandturpial Orange-backed Troupial
Icterus cucullatus saluturpial Hooded Oriole
Icterus dominicensis haiti turpial Hispaniolan Oriole, Greater Antillean Oriole, Black-cowled Oriole
Icterus fuertesi, Icterus spurius fuertesi hibiskiturpial Fuertes's Oriole
Icterus galbula jalakaturpial Baltimore Oriole, Northern Oriole
Icterus graceannae kõrbeturpial White-edged Oriole
Icterus graduacauda, Icterus melanocephalus viherselg-turpial Audubon's Oriole
Icterus gularis mimoositurpial Altamira Oriole, Lichtenstein's Oriole
Icterus icterus venetsueela turpial Venezuelan Troupial
Icterus jamacaii, Icterus icterus jamacaii, [Icterus jamaicaii] kaatingaturpial Campo Troupial, Campo Oriole
Icterus laudabilis saintlucia turpial St Lucia Oriole, St. Lucia Oriole
Icterus leucopteryx kariibi turpial Jamaican Oriole
Icterus maculialatus maia turpial Bar-winged Oriole
Icterus melanopsis, Icterus dominicensis melanopsis kuningpalmi-turpial Cuban Oriole
Icterus mesomelas koldsaba-turpial Yellow-tailed Oriole
Icterus nigrogularis kuldturpial Yellow Oriole
Icterus northropi, Icterus dominicensis northropi bahama turpial Bahama Oriole
Icterus oberi montserrat' turpial Monserrat Oriole
Icterus parisorum jukaturpial Scott's Oriole
Icterus pectoralis tähnikrind-turpial Spot-breasted Oriole, Spotted-breasted Oriole
Icterus portoricensis, Icterus dominicensis portoricensis puertoriiko turpial Puerto Rican Oriole
Icterus prosthemelas banaaniturpial Black-cowled Oriole
Icterus pustulatus leekturpial Streak-backed Oriole
Icterus pyrrhopterus, Icterus cayanensis pyrrhopterus õlakturpial Variable Oriole
Icterus spurius väiketurpial Orchard Oriole
Icterus wagleri mustpära-turpial Black-vented Oriole
Lampropsar tanagrinus sametturpial Velvet-fronted Grackle
Leistes bellicosus, Sturnella bellicosa peruu niiduturpial Peruvian Meadowlark, Peruvian Red-breasted Meadowlark
Leistes defilippii, Sturnella defilippii, Sturnella defilippi, Pezites defilippii pampaturpial Pampas Meadowlark, Lesser Red-breasted Meadowlark
Leistes loyca, Sturnella loyca, Pezites loyca, Pezites militaris patagoonia turpial Long-tailed Meadowlark
Leistes militaris, Sturnella militaris ljaanoturpial Red-breasted Blackbird
Leistes superciliaris, Sturnella superciliaris brasiilia niiduturpial White-browed Blackbird, Bonaparte's Blackbird
Macroagelaius imthurni tepuiturpial Golden-tufted Grackle, Tepui Mountain Grackle
Macroagelaius subalaris tammeturpial Mountain Grackle, Colombian Mountain Grackle
Molothrus aeneus sinitiib-nugiturpial Bronzed Cowbird
Molothrus armenti, Molothrus aeneus armenti väike-nugiturpial Bronze-brown Cowbird
Molothrus ater piisoniturpial Brown-headed Cowbird
Molothrus bonariensis läik-nugiturpial Shiny Cowbird
Molothrus oryzivorus, Scaphidura oryzivora näärturpial Giant Cowbird
Molothrus rufoaxillaris aed-nugiturpial Screaming Cowbird
Nesopsar nigerrimus bromeeliaturpial Jamaican Blackbird
Oreopsar bolivianus, Agelaioides oreopsar kaljuturpial Bolivian Blackbird
Psarocolius angustifrons eris-suurturpial Russet-backed Oropendola
Psarocolius atrovirens oliiv-suurturpial Dusky-green Oropendola
Psarocolius bifasciatus, Gymnostinops bifasciatus pará suurturpial Para Oropendola, Olive Oropendola, Amazonian Oropendola*
Psarocolius cassini, Gymnostinops cassini chocó suurturpial Baudo Oropendola, Chestnut-mantled Oropendola
Psarocolius decumanus must-suurturpial Crested Oropendola
Psarocolius guatimozinus, Gymnostinops guatimozinus tõmmu-suurturpial Black Oropendola
Psarocolius montezuma, Gymnostinops montezuma ruske-suurturpial Montezuma Oropendola
Psarocolius oleagineus, Psarocolius angustifrons oleagineus viher-suurturpial Green-billed Oropendola
Psarocolius viridis rohe-suurturpial Green Oropendola
Psarocolius wagleri, Zarhynchus wagleri talbnokk-suurturpial Chestnut-headed Oropendola
Psarocolius yuracares, Psarocolius bifasciatus yuracares, Gymnostinops bifasciatus yuracares amasoonia suurturpial Amazonian Oropendola, Olive Oropendola
Pseudoleistes guirahuro kuldselg-sooturpial Yellow-rumped Marshbird
Pseudoleistes virescens pruunselg-sooturpial Brown-and-yellow Marshbird, Brown-yellow Marshbird
Ptiloxena atroviolacea, Dives atroviolaceus, Dives atroviolacea läikturpial Cuban Blackbird
Quiscalus lugubris väike-händturpial Carib Grackle
Quiscalus lugubris fortirostris, Quiscalus fortirostris barbadose händturpial Carib Grackle (fortirostris)
Quiscalus major padura-händturpial Boat-tailed Grackle
Quiscalus mexicanus suur-händturpial Great-tailed Grackle
Quiscalus nicaraguensis nikaraagua händturpial Nicaraguan Grackle
Quiscalus niger antilli händturpial Greater Antillean Grackle, Antillean Grackle
Quiscalus palustris, Quiscalus mexicanus palustris, Cassidix palustris asteegi händturpial (†) Slender-billed Grackle
Quiscalus quiscula händturpial (harilik händturpial) Common Grackle
Sturnella magna ida-niiduturpial Eastern Meadowlark
Sturnella magna lilianae, Sturnella lilianae apatši niiduturpial Lilian's Meadowlark
Sturnella neglecta lääne-niiduturpial Western Meadowlark
Xanthocephalus xanthocephalus hundinuia-turpial Yellow-headed Blackbird
Xanthopsar flavus, [Agelaius flavus] safranturpial Saffron-cowled Blackbird
In orderPasseriformes family Icteridae 119 results found
Family and species in Estonian in English
Ifrita kowaldi Blue-capped Ifrit, Blue-capped Babbler, Ifrit
In orderPasseriformes family Ifritidae 1 results found
 Irenidae - sinilüüdiklased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Irena cyanogastra, [Irena cyanogaster] filipiini sinilüüdik Philippine Fairy-bluebird, Black-mantled Fairy Bluebird
Irena puella sinilüüdik Asian Fairy-bluebird, Blue-backed Fairy Bluebird, Blue-mantled Fairy-bluebird
Irena tweeddalii, Irena puella tweeddalii palawani sinilüüdik Palawan Fairy-bluebird
In orderPasseriformes family Irenidae 3 results found
 Laniidae - õgijalased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Corvinella corvina pruun-harakõgija Yellow-billed Shrike
Eurocephalus anguitimens valgepea-õgija Southern White-crowned Shrike, White-crowned Shrike
Eurocephalus ruppelli, Eurocephalus rüppelli, Eurocephalus rueppelli liblikõgija Northern White-crowned Shrike, White-rumped Shrike, Rüppell's White-crowned Shrike
Lanius borealis, Lanius excubitor borealis (incl. sibiricus) viir-hallõgija Northern Grey Shrike, Northern Shrike
Lanius bucephalus väluõgija Bull-headed Shrike
Lanius cabanisi händõgija Long-tailed Fiscal
Lanius collaris pugalõgija Common Fiscal, Fiscal Shrike, Southern Fiscal
Lanius collaris humeralis, Lanius humeralis savanniõgija Northern Fiscal
Lanius collaris marwitzi, Lanius marwitzi tanganjika õgija Uhehe Fiscal
Lanius collurio punaselg-õgija Red-backed Shrike
Lanius collurioides, Lanius colluroides indohiina õgija Burmese Shrike
Lanius cristatus pruunõgija Brown Shrike
Lanius dorsalis keenia õgija Taita Fiscal, Teita Fiscal
Lanius excubitor hallõgija Great Grey Shrike, Northern Shrike
Lanius excubitor elegans, Lanius meridionalis elegans, Lanius elegans (incl. leucopygus) kõrbe-hallõgija Desert Shrike
Lanius excubitor leucopygus, Lanius meridionalis leucopygus, Lanius meridionalis leucopygos, Lanius leucopygos saheli hallõgija Saharan Grey Shrike
Lanius excubitor pallidirostris, Lanius meridionalis pallidirostris, Lanius pallidirostris stepi-hallõgija Steppe Grey Shrike
Lanius excubitor uncinatus, Lanius meridionalis uncinatus, Lanius uncinatus sokotra hallõgija Socotra Shrike
Lanius excubitoroides, Lanius excubitorius ühisõgija Grey-backed Fiscal, Grey-Backed Fiscal Shrike
Lanius giganteus, Lanius sphenocercus giganteus suur-hallõgija Giant Grey Shrike, Tibetan Shrike
Lanius gubernator väikeõgija Emin's Shrike
Lanius isabellinus arenarius, Lanius arenarius (incl. L. i. tsaidamensis) Chinese Isabelline Shrike, Chinese Shrike
Lanius isabellinus isabellinus, [Lanius isabellinus speculigerus], Lanius isabellinus, [Lanius speculigerus] mongoolia kõnnuõgija Daurian Isabelline Shrike, Daurian Shrike, Isabelline Shrike
Lanius isabellinus, [Lanius speculigerus] kõnnuõgija Isabelline Shrike
Lanius ludovicianus ameerika õgija Loggerhead Shrike
Lanius mackinnoni musttiib-õgija Mackinnon's Shrike
Lanius meridionalis lõuna-hallõgija Southern Grey Shrike
Lanius minor mustlauk-õgija Lesser Grey Shrike
Lanius newtoni são tomé õgija Newton's Fiscal
Lanius nubicus valgelauk-õgija Masked Shrike
Lanius phoenicuroides, Lanius isabellinus phoenicuroides punasaba-õgija (punasaba-kõnnuõgija) Red-tailed Shrike, Turkestan Shrike
Lanius schach ruskselg-õgija Long-tailed Shrike, Black-headed Shrike
Lanius senator punapea-õgija Woodchat Shrike
Lanius senator badius sardiinia punapea-õgija Balearic Woodchat Shrike, Corsican Woodchat Shrike, West Mediterranean Woodchat Shrike
Lanius somalicus somaali õgija Somali Fiscal
Lanius souzae viirtiib-õgija Souza's Shrike
Lanius sphenocercus hiina hallõgija Chinese Grey Shrike, Chinese Great Grey Shrike
Lanius tephronotus mägiõgija Grey-backed Shrike
Lanius tigrinus tiigerõgija Tiger Shrike
Lanius validirostris filipiini õgija Mountain Shrike, Strong-billed Shrike
Lanius vittatus kõrbselg-õgija Bay-backed Shrike
Urolestes melanoleucus, Corvinella melanoleuca, Urolestes melanoleucos, Lanius melanoleuca harakõgija Magpie Shrike
In orderPasseriformes family Laniidae 42 results found
 Leiotrichidae - vädraklased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Acanthoptila nipalensis, Turdoides nipalensis nepaali vadavädrak Spiny Babbler
Actinodura egertoni Rusty-fronted Barwing
Actinodura radcliffei, Actinodura ramsayi radcliffei Eastern Spectacled Barwing
Actinodura ramsayi Western Spectacled Barwing, Spectacled Barwing*
Actinodura sodangorum Black-crowned Barwing
Alcippe brunneicauda Brown Fulvetta
Alcippe grotei, Alcippe peracensis grotei Black-browed Fulvetta
Alcippe morrisonia Grey-cheeked Fulvetta
Alcippe nipalensis Nepal Fulvetta
Alcippe peracensis Mountain Fulvetta
Alcippe poioicephala Brown-cheeked Fulvetta
Alcippe pyrrhoptera Javan Fulvetta, Javanese Fulvetta
Argya altirostris, Turdoides altirostris tigrise vadavädrak Iraq Babbler
Argya caudata huttoni, Argya huttoni, Turdoides huttoni, Turdoides caudatus huttoni kõnnu-vadavädrak Afghan Babbler
Argya caudata, Turdoides caudata, Turdoides caudatus triip-vadavädrak Common Babbler
Argya earlei, Turdoides earlei soo-vadavädrak Striated Babbler
Argya fulva, Turdoides fulva, Turdoides fulvus sahara vadavädrak Fulvous Babbler, Fulvous Chatterer
Argya malcolmi, Turdoides malcolmi dekkani vadavädrak Large Grey Babbler
Argya rubiginosa, Turdoides rubiginosa, Turdoides rubiginosus ruuge-vadavädrak Rufous Chatterer, Rusty Babbler
Argya squamiceps, Turdoides squamiceps araabia vadavädrak Arabian Babbler
Argya subrufa, Turdoides subrufa, Turdoides subrufus ghati vadavädrak Rufous Babbler
Chatarrhaea gularis, Turdoides gularis, Argya gularis manisk-vadavädrak White-throated Babbler
Chatarrhaea longirostris, Turdoides longirostris, Argya longirostris rohu-vadavädrak Slender-billed Babbler
Chrysominla strigula, Minla strigula Bar-throated Minla, Chestnut-tailed Minla
Cutia legalleni, Cutia nipalensis legalleni Vietnamese Cutia
Cutia nipalensis Himalayan Cutia, Cutia, Nepal Cutia
Garrulax albogularis, Pterorhinus albogularis valgekurk-võsavädrak White-throated Laughingthrush, White-throated Laughing-thrush, White-throated Laughing Thrush
Garrulax annamensis, Stactocichla annamensis, Garrulax merulinus annamensis, Leucodioptron annamensis annami lauluvädrak Orange-breasted Laughingthrush
Garrulax berthemyi, Dryonastes berthemyi, Garrulax poecilorhynchus berthemyi, Pterorhinus berthemyi ruuge-võsavädrak Buffy Laughingthrush, Chestnut-winged Laughingthrush
Garrulax bicolor, Garrulax leucolophus bicolor mustvalge-naeruvädrak Sumatran Laughingthrush, Black-and-white Laughingthrush
Garrulax bieti, Ianthocincla bieti täpik-võsavädrak White-speckled Laughingthrush, White-speckled Laughing-thrush, Biet's Laughing Thrush
Garrulax caerulatus, Dryonastes caerulatus, Pterorhinus caerulatus bambuse-võsavädrak Grey-sided Laughingthrush, Grey-sided Laughing-thrush, Grey-sided Laughing Thrush
Garrulax calvus, Melanocichla calva, Garrulax lugubris calvus Bare-headed Laughingthrush, Bare-headed Laughing-thrush
Garrulax canorus, Leucodioptron canorum hiina lauluvädrak Chinese Hwamei, Melodious Laughing-thrush, Melodious Laughing Thrush, Hwamei
Garrulax castanotis, Garrulax maesi castanotis ruugepõsk-naeruvädrak Rufous-cheeked Laughingthrush
Garrulax chinensis, Dryonastes chinensis, Pterorhinus chinensis valgepõsk-võsarvädrak Black-throated Laughingthrush, Black-throated Laughing-thrush, Black-throated Laughing Thrush
Garrulax cineraceus, Ianthocincla cineracea habe-võsavädrak Western Moustached Laughingthrush, Moustached Laughingthrush*, Moustached Laughing-thrush*, Ashy Laughing Thrush
Garrulax cinereiceps, Ianthocincla cineracea cinereiceps, Garrulax cineraceus cinereiceps vurruk-võsavädrak Eastern Moustached Laughingthrush
Garrulax cinereifrons, Argya cinereifrons mets-vadavädrak Ashy-headed Laughingthrush, Ashy-headed Laughing-thrush, Ashy-headed Laughing Thrush
Garrulax courtoisi, Dryonastes courtoisi, Garrulax galbanus courtoisi, Pterorhinus courtoisi sinikiird-võsavädrak Blue-crowned Laughingthrush, Courtois's Laughing-thrush, Courtois's Laughingthrush
Garrulax davidi, Pterorhinus davidi tuhk-võsavädrak Plain Laughingthrush, Plain Laughing-thrush, David's Laughing Thrush
Garrulax delesserti, Dryonastes delesserti, Pterorhinus delesserti ghati võsavädrak Wynaad Laughingthrush, Rufous-vented Laughing Thrush, Wynaad Laughingthrush
Garrulax ferrarius, Garrulax strepitans ferrarius kambodža naeruvädrak Cambodian Laughingthrush
Garrulax galbanus, Dryonastes galbanus, Pterorhinus galbanus sinikõrv-võsavädrak Yellow-throated Laughingthrush, Yellow-throated Laughing-thrush, Austen's Laughing Thrush
Garrulax gularis, Dryonastes gularis, Garrulax delesserti gularis, Pterorhinus gularis koldpugu-võsavädrak Rufous-vented Laughingthrush, Rufous-vented Laughing-thrush
Garrulax konkakinhensis, Ianthocincla konkakinhensis ruskepõsk-võsavädrak Chestnut-eared Laughingthrush, Chestnut-eared Laughing-thrush
Garrulax koslowi, Babax koslowi, Pterorhinus koslowi kadaka-võsavädrak Tibetan Babax, Koslow's Babax
Garrulax lanceolatus, Babax lanceolatus, Pterorhinus lanceolatus triip-võsavädrak Chinese Babax
Garrulax leucolophus mask-naeruvädrak White-crested Laughingthrush, White-crested Laughing-thrush, White-crested Laughing Thrush
Garrulax lugubris, Melanocichla lugubris Black Laughingthrush, Black Laughing-thrush, Black Laughing Thrush
Garrulax lunulatus, Ianthocincla lunulata viir-võsavädrak Barred Laughingthrush, Barred Laughing-thrush, Bar-backed Laughing Thrush
Garrulax maesi hall-naeruvädrak Grey Laughingthrush, Grey Laughing-thrush, Maes' Laughing Thrush
Garrulax maximus, Ianthocincla maxima pärl-võsavädrak Giant Laughingthrush, Giant Laughing-thrush, Giant Laughing Thrush
Garrulax merulinus, Stactocichla merulina, Leucodioptron merulinum täpik-lauluvädrak Spot-breasted Laughingthrush, Spot-breasted Laughing-thrush, Spot-breasted Laughing Thrush
Garrulax milleti kaelus-naeruvädrak Black-hooded Laughingthrush, Black-hooded Laughing-thrush, Black-hooded Laughing Thrush
Garrulax mitratus, Rhinocichla mitrata, Pterorhinus mitratus malai võsavädrak Chestnut-capped Laughingthrush, Spectacled Laughingthrush, Chestnut-capped Laughing Thrush
Garrulax monachus, Garrulax chinensis monachus, Dryonastes chinensis monachus, Pterorhinus chinensis monachus hainani võsavädrak Hainan Laughingthrush
Garrulax monileger kee-naeruvädrak Lesser Necklaced Laughingthrush, Necklaced Laughingthrush, Black-necklaced Laughingthrush
Garrulax nuchalis, Dryonastes nuchalis, Pterorhinus nuchalis rusketuri-võsavädrak Chestnut-backed Laughingthrush, Chestnut-backed Laughing-thrush, Chestnut-backed Laughing Thrush
Garrulax ocellatus, Ianthocincla ocellata helmes-võsavädrak Spotted Laughingthrush, Spotted Laughing-thrush, White-spotted Laughing Thrush
Garrulax palliatus sunda naeruvädrak Sunda Laughingthrush, Sunda Laughing-thrush, Grey and Brown Laughing Thrush
Garrulax pectoralis, Pterorhinus pectoralis kaelus-võsavädrak Greater Necklaced Laughingthrush,Greater Necklaced Laughing-thrush,Greater Necklaced Laughing Thrush
Garrulax perspicillatus, Pterorhinus perspicillatus mask-võsavädrak Masked Laughingthrush, Masked Laughing-thrush, Spectacled Laughing Thrush
Garrulax poecilorhynchus, Dryonastes poecilorhynchus, Pterorhinus poecilorhynchus rooste-võsavädrak Rusty Laughingthrush, Rusty Laughing-thrush, Rufous Laughing Thrush
Garrulax ruficeps, Garrulax albogularis ruficeps, Pterorhinus ruficeps manisk-võsavädrak Rufous-crowned Laughingthrush
Garrulax ruficollis, Dryonastes ruficollis, Pterorhinus ruficollis punakael-võsavädrak Rufous-necked Laughingthrush, Rufous-necked Laughing-thrush, Rufous-necked Laughing Thrush
Garrulax rufifrons jaava naeruvädrak Rufous-fronted Laughingthrush, Rufous-fronted Laughing-thrush, Red-fronted Laughing Thrush
Garrulax rufogularis, Ianthocincla rufogularis himaalaja võsavädrak Rufous-chinned Laughingthrush, Rufous-chinned Laughing Thrush
Garrulax sannio, Pterorhinus sannio sõrgsilm-võsavädrak White-browed Laughingthrush, White-browed Laughing-thrush, White-browed Laughing Thrush
Garrulax strepitans pruunkiird-naeruvädrak White-necked Laughingthrush, White-necked Laughing-thrush, Tickell's Laughing Thrush
Garrulax sukatschewi, Ianthocincla sukatschewi pugalpõsk-võsavädrak Snowy-cheeked Laughingthrush, Snowy-cheeked Laughing-thrush, Black-fronted Laughing Thrush
Garrulax taewanus, Leucodioptron taewanum, Garrulax canorus taewanus taivani lauluvädrak Taiwan Hwamei
Garrulax treacheri, Rhinocichla treacheri, Garrulax mitratus treacheri, Pterorhinus treacheri kalimantani võsavädrak Chestnut-hooded Laughingthrush, Chestnut-capped Laughingthrush*
Garrulax vassali, Dryonastes vassali, Pterorhinus vassali vietnami ruikvädrak White-cheeked Laughingthrush, White-cheeked Laughing-thrush, White-cheeked Laughing Thrush
Garrulax waddelli, Babax waddelli, Pterorhinus waddelli paju-võsavädrak Giant Babax
Garrulax woodi, Babax lanceolatus woodi, Pterorhinus woodi chini võsavädrak Mount Victoria Babax
Grammatoptila striata, Garrulax striatus Striated Laughingthrush, Striated Laughing-thrush, Striated Laughing Thrush
Heterophasia auricularis, Malacias auricularis White-eared Sibia
Heterophasia capistrata, Malacias capistratus Rufous Sibia, Black-capped Sibia
Heterophasia desgodinsi, Malacias desgodinsi, Heterophasia melanoleuca desgodinsi Black-headed Sibia
Heterophasia gracilis, Malacias gracilis Grey Sibia
Heterophasia melanoleuca, Malacias melanoleucus Dark-backed Sibia, Black-headed Sibia
Heterophasia picaoides Long-tailed Sibia
Heterophasia pulchella, Malacias pulchellus Beautiful Sibia
Kupeornis chapini, Phyllanthus chapini roostepugu-vadavädrak Chapin's Mountain-babbler, Chapin's Mountain Babbler, Chapin's Babbler, Chapin's Flycatcher Babbler
Kupeornis gilberti, Phyllornis gilberti biafra vadavädrak White-throated Mountain-babbler, White-throated Mountain Babbler
Kupeornis rufocinctus, Phyllanthus rufocincta mägi-vadavädrak Red-collared Mountain-babbler, Red-collared Mountain Babbler, Red-collared Babble, Red-collared Flycatcher Babble
Laniellus albonotatus, Crocias albonotatus Spotted Crocias, Spotted Sibia
Laniellus langbianis, Crocias langbianis Grey-crowned Crocias, Mt Langbian Sibia
Leioptila annectens, Heterophasia annectans, Heterophasia annectens, Minla annectens Rufous-backed Sibia, Chestnut-backed Sibia, Chestnut-backed Minla
Leiothrix argentauris, Mesia argentauris Silver-eared Mesia
Leiothrix laurinae, Mesia argentauris laurinae Sumatran Mesia
Leiothrix lutea Red-billed Leiothrix, Pekin Robin
Liocichla bugunorum Bugun Liocichla
Liocichla omeiensis Emei Shan Liocichla, Grey-cheeked Liocichla, Omei Shan Liocichla, Mount Omei Liocichla
Liocichla phoenicea Red-faced Liocichla
Liocichla ripponi, Liocichla phoenicea ripponi Scarlet-faced Liocichla
Liocichla steerii Taiwan Liocichla, Steere's Liocichla
Minla ignotincta Red-tailed Minla
Phyllanthus atripennis munk-vadavädrak Grey-hooded Capuchin Babbler, Capuchin Babbler*
Phyllanthus bohndorffi, Phyllanthus atripennis bohndorffi ruske-vadavädrak Grey-caped Capuchin Babbler
Phyllanthus rubiginosus, Phyllanthus atripennis rubiginosus mustkiird-vadavädrak Black-crowned Capuchin Babbler
Sibia morrisoniana, Actinodura morrisoniana Taiwan Barwing, Formosan Barwing
Sibia nipalensis, Actinodura nipalensis Hoary-throated Barwing, Hoary Barwing
Sibia souliei, Actinodura souliei Streaked Barwing
Sibia waldeni, Actinodura waldeni Streak-throated Barwing, Austen's Barwing
Siva cyanouroptera, Minla cyanouroptera Blue-winged Minla, Blue-winged Siva
Trochalopteron affine, Garrulax affinis Black-faced Laughingthrush, Black-faced Laughing-thrush, Black-faced Laughing Thrush
Trochalopteron austeni, Garrulax austeni Brown-capped Laughingthrush, Brown-capped Laughing-thrush, Brown-capped Laughing Thrush
Trochalopteron cachinnans, Strophocincla cachinnans, Garrulax cachinnans, Montecincla cachinnans Nilgiri Laughingthrush, Black-chinned Laughingthrush, Nilgiri White-breasted Laughing Thrush, Rufous-breasted Laughingthrush
Trochalopteron chrysopterum, Garrulax erythrocephalus chrysopterus Assam Laughingthrush
Trochalopteron elliotii, Garrulax elliotii Elliot's Laughingthrush, Elliot's Laughing-thrush, Elliot's Laughing Thrush
Trochalopteron erythrocephalum, Garrulax erythrocephalus Chestnut-crowned Laughingthrush, Chestnut-crowned Laughing-thrush, Red-headed Laughing Thrush
Trochalopteron fairbanki, Strophocincla fairbanki, Garrulax cachinnans fairbanki, Montecincla fairbanki Palani Laughingthrush, Kerala Laughingthrush*
Trochalopteron formosum, Garrulax formosus Red-winged Laughingthrush, Red-winged Laughing-thrush, Crimsion-winged Laughing Thrush
Trochalopteron henrici, Garrulax henrici Brown-cheeked Laughingthrush, Brown-cheeked Laughing-thrush, Prince Henry's Laughing Thrush
Trochalopteron imbricatum, Strophocincla imbricata, Garrulax lineatus imbricatus Bhutan Laughingthrush
Trochalopteron jerdoni, Strophocincla cachinnans jerdoni, Garrulax jerdoni, Montecincla jerdoni Banasura Laughingthrush, Grey-breasted Laughingthrush, Grey-breasted Laughing-thrush, White-breasted Laughing Thrush
Trochalopteron lineatum, Strophocincla lineata, Garrulax lineatus Streaked Laughingthrush, Streaked Laughing-thrush, Himalayan Streaked Laughing Thrush
Trochalopteron melanostigma, Garrulax erythrocephalus melanostigma Silver-eared Laughingthrush
Trochalopteron meridionale, Strophocincla fairbanki meridionalis, Garrulax cachinnans meridionalis, Montecincla meridionalis Travancore Laughingthrush
Trochalopteron milnei, Garrulax milnei Red-tailed Laughingthrush, Red-tailed Laughing-thrush, Red-tailed Laughing Thrush
Trochalopteron morrisonianum, Garrulax morrisonianus White-whiskered Laughingthrush, White-whiskered Laughing-thrush
Trochalopteron ngoclinhense, Garrulax erythrocephalus ngoclinhensis, Garrulax ngoclinhensis Golden-winged Laughingthrush, Golden-winged Laughing-thrush
Trochalopteron peninsulae, Garrulax erythrocephalus peninsulae Malay Laughingthrush, Malayan Laughingthrush
Trochalopteron squamatum, Garrulax squamatus Blue-winged Laughingthrush, Blue-winged Laughing-thrush, Blue-winged Laughing Thrush
Trochalopteron subunicolor, Garrulax subunicolor Scaly Laughingthrush, Scaly Laughing-thrush, Plain-coloured Laughing Thrush
Trochalopteron variegatum, Garrulax variegatus Variegated Laughingthrush, Variegated Laughing-thrush, Variegated Laughing Thrush
Trochalopteron virgatum, Strophocincla virgata, Garrulax virgatus Striped Laughingthrush, Striped Laughing-thrush, Striped Laughing Thrush
Trochalopteron yersini, Garrulax yersini Collared Laughingthrush, Collared Laughing-thrush, Yersin's Laughing Thrush
Turdoides affinis, Argya affinis draviidi vadavädrak Yellow-billed Babbler, White-headed Babbler
Turdoides aylmeri, Argya ailmeri prill-vadavädrak Scaly Chatterer, Bare-eyed Babbler
Turdoides bicolor valge-vadavädrak Southern Pied Babbler, Southern Pied-Babbler, Pied Babbler
Turdoides gymnogenys kiilaspõsk-vadavädrak Bare-cheeked Babbler
Turdoides hartlaubii valgepära-vadavädrak Hartlaub's Babbler, Southern White-rumped Babbler, Angola Babbler
Turdoides hindei keenia vadavädrak Hinde's Babbler, Hinde's Pied Babbler, Hinde's Pied-Babbler
Turdoides hypoleuca, Turdoides hypoleucus krae-vadavädrak Northern Pied Babbler, Northern Pied-Babbler
Turdoides jardineii tähnik-vadavädrak Arrow-marked Babbler
Turdoides leucocephala, Turdoides leucocephalus karbus-vadavädrak White-headed Babbler, Cretschmar's Babbler
Turdoides leucopygia, Turdoides leucopygius soomus-vadavädrak White-rumped Babbler, Northern White-rumped Babbler
Turdoides melanops räga-vadavädrak Black-faced Babbler, Black-lored Babbler*
Turdoides plebejus sudaani vadavädrak Brown Babbler
Turdoides reinwardtii mustpea-vadavädrak Blackcap Babbler, Reinwardt's Babbler, Blackcap-Babbler
Turdoides rufescens, Argya rufescens tulinokk-vadavädrak Orange-billed Babbler, Ceylon Jungle Babbler
Turdoides sharpei valjas-vadavädrak Black-lored Babbler, Sharpe's Babbler, Sharpe's Pied-Babbler
Turdoides somervillei, Turdoides striata somervillei, Argya somervillei, Argya striata somervillei mumbai vadavädrak Black-winged Babbler
Turdoides squamulata, Turdoides squamulatus mask-vadavädrak Scaly Babbler
Turdoides striata, Turdoides striatus, Argya striata džungli-vadavädrak Jungle Babbler, White-headed Jungle Babbler
Turdoides tenebrosa, Turdoides tenebrosus redu-vadavädrak Dusky Babbler
In orderPasseriformes family Leiotrichidae 149 results found
 Locustellidae - ritsiklindlased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Amphilais seebohmi, Dromaeocercus seebohmi vile-padulind Madagascar Grassbird, Madagascan Grassbird, Seebohm's Feather-tailed Warbler, Feather-tailed Warbler, Grey Emu-tail, Seebohm's Emu-tail
Bradypterus alfredi hallpugu-padulind Bamboo Warbler, Bamboo Scrub-warbler, Newton's Scrub-warbler
Bradypterus baboecala, Bradypterus baboecalus lõikheina-padulind Little Rush-warbler, African Sedge Warbler, African Bush-warbler
Bradypterus bangwaensis, [Bradypterus castaneus] rooste-padulind Bangwa Warbler, Bangwa Forest-warbler, Chestnut Grass-warbler
Bradypterus barratti tihniku-padulind Barratt's Warbler, Barratt's Scrub-warbler, Scrub Warbler, African Scrub-warbler
Bradypterus brunneus, Dromaeocercus brunneus mets-padulind Brown Emu-tail, Brown Feather-tailed Warbler, Feather-tailed Warbler, Feather-tailed Bush-warbler
Bradypterus carpalis papüüruse-padulind White-winged Swamp-warbler, White-winged Warbler, White-winged Scrub-warbler, White-winged Bush-warbler
Bradypterus centralis, Bradypterus baboecala centralis keskaafrika padulind Highland Rush-warbler, Eastern Rush-warbler
Bradypterus cinnamomeus kaneel-padulind Cinnamon Bracken-warbler, Cinnamon Bracken Warbler, Cinnamon Scrub-warbler
Bradypterus grandis, Bradypterus graueri grandis nokkheina-padulind Dja River Swamp-warbler, Dja River Scrub-warbler, Ja River Scrub-warbler, Ja River Warbler, Dja River Warbler, Dja River Bush-warbler, Giant Bush-warbler, Giant Swamp-warbler
Bradypterus graueri kivu padulind Grauer's Swamp-warbler, Grauer's Warbler, Grauer's Scrub-warbler, Grauer's Bush-warbler, Grauer's Rush-warbler
Bradypterus lopezi, [Bradypterus lopesi] kõrgmaa-padulind Evergreen-forest Warbler, Lopez' Warbler, Lopes's Warbler, Cameroon Scrub-warbler
Bradypterus sylvaticus kapimaa padulind Knysna Warbler, Knysna Scrub Warbler, Knysna Scrub-warbler, Knysna Bush-warbler
Buettikoferella bivittata, Megalurulus bivittatus timori padulind Buff-banded Bushbird, Buff-banded Grassbird, Buff-banded Grasswren, Buff-banded Thicket-warbler, Buettikofer's Grassbird, Timor Grassbird, Buettikofer's Warbler, Timor Warbler
Chaetornis striata, Chaetornis striatus india padulind Bristled Grassbird, Bristled Grass Warbler, Bristled Grass-warbler
Cincloramphus cruralis välja-padulind Brown Songlark, Brown Singing Lark, Black-breasted Songlark
Cincloramphus macrurus, Megalurus macrurus mägi-padulind Papuan Grassbird
Cincloramphus mathewsi, Maclennania mathewsi lõo-padulind Rufous Songlark, Rufous Singing Lark
Cincloramphus timoriensis, Megalurus timoriensis lammi-padulind Tawny Grassbird, Tawny Marshbird, Tawny Grass-warbler, Rufous-capped Grassbird, Rufous-capped Grass-warbler
Elaphrornis palliseri, Bradypterus palliseri tseiloni ritsiklind Sri Lanka Warbler, Sri Lankan Bush-warbler, Ceylon Bush-warbler, Ceylon Warbler, Palliser's Warbler, Palliser's Bush-warbler
Locustella accentor, Bradypterus accentor kinabalu ritsiklind Friendly Grasshopper-warbler, Friendly Bush-warbler, Friendly Warbler, Kinabalu Scrub Warbler, Kinabalu Scrub-warbler, Kinabalu Bush-warbler, Kinabalu Friendly Warbler
Locustella alishanensis, Bradypterus alishanensis taivani ritsiklind Taiwan Grasshopper-warbler, Taiwan Bush-warbler
Locustella amnicola, Locustella fasciolata amnicola sahhalini ritsiklind Sakhalin Grasshopper-warbler, Stepanyan's Warbler, Stepanyan's Grasshopper-warbler, Stepanyan's Grasshopper Warbler, Sakhalin Warbler, Sakhalin Large Warbler, Sakhalin Grasshopper Warbler
Locustella castanea, Bradypterus castaneus maluku ritsiklind Chestnut-backed Grasshopper-warbler, Chestnut-backed Bush-warbler, Chestnut-backed Bush Warbler, Chestnut Bush-warbler, East Indies Bush-warbler, Chestnut Grass-warbler
Locustella caudata, Bradypterus caudatus filipiini ritsiklind Long-tailed Grasshopper-warbler, Long-tailed Bush-warbler, Long-tailed Ground Warbler, Long-tailed Ground-warbler
Locustella certhiola niidu-ritsiklind Pallas's Grasshopper-warbler, Pallas's Grasshopper Warbler, Pallas's Warbler, Grey-naped Warbler, Rusty-rumped Warbler
Locustella chengi hiina ritsiklind Sichuan Grasshopper-warbler, Sichuan Bush-warbler
Locustella davidi, Bradypterus davidi burjaadi ritsiklind Baikal Grasshopper-warbler, Siberian Bush-warbler, David's Bush-warbler, Baikal Bush-warbler
Locustella fasciolata suur-ritsiklind Gray's Grasshopper-warbler, Gray's Warbler, Gray's Grasshopper Warbler, Large Warbler, Large Grasshopper-warbler
Locustella fluviatilis jõgi-ritsiklind River Warbler, Eurasian River Warbler
Locustella kashmirensis, Bradypterus thoracicus kashmirensis himaalaja ritsiklind Himalayan Grasshopper-warbler, Himalayan Bush-warbler
Locustella lanceolata triip-ritsiklind Lanceolated Warbler, Streaked Warbler, Streaked Grasshopper-warbler
Locustella luscinioides roo-ritsiklind Savi's Warbler
Locustella luteoventris, Bradypterus luteoventris leet-ritsiklind Brown Grasshopper-warbler, Brown Bush-warbler, Brown Bush Warbler
Locustella major, Bradypterus major kašmiiri ritsiklind Long-billed Grasshopper-warbler, Long-billed Bush-warbler, Large-billed Bush Warbler, Large-billed Bush-warbler, Large-billed Grass-warbler, Long-billed Grass-warbler
Locustella mandelli idonea, Locustella idonea, Bradypterus seebohmi idonea, Bradypterus mandelli idonea vietnami ritsiklind Russet Bush-warbler, Dalat Bush Warbler
Locustella mandelli, Bradypterus mandelli nõlva-ritsiklind Russet Grasshopper-warbler, Russet Bush-warbler, Common Mountain Warbler
Locustella montis, Bradypterus montis, Bradypterus timorensis sunda ritsiklind Sunda Grasshopper-warbler, Javan Bush-warbler, Javan Russet Scrub-warbler, Timor Bush-warbler, Timor Scrub Warbler
Locustella naevia võsa-ritsiklind Common Grasshopper-warbler, Western Grasshopper-warbler, Grasshopper Warbler, European Grasshopper-warbler, Pale Grasshopper-warbler
Locustella ochotensis ohhoota ritsiklind Middendorff's Grasshopper-warbler, Middendorff's Warbler, Middendorff's Grasshopper Warbler, Asiatic Grasshopper-warbler
Locustella pleskei korea ritsiklind Pleske's Grasshopper-warbler, Pleske's Warbler, Styan's Grasshopper Warbler, Styan's Warbler, Taczanowski's Grasshopper-warbler, Taczanowski's Warbler
Locustella pryeri, [Megalurus pryeri] soo-ritsiklind Marsh Grassbird, Japanese Marsh Warbler, Japanese Grassbird, Japanese Swamp Warbler, Streak-backed Swamp Warbler
Locustella seebohmi, Bradypterus seebohmi luzoni ritsiklind Benguet Grasshopper-warbler, Benguet Bush-warbler, Mountain Bush Warbler
Locustella tacsanowskia, Bradypterus tacsanowskius rohu-ritsiklind Chinese Grasshopper-warbler, Chinese Bush-warbler, Chinese Bush Warbler, Chinese Scrub-warbler
Locustella thoracica, Bradypterus thoracicus mägi-ritsiklind Spotted Grasshopper-warbler, Spotted Bush-warbler, Spotted Bush Warbler, Spotted Scrub-warbler, Grey-breasted Bush-warbler
Malia grata kold-padulind Malia, Malia Babbler
Megalurulus grosvenori, Megalurulus whitneyi grosvenori, [Cichlornis grosvenori] mask-padulind New Britain Thicketbird, Bismarck Thicketbird, Bismarck Thicket Warbler, Whiteman Mountains Warbler
Megalurulus llaneae, Megalurulus whitneyi llaneae, [Cichlornis llaneae] bougainville'i padulind Bougainville Thicketbird, Bougainville Thicket-warbler, Bougainville Thicket Warbler
Megalurulus mariae, Megalurulus mariei uuskaledoonia padulind New Caledonian Thicketbird, New Caledonian Grass Warbler, New Caledonian Grass-warbler, New Caledonian Grassbird
Megalurulus rubiginosus, [Ortygocichla rubiginosa] ruske-padulind Rusty Thicketbird, Rufous-faced Thicket Warbler, Rufous-faced Thicket-warbler, Rufous-necked Thicket Warbler, Rufous-necked Warbler, Rufous-necked Babbler-warbler, New Britain Thicketbird, New Britain Warbler, New Britain Babbler-warbler
Megalurulus rufus, Trichocichla rufa, Ortygocichla rufa fidži padulind Long-legged Thicketbird, Long-legged Warbler, Greater Forest Warbler
Megalurulus turipavae, Megalurulus whitneyi turipavae guadalcanali padulind Guadalcanal Thicketbird, Solomon's Thicketbird
Megalurulus whitneyi, [Cichlornis whitneyi] melaneesia padulind Santo Thicketbird, Melanesian Thicketbird, Guadalcanal Thicketbird, Thicket Warbler, Solomon's Warbler
Megalurus palustris suur-padulind Striated Grassbird, Striated Canegrass Warbler, Striated Marsh Warbler, Striated Warbler
Poodytes albolimbatus, Megalurus albolimbatus, Cincloramphus albolimbatus lõunapaapua padulind Fly River Grassbird, Fly River Grass Warbler, Fly River Grass-warbler, D'Albertis's Grassbird
Poodytes carteri, Eremiornis carteri kõnnu-padulind Spinifexbird, Spinifex-bird, Spinifex Bird, Carter's Desertbird, Desertbird
Poodytes caudatus, Megalurus punctatus caudatus, Megalurus caudatus tiniheke padulind Snares Fernbird
Poodytes gramineus, Megalurus gramineus väike-padulind Little Grassbird, Little Marshbird, Little Grass-warbler, Striated Marshbird, Striated Reedbird, Marsh Warbler*
Poodytes punctatus, Megalurus punctatus, Bowdleria punctata maoori padulind New Zealand Fernbird, Fernbird
Poodytes rufescens, Megalurus punctatus rufescens, Megalurus rufescens, Bowdleria rufescens chathami padulind (†) Chatham Fernbird, Chatham Islands Fernbird
Robsonius rabori, Napothera rabori Cordillera Ground-warbler, Rusty-headed Babbler, Rabor's Wren-Babbler, Luzon Wren Babbler
Robsonius sorsogonensis, Napothera rabori sorsogonensis Bicol Ground-warbler, Grey-banded Babbler
Robsonius thompsoni Sierra Madre Ground-warbler
Schoenicola brevirostris laisaba-padulind Fan-tailed Grassbird, Fan-tailed Grass-warbler, Fan-tailed Swamp-warbler, African Fan-tailed Warbler, African Broad-tailed Warbler, African Grass-warbler
Schoenicola platyurus, Schoenicola platyura ghati padulind Broad-tailed Grassbird, Broad-tailed Warbler, Indian Broad-tailed Grass-warbler
In orderPasseriformes family Locustellidae 65 results found
Family and species in Estonian in English
Machaerirhynchus flaviventer Yellow-breasted Boatbill, Yellow-breasted Flatbill Flycatcher, Yellow-breasted Flatbill-flycatcher, Yellow-breasted Boat-billed Flycatcher, Boat-billed Flycatcher, Yellow-breasted Flatbill, Wherrybill
Machaerirhynchus nigripectus Black-breasted Boatbill, Black-breasted Flatbill Flycatcher, Black-breasted Flatbill-flycatcher, Black-breasted Flatbill, Black-breasted Boat-billed Flycatcher
In orderPasseriformes family Machaerirhynchidae 2 results found
Family and species in Estonian in English
Achaetops pycnopygius, [Chaetops pycnopygius], Sphenoeacus pycnopygius Rockrunner, Damara Rock-jumper, Damaraland Rock Jumper
Cryptillas victorini, [Bradypterus victorini] Victorin's Warbler, Victorin's Scrub-warbler, Victorin's Scrub Warbler, Victorin's Bush-warbler
Graueria vittata Grauer's Warbler, Grauer's Forest-warbler, Grauer's Bush-warbler
Macrosphenus concolor Grey Longbill, Olive Longbill, Olive Bush-creeper
Macrosphenus flavicans Yellow Longbill, Long-billed Bush-creeper
Macrosphenus kempi Kemp's Longbill, Kemp's Bush-creeper, Kemp's Warbler
Macrosphenus kretschmeri, Suaheliornis kretschmeri Kretschmer's Longbill, Kretschmer's Bulbul, Kretschmer's Greenbul
Macrosphenus pulitzeri Pulitzer's Longbill, Pulitzer's Greenbul
Melocichla mentalis, Sphenoeacus mentalis Moustached Grass-warbler, Moustached Grass Warbler, African Moustached Warbler, Moustached Scrub-warbler
Sphenoeacus afer Cape Grassbird, Cape Grass-warbler, Grassbird
Sylvietta brachyura Northern Crombec, Senegal Crombec, Crombec, Northern Sylvetta
Sylvietta chapini, Sylvietta leucophrys chapini Lendu Crombec, Chapin's Crombec, Chapin's Sylvetta
Sylvietta denti Lemon-bellied Crombec, Lemon-bellied Sylvetta
Sylvietta isabellina Somali Crombec, Somali Long-billed Crombec, Somali Long-billed Sylvetta
Sylvietta leucophrys White-browed Crombec, White-browed Sylvetta
Sylvietta leucopsis, Sylvietta brachyura leucopsis Eastern Crombec
Sylvietta philippae Philippa's Crombec, Somali Short-billed Crombec, Short-billed Crombec, Somali Short-billed Sylvetta, Short-billed Sylvetta
Sylvietta rufescens Long-billed Crombec, Cape Crombec, Long-billed Sylvetta
Sylvietta ruficapilla Red-capped Crombec, Red-cheeked Crombec, Red-capped Sylvetta
Sylvietta virens Green Crombec, Green Sylvetta
Sylvietta virens flaviventris, Sylvietta flaviventris Yellow-bellied Crombec
Sylvietta whytii Red-faced Crombec, Red-faced Sylvetta
In orderPasseriformes family Macrosphenidae 22 results found
 Malaconotidae - pagulindlased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Bocagia minuta, Tchagra minutus, Tchagra minuta soo-pagulind Marsh Tchagra, Blackcap Bush Shrike, Lesser Tchagra
Chlorophoneus bocagei, Telophorus bocagei diadeem-pagulind Bocage's Bush-shrike, Grey-green Bush Shrike, Grey-green Bushshrike
Chlorophoneus kupeensis, Telophorus kupeensis valgekurk-pagulind Mount Kupe Bush-shrike, Mount Kupé Bush Shrike, Mt. Kupe Bushshrike, Serle's Bush Shrike
Chlorophoneus multicolor, Telophorus multicolor eris-pagulind Many-coloured Bush-shrike, Many-coloured Bush Shrike, Many-colored Bushshrike
Chlorophoneus nigrifrons, Telophorus nigrifrons, Chlorophoneus multicolor nigrifrons ida-pagulind Black-fronted Bush-shrike, Black-fronted Bush Shrike, Black-fronted Bushshrike
Chlorophoneus olivaceus, Telophorus olivaceus mustpõsk-pagulind Olive Bush-shrike, Olive Bush Shrike, Olive Bushshrike
Chlorophoneus sulphureopectus, Telophorus sulphureopectus kuldkulm-pagulind Orange-breasted Bush-shrike, Orange-breasted Bush Shrike, Sulphur-breasted Bushshrike
Dryoscopus angolensis punajalg-pagulind Pink-footed Puffback
Dryoscopus cubla puhvselg-pagulind Black-backed Puffback
Dryoscopus gambensis sudaani pagulind Northern Puffback, Puffback
Dryoscopus pringlii mürripuu-pagulind Pringle's Puffback
Dryoscopus sabini, Chaunonotus sabini talbnokk-pagulind Sabine's Puffback, Large-billed Puffback
Dryoscopus senegalensis punasilm-pagulind Red-eyed Puffback
Laniarius aethiopicus tiva-pagulind Tropical Boubou, Ethiopian Boubou
Laniarius aethiopicus major, Laniarius major bubu-pagulind Tropical Boubou (s.str.)
Laniarius amboimensis, Laniarius luehderi amboimensis gabela pagulind Gabela Bush-shrike, Gabela Bush Shrike, Gabela Bushshrike
Laniarius atrococcineus leek-pagulind Crimson-breasted Gonolek, Crimson-breasted Shrike, Burchell's Gonolek
Laniarius atroflavus kuldpugu-pagulind Yellow-breasted Boubou
Laniarius barbarus koldkiird-pagulind Yellow-crowned Gonolek, Common Gonolek
Laniarius bicolor roo-pagulind Swamp Boubou, Gabon Boubou
Laniarius brauni, Laniarius luehderi brauni punapugu-pagulind Braun's Bush-shrike, Orange-breasted Bushshrike, Braun's Bushshrike
Laniarius erlangeri, Laniarius nigerrimus, Laniarius aethiopicus erlangeri somaali pagulind Somali Boubou
Laniarius erythrogaster kinaver-pagulind Black-headed Gonolek
Laniarius ferrugineus roostekõht-pagulind Southern Boubou
Laniarius fuelleborni, Laniarius fülleborni tanganjika pagulind Fülleborn's Boubou, Fuelleborn's Boubou, Fülleborn's Black Boubou
Laniarius funebris tume-pagulind Slate-coloured Boubou, Slate-colored Boubou
Laniarius holomelas, Laniarius poensis holomelas Albertine Sooty Boubou
Laniarius leucorhynchus nõgi-pagulind Lowland Sooty Boubou, Sooty Boubou
Laniarius luehderi, Laniarius luhderi kaneel-pagulind Lühder's Bush-shrike, Lühder's Bush Shrike, Luehder's Bushshrike
Laniarius mufumbiri papüüruse-pagulind Papyrus Gonolek, Mufumbiri Shrike
Laniarius nigerrimus, Laniarius sublacteus f. nigerrimus Manda Boubou
Laniarius poensis mägi-pagulind Mountain Sooty Boubou, Mountain Boubou
Laniarius ruficeps joonik-pagulind Red-naped Bush-shrike, Red-naped Bushshrike, Red-crowned Bush Shrike
Laniarius sublacteus, Laniarius aethiopicus sublacteus kikuju pagulind Zanzibar Boubou, East Coast Boubou, Dimorphic Boubou
Laniarius turatii ginea pagulind Turati's Boubou
Laniarius willardi hallsilm-pagulind Willard's Sooty Boubou, Willard's Boubou
Malaconotus alius uluguru pagulind Uluguru Bush-shrike, Uluguru Bush Shrike, Uluguru Bushshrike, Black-cap Bush Shrike
Malaconotus blanchoti hallpea-pagulind Grey-headed Bush-shrike, Grey-headed Bush Shrike, Grey-headed Bushshrike
Malaconotus cruentus tulirind-pagulind Fiery-breasted Bush-shrike, Fiery-breasted Bush Shrike, Fiery-breasted Bushshrike
Malaconotus gladiator suur-pagulind Green-breasted Bush-shrike, Green-breasted Bush Shrike, Green-breasted Bushshrike
Malaconotus lagdeni õlak-pagulind Lagden's Bush-shrike, Lagden's Bush Shrike, Lagden's Bushshrike
Malaconotus monteiri valjas-pagulind Monteiro's Bush-shrike, Monteiro's Bush Shrike, Monteiro's Bushshrike
Nilaus afer väike-pagulind Brubru, Brubru Shrike
Rhodophoneus cruentus, Telophorus cruentus, [Tchagra cruenta] karmiinlaik-pagulind Rosy-patched Bush-shrike, Rosy-patched Shrike, Rosy-patched Bushshrike
Tchagra australis pruunkiird-pagulind Brown-crowned Tchagra, Brown-headed Tchagra
Tchagra jamesi kõnnu-pagulind Three-streaked Tchagra
Tchagra senegalus, Tchagra senegala mustkiird-pagulind Black-crowned Tchagra, Black-headed Tchagra
Tchagra tchagra lõuna-pagulind Southern Tchagra, Levaillant's Tchagra
Telophorus dohertyi, Chlorophoneus dohertyi ülangu-pagulind Doherty's Bush-shrike, Doherty's Bush Shrike, Doherty's Bushshrike
Telophorus viridis quadricolor, Chlorophoneus viridis quadricolor, Telophorus quadricolor hund-pagulind Four-colored Bush-shrike, Four-colored Bush Shrike, Four-colored Bushshrike
Telophorus viridis, Chlorophoneus viridis punakurk-pagulind Gorgeous Bush-shrike, Gorgeous Bush Shrike, Perrin's Bush Shrike, Perrin's Bushshrike
Telophorus zeylonus võru-pagulind Bokmakierie, Bokmakierie Shrike, Bokmakierie Bushshrike
In orderPasseriformes family Malaconotidae 52 results found
 Maluridae - tikksabalased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Amytornis ballarae Kalkadoon Grasswren
Amytornis barbatus Grey Grasswren, Grey Grass Wren
Amytornis dorotheae Carpentarian Grasswren, Red-winged Grass Wren
Amytornis goyderi Eyrean Grasswren, Eyrean Grass Wren
Amytornis housei Black Grasswren, Black Grass Wren
Amytornis merrotsyi Short-tailed Grasswren
Amytornis modestus, Amytornis textilis modestus Thick-billed Grasswren, Thick-billed Grass-wren
Amytornis purnelli Dusky Grasswren, Dusky Grass Wren
Amytornis striatus Striated Grasswren, Striped Grass Wren
Amytornis textilis Western Grasswren, Thick-billed Grass-wren*, Thick-billed Grasswren*, Thick-billed Grass Wren*
Amytornis woodwardi White-throated Grasswren, White-throated Grass Wren
Chenorhamphus grayi, Malurus grayi mask-tikksaba Broad-billed Fairy-wren, Broad-billed Fairywren, Broad-billed Wren Warbler
Clytomyias insignis, Clytomias insignis mägi-tikksaba Orange-crowned Fairy-wren, Orange-crowned Wren, Orange-crowned Fairywren, Rufous Wren Warbler
Malurus alboscapulatus õlak-tikksaba White-shouldered Fairy-wren, White-shouldered Fairywren, Black and White Wren
Malurus amabilis, Malurus lamberti amabilis mets-tikksaba Lovely Fairy-wren, Lovely Fairywren
Malurus coronatus pandani-tikksaba Purple-crowned Fairy-wren, Purple-crowned Fairywren, Purple-crowned Wren
Malurus cyaneus salu-tikksaba Superb Fairy-wren, Superb Fairywren, Blue Wren
Malurus cyanocephalus kuning-tikksaba Emperor Fairy-wren, Emperor Fairywren, Blue Wren Warbler
Malurus elegans lasuurpea-tikksaba Red-winged Fairy-wren, Red-winged Fairywren, Red-winged Wren
Malurus grayi campbelli, Malurus campbelli, Chenorhamphus campbelli bosavi tikksaba Campbell's Fairy-wren, Campbell's Fairywren
Malurus lamberti hund-tikksaba Variegated Fairy-wren, Variegated Fairywren, Variegated Wren
Malurus leucopterus valgetiib-tikksaba White-winged Fairy-wren, White-winged Fairywren, White-winged Wren
Malurus melanocephalus punaselg-tikksaba Red-backed Fairy-wren, Red-backed Fairywren, Red-backed Wren
Malurus pulcherrimus nõmme-tikksaba Blue-breasted Fairy-wren, Blue-breasted Fairywren, Blue-breasted Wren
Malurus splendens türkiis-tikksaba Splendid Fairy-wren, Splendid Fairywren, Banded Wren
Sipodotus wallacii, Malurus wallacii, Todopsis wallacii liaani-tikksaba Wallace's Fairy-wren, Wallace's Fairywren, Wallace's Wren Warbler, Blue-capped Fairywren
Stipiturus malachurus ranniku-ohesaba Southern Emu-wren, Southern Emuwren, Southern Emu Wren
Stipiturus mallee mallee-ohesaba Mallee Emu-wren, Mallee Emuwren, Mallee Emu Wren
Stipiturus ruficeps kõnnu-ohesaba Rufous-crowned Emu-wren, Rufous-crowned Emuwren, Rufous-crowned Emu Wren
In orderPasseriformes family Maluridae 29 results found
Family and species in Estonian in English
Megalampitta gigantea, Melampitta gigantea Greater Melampitta
Melampitta lugubris Lesser Melampitta
In orderPasseriformes family Melampittidae 2 results found
 Melanocharitidae - marjanäplased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Melanocharis arfakiana helenokk-marjanäpp Obscure Berrypecker
Melanocharis longicauda nõlva-marjanäpp Mid-mountain Berrypecker, Lemon-breasted Berrypecker
Melanocharis nigra must-marjanäpp Black Berrypecker
Melanocharis striativentris triip-marjanäpp Streaked Berrypecker
Melanocharis versteri mägi-marjanäpp Fan-tailed Berrypecker
Oedistoma iliolophus, Oedistoma iliolophum, Toxorhamphus iliolophus Spectacled Longbill, Dwarf Longbill, Plumed Longbill, Grey-bellied Honeyeater
Oedistoma pygmaeum Pygmy Longbill, Pygmy Honeyeater
Rhamphocharis piperata, Rhamphocharis crassirostris piperata Spotted Berrypecker
Rhamphocharis crassirostris, Melanocharis crassirostris eris-marjanäpp Thick-billed Berrypicker, Spotted Berrypecker*
Toxorhamphus novaeguineae Yellow-bellied Longbill, Green-crowned Longbill
Toxorhamphus poliopterus Slaty-headed Longbill, Slaty-chinned Longbill, Grey-winged Longbill
In orderPasseriformes family Melanocharitidae 11 results found
Family and species in Estonian in English
Melanopareia elegans Elegant Crescentchest, Elegant Crescent-chest
Melanopareia maranonica Maranon Crescentchest
Melanopareia maximiliani Olive-crowned Crescentchest, Olive-crowned Crescent-chest
Melanopareia torquata Collared Crescentchest, Collared Crescent-chest
In orderPasseriformes family Melanopareiidae 4 results found
 Meliphagidae - meelindlased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Acanthagenys rufogularis Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater
Acanthorhynchus superciliosus vöö-meelind Western Spinebill
Acanthorhynchus tenuirostris manisk-meelind Eastern Spinebill
Anthochaera carunculata Red Wattlebird, Red Wattle Bird
Anthochaera chrysoptera Little Wattlebird, Little Wattle Bird, Brush Wattlebird
Anthochaera lunulata Western Wattlebird, Little Wattlebird*
Anthochaera paradoxa Yellow Wattlebird, Yellow Wattle Bird
Anthochaera phrygia, Zanthomiza phrygia, [Xanthomyza phrygia] Regent Honeyeater
Anthornis melanocephala, Anthornis melanura melanocephala (†) Chatham Bellbird, Chatham Island Bellbird
Anthornis melanura New Zealand Bellbird
Ashbyia lovensis Gibberbird, Desert Chat
Bolemoreus frenatus, Lichenostomus frenatus, Meliphaga frenata Bridled Honeyeater
Bolemoreus hindwoodi, Lichenostomus hindwoodi, Meliphaga hindwoodi Eungella Honeyeater
Caligavis chrysops, Lichenostomus chrysops, Meliphaga chrysops Yellow-faced Honeyeater
Caligavis obscura, Lichenostomus obscurus, Meliphaga obscura Obscure Honeyeater
Caligavis subfrenata, Lichenostomus subfrenatus, Meliphaga subfrenata Black-throated Honeyeater
Certhionyx variegatus Pied Honeyeater
Cissomela pectoralis, Certhionyx pectoralis Banded Honeyeater
Conopophila albogularis Rufous-banded Honeyeater
Conopophila rufogularis Rufous-throated Honeyeater, Red-throated Honeyeater
Conopophila whitei Grey Honeyeater
Entomyzon albipennis, Entomyzon cyanotis albipennis White-quilled Honeyeater
Entomyzon cyanotis Blue-faced Honeyeater
Epthianura albifrons, Ephthianura albifrons White-fronted Chat, White-faced Chat
Epthianura aurifrons, Ephthianura aurifrons mustkurk-maltsalind Orange Chat
Epthianura crocea, Ephthianura crocea Yellow Chat
Epthianura tricolor, Ephthianura tricolor puna-maltsalind Crimson Chat
Foulehaio carunculatus, Foulehaio carunculata Polynesian Wattled Honeyeater, Wattled Honeyeater*, Carunculated Honeyeater
Foulehaio procerior, Foulehaio carunculatus procerior Kikau, Western Wattled Honeyeater
Foulehaio taviunensis, Foulehaio carunculatus taviunensis Fiji Wattled Honeyeater
Gavicalis fasciogularis, Lichenostomus fasciogularis, Meliphaga fasciogularis Mangrove Honeyeater
Gavicalis versicolor, Lichenostomus versicolor, Meliphaga versicolor Varied Honeyeater
Gavicalis virescens, Lichenostomus virescens, Meliphaga virescens Singing Honeyeater
Gliciphila melanops, Glyciphila melanops, [Glyciphilus melanops], Phylidonyris melanops Tawny-crowned Honeyeater
Gliciphila notabilis, Glycifohia notabilis, Phylidonyris notabilis Vanuatu Honeyeater, White-bellied Honeyeater, New Hebrides Honeyeater
Gliciphila undulata, Glycifohia undulata, Phylidonyris undulata Barred Honeyeater
Glycichaera fallax, Timeliopsis fallax Green-backed Honeyeater, White-eyed Honeyeater
Grantiella picta, Conopophila picta Painted Honeyeater
Guadalcanaria inexpectata, Meliphaga inexpectata Guadalcanal Honeyeater
Gymnomyza aubryana Crow Honeyeater, Crow-Honeyeater, Red-faced Honeyeater
Gymnomyza brunneirostris, Gymnomyza viridis brunneirostris Giant Honeyeater
Gymnomyza samoensis Mao, Black-breasted Honeyeater
Gymnomyza viridis Yellow-billed Honeyeater, Giant Honeyeater*, Giant Green Honeyeater, Green Honeyeater
Lichenostomus cratitius, Meliphaga cratita Purple-gaped Honeyeater
Lichenostomus melanops, Meliphaga melanops Yellow-tufted Honeyeater
Lichmera alboauricularis Silver-eared Honeyeater, White-eared Honeyeater
Lichmera argentauris Olive Honeyeater, Plain Olive Honeyeater
Lichmera deningeri Buru Honeyeater
Lichmera flavicans Flame-eared Honeyeater, Yellow-eared Honeyeater, Timor Honeyeater
Lichmera incana Grey-eared Honeyeater, Dark-brown Honeyeater, Silver-eared Honeyeater
Lichmera indistincta Brown Honeyeater
Lichmera indistincta limbata, Lichmera limbata Indonesian Honeyeater
Lichmera lombokia Scaly-crowned Honeyeater, Lombok Honeyeater
Lichmera monticola Seram Honeyeater, Spectacled Honeyeater
Lichmera notabilis Black-necklaced Honeyeater, Black-chested Honeyeater
Lichmera squamata Scaly-breasted Honeyeater, White-tufted Honeyeater
Macgregoria pulchra MacGregor's Honeyeater, MacGregor's Bird-of-paradise
Manorina flavigula Yellow-throated Miner
Manorina flavigula obscura, Manorina obscura Dusky Miner
Manorina melanocephala Noisy Miner
Manorina melanophrys Bell Miner
Manorina melanotis, Manorina flavigula melanotis Black-eared Miner
Meliarchus sclateri, Melidectes sclateri Makira Honeyeater, San Cristobal Honeyeater
Melidectes belfordi Belford's Honeyeater, Belford's Melidectes
Melidectes foersteri Huon Honeyeater, Huon Melidectes, Foerster's Melidectes
Melidectes fuscus Sooty Honeyeater, Sooty Melidectes
Melidectes leucostephes Vogelkop Honeyeater, Vogelkop Melidectes, White-fronted Melidectes
Melidectes nouhuysi Short-bearded Honeyeater, Short-bearded Melidectes
Melidectes ochromelas Cinnamon-browed Honeyeater, Cinnamon-browed Melidectes, Mid-mountain Honeyeater
Melidectes princeps Long-bearded Honeyeater, Long-bearded Melidectes
Melidectes rufocrissalis Yellow-browed Honeyeater, Yellow-browed Melidectes, Reichenow's Melidectes
Melidectes torquatus Ornate Honeyeater, Cinnamon-breasted Honeyeater, Cinnamon-breasted Wattle Bird, Ornate Melidectes
Melilestes megarhynchus Long-billed Honeyeater
Meliphacator provocator, Xanthotis provocator, Foulehaio provocator Kadavu Honeyeater, Yellow-faced Honeyeater
Meliphaga aruensis Puff-backed Honeyeater
Meliphaga lewinii Lewin's Honeyeater, Lewin Honeyeater
Meliphaga notata Yellow-spotted Honeyeater, Lesser Lewin Honeyeater
Melipotes ater Spangled Honeyeater, Huon Melipotes
Melipotes carolae Foja Honeyeater, Wattled Smoky Honeyeater, Farfak Honeyeater
Melipotes fumigatus Smoky Honeyeater, Common Smoky Honeyeater, Common Melipotes
Melipotes gymnops Arfak Honeyeater, Arfak Melipotes
Melithreptus affinis Black-headed Honeyeater
Melithreptus albogularis White-throated Honeyeater
Melithreptus brevirostris Brown-headed Honeyeater
Melithreptus chloropsis, Melithreptus lunatus chloropsis Gilbert's Honeyeater
Melithreptus gularis Black-chinned Honeyeater
Melithreptus laetior, Melithreptus gularis laetior Golden-backed Honeyeater
Melithreptus lunatus White-naped Honeyeater
Melithreptus validirostris Strong-billed Honeyeater
Melitograis gilolensis, Philemon gilolensis White-streaked Friarbird, Striated Friarbird
Microptilotis albilineatus, Meliphaga albilineata White-lined Honeyeater, White-striped Honeyeater
Microptilotis albonotatus, Meliphaga albonotata Scrub Honeyeater, White-marked Scrub Honeyeater, White-marked Honeyeater
Microptilotis analogus, Meliphaga analoga Mimic Honeyeater
Microptilotis cinereifrons, Meliphaga cinereifrons, Meliphaga gracilis cinereifrons Elegant Honeyeater, Eastern Graceful Honeyeater
Microptilotis flavirictus, Meliphaga flavirictus Yellow-gaped Honeyeater
Microptilotis fordianus, Meliphaga fordiana, Meliphaga albilineata fordiana Kimberley Honeyeater, White-striped Honeyeater
Microptilotis gracilis, Meliphaga gracilis Graceful Honeyeater
Microptilotis mimikae, Meliphaga mimikae Mottle-breasted Honeyeater, Spot-breasted Honeyeater, Large Spot-breasted Honeyeater
Microptilotis montanus, Meliphaga montana Forest Honeyeater, White-marked Forest Honeyeater, White-eared Mountain Honeyeater
Microptilotis orientalis, Meliphaga orientalis Hill-forest Honeyeater, Small Spot-breasted Honeyeater
Microptilotis reticulatus, Meliphaga reticulata, Lichenostomus reticulatus Streak-breasted Honeyeater, Streaky-breasted Honeyeater, Reticulated Honeyeater
Microptilotis vicina, Meliphaga vicina Tagula Honeyeater, Louisiades Honeyeater
Myza celebensis Dark-eared Myza, Lesser Streaked Honeyeater, Brown Honeysucker
Myza sarasinorum White-eared Myza, Greater Streaked Honeyeater, Spot-headed Honeysucker
Myzomela adolphinae Mountain Myzomela, Red-headed Mountain Honeyeater, Mountain Red-headed Honeyeater
Myzomela albigula White-chinned Myzomela, White-chinned Honeyeater
Myzomela batjanensis, Myzomela chloroptera batjanensis Bacan Myzomela
Myzomela blasii Drab Myzomela, Drab Honeyeater, Ambon Honeyeater
Myzomela boiei Banda Myzomela, Wallacean Honeyeater
Myzomela caledonica, Myzomela sanguinolenta caledonica New Caledonian Myzomela, New Caledonian Honeyeater
Myzomela cardinalis kardinal-meelind Cardinal Myzomela, Cardinal Honeyeater
Myzomela chermesina, Myzomela cardinalis chermesina Rotuma Myzomela
Myzomela chloroptera, Myzomela boiei chloroptera Sulawesi Myzomela
Myzomela cineracea Ashy Myzomela, Bismarck Honeyeater, Sclater's Honeyeater
Myzomela cruentata Red Myzomela, Red Honeyeater
Myzomela dammermani, Myzomela erythrocephala dammermani Sumba Myzomela
Myzomela eichhorni Crimson-rumped Myzomela, Yellow-vented Myzomela, Yellow-vented Honeyeater
Myzomela eques Ruby-throated Myzomela, Red-throated Myzomela, Red-throated Honeyeater, Red-spot Honeyeater
Myzomela erythrina, Myzomela cruentata erythrina Reddish Myzomela
Myzomela erythrocephala Red-headed Myzomela, Red-headed Honeyeater, Mangrove Red-headed Honeyeater
Myzomela erythromelas Black-bellied Myzomela, Black-bellied Honeyeater
Myzomela jugularis Orange-breasted Myzomela, Orange-breasted Honeyeater
Myzomela kuehni Crimson-hooded Myzomela, Crimson-hooded Honeyeater
Myzomela lafargei Red-capped Myzomela, Scarlet-naped Myzomela, Scarlet-naped Honeyeater, Small Bougainville Honeyeater
Myzomela longirostris, Myzomela rosenbergii longirostris Long-billed Myzomela
Myzomela malaitae Malaita Myzomela, Malaita Honeyeater, Red-bellied Myzomela
Myzomela melanocephala Black-headed Myzomela, Black-headed Honeyeater
Myzomela nigrita Papuan Black Myzomela, Black Myzomela, Blackened Honeyeater, Black Honeyeater
Myzomela obscura Dusky Myzomela, Dusky Honeyeater
Myzomela pammelaena Bismarck Black Honeyeater, Ebony Myzomela, Ebony Honeyeater
Myzomela pulchella New Ireland Myzomela, New Ireland Honeyeater, Olive-yellow Myzomela
Myzomela rosenbergii Red-collared Myzomela, Red-collared Honeyeater, Black and Red Honeyeater
Myzomela rubratra Micronesian Myzomela, Micronesian Honeyeater
Myzomela rubrobrunnea, Myzomela obscura rubrobrunnea Red-brown Myzomela
Myzomela rubrotincta, Myzomela obscura rubrotincta Obi Myzomela
Myzomela sanguinolenta Scarlet Myzomela, Scarlet Honeyeater
Myzomela sclateri Sclater's Myzomela, Scarlet-bibbed Myzomela, Red-bibbed Honeyeater, Scarlet-throated Honeyeater
Myzomela simplex, Myzomela obscura simplex Moluccan Myzomela
Myzomela tristrami Sooty Myzomela, Tristram's Honeyeater
Myzomela vulnerata Black-breasted Myzomela, Red-rumped Myzomela, Red-rumped Honeyeater, Sunda Honeyeater
Myzomela wakoloensis, Myzomela boiei wakoloensis Wakolo Myzomela
Nesoptilotis flavicollis, Lichenostomus flavicollis, Meliphaga flavicollis Yellow-throated Honeyeater
Nesoptilotis leucotis, Lichenostomus leucotis, Meliphaga leucotis White-eared Honeyeater
Oreornis chrysogenys Orange-cheeked Honeyeater
Philemon albitorques White-naped Friarbird
Philemon argenticeps Silver-crowned Friarbird
Philemon brassi Brass's Friarbird
Philemon buceroides Helmeted Friarbird, Timor Helmeted Friarbird
Philemon buceroides gordoni, Philemon gordoni Melville Friarbird, Melville I Friarbird
Philemon buceroides novaeguinae, Philemon novaeguinae New Guinea Friarbird
Philemon citreogularis Little Friarbird
Philemon cockerelli New Britain Friarbird
Philemon corniculatus Noisy Friarbird
Philemon diemenensis New Caledonian Friarbird
Philemon eichhorni New Ireland Friarbird
Philemon fuscicapillus Dusky Friarbird
Philemon inornatus Timor Friarbird, Plain Friarbird
Philemon kisserensis, Philemon citreogularis kisserensis Grey Friarbird
Philemon meyeri Meyer's Friarbird
Philemon moluccensis Black-faced Friarbird, Moluccas Friarbird
Philemon plumigenis, Philemon moluccensis plumigenis Tanimbar Friarbird
Philemon subcorniculatus Seram Friarbird, Grey-necked Friarbird
Phylidonyris niger, Phylidonyris nigra White-cheeked Honeyeater
Phylidonyris novaehollandiae New Holland Honeyeater, Yellow-winged Honeyeater
Phylidonyris pyrrhopterus, Phylidonyris pyrrhoptera Crescent Honeyeater
Plectorhyncha lanceolata Striped Honeyeater
Prosthemadera novaeseelandiae tui (tui-meelind) Tui, Parson Bird
Ptiloprora erythropleura Rufous-sided Honeyeater, Red-sided Streaked Honeyeater
Ptiloprora guisei Rufous-backed Honeyeater, Red-backed Honeyeater
Ptiloprora mayri Mayr's Honeyeater, Mayr's Streaked Honeyeater
Ptiloprora meekiana Yellowish-streaked Honeyeater, Olive-streaked Honeyeater, Meek's Streaked Honeyeater
Ptiloprora perstriata Grey-streaked Honeyeater, Black-backed Honeyeater, Black-backed Streaked Honeyeater
Ptiloprora plumbea Leaden Honeyeater
Ptilotula flavescens, Lichenostomus flavescens, Meliphaga flavescens Yellow-tinted Honeyeater
Ptilotula fusca, Lichenostomus fuscus, Meliphaga fusca Fuscous Honeyeater
Ptilotula keartlandi, Lichenostomus keartlandi, Meliphaga keartlandi Grey-headed Honeyeater
Ptilotula ornata, Lichenostomus ornatus, Meliphaga ornata Yellow-plumed Honeyeater, Mallee Honeyeater
Ptilotula penicillata, Lichenostomus penicillatus, Meliphaga penicillata White-plumed Honeyeater
Ptilotula plumula, Lichenostomus plumulus, Meliphaga plumula Grey-fronted Honeyeater, Yellow-fronted Honeyeater
Purnella albifrons, Phylidonyris albifrons White-fronted Honeyeater
Pycnopygius cinereus Marbled Honeyeater, Grey-fronted Honeyeater
Pycnopygius ixoides Plain Honeyeater, New Guinea Brown Honeyeater
Pycnopygius stictocephalus Streak-headed Honeyeater, Streak-capped Honeyeater
Ramsayornis fasciatus Bar-breasted Honeyeater
Ramsayornis modestus Brown-backed Honeyeater
Stomiopera flava, Lichenostomus flavus, Meliphaga flava Yellow Honeyeater
Stomiopera unicolor, Lichenostomus unicolor, Meliphaga unicolor White-gaped Honeyeater
Stresemannia bougainvillei, Melilestes bougainvillei Bougainville Honeyeater
Sugomel nigrum, Certhionyx niger Black Honeyeater
Timeliopsis fulvigula Olive Straightbill, Olive Straight-bill, Mountain Straight-billed Honeyeater
Timeliopsis griseigula Tawny Straightbill, Tawny Straight-bill, Lowland Straight-billed Honeyeater
Trichodere cockerelli, Lichmera cockerelli White-streaked Honeyeater
Vosea whitemanensis, Melidectes whitemanensis Bismarck Honeyeater, Gilliard's Honeyeater, Bismarck Melidectes
Xanthotis flaviventer, Meliphaga flaviventer Tawny-breasted Honeyeater
Xanthotis macleayanus, Xanthotis macleayana, Meliphaga macleayana Macleay's Honeyeater, Macleay Honeyeater, Yellow-streaked Honeyeater
Xanthotis polygrammus, Xanthotis polygramma, Meliphaga polygramma Spotted Honeyeater
In orderPasseriformes family Meliphagidae 196 results found
 Menuridae - lüürasabalased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Menura alberti väike-lüürasaba Albert's Lyrebird, Prince Albert's Lyrebird, Prince Albert Lyrebird, Northern Lyrebird
Menura novaehollandiae, [Menura superba], Menura novaehollandiae hund-lüürasaba Superb Lyrebird, Prince Edward Lyrebird, Edward Lyrebird, Queen Victoria Lyrebird, Victoria Lyrebird, New South Wales Bird-of-paradise
In orderPasseriformes family Menuridae 2 results found
 Mimidae - pilalindlased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Allenia fusca, Margarops fuscus soomus-pilalind Scaly-breasted Thrasher
Cinclocerthia gutturalis tuhk-pilalind Grey Trembler, Gray Trembler
Cinclocerthia ruficauda mets-pilalind Brown Trembler
Dumetella carolinensis, [Galeoscoptes carolinensis] kass-pilalind Grey Catbird, Common Catbird, Northern Catbird, Catbird
Margarops fuscatus suur-pilalind Pearly-eyed Thrasher
Melanoptila glabrirostris, Dumetella glabrirostris must-pilalind Black Catbird
Melanotis caerulescens sini-pilalind Blue Mockingbird
Melanotis hypoleucus lasuur-pilalind Blue-and-white Mockingbird, Blue and White Mockingbird
Mimodes graysoni, Mimus graysoni socorro pilalind Socorro Mockingbird, Socorro Thrasher
Mimus dorsalis mägi-pilalind Brown-backed Mockingbird
Mimus gilvus troopika-pilalind Tropical Mockingbird
Mimus gundlachii pruun-pilalind Bahama Mockingbird, Gundlach's Mockingbird
Mimus longicaudatus händ-pilalind Long-tailed Mockingbird
Mimus macdonaldi, Nesomimus macdonaldi vampiir-pilalind Espanola Mockingbird, Hood Mockingbird, Hood Island Mockingbird
Mimus melanotis, Nesomimus melanotis sancristóbali pilalind San Cristobal Mockingbird, Chatham Mockingbird, Chatham Island Mockingbird
Mimus parvulus, Nesomimus parvulus galápagose pilalind Galapagos Mockingbird
Mimus patagonicus patagoonia pilalind Patagonian Mockingbird
Mimus polyglottos taidur-pilalind Northern Mockingbird, Common Mockingbird
Mimus saturninus valgekulm-pilalind Chalk-browed Mockingbird
Mimus thenca tšiili pilalind Chilean Mockingbird
Mimus trifasciatus, Nesomimus trifasciatus floreana pilalind Floreana Mockingbird, Charles Mockingbird, Three-banded Mockingbird, Santa Maria Mockingbird, Galapagos Mockingbird*
Mimus triurus valgetiib-pilalind White-banded Mockingbird
Oreoscoptes montanus, Toxostoma montanum puju-pilalind Sage Thrasher
Ramphocinclus brachyurus, Cinclocerthia brachyurus valgepugu-pilalind White-breasted Thrasher, White-breasted Trembler
Toxostoma bendirei kõnnu-pilalind Bendire's Thrasher, Bendire Thrasher
Toxostoma cinereum rästas-pilalind Grey Thrasher, Gray Thrasher
Toxostoma crissale, [Toxostoma dorsale] punapära-pilalind Crissal Thrasher
Toxostoma curvirostre kaktuse-pilalind Curve-billed Thrasher
Toxostoma guttatum, Toxostoma longirostre guttatum cozumeli pilalind Cozumel Thrasher
Toxostoma lecontei kõrbe-pilalind Le Conte's Thrasher, Le Conte Thrasher
Toxostoma lecontei arenicola, Toxostoma arenicola Vizcaino Thrasher
Toxostoma longirostre tamaulipase pilalind Long-billed Thrasher
Toxostoma ocellatum täpik-pilalind Ocellated Thrasher
Toxostoma redivivum kalifornia pilalind California Thrasher
Toxostoma rufum ruske-pilalind Brown Thrasher
In orderPasseriformes family Mimidae 35 results found
Family and species in Estonian in English
Lamprospiza melanoleuca punanokk-tangara Red-billed Pied Tanager
Mitrospingus cassinii Dusky-faced Tanager
Mitrospingus oleagineus Olive-backed Tanager
Orthogonys chloricterus Olive-green Tanager
In orderPasseriformes family Mitrospingidae 4 results found
Family and species in Estonian in English
Arcanator orostruthus, Modulatrix orostruthus, [Phyllastrephus orostruthus] Dapple-throat, Dappled Mountain Robin
Kakamega poliothorax Grey-chested Kakamega, Grey-chested Thrush-Babbler, Grey-chested Illadopsis
Modulatrix stictigula Spot-throat, Spot Throat
In orderPasseriformes family Modulatricidae 3 results found
 Mohoidae - o'olased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Chaetoptila angustipluma kioea (†) Kioea
Moho apicalis oahu o'o (†) Oahu Oo, Oahu O-o, Oahu 'O'o, O'ahu Oo
Moho bishopi maui o'o (†) Bishop's Oo, Bishop's O-o, Molokai 'O'o
Moho braccatus kauai o'o (†) Kauai Oo, Kauai O-o, Kauai 'O'o, Kaua'i Oo
Moho nobilis hawaii o'o (†) Hawaii Oo, Hawaii O-o, Hawaii 'O'o
In orderPasseriformes family Mohoidae 5 results found
Family and species in Estonian in English
Mohoua albicilla, Mohoua ochrocephala albicilla Whitehead
Mohoua novaeseelandiae, Finschia novaeseelandiae Pipipi, New Zealand Brown Creeper, New Zealand Creeper
Mohoua ochrocephala Yellowhead
In orderPasseriformes family Mohouidae 3 results found
 Monarchidae - piibiklased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Arses insularis ruugekael-prillpiibik Ochre-collared Monarch, Rufous-collared Monarch
Arses kaupi mustpugu-prillpiibik Pied Monarch, Pied Flycatcher, Australian Pied Monarch, Banded Monarch, Pied Monarch-flycatcher, Black-breasted Flycatcher, Kaup's Flycatcher
Arses lorealis Frill-necked Monarch, Australian Frilled Monarch, White-lored Flycatcher
Arses telescopthalmus, [Arses telescophthalmus] Frilled Monarch, Frilled Flycatcher, New Guinea Frilled Flycatcher, Frilled Monarch-flycatcher
Carterornis castus, Monarcha pileatus castus, Monarcha castus tanimbari piibik Tanimbar Monarch, Loetoe Monarch
Carterornis chrysomela, Monarcha chrysomela kuldpiibik Golden Monarch, Black and Yellow Monarch, Black-and-yellow Monarch-flycatcher, Black-and-gold Monarch
Carterornis leucotis, Monarcha leucotis võrapiibik White-eared Monarch, White-eared Flycatcher
Carterornis pileatus, Monarcha pileatus laikpea-piibik White-naped Monarch
Chasiempis ibidis, Chasiempis sandwichensis ibidis, Monarcha ibidis Oahu Elepaio
Chasiempis sandwichensis, Monarcha sandwichensis Hawaii Elepaio, Elepaio*, Hawaiian Elepaio
Chasiempis sclateri, Chasiempis sandwichensis sclateri, Monarcha sclateri Kauai Elepaio
Clytorhynchus hamlini, Monarcha hamlini Rennell Shrikebill
Clytorhynchus nigrogularis, Monarcha nigrogularis valgepõsk-piibik Black-throated Shrikebill, Black-faced Shrikebill
Clytorhynchus pachycephaloides, Monarcha pachycephaloides Southern Shrikebill, Brown Flycatcher
Clytorhynchus sanctaecrucis, Clytorhynchus nigrogularis sanctaecrucis, Monarcha sanctaecrucis nendö piibik Nendo Shrikebill
Clytorhynchus vitiensis, Monarcha vitiensis Fiji Shrikebill, Lesser Shrikebill, Uniform Shrikebill
Eutrichomyias rowleyi Cerulean Paradise-flycatcher, Rowley's Flycatcher, Sangihe Flycatcher
Grallina bruijni kärestikupiibik Torrent-lark, Torrent Lark
Grallina cyanoleuca suurpiibik Magpie-lark, Magpie Lark
Hypothymis azurea kipa-sinipiibik Black-naped Monarch, Black-naped Blue Monarch
Hypothymis coelestis jõgi-sinipiibik Celestial Monarch, Celestial Blue Monarch
Hypothymis helenae tanu-sinipiibik Short-crested Monarch, Short-crested Blue Monarch
Hypothymis puella, Hypothymis azurea puella sulawesi sinipiibik Pale-blue Monarch
Mayrornis lessoni, Monarcha lessoni Slaty Monarch, Slaty Flycatcher, Cinereous Flycatcher, Fiji Flycatcher
Mayrornis schistaceus, Monarcha schistaceus Vanikoro Monarch, Small Slaty Flycatcher, Small Slaty Monarch
Mayrornis versicolor, Monarcha versicolor Ogea Monarch, Versicolour Monarch, Ogea Flycatcher, Fiji Versicoloured Monarch, Versicolour Flycatcher
Metabolus godeffroyi, Monarcha godeffroyi Yap Monarch
Metabolus rugensis, Metabolus rugiensis, Monarcha rugensis Chuuk Monarch, Truk Monarch
Metabolus takatsukasae, Monarcha takatsukasae Tinian Monarch
Monarcha castaneiventris Chestnut-bellied Monarch
Monarcha cinerascens Island Monarch, Islet Monarch, Island Grey-headed Monarch, Island Grey-headed Monarch-flycatcher
Monarcha erythrostictus, Monarcha castaneiventris erythrostictus Bougainville Monarch
Monarcha frater Black-winged Monarch, Black-winged Flycatcher, Black-chinned Flycatcher, Pearly Flycatcher
Monarcha megarhynchus, Monarcha castaneiventris megarhynchus Makira Monarch
Monarcha melanopsis Black-faced Monarch, Pearly-winged Monarch, Pearly-winged Flycatcher, Grey-winged Monarch-flycatcher, Black-faced Flycatcher, Carinated Flycatcher
Monarcha richardsii White-capped Monarch, Richard's Monarch
Monarcha ugiensis, Monarcha castaneiventris ugiensis Ugi Monarch
Myiagra albiventris Samoan Flycatcher, White-vented Flycatcher, Samoan Broadbill Flycatcher, Samoan Myiagra Flycatcher
Myiagra alecto, Piezorhynchus alecto Shining Flycatcher, Common Shining Flycatcher, Shining Monarch, Shining Monarch-flycatcher, Glossy Flycatcher, Papuan Flycatcher, New Guinea Flycatcher, Long-billed Shining Flycatcher, Satinbird
Myiagra atra Biak Flycatcher, Black Myiagra Flycatcher, Biak Black Flycatcher, Biak Myiagra
Myiagra azureocapilla Azure-crested Flycatcher, Blue-headed Flycatcher, Blue-crested Flycatcher, Blue-headed Broadbill, Blue-crested Broadbill
Myiagra caledonica Melanesian Flycatcher, New Caledonian Myiagra Flycatcher, Broad-billed Flycatcher*, New Caledonian Myiagra Flycatcher, Caledonian Flycatcher, Caledonian Myiagra Flycatcher, Melanesian Broadbill
Myiagra castaneigularis, Myiagra azureocapilla castaneigularis Chestnut-throated Flycatcher
Myiagra cervinicauda tumetiib-piibik Makira Flycatcher, San Cristobal Myiarga Flycatcher, San Cristobal Flycatcher, Ochre-headed Flycatcher, Ochre-tailed Flycatcher, Red-tailed Flycatcher
Myiagra cervinicolor, Myiagra hebetior cervinicolor Djaul Flycatcher
Myiagra cyanoleuca Satin Flycatcher, Satin Myiagra Flycatcher, Satin Monarch
Myiagra eichhorni, Myiagra hebetior eichhorni Velvet Flycatcher
Myiagra erythrops, Myiagra oceanica erythrops Palau Flycatcher, Mangrove Flycatcher
Myiagra ferrocyanea Steel-blue Flycatcher, Solomon Flycatcher, Solomons Myiagra Flycatcher, Solomons Satin Flycatcher
Myiagra freycineti, Myiagra oceanica freycineti (†) Guam Flycatcher
Myiagra galeata Moluccan Flycatcher, Helmet Flycatcher, Helmeted Flycatcher, Dark-grey Flycatcher, Slaty Monarch*, Slaty Flycatcher, Helmeted Broadbill, Moluccan Myiagra Flycatcher
Myiagra hebetior, Piezorhynchus hebetior Mussau Flycatcher, Lesser Shining Flycatcher, Dull Flycatcher, Dull Monarch, Hartert's Flycatcher, Island Flycatcher, Little Shining Flycatcher
Myiagra inquieta Restless Flycatcher, Restless Monarch
Myiagra nana Paperbark Flycatcher, Little Restless Flycatcher
Myiagra oceanica Chuuk Flycatcher, Oceanic Flycatcher, Micronesian Myiagra Flycatcher, Micronesian Broadbill Flycatcher, Micronesian Broadbill, Micronesian Flycatcher, Truk Flycatcher
Myiagra pluto, Myiagra oceanica pluto Pohnpei Flycatcher
Myiagra rubecula Leaden Flycatcher, Leaden Monarch Flycatcher, Leaden Myiagra Flycatcher, Blue Flycatcher, Leaden-coloured Flycatcher
Myiagra ruficollis Broad-billed Flycatcher, Broad-billed Monarch, Broad-billed Myiagra, Broad-billed Myiagra Flycatcher
Myiagra vanikorensis Vanikoro Flycatcher, Red-bellied Flycatcher, Vanikoro Broadbill Flycatcher, Vanikoro Myiagra Flycatcher
Neolalage banksiana, Monarcha banksianus Buff-bellied Monarch, Buff-bellied Flycatcher, New Hebrides Monarch, Pacific Monarch, Banksian Monarch, Vanuatu Monarch, Vanuatu Flycatcher
Pomarea dimidiata, Monarcha dimidiatus Rarotonga Monarch, Cook Islands Monarch, Raratonga Flycatcher, Raratonga Monarch-flycatcher
Pomarea fluxa, Pomarea iphis fluxa, Monarcha fluxus (†) Eiao Monarch
Pomarea iphis, Monarcha iphis Iphis Monarch, Allied Monarch, Allied Flycatcher, Huahuna Monarch, Uahuka Monarch
Pomarea mendozae, Monarcha mendozae Marquesas Flycatcher, Marquesan Monarch, Mendoza Monarch
Pomarea mira, Pomarea mendozae mira, Monarcha mirus Ua Pou Monarch, Uapou Monarch
Pomarea nigra, Monarcha niger Tahiti Monarch, Society Is Flycatcher, Society Islands Flycatcher, Tahiti Flycatcher, Tahiti Monarch-flycatcher
Pomarea nukuhivae, Pomarea mendozae nukuhivae, Monarcha nukuhivae (†) Nuku Hiva Monarch, Nukuhiva Monarch
Pomarea pomarea, Pomarea nigra pomarea, Monarcha pomareus (†) Maupiti Monarch
Pomarea whitneyi, Monarcha whitneyi Fatu Hiva Monarch, Fatuhiva Monarch, Fatu Hiva Flycatcher, Large Flycatcher, Large Monarch
Symposiachrus ateralbus, Monarcha verticalis ateralbus, Monarcha ateralbus Djaul Monarch, Djaul Pied Monarch
Symposiachrus axillaris, Monarcha axillaris Black Monarch, Fantail Monarch, Black Monarch-flycatcher
Symposiachrus barbatus, Monarcha barbatus Solomons Pied Monarch, Black-and-white Monarch, Pied Monarch, Fluttering Monarch
Symposiachrus boanensis, Monarcha boanensis boano piibik Black-chinned Monarch
Symposiachrus brehmii, Monarcha brehmii sirppiibik Biak Monarch
Symposiachrus browni, Monarcha browni Kolombangara Monarch, Kulambangra Monarch
Symposiachrus everetti, Monarcha everetti valgepära-piibik White-tipped Monarch
Symposiachrus guttula, Monarcha guttula, Monarcha guttulus helmestiib-piibik Spot-winged Monarch, Spot-winged Monarch Flycatcher
Symposiachrus infelix, Monarcha infelix manuse piibik Manus Monarch, Unhappy Monarch, Admiralty Pied Monarch
Symposiachrus julianae, Monarcha julianae, Monarcha julienae kofiau piibik Kofiau Monarch, Black-backed Monarch
Symposiachrus leucurus, Monarcha leucurus kai piibik White-tailed Monarch, Kai Monarch
Symposiachrus loricatus, Monarcha loricatus buru piibik Black-tipped Monarch
Symposiachrus malaitae, Monarcha barbatus malaitae malaita piibik Malaita Monarch
Symposiachrus manadensis, Monarcha manadensis Hooded Monarch, Black and White Monarch, Pied Monarch*
Symposiachrus menckei, Monarcha menckei White-breasted Monarch, St Matthias Monarch, Mussau Pied Monarch
Symposiachrus mundus, Monarcha mundus banda piibik Black-bibbed Monarch, Tanimbar Monarch
Symposiachrus rubiensis, Monarcha rubiensis Rufous Monarch
Symposiachrus sacerdotum, Monarcha sacerdotum florese piibik Flores Monarch, Mees' Monarch
Symposiachrus trivirgatus, Monarcha trivirgatus Spectacled Monarch, Spectacled Flycatcher, Spectacled Monarch-flycatcher, White-bellied Flycatcher, Black-fronted Flycatcher
Symposiachrus verticalis, Monarcha verticalis Black-tailed Monarch, Bismarck Monarch, Bismarck Pied Monarch
Symposiachrus vidua, Monarcha vidua, [Monarcha viduus] kiritiib-piibik White-collared Monarch, San Cristobal Monarch
Terpsiphone affinis, Terpsiphone paradisi affinis hallpugu-paradiisipiibik Oriental Paradise-flycatcher
Terpsiphone atrocaudata tume-paradiisipiibik Japanese Paradise-flycatcher, Black Paradise Flycatcher
Terpsiphone atrochalybeia, Terpsiphone atrochalybea sãotomé paradiisipiibik Sao Tome Paradise-flycatcher, Sao Thomé Paradise Flycatcher
Terpsiphone batesi kongo paradiisipiibik Bates's Paradise-flycatcher
Terpsiphone bedfordi tina-paradiisipiibik Bedford's Paradise-flycatcher, Bedford's Paradise Monarch
Terpsiphone bourbonnensis maskareeni paradiisipiibik Mascarene Paradise-flycatcher, Mascarene Paradise Flycatcher
Terpsiphone cinnamomea ruuge-paradiisipiibik Southern Rufous Paradise-flycatcher, Rufous Paradise-flycatcher*, Rufous Paradise Flycatcher*
Terpsiphone corvina seišelli paradiisipiibik Seychelles Paradise-flycatcher, Seychelles Paradise Flycatcher
Terpsiphone cyanescens sini-paradiisipiibik Blue Paradise-flycatcher, Blue Paradise Flycatcher
Terpsiphone floris, Terpsiphone paradisi floris valge-paradiisipiibik Nusa Tenggara Paradise-flycatcher
Terpsiphone incei, Terpsiphone paradisi incei hiina paradiisipiibik Chinese Paradise-flycatcher
Terpsiphone mutata madagaskari paradiisipiibik Madagascar Paradise-flycatcher, Madagascar Paradise Flycatcher
Terpsiphone paradisi tutt-paradiisipiibik Indian Paradise-flycatcher, Asian Paradise-flycatcher, Asian Paradise Flycatcher, Asiatic Paradise Flycatcher
Terpsiphone rufiventer ruugekõht-paradiisipiibik Red-bellied Paradise-flycatcher, Red-bellied Paradise Flycatcher, Black-headed Paradise-flycatcher
Terpsiphone rufiventer smithii, Terpsiphone smithii annobóni paradiisipiibik Annobon Paradise Flycatcher, Annobon Paradise-flycatcher, Annobón Paradise-flycatcher
Terpsiphone rufocinerea, Terpsiphone viridis rufocinerea võsa-paradiisipiibik Rufous-vented Paradise-flycatcher, Rufous-vented Paradise Flycatcher
Terpsiphone unirufa, Terpsiphone cinnamomea unirufa filipiini paradiisipiibik Northern Rufous Paradise-flycatcher
Terpsiphone viridis salu-paradiisipiibik African Paradise-flycatcher, African Paradise Flycatcher
Trochocercus bivittatus, Trochocercus cyanomelas bivittatus tihnikupiibik Eastern Crested-flycatcher
Trochocercus cyanomelas, Terpsiphone cyanomelas vööttiib-piibik Southern Crested-flycatcher, Blue-mantled Paradise-flycatcher, African Crested-flycatcher, Cape Crested Flycatcher
Trochocercus nitens, Terpsiphone nitens liaanipiibik Western Crested-flycatcher, Blue-headed Paradise-flycatcher, Blue-headed Crested-flycatcher, Blue-headed Crested Flycatcher
In orderPasseriformes family Monarchidae 111 results found
 Motacillidae - västriklased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Amaurocichla bocagii, Motacilla bocagii, [Amaurocichla bocagei] töbivästrik Sao Tome Short-tail, Bocage's Longbill
Anthus antarcticus lõunageorgia kiur South Georgia Pipit, Subantarctic Pipit
Anthus berthelotii, Corydalla berthelotii kanaari kiur Berthelot's Pipit, Canarian Pipit, Canary Islands Pipit
Anthus bogotensis paramokiur Paramo Pipit
Anthus brachyurus, Cinaedium brachyurum lühisaba-kiur Short-tailed Pipit
Anthus caffer, Cinaedium caffrum savannikiur Bush Pipit, Bushveld Pipit, Little Tawny Pipit
Anthus campestris, Corydalla campestris nõmmekiur Tawny Pipit
Anthus cervinus tundrakiur (punakurk-kiur) Red-throated Pipit
Anthus chacoensis paraná kiur Pampas Pipit, Chaco Pipit
Anthus cinnamomeus camaroonensis, Anthus camaroonensis, Corydalla cinnamomea camaroonensis kameruni niidukiur Cameroon Pipit
Anthus cinnamomeus latistriatus, Anthus latistriatus, Anthus novaeseelandiae latistriatus, Corydalla cinnamomea latistriata ülangukiur Jackson's Pipit
Anthus cinnamomeus, Corydalla cinnamomea aafrika niidukiur African Pipit, Grassveld Pipit, Grassland Pipit
Anthus correndera pampakiur Correndera Pipit
Anthus crenatus, Cinaedium crenatum kõnnukiur Yellow-tufted Pipit, African Rock Pipit, Large Yellow-tufted Pipit, Rock Pipit*
Anthus furcatus väljakiur Short-billed Pipit
Anthus godlewskii, Corydalla godlewskii mongoolia kiur Blyth's Pipit, Godlewski's Pipit
Anthus gustavi põhjakiur Pechora Pipit, Petchora Pipit, Siberian Pipit
Anthus gutturalis paapua kiur Alpine Pipit, New Guinea Pipit, Mountain Pipit*
Anthus hellmayri rohukiur Hellmayr's Pipit
Anthus hodgsoni taigakiur Olive-backed Pipit, Olive Tree Pipit, Oriental Tree Pipit, Spotted Pipit
Anthus hoeschi, Anthus cinnamomeus bocagei, Cinaedium hoeschi sotho kiur Mountain Pipit
Anthus leucophrys, Corydalla leucophrys kõrrekiur Plain-backed Pipit
Anthus lineiventris, Cinaedium lineiventre rünkakiur Striped Pipit, Large Striped Pipit
Anthus lutescens väikekiur Yellowish Pipit
Anthus melindae, Corydalla melindae karjamaa-kiur Malindi Pipit
Anthus nattereri kampokiur Ochre-breasted Pipit
Anthus nilghiriensis, [Anthus rufescens] nilgiri kiur Nilgiri Pipit
Anthus novaeseelandiae australis, Anthus australis, Corydalla novaeseelandiae australis austraalia niidukiur Australian Pipit
Anthus novaeseelandiae, Corydalla novaeseelandiae lõuna-niidukiur Australasian Pipit, New Zealand Pipit
Anthus nyassae, Corydalla nyassae miombokiur Woodland Pipit, Wood Pipit, Brachystegia Pipit
Anthus pallidiventris, Corydalla pallidiventris välukiur Long-legged Pipit
Anthus peruvianus, Anthus lutescens peruvianus Peruvian Pipit
Anthus petrosus randkiur Rock Pipit, European Rock Pipit
Anthus pratensis sookiur Meadow Pipit
Anthus richardi, Anthus novaeseelandiae richardi, Corydalla richardi niidukiur (stepi-niidukiur) Richard's Pipit
Anthus roseatus, [Anthus pelopus] roosarind-kiur Rosy Pipit, Hodgson's Pipit, Roseate Pipit, Rose-breasted Pipit, Vinaceous-breasted Pipit
Anthus rubescens leetkiur Buff-bellied Pipit, American Pipit, American Rock Pipit, American Water Pipit
Anthus rubescens japonicus, Anthus japonicus Buff-bellied Pipit*, Siberian Buff-bellied Pipit, Siberian Pipit, Siberian Water Pipit
Anthus rufulus, Corydalla rufula kagu-niidukiur Paddyfield Pipit, Indian Pipit, Oriental Pipit
Anthus similis bannermani, Anthus bannermani, Corydalla similis bannermani tume-nõlvakiur Bannerman's Pipit, Brown Rock Pipit
Anthus similis, Corydalla similis nõlvakiur Long-billed Pipit, Brown Rock Pipit
Anthus sokokensis, Cinaedium sokokense varjukiur Sokoke Pipit
Anthus spinoletta mägikiur Water Pipit, Mountain Pipit*
Anthus spragueii preeriakiur Sprague's Pipit
Anthus sylvanus, Corydalla sylvana rahnukiur Upland Pipit, Indian Pipit, Oriental Pipit, Chinese Pipit
Anthus trivialis metskiur Tree Pipit, Brown Tree Pipit, Eurasian Tree Pipit
Anthus vaalensis, Corydalla vaalensis kulukiur Buffy Pipit, Sandy Pipit, Sandy Plain-backed Pipit
Dendronanthus indicus, Motacilla indicus võravästrik Forest Wagtail, Tree Wagtail
Hemimacronyx chloris, Anthus chloris päikesekiur Yellow-breasted Pipit, Yellow-bellied Pipit, Yellowish-bellied Pipit, Yellow-breasted Longclaw
Macronyx ameliae puna-kaeluskiur Rosy-throated Longclaw, Rosy-breasted Longclaw, Pink-throated Longclaw
Macronyx aurantiigula kikuju kaeluskiur Pangani Longclaw
Macronyx capensis tulikurk-kaeluskiur Cape Longclaw, Orange-throated Longclaw
Macronyx croceus safran-kaeluskiur Yellow-throated Longclaw
Macronyx flavicollis etioopia kaeluskiur Abyssinian Longclaw
Macronyx fuelleborni, Macronyx fuellebornii kold-kaeluskiur Fülleborn's Longclaw, Fuelleborn's Longclaw
Macronyx grimwoodi angoola kaeluskiur Grimwood's Longclaw
Macronyx sharpei, Hemimacronyx sharpei, Anthus sharpei keenia kiur Sharpe's Longclaw, Sharpe's Pipit
Madanga ruficollis, Anthus ruficollis Madanga, Rufous-throated White-eye
Motacilla aguimp aafrika linavästrik African Pied Wagtail, African Wagtail
Motacilla alba linavästrik White Wagtail, Pied Wagtail*; White-faced Wagtail (s. str.)
Motacilla alba lugens, Motacilla lugens ida-linavästrik Black-backed Wagtail, Japanese Pied Wagtail*, Kamchatka Pied Wagtail
Motacilla alba personata, Motacilla personata turkestani linavästrik Masked Wagtail
Motacilla alba subpersonata, Motacilla subpersonata maroko linavästrik Moroccan Wagtail
Motacilla alba yarrellii, Motacilla yarrellii tõmmu-linavästrik British Pied Wagtail, Pied Wagtail*
Motacilla capensis lõunavästrik Cape Wagtail
Motacilla cinerea jõgivästrik Grey Wagtail
Motacilla citreola kuldhänilane Citrine Wagtail, Yellow-headed Wagtail, Yellow-hooded Wagtail; Northern Citrine Wagtail (s. str.)
Motacilla citreola werae, Motacilla werae kuldhänilane Western Citrine Wagtail
Motacilla clara, [Motacilla longicauda] kosevästrik Mountain Wagtail, Grey-backed Wagtail, Long-tailed Wagtail
Motacilla flava hänilane (lambahänilane) Western Yellow Wagtail, Yellow Wagtail
Motacilla flava cinereocapilla, Motacilla cinereocapilla itaalia hänilane Ashy-headed Wagtail
Motacilla flava feldegg, Motacilla feldegg mustpea-hänilane Black-headed Wagtail
Motacilla flava flava lambahänilane Blue-headed Wagtail, Blue-headed Yellow Wagtail
Motacilla flava flavissima inglise hänilane British Yellow Wagtail, Yellow-crowned Wagtail, Yellowish-crowned Wagtail
Motacilla flava iberiae, Motacilla iberiae mauri hänilane Iberian Yellow Wagtail, Spanish Wagtail, Spanish Yellow Wagtail, Iberian Wagtail
Motacilla flava lutea, Motacilla lutea kollahänilane Yellow-headed Wagtail, Eastern Yellow-headed Wagtail, Yellow-browed Wagtail
Motacilla flava thunbergi põhjahänilane Grey-headed Wagtail, Dark-headed Wagtail
Motacilla flaviventris madagaskari västrik Madagascar Wagtail, Madagascan Wagtail
Motacilla grandis, Motacilla alba grandis jaapani linavästrik Japanese Wagtail, Japanese Pied Wagtail*
Motacilla maderaspatensis, Motacilla alba maderaspatensis india linavästrik White-browed Wagtail, Large Pied Wagtail
Motacilla samveasnae mekongi linavästrik Mekong Wagtail
Motacilla tschutschensis, Motacilla flava tschutschensis idahänilane Eastern Yellow Wagtail
Tmetothylacus tenellus kuldkiur Golden Pipit
In orderPasseriformes family Motacillidae 83 results found
 Muscicapidae - kärbsenäplased
Family and species in Estonian in English
Agricola infuscatus, Bradornis infuscatus, Melaenornis infuscatus kõnnu-kärbsenäpp Chat-Flycatcher, Brown Chat-flycatcher, Chat Flycatcher, African Brown Flycatcher
Agricola pallidus, Bradornis pallidus, Melaenornis pallidus leet-kärbsenäpp Pale Flycatcher, Pallid Flycatcher, Mouse-coloured Flycatcher
Alethe castanea ruske-sipelgaööbik Fire-crested Alethe, Firecrest Alethe
Alethe diademata ginea sipelgaööbik White-tailed Alethe, Fire-crested Alethe
Anthipes monileger, [Ficedula monileger] manisk-sininäpp White-gorgeted Flycatcher, White-gorgetted Flycatcher
Anthipes solitaris, [Ficedula solitaris] ruugekulm-sininäpp Rufous-browed Flycatcher, White-gorgeted Flycatcher, White-throated Flycatcher, Malaysian Flycatcher, Malaysian Rufous-browed Flycatcher
Brachypteryx cruralis, Brachypteryx montana cruralis kaguaasia paguööbik Himalayan Shortwing
Brachypteryx erythrogyna, Brachypteryx montana erythrogyna kalimantani paguööbik Bornean Shortwing
Brachypteryx floris, Brachypteryx montana floris florese paguööbik Flores Shortwing
Brachypteryx goodfellowi, Brachypteryx montana goodfellowi taivani paguööbik Taiwan Shortwing
Brachypteryx hyperythra bambuse-paguööbik Rusty-bellied Shortwing, Rusty-brested Shortwing
Brachypteryx leucophris, Brachypteryx leucophrys leet-paguööbik Lesser Shortwing, Brown Shortwing
Brachypteryx montana mägi-paguööbik Javan Shortwing, White-browed Shortwing, Blue Shortwing, Indigo-blue Shortwing
Brachypteryx poliogyna, Brachypteryx montana poliogyna filipiini paguööbik Philippine Shortwing
Brachypteryx saturata, Brachypteryx montana saturata sumatra paguööbik Sumatran Shortwing
Brachypteryx sinensis, Brachypteryx montana sinensis hiina paguööbik Chinese Shortwing
Bradornis boehmi, Muscicapa boehmi, Myopornis boehmi miombo-kärbsenäpp Böhm's Flycatcher, Boehm's Flycatcher, Dusky Blue Flycatcher
Bradornis comitatus, Muscicapa comitata manisk-kärbsenäpp Dusky-blue Flycatcher, Dusky Blue Flycatcher
Bradornis fuliginosus, Muscicapa infuscata, Artomyias infuscata, Artomyias fuliginosa tõmmu-kärbsenäpp Sooty Flycatcher, African Sooty Flycatcher
Bradornis mariquensis, Melaenornis mariquensis akaatsia-kärbsenäpp Mariqua Flycatcher, Marico Flycatcher
Bradornis microrhynchus, Melaenornis microrhynchus võseriku-kärbsenäpp African Grey Flycatcher, Large Flycatcher, Grey Flycatcher, Greyish Flycatcher
Bradornis ussheri, Muscicapa ussheri, Artomyias ussheri pääsu-kärbsenäpp Ussher's Flycatcher, Ussher's Dusky Flycatcher
Calliope calliope, Luscinia calliope, [Erithacus calliope] rubiinööbik Siberian Rubythroat, Rubythroat, Red-necked Nightingale
Calliope obscura, Luscinia obscura, [Erithacus obscura], [Erithacus obscurus] mustkurk-ööbik Blackthroat, Black-throated Blue Robin, Black-throated Robin
Calliope pectardens, Luscinia pectardens, [Erithacus pectardens] tulikurk-ööbik Firethroat, Fire-throated Robin, David's Rubythroat, Père David's Orange-throat, Père David's Orangethroat
Calliope pectoralis, Luscinia pectoralis, [Erithacus pectoralis] artšaööbik Himalayan Rubythroat, White-tailed Rubythroat, Rubythroat, Black-breasted Rubythroat
Calliope tschebaiewi, Luscinia pectoralis tschebaiewi tiibeti ööbik Chinese Rubythroat
Campicoloides bifasciatus, Saxicola bifasciata, Oenanthe bifasciata aaloetäks Buff-streaked Chat, Buff-streaked Bushchat, Buff-browed Chat
Cercotrichas galactotes, Erythropygia galactotes võsaööbik (harilik võsaööbik) Rufous-tailed Scrub-robin, Rufous Scrub-robin, Rufous Scrub Robin, Rufous-tailed Scrub Robin, Rufous Bush Robin, Rufous-tailed Bush-robin, Rufous Bush-chat, Rufous-tailed Bush-chat, Rufous Scrub-warbler, Rufous-tailed Scrub-warbler
Cercotrichas paena, Erythropygia paena kalahari võsaööbik Kalahari Scrub-robin, Kalahari Scrub Robin, Sandy Scrub-robin
Cercotrichas podobe must-võsaööbik Black Scrub-robin, Black Bush Robin, Black Bush-robin, Black Bush-chat
Chamaetylas choloensis, Pseudalethe choloensis manisk-sipelgaööbik Thyolo Alethe, Cholo Alethe, Cholo Mountain Alethe
Chamaetylas fuelleborni, Pseudalethe fuelleborni valgepugu-sipelgaööbik White-chested Alethe, White-breasted Alethe, Fuelleborn's Alethe
Chamaetylas poliocephala, Pseudalethe poliocephala helekulm-sipelgaööbik Brown-chested Alethe, Brown-crowned Alethe
Chamaetylas poliophrys, Pseudalethe poliophrys punakurk-sipelgaööbik Red-throated Alethe
Cichladusa arquata kee-palmiööbik Collared Palm-thrush, Collared Palm Thrush, Scrub Palm-thrush, Morning Thrush, Morning Warbler
Cichladusa guttata täpik-palmiööbik Spotted Palm-thrush, Spotted Palm Thrush, Spotted Morning-thrush, Spotted Morning Thrush, Spotted Morning Warbler
Cichladusa ruficauda hallpugu-palmiööbik Rufous-tailed Palm-thrush, Red-tailed Palm Thrush, Red-tailed Palm-thrush
Cinclidium frontale, Callene frontale redusiirak Blue-fronted Robin, Long-tailed Blue Robin, Blue-fronted Callene
Copsychus albospecularis madagaskari harakööbik Madagascar Magpie-robin, Madagascar Magpie Robin
Copsychus mindanensis, Copsychus saularis mindanensis filipiini harakööbik Philippine Magpie-robin
Copsychus pica, Copsychus albospecularis pica valgekõht-harakööbik Pelzeln's Magpie-robin
Copsychus saularis pugal-harakööbik Oriental Magpie-robin, Magpie Robin
Copsychus sechellarum seišelli harakööbik Seychelles Magpie-robin, Seychelles Magpie Robin
Cossypha albicapillus, [Cossypha albicapilla] händ-ruugeööbik White-crowned Robin-chat, White-crowned Robin Chat
Cossypha cyanocampter siniõlg-ruugeööbik Blue-shouldered Robin-chat, Blue-shouldered Robin Chat
Cossypha dichroa võra-ruugeööbik Chorister Robin-chat, Chorister Robin Chat
Cossypha heinrichi valgepea-ruugeööbik White-headed Robin-chat, White-headed Robin Chat, Angola Robin-chat, Heinrich's Robin-chat, Rand's Robin-chat
Cossypha heuglini salu-ruugeööbik White-browed Robin-chat, White-browed Robin Chat, Heuglin's Robin Chat
Cossypha natalensis rebu-ruugeööbik Red-capped Robin-chat, Rufous-capped Robin-chat, Red-capped Robin Chat
Cossypha niveicapilla tihniku-ruugeööbik Snowy-crowned Robin-chat, Snowy-crowned Robin Chat, Snowy-headed Robin-chat
Cossypha semirufa kadaka-ruugeööbik Rüppell's Robin-chat, Rueppell's Robin-chat, Ruppell's Robin Chat, Lesser Robin-chat, Black-tailed Robin-chat
Cossyphicula roberti, Cossypha roberti, Sheppardia roberti näpp-ruugeööbik White-bellied Robin-chat, African Flycatcher-chat, White-bellied Robin Chat, White-bellied Robin
Cyanecula svecica cyanecula, Luscinia svecica cyanecula luha-sinirind White-spotted Bluethroat
Cyanecula svecica svecica, Luscinia svecica svecica tundra-sinirind Red-spotted Bluethroat
Cyanecula svecica, Luscinia svecica, [Erithacus svecicus] sinirind Bluethroat
Cyanoptila cumatilis, Cyanoptila cyanomelana cumatilis taiga-sininäpp Zappey's Flycatcher, Blue-and-white Flycatcher*
Cyanoptila cyanomelana põhja-sininäpp Blue-and-white Flycatcher, Blue and White Flycatcher
Cyornis banyumas, Niltava banyumas nõlva-sininäpp Hill Blue-flycatcher, Hill Blue Flycatcher, Hill Blue Niltava
Cyornis brunneatus, Rhinomyias brunneatus, Rhinomyias brunneata ränd-sininäpp Brown-chested Jungle-flycatcher, Brown-chested Jungle Flycatcher, Brown-chested Flycatcher, Brown-chested Rhinomyias, White-gorgetted Flycatcher, White-gorgeted Jungle-flycatcher, Chinese Jungle-flycatcher, Migratory Jungle-flycatcher
Cyornis caerulatus, Niltava caerulata lainokk-sininäpp Large-billed Blue-flycatcher, Large-billed Blue Flycatcher, Sunda Blue-flycatcher, Large-billed Niltava
Cyornis camarinensis, Cyornis herioti camarinensis bicoli sininäpp Rufous-breasted Blue-flycatcher
Cyornis colonus, Rhinomyias colonus sulasaarte sininäpp Henna-tailed Jungle-flycatcher, Henna-tailed Jungle Flycatcher, Sula Jungle Flycatcher, Henna-tailed Rhinomyias
Cyornis concretus, Niltava concreta pugalsaba-sininäpp White-tailed Flycatcher, White-tailed Blue-flycatcher, White-tailed Blue Flycatcher, Short-tailed Blue-flycatcher, White-tailed Niltava
Cyornis djampeanus, Cyornis rufigastra djampeanus tanahjampea sininäpp Tanahjampea Blue-flycatcher
Cyornis glaucicomans, Cyornis rubeculoides glaucicomans hiina sininäpp Chinese Blue-flycatcher, Chinese Flycatcher
Cyornis hainanus, Niltava hainana safiir-sininäpp Hainan Blue-flycatcher, Hainan Blue Flycatcher, Grant's Niltava, Grant's Blue-flycatcher
Cyornis herioti, Niltava herioti luzoni sininäpp Blue-breasted Blue-flycatcher, Blue-breasted Blue Flycatcher, Blue-breasted Flycatcher, Blue-breasted Niltava
Cyornis hoevelli, Niltava hoevelli pruunselg-sininäpp Blue-fronted Flycatcher, Blue-fronted Blue-flycatcher, Blue-fronted Blue Flycatcher, Hoevell's Flycatcher, Celebes Blue-flycatcher, Blue-fronted Niltava
Cyornis hyacinthinus, Niltava hyacinthina timori sininäpp Timor Blue-flycatcher, Timor Blue Flycatcher, Blue-backed Flycatcher, Hyacinthine Flycatcher, Blue-backed Niltava
Cyornis lemprieri palawani sininäpp Palawan Blue-flycatcher, Balabac Blue-flycatcher, Ramsay's Blue-flycatcher
Cyornis magnirostris, Cyornis banyumas magnirostris himaalaja sininäpp Large Blue-flycatcher
Cyornis nicobaricus, Rhinomyias brunneata nicobaricus, Rhinomyias nicobaricus nicobari sininäpp Nicobar Jungle-flycatcher
Cyornis olivaceus, Rhinomyias olivaceus, Rhinomyias olivacea oliiv-sininäpp Fulvous-chested Jungle-flycatcher, Fulvous-chested Jungle Flycatcher, Olive-backed Jungle Flycatcher, Olive-backed Jungle-flycatcher, Fulvous-chested Flycatcher, Fulvous-chested Rhinomyias
Cyornis omissus, Cyornis rufigastra omissus ruugepugu-sininäpp Sulawesi Blue-flycatcher
Cyornis oscillans, Rhinomyias oscillans, Rhinomyias oscillans stresemanni, Rhinomyias stresemanni tõmmu-sininäpp Russet-backed Jungle-flycatcher, Russet-backed Jungle Flycatcher, Russet-backed Rhinomyias, Sumba Jungle-flycatcher
Cyornis pallidipes, Cyornis pallipes, Niltava pallipes ghati sininäpp White-bellied Blue-flycatcher, White-bellied Blue Flycatcher, White-bellied Niltava, White-vented Blue-flycatcher
Cyornis poliogenys, Niltava poliogenys pruun-sininäpp Pale-chinned Flycatcher, Pale-chinned Blue Flycatcher, Pale-chinned Blue-flycatcher, Brooks's Blue Flycatcher, Brooks's Flycatcher, Brooks' Niltava
Cyornis rubeculoides, Niltava rubeculoides diadeem-sininäpp Blue-throated Blue-flycatcher, Blue-throated Blue Flycatcher, Blue-throated Flycatcher, Blue-throated Niltava
Cyornis ruckii, Niltava ruckii, [Niltava ruecki] sumatra sininäpp Rück's Blue-flycatcher, Rück's Blue Flycatcher, Rueck's Blue-flycatcher, Rueck's Niltava
Cyornis ruficauda, Rhinomyias ruficauda ruskesaba-sininäpp Rufous-tailed Jungle-flycatcher, Rufous-tailed Jungle Flycatcher, Grey-faced Jungle-flycatcher, Chestnut-tailed Jungle-flycatcher
Cyornis rufigastra, [Cyornis rufigaster], Niltava rufigastra mangroovi-sininäpp Mangrove Blue-flycatcher, Mangrove Blue Flycatcher, Mangrove Niltava
Cyornis sanfordi, Niltava sanfordi minahassa sininäpp Matinan Flycatcher, Matinan Blue-flycatcher, Matinan Blue Flycatcher, Sanford's Flycatcher, Matinan Niltava
Cyornis stresemanni, Cyornis oscillans stresemanni sumba sininäpp Sumba Jungle-flycatcher
Cyornis sumatrensis, Cyornis tickelliae sumatrensis indohiina sininäpp Indochinese Blue-flycatcher
Cyornis superbus, Niltava superba türkiis-sininäpp Bornean Blue-flycatcher, Bornean Blue Flycatcher, Bornean Niltava
Cyornis tickelliae, Niltava tickelliae salu-sininäpp Tickell's Blue-flycatcher, Tickell's Blue Flycatcher, Orange-breasted Blue-flycatcher, Tickell's Flycatcher, Tickell's Niltava
Cyornis turcosus, Niltava turcosa jõgi-sininäpp Malay Blue-flycatcher, Malaysian Blue-flycatcher, Malaysian Blue Flycatcher, Malaysian Niltava
Cyornis umbratilis, Rhinomyias umbratilis hallpugu-sininäpp Grey-chested Jungle-flycatcher, Grey-chested Jungle Flycatcher, White-throated Jungle Flycatcher
Cyornis unicolor, Niltava unicolor koobalt-sininäpp Pale Blue-flycatcher, Pale Blue Flycatcher, Pale Niltava
Dessonornis anomalus, Dessonornis anomala, Cossypha anomala, Dryocichloides anomala, Alethe anomala, Callene anomala tuhk-ruugeööbik Olive-flanked Robin-chat, Olive-flanked Robin Chat, Olive-flanked Robin
Dessonornis archeri, Cossypha archeri, Dryocichloides archeri, Callene archeri sõnajala-ruugeööbik Archer's Robin-chat, Archer's Robin Chat, Archer's Robin
Dessonornis caffer, Dessonornis caffra, Cossypha caffra, Callene caffra mägi-ruugeööbik Cape Robin-chat, Cape Robin Chat, Robin Chat
Dessonornis humeralis, Cossypha humeralis valgetiib-ruugeööbik White-throated Robin-chat, White-throated Robin Chat, White-shouldered Robin-chat
Dessonornis macclounii, Dessonornis anomalus macclounii, Dessonornis anomala macclounii, Cossypha anomala macclounii hall-ruugeööbik Rusty-flanked Robin-chat
Dessonornis mbuluensis, Dessonornis anomalus mbuluensis, Dessonornis anomala mbuluensis, Cossypha anomala mbuluensis nõgi-ruugeööbik Mbulu Robin-chat
Emarginata schlegelii, Cercomela schlegelii suur-kaljutäks Karoo Chat, Grey-rumped Chat, Schlegel's Chat
Emarginata sinuata, Cercomela sinuata karoo kaljutäks Sickle-winged Chat, Sicklewing Chat
Emarginata tractrac, Cercomela tractrac hõbe-kaljutäks Tractrac Chat, Layard's Chat
Enicurus immaculatus birma käärsaba Black-backed Forktail
Enicurus leschenaulti sukel-käärsaba White-crowned Forktail, Leschenault's Forktail
Enicurus maculatus tähnik-käärsaba Spotted Forktail
Enicurus ruficapillus punapea-käärsaba Chestnut-naped Forktail, Chestnut-backed Forktail
Enicurus schistaceus hall-käärsaba Slaty-backed Forktail
Enicurus scouleri töbi-käärsaba Little Forktail
Enicurus velatus väike-käärsaba Sunda Forktail, Lesser Forktail
Erithacus rubecula punarind European Robin, Robin, Robin Redbreast, Redbreast
Erithacus rubecula superbus, Erithacus superbus kanaari punarind Tenerife Robin
Erythropygia hartlaubi, Cercotrichas hartlaubi hirsi-võsaööbik Brown-backed Scrub-robin, Brown-backed Scrub Robin, Hartlaub's Scrub-robin
Erythropygia leucophrys, Cercotrichas leucophrys akaatsia-võsaööbik White-browed Scrub Robin, Red-backed Scrub-robin, White-browed Scrub-robin, White-winged Scrub-robin
Eumyias additus, Rhinomyias additus, Rhinomyias addita, Rhinomyias oscillans buru sininäpp Streaky-breasted Jungle-flycatcher, Streaky-breasted Jungle Flycatcher, Streak-breasted Rhinomyias, Buru Jungle Flycatcher, Buru Jungle-flycatcher, Moluccan Jungle-flycatcher, Flores Jungle Flycatcher
Eumyias albicaudatus, [Eumyias albicaudata], Muscicapa albicaudata kerala sininäpp Nilgiri Flycatcher, Nilgiri Verditer Flycatcher
Eumyias indigo, Muscicapa indigo indigo-sininäpp Indigo Flycatcher, Sunda Island Blue-flycatcher
Eumyias panayensis, Muscicapa panayensis kagu-sininäpp Turquoise Flycatcher, Island Verditer-flycatcher, Island Verditer Flycatcher, Island Flycatcher, Philippine Verditer Flycatcher, Mountain Verditer-flycatcher
Eumyias ruficrissa, Eumyias indigo ruficrissa sunda sininäpp Rufous-vented Flycatcher
Eumyias sordidus, [Eumyias sordida], Muscicapa sordida tuhm-sininäpp Dull-blue Flycatcher, Dull Verditer-flycatcher, Dull Verditer Flycatcher, Sri Lanka Dusky Blue Flycatcher, Dusky Blue Flycatcher, Oriental Dusky Flycatcher, Oriental Flycatcher
Eumyias thalassinus, [Eumyias thalassina], Muscicapa thalassina lasuur-sininäpp Verditer Flycatcher, Asian Verditer-flycatcher, Asian Verditer Flycatcher, Indian Verditer Flycatcher
Ficedula albicilla, Ficedula parva albicilla siberi kärbsenäpp Red-throated Flycatcher, Taiga Flycatcher
Ficedula albicollis, [Muscicapa albicollis] kaelus-kärbsenäpp Collared Flycatcher
Ficedula basilanica pagu-kärbsenäpp Little Slaty Flycatcher
Ficedula bonthaina lompobattangi kärbsenäpp Lompobattang Flycatcher, Mountain Flycatcher, Celebes Blue-flycatcher
Ficedula buruensis maluku kärbsenäpp Cinnamon-chested Flycatcher
Ficedula crypta mindanao kärbsenäpp Cryptic Flycatcher, Vaurie's Flycatcher, Luzmin Flycatcher, Russet-tailed Flycatcher
Ficedula disposita luzoni kärbsenäpp Furtive Flycatcher
Ficedula dumetoria joonik-kärbsenäpp Rufous-chested Flycatcher, Orange-breasted Flycatcher, Short-tailed Flycatcher
Ficedula elisae, Ficedula narcissina elisae, Ficedula beijingnica rohepea-kärbsenäpp Green-backed Flycatcher
Ficedula erithacus, Ficedula sordida, [Ficedula hodgsoni], [Ficedula hodgsonii], [Muscicapa amabilis] punarind-kärbsenäpp Slaty-backed Flycatcher, Rusty-breasted Blue Flycatcher, Rusty-breasted Flycatcher
Ficedula harterti sumba kärbsenäpp Sumba Flycatcher, Hartert's Flycatcher
Ficedula henrici damari kärbsenäpp Damar Flycatcher, Damar Blue Flycatcher, Blue Flycatcher
Ficedula hodgsoni, Muscicapella hodgsoni, [Niltava hodgsoni] kääbus-kärbsenäpp Pygmy Blue-flycatcher, Pygmy Blue Flycatcher
Ficedula hyperythra kiltselg-kärbsenäpp Snowy-browed Flycatcher, Thicket Flycatcher, Rufous-breasted Blue Flycatcher, White-fronted Flycatcher, Red-breasted Flycatcher*, Dull Flycatcher
Ficedula hypoleuca speculigera, Ficedula speculigera atlase kärbsenäpp Atlas Pied Flycatcher, Atlas Flycatcher
Ficedula hypoleuca, [Muscicapa hypoleuca] must-kärbsenäpp European Pied Flycatcher, Pied Flycatcher, Western Pied Flycatcher
Ficedula luzoniensis, Ficedula hyperythra luzoniensis filipiini kärbsenäpp Thicket Flycatcher, Bundok Flycatcher
Ficedula mugimaki taiga-kärbsenäpp Mugimaki Flycatcher, Robin Flycatcher
Ficedula narcissina jaapani kärbsenäpp Narcissus Flycatcher
Ficedula nigrorufa ruuge-kärbsenäpp Black-and-orange Flycatcher, Black and Orange Flycatcher, Black-and-rufous Flycatcher
Ficedula owstoni, Ficedula narcissina owstoni ryukyu kärbsenäpp Ryukyu Flycatcher
Ficedula parva väike-kärbsenäpp Red-breasted Flycatcher
Ficedula platenae palawani kärbsenäpp Palawan Flycatcher
Ficedula riedeli, Ficedula dumetoria riedeli tanimbari kärbsenäpp Tanimbar Flycatcher
Ficedula ruficauda, [Muscicapa ruficauda] ruskesaba-kärbsenäpp Rusty-tailed Flycatcher, Rufous-tailed Flycatcher
Ficedula rufigula sulawesi kärbsenäpp Rufous-throated Flycatcher, White-vented Flycatcher, White-bellied Flycatcher, Celebes Red-throated Flycatcher, Celebes Flycatcher
Ficedula sapphira safiir-kärbsenäpp Sapphire Flycatcher, Sapphire-headed Flycatcher
Ficedula semitorquata, Ficedula albicollis semitorquata tamme-kärbsenäpp Semi-collared Flycatcher, Semicollared Flycatcher, Half-collared Flycatcher, Eastern Collared Flycatcher
Ficedula strophiata mägi-kärbsenäpp Rufous-gorgeted Flycatcher, Rufous-gorgetted Flycatcher, Orange-gorgetted Flycatcher, Orange-gorgeted Flycatcher, Orange-breasted Flycatcher
Ficedula subrubra, [Muscicapa subrubra], [Siphia subrubra] kašmiiri kärbsenäpp Kashmir Flycatcher, Himalayan Flycatcher, Kashmir Red-breasted Flycatcher
Ficedula superciliaris sini-kärbsenäpp Ultramarine Flycatcher, White-browed Blue Flycatcher, White-browed Flycatcher
Ficedula timorensis sadul-kärbsenäpp Black-banded Flycatcher, Timor Flycatcher, White-fronted Flycatcher
Ficedula tricolor, Ficedula leucomelanura põõsa-kärbsenäpp Slaty-blue Flycatcher, Slaty Blue Flycatcher
Ficedula westermanni, Ficedula melanoleuca pugal-kärbsenäpp Little Pied Flycatcher
Ficedula zanthopygia kuld-kärbsenäpp Yellow-rumped Flycatcher, Tricoloured Flycatcher, Korean Flycatcher
Fraseria caerulescens, Muscicapa caerulescens, Muscicapa coerulescens kilt-kärbsenäpp Ashy Flycatcher, Blue-grey Flycatcher, Ashy Alseonax, Blue-grey Alseonax
Fraseria cinerascens, Melaenornis cinerascens jõgi-kärbsenäpp White-browed Forest-flycatcher, White-browed Forest Flycatcher
Fraseria griseigularis, Myioparus griseigularis, Muscicapa griseigularis, Parisoma griseigularis tina-kärbsenäpp Grey-throated Tit-flycatcher, Grey-throated Flycatcher
Fraseria lendu, Muscicapa lendu ülangu-kärbsenäpp Chapin's Flycatcher, Chapin's Alseonax, Lendu Alseonax, Prigogine's Alseonax, Itombwe Alseonax
Fraseria ocreata, Melaenornis ocreata ühis-kärbsenäpp African Forest-flycatcher, Frazer's Forest-flycatcher, Frazer's Forest Flycatcher, Common Forest-flycatcher, Forest Flycatcher
Fraseria olivascens, Muscicapa olivascens oliiv-kärbsenäpp Olivaceous Flycatcher, Olivaceous Alseonax, African Olivaceous Alseonax
Fraseria plumbea, Myioparus plumbeus tihas-kärbsenäpp Grey Tit-flycatcher, Grey Tit Flycatcher, Fan-tailed Flycatcher, Lead-coloured Flycatcher
Fraseria tessmanni, Muscicapa tessmanni tõugu-kärbsenäpp Tessmann's Flycatcher, Tessman's Flycatcher
Heinrichia calligyna sulawesi paguööbik Great Shortwing, Sulawesi Shortwing, Greater Shortwing, Giant Shortwing, Celebes Shortwing
Heinrichia simplex, Heinrichia calligyna simplex minahassa paguööbik Minahasa Shortwing
Heteroxenicus stellatus, Brachypteryx stellata ülanguööbik Gould's Shortwing, Chestnut Shortwing
Hodgsonius phaenicuroides, Hodgsonius phoenicuroides händööbik White-bellied Redstart, Hodgson's Redstart, Hodgson's Shortwing, Chinese Shortwing, Hodgson's Blue Robin, Himalayan Blue Robin
Humblotia flavirostris Humblot's Flycatcher, Grand Comoro Flycatcher
Irania gutturalis valgekurk-ööbik White-throated Robin, Irania, White-throated Irania, Persian Robin, White-necked Nightingale
Kittacincla albiventris, Copsychus malabaricus albiventris andamani harakööbik Andaman Shama
Kittacincla cebuensis, Copsychus cebuensis cebu harakööbik Black Shama, Cebu Shama
Kittacincla luzoniensis, Copsychus luzoniensis valgekulm-harakööbik White-browed Shama, White-eyebrowed Shama
Kittacincla malabarica stricklandii, Copsychus malabaricus stricklandii, Copsychus stricklandii valgekiird-harakööbik White-crowned Shama, Strickland's Shama
Kittacincla malabarica, Copsychus malabaricus šaama-harakööbik White-rumped Shama, Shama
Kittacincla nigra, Copsychus niger palawani harakööbik White-vented Shama, Black Shama*, Palawan Shama
Kittacincla superciliaris, Kittacincla luzoniensis superciliaris, Copsychus luzoniensis superciliaris visayani harakööbik Visayan Shama
Larvivora akahige, Luscinia akahige, [Erithacus akahige] jaapani ööbik Japanese Robin
Larvivora brunnea, Luscinia brunnea, [Erithacus brunneus] punapugu-ööbik Indian Blue Robin, Indian Bluechat, Indian Blue Chat, Blue Chat
Larvivora cyane, Luscinia cyane, [Erithacus cyane] siniööbik Siberian Blue Robin, Siberian Bluechat, Blue Groundchat
Larvivora komadori, Luscinia komadori, [Erithacus komadori] mustrind-ööbik Ryukyu Robin, Riukiu Robin, Korean Robin, Temminck's Robin
Larvivora namiyei, Larvivora komadori namiyei, Luscinia komadori namiyei okinawa ööbik Ryukyu Robin
Larvivora ruficeps, Luscinia ruficeps, [Erithacus ruficeps] punapea-ööbik Rufous-headed Robin
Larvivora sibilans, Luscinia sibilans, [Erithacus sibilans] taigaööbik Rufous-tailed Robin, Swinhoe's Robin, Red-tailed Robin, Whistling Nightingale
Larvivora tanensis, Larvivora akahige tanensis, Luscinia akahige tanensis, [Erithacus akahige tanensis] izu ööbik Izu Robin
Luscinia luscinia, [Erithacus luscinia] ööbik (harilik ööbik) Thrush Nightingale, Eastern Nightingale, Sprosser
Luscinia megarhynchos, [Erithacus megarhynchos] lõunaööbik Common Nightingale, Nightingale, Rufous Nightingale, Western Nightingale
Melaenornis annamarulae ginea kärbsenäpp Nimba Flycatcher, Liberian Black Flycatcher, West African Black-flycatcher, Mrs Forbes-Watson's Black-flycatcher
Melaenornis ardesiacus, Melaenornis ardesiaca koldsilm-kärbsenäpp Yellow-eyed Black-flycatcher, Yellow-eyed Black Flycatcher, Berlioz' Black Flycatcher
Melaenornis brunneus, Dioptrornis brunneus kohvi-kärbsenäpp Angola Slaty-flycatcher, Angolan Slaty Flycatcher, Angolan Flycatcher, Angola Chocolate Flycatcher, Angola Flycatcher
Melaenornis chocolatinus, Dioptrornis chocolatinus etioopia kärbsenäpp Abyssinian Slaty-flycatcher, Abyssinian Slaty Flycatcher, Abyssinian Flycatcher, Abyssinian Black Flycatcher, Abyssinian Chocolate Flycatcher
Melaenornis edolioides nõgi-kärbsenäpp Northern Black-flycatcher, Northern Black Flycatcher, Black Flycatcher, African Black Flycatcher
Melaenornis fischeri, Dioptrornis fischeri prill-kärbsenäpp White-eyed Slaty-flycatcher, White-eyed Slaty Flycatcher, East-African Slaty Flycatcher, Fischer's Slaty Flycatcher
Melaenornis herero, Namibornis herero täks-kärbsenäpp Herero Chat, Herero Chat-flycatcher
Melaenornis pammelaina süsi-kärbsenäpp Southern Black-flycatcher, Southern Black Flycatcher, South African Black Flycatcher, South African Flycatcher
Melaenornis semipartitus, Empidornis semipartitus hõbeselg-kärbsenäpp Silverbird
Melaenornis silens, Sigelus silens salu-kärbsenäpp Fiscal Flycatcher, Fiscal-Flycatcher
Monticola angolensis miombo-kivisiirak Miombo Rock-thrush, Miombo Rock Thrush, Angola Rock-thrush, Mottled Rock-thrush
Monticola brevipes kahkkiird-kivisiirak Short-toed Rock-thrush, Short-toed Rock Thrush, Transvaal Rock-thrush*
Monticola cinclorhyncha, Monticola cinclorhynchus himaalaja kivisiirak Blue-capped Rock-thrush, Blue-capped Rock Thrush, Blue-headed Rock Thrush
Monticola erythronotus, Pseudocossyphus erythronotus, Monticola sharpei erythronotus amberi kivisiirak Amber Mountain Rock-thrush
Monticola explorator rohu-kivisiirak Sentinel Rock-thrush, Sentinel Rock Thrush
Monticola gularis taiga-kivisiirak White-throated Rock-thrush, White-throated Rock Thrush
Monticola imerina, Monticola rupestris, Monticola imerinus, Pseudocossyphus imerinus, Pseudocossyphus imerina luite-kivisiirak Littoral Rock Thrush, Cape Rock-thrush, Cape Rock Thrush, Madagascar Robin Chat, Littoral Robin Chat, Littoral Robin-chat
Monticola rufiventris mustkurk-kivisiirak Chestnut-bellied Rock-thrush, Chestnut-bellied Rock Thrush, Chestnut-breasted Rock-thrush
Monticola rufocinereus väike-kivisiirak Little Rock-thrush, Little Rock Thrush
Monticola rupestris pruunselg-kivisiirak Cape Rock-thrush
Monticola saxatilis kivisiirak (harilik kivisiirak) Rufous-tailed Rock-thrush, Common Rock-thrush, Common Rock Thrush, Mountain Rock Thrush, Rock Thrush, European Rock-thrush, Spotted Rock-thrush
Monticola semirufus, Thamnolaea semirufa, Myrmecocichla semirufa etioopia kivisiirak White-winged Cliff-chat, White-winged Cliffchat
Monticola sharpei, Pseudocossyphus sharpei, Monticola bensoni madagaskari kivisiirak Forest Rock-thrush, Madagascan Robin-chat, Forest Robin-chat, Sharpe's Robin-chat, Eastern Robin-chat
Monticola solitarius sini-kivisiirak Blue Rock-thrush, Blue Rock Thrush
Monticola solitarius philippensis, Monticola philippensis ida-kivisiirak Eastern Blue Rock-thrush
Muscicapa adusta välu-kärbsenäpp African Dusky Flycatcher, Dusky Flycatcher, Dusky Alseonax
Muscicapa aquatica soo-kärbsenäpp Swamp Flycatcher, Swamp Alseonax
Muscicapa cassini, Pedilorhynchus cassini lammi-kärbsenäpp Cassin's Flycatcher, Cassin's Grey Flycatcher, Cassin's Alseonax, Cassin's Grey Alseonax
Muscicapa dauurica williamsoni, Muscicapa williamsoni kra kärbsenäpp Brown-streaked Flycatcher, Chocolate Flycatcher, Williamson's Flycatcher
Muscicapa dauurica, Muscicapa latirostris ida-kärbsenäpp Asian Brown Flycatcher, Brown Flycatcher, Grey-breasted Flycatcher
Muscicapa epulata, Pedilorhynchus epulata pisi-kärbsenäpp Little Grey Flycatcher, Little Grey Alseonax, Grey Alseonax
Muscicapa ferruginea, Muscicapa rufilata, Muscicapa cinereiceps rooste-kärbsenäpp Ferruginous Flycatcher
Muscicapa gambagae sudaani kärbsenäpp Gambaga Flycatcher, Gambaga Spotted Flycatcher, Gambaga Dusky Flycatcher
Muscicapa griseisticta lehise-kärbsenäpp Grey-streaked Flycatcher, Grey-spotted Flycatcher, Spot-breasted Flycatcher
Muscicapa muttui pruun-kärbsenäpp Brown-breasted Flycatcher, Layard's Flycatcher
Muscicapa randi urm-kärbsenäpp Ashy-breasted Flycatcher
Muscicapa segregata pard-kärbsenäpp Sumba Brown Flycatcher, Sumba Flycatcher
Muscicapa sethsmithi, Pedilorhynchus sethsmithi koldjalg-kärbsenäpp Yellow-footed Flycatcher, Yellow-footed Alseonax
Muscicapa sibirica tuhk-kärbsenäpp Dark-sided Flycatcher, Siberian Flycatcher, Sooty Flycatcher
Muscicapa striata hall-kärbsenäpp Spotted Flycatcher
Myiomela albiventris, Brachypteryx albiventris cardamomi koobaltööbik White-bellied Blue Robin, White-bellied Shortwing, Palni Shortwing, Rufous-bellied Shortwing*
Myiomela cambodiana, Myiomela leucura cambodiana, Cinclidium leucurum cambodianum kambodža koobaltööbik Cambodian Blue Robin
Myiomela diana, Cinclidium diana sunda koobaltööbik Sunda Blue Robin, Sunda Robin, Indigo Blue Robin
Myiomela leucura, Cinclidium leucurum pugalsaba-koobaltööbik White-tailed Blue Robin, White-tailed Robin
Myiomela major, Brachypteryx major nilgiri koobaltööbik Nilgiri Blue Robin, White-bellied Shortwing, Rufous-bellied Shortwing*
Myophonus blighi, Myiophonus blighi, Myiophoneus blighi tseiloni jõgisiirak Sri Lanka Whistling-thrush, Sri Lanka Whistling Thrush, Ceylon Whistling-thrush, Ceylon Whistling Thrush, Bligh's Whistling-thrush
Myophonus borneensis kalimantani jõgisiirak Bornean Whistling-thrush, Sunda Whistling-thrush*
Myophonus caeruleus, Myiophonus caeruleus, Myiophoneus caeruleus suur-jõgisiirak Blue Whistling-thrush, Blue Whistling Thrush, Himalayan Blue Whistling Thrush, Himalayan Whistling Thrush, Large Whistling-thrush, Violet Whistling-thrush
Myophonus castaneus rooste-jõgisiirak Sumatran Whistling-thrush, Brown-winged Whistling-thrush, Chestnut-winged Whistling-thrush, Sunda Whistling-thrush*
Myophonus glaucinus, Myiophonus glaucinus, Myiophoneus glaucinus jaava jõgisiirak Javan Whistling-thrush, Sunda Whistling-thrush*, Sunda Whistling Thrush
Myophonus horsfieldii, Myiophonus horsfieldii, Myiophoneus horsfieldii india jõgisiirak Malabar Whistling-thrush, Malabar Whistling Thrush
Myophonus insularis, Myiophonus insularis, Myiophoneus insularis taivani jõgisiirak Taiwan Whistling-thrush, Taiwan Whistling Thrush, Formosan Whistling-thrush, Formosan Whistling Thrush
Myophonus melanurus, Myiophonus melanurus, Myiophoneus melanurus sinikulm-jõgisiirak Shiny Whistling-thrush, Shiny Whistling Thrush
Myophonus robinsoni, Myiophonus robinsoni, Myiophoneus robinsoni malai jõgisiirak Malay Whistling-thrush, Malaysian Whistling-thrush, Malayan Whistling-thrush, Malayan Whistling Thrush
Myrmecocichla aethiops, Myrmecocichla formicivora aethiops põhja-termiiditäks Northern Anteater-chat, Northern Anteater Chat, Ant Chat
Myrmecocichla arnotti leucolaema, Myrmecocichla collaris, Pentholaea arnotti f. collaris rohtlatäks Ruaha Chat
Myrmecocichla arnotti, Pentholaea arnotti, [Thamnolaea arnotti] miombotäks Arnot's Chat, White-headed Black-chat, White-headed Black Chat, Arnott's Chat, Arnott's Black-chat
Myrmecocichla formicivora lõuna-termiiditäks Southern Anteater-chat, Southern Anteater Chat
Myrmecocichla melaena astangutäks Rüppell's Chat, Rüppell's Black-chat, Ruppell's Black Chat, Rueppell's Chat
Myrmecocichla monticola, Oenanthe monticola, Dromolaea monticola rünkatäks Mountain Wheatear, Mountain Chat*
Myrmecocichla nigra must-termiiditäks Sooty Chat
Myrmecocichla tholloni hele-termiiditäks Congo Moor-chat, Congo Moorchat, Thollon's Moor-chat, Thollon's Chat
Niltava davidi hiina sininäpp Fujian Niltava, Fukien Niltava, David's Niltava
Niltava grandis suur-sininäpp Large Niltava, Great Niltava
Niltava macgrigoriae, [Niltava macgregoriae] väike-sininäpp Small Niltava, Black-breasted Niltava
Niltava oatesi, Niltava vivida oatesi mägi-sininäpp Large Vivid Niltava
Niltava sumatrana malai sininäpp Rufous-vented Niltava, Sumatran Niltava, Malaysian Niltava, Rufous-bellied Niltava*
Niltava sundara helekiird-sininäpp Rufous-bellied Niltava, Beautiful Niltava, Black-and-orange Niltava, Orange-bellied Niltava, Sundara Niltava
Niltava vivida taivani sininäpp Small Vivid Niltava, Vivid Niltava, Rufous-vented Niltava*, Formosan Blue-flycatcher
Oenanthe albifrons, Pentholaea albifrons, Myrmecocichla albifrons lauktäks White-fronted Black-chat, White-fronted Black Chat, White-fronted Chat, White-forehead Chat
Oenanthe albonigra, Oenanthe alboniger harak-kivitäks Hume's Wheatear, Black-headed Wheatear
Oenanthe bottae ruugepugu-kivitäks Buff-breasted Wheatear, Red-breasted Wheatear, Botta's Wheatear
Oenanthe chrysopygia, Oenanthe xanthoprymna chrysopygia pärsia kivitäks Red-tailed Wheatear, Rusty-tailed Wheatear, Rufous-tailed Wheatear, Rufous-rumped Wheatear, Afghan Wheatear
Oenanthe cypriaca küprose kivitäks Cyprus Wheatear, Cyprus Pied Wheatear
Oenanthe deserti kõrbe-kivitäks Desert Wheatear
Oenanthe dubia, Cercomela dubia awashi kaljutäks Sombre Rockchat, Sombre Chat, Sooty Chat
Oenanthe familiaris, Cercomela familiaris punasaba-kaljutäks Familiar Chat, Red-tailed Chat
Oenanthe finschii kahkselg-kivitäks Finsch's Wheatear, White-backed Wheatear
Oenanthe frenata, Oenanthe bottae frenata roosterind-kivitäks Rusty-breasted Wheatear
Oenanthe fusca, Cercomela fusca india kaljutäks Brown Rockchat, Indian Chat
Oenanthe heuglinii, Oenanthe heuglini sudaani kivitäks Heuglin's Wheatear
Oenanthe hispanica vahemere kivitäks Black-eared Wheatear, Black-throated Wheatear
Oenanthe isabellina liiv-kivitäks Isabelline Wheatear, Isabelline Chat
Oenanthe leucopyga tanu-kivitäks White-crowned Wheatear, White-crowned Black Wheatear, Black Wheatear, White-tailed Wheatear, White-rumped Wheatear
Oenanthe leucura must-kivitäks Black Wheatear
Oenanthe lugens leina-kivitäks Mourning Wheatear
Oenanthe lugens halophila, Oenanthe halophila magribi leina-kivitäks Maghreb Wheatear, North-African Wheatear
Oenanthe lugens lugentoides, Oenanthe lugentoides araabia kivitäks Arabian Wheatear, South Arabian Wheatear
Oenanthe lugens lugubris, Oenanthe lugubris etioopia kivitäks Abyssinian Wheatear, Abyssinian Black Wheatear, Schalow's Wheatear*
Oenanthe lugens persica, Oenanthe persica iraani kivitäks Iranian Mourning Wheatear, Mourning wheatear*, Persian Mourning Wheatear
Oenanthe melanura, Cercomela melanura, [Cercomela erlangeri] mustsaba-kaljutäks Blackstart, Black-tailed Chat, Black-tailed Rockchat, Black-tailed Cercomela
Oenanthe moesta berberi kivitäks Buff-rumped Wheatear, Red-rumped Wheatear, Tristram's Wheatear
Oenanthe monacha munk-kivitäks Hooded Wheatear, Hooded Chat
Oenanthe oenanthe kivitäks (harilik kivitäks) Northern Wheatear, Wheatear
Oenanthe phillipsi somaali kivitäks Somali Wheatear, Phillips's Wheatear
Oenanthe picata kõnnu-kivitäks Variable Wheatear, Eastern Pied Wheatear, Pied Chat
Oenanthe pileata vöö-kivitäks Capped Wheatear
Oenanthe pleschanka, [Oenanthe leucomela] nunn-kivitäks Pied Wheatear, Common Pied Wheatear, Pleschanka's Wheatear
Oenanthe scotocerca, Cercomela scotocerca vadi-kaljutäks Brown-tailed Chat, Brown-tailed Rockchat, Rockchat
Oenanthe seebohmi, Oenanthe oenanthe seebohmi atlase kivitäks Black-throated Wheatear, Seebohm's Wheatear
Oenanthe xanthoprymna punapära-kivitäks Kurdish Wheatear, Chestnut-rumped Wheatear, Red-tailed Wheatear, Rufous-tailed Wheatear, Red-rumped Wheatear, Persian Wheatear
Oreocossypha isabellae, Cossypha isabellae, Dryocichloides isabellae, Sheppardia isabellae kameruni ruugeööbik Mountain Robin-chat, Mountain Robin Chat, Mountain Chat, Cameroon Robin-chat
Phoenicurus alaschanicus alashani lepalind Ala Shan Redstart, Przewalski's Redstart, Alashan Redstart
Phoenicurus auroreus mustselg-lepalind Daurian Redstart
Phoenicurus bicolor, Rhyacornis bicolor filipiini lepalind Luzon Water-redstart, Luzon Water Redstart, Philippine Water Redstart, Philippine Water-redstart
Phoenicurus coeruleocephala, Phoenicurus caeruleocephala, [Phoenicurus caeruleocephalus] valgekõht-lepalind Blue-capped Redstart, Blue-headed Redstart, Blue-headed Robin
Phoenicurus erythrogastrus, [Phoenicurus erythrogaster] mägi-lepalind White-winged Redstart, Güldenstädt's Redstart, Guldenstadt's Redstart, Large White-winged Redstart
Phoenicurus erythronotus, Phoenicurus erythronota punaselg-lepalind Eversmann's Redstart, Rufous-backed Redstart, Red-backed Redstart
Phoenicurus frontalis sini-lepalind Blue-fronted Redstart, Blue-breasted Redstart
Phoenicurus fuliginosus, Rhyacornis fuliginosa, Rhyacornis fuliginosus jõgi-lepalind Plumbeous Water-redstart, Plumbeous Water Redstart, Plumbeous Redstart, Water-robin
Phoenicurus hodgsoni tiibeti lepalind Hodgson's Redstart
Phoenicurus leucocephalus, Chaimarrornis leucocephalus kärestiku-lepalind White-capped Water-redstart, White-capped Water Redstart, White-capped Redstart, River Chat
Phoenicurus moussieri diadeem-lepalind Moussier's Redstart, Coroneted Redstart
Phoenicurus ochruros must-lepalind Black Redstart
Phoenicurus ochruros phoenicuroides siseaasia must-lepalind
Phoenicurus phoenicurus lepalind (aed-lepalind) Common Redstart, Redstart, White-fronted Redstart
Phoenicurus schisticeps täht-lepalind White-throated Redstart
Pinarochroa sordida, Cercomela sordida mägi-kaljutäks Moorland Chat, Hill Chat, Mountain Chat*, Alpine Chat
Pinarornis plumosus Boulder Chat
Pogonocichla stellata kuld-ruugeööbik White-starred Robin, White Starred Robin, Starred Robin
Saxicola caprata nõgitäks Pied Bushchat, Pied Stonechat, Pied Chat
Saxicola caprata aethiops, Saxicola aethiops paapua nõgitäks Black Bushchat
Saxicola dacotiae kanaari kaelustäks Fuerteventura Stonechat, Canary Islands Chat, Canary Islands Stonechat, Meade-Waldo's Chat
Saxicola ferreus, Saxicola ferrea valgekulm-täks Grey Bushchat, Dark-grey Bushchat, Iron-grey Bushchat
Saxicola gutturalis timori täks White-bellied Bushchat, White-bellied Chat, Timor Bushchat
Saxicola insignis suurtäks White-throated Bushchat, Hodgson's Bushchat
Saxicola jerdoni lammitäks Jerdon's Bushchat
Saxicola leucurus, Saxicola leucura suhkruroo-täks White-tailed Stonechat, White-tailed Bush Chat, Black Stonechat
Saxicola macrorhynchus, Saxicola macrorhyncha kapparitäks White-browed Bushchat, Stoliczka's Bushchat
Saxicola rubetra kadakatäks Whinchat, Medow Chat, Grass Chat
Saxicola tectes, Saxicola borbonensis réunioni kaelustäks Reunion Stonechat
Saxicola torquatus hibernans, Saxicola torquata hibernans, Saxicola rubicola hibernans nõmme-kaelustäks European Stonechat (hibernans), North-west European Common Stonechat, Western Stonechat
Saxicola torquatus maurus, Saxicola torquata maura, Saxicola maurus, Saxicola maura niidu-kaelustäks Eastern Stonechat, Siberian Stonechat
Saxicola torquatus rubicola, Saxicola torquata rubicola, Saxicola rubicola euroopa kaelustäks European Stonechat
Saxicola torquatus sibilla, Saxicola torquata sibilla, Saxicola sibilla madagaskari kaelustäks Madagascar Stonechat, Madagascan Stonechat
Saxicola torquatus stejnegeri, Saxicola maurus stejnegeri, Saxicola stejnegeri ida-kaelustäks Japanese Stonechat, Stejneger's Stonechat
Saxicola torquatus variegatus, Saxicola torquata variegata, Saxicola maurus variegatus, Saxicola maura variegata kaspia kaelustäks Caucasian Stonechat
Saxicola torquatus, Saxicola torquata kaelustäks Common Stonechat, Collared Stonechat, Collared Bush Chat, Stonechat
Saxicoloides fulicatus, Saxicoloides fulicata, Copsychus fulicatus väike-harakööbik Indian Robin, Black-backed Robin, Indian Chat
Sheppardia aequatorialis nõlva-ruugerind Equatorial Akalat, Jackson's Akelat
Sheppardia aurantiithorax rubeho ruugerind Rubeho Akalat
Sheppardia bocagei, Cossypha bocagei karbus-ruugerind Bocage's Akalat, Bocage's Akelat, Bocage's Robin, Bocage's Ground-robin
Sheppardia cyornithopsis ruugerind (musanga-ruugerind) Lowland Akalat, Lowland Akelat, Lowland Robin
Sheppardia gabela gabela ruugerind Gabela Akalat, Gabela Akelat, Gabela Robin
Sheppardia gunningi häilu-ruugerind East Coast Akalat, East Coast Akelat, Eastern Akalat, Gunning's Akalat, Gunning's Robin
Sheppardia gunningi bensoni malawi ruugerind Benson's Akalat
Sheppardia lowei, Dryocichloides lowei, [Alethe lowei], Sheppardia montana lowei udzungwa ruugerind Iringa Akalat, Iringa Akelat, Iringa Alethe
Sheppardia montana, Dryocichloides montana, [Alethe montana] usambara ruugerind Usambara Akalat, Usambara Akelat, Usambara Alethe
Sheppardia poensis, Sheppardia bocagei poensis, Cossypha bocagei poensis tanu-ruugerind Short-tailed Akalat, Fernando Póo Akalat, Alexander's Akalat
Sheppardia polioptera, Cossypha polioptera, Dryocichloides polioptera valgekulm-ruugerind Grey-winged Akalat, Grey-winged Akelat, Grey-winged Robin, Grey-winged Ground-robin, Grey-winged Robin-chat, Pygmy Robin-chat, White-browed Robin-chat
Sheppardia sharpei sooviku-ruugerind Sharpe's Akalat, Sharpe's Akelat, Sharpe's Robin
Stiphrornis erythrothorax ginea ruugeööbik Orange-breasted Forest-robin, Forest Robin, Forest-Robin, Western Forest-Robin, Orange-throated Forest Robin
Stiphrornis erythrothorax gabonensis, Stiphrornis gabonensis gaboni ruugeööbik Gabon Forest-robin
Stiphrornis pyrrholaemus, Stiphrornis erythrothorax pyrrholaemus roheselg-ruugeööbik Olive-backed Forest-robin
Stiphrornis xanthogaster sanghensis, Stiphrornis erythrothorax sanghensis, Stiphrornis sanghensis sangha ruugeööbik Sangha Forest-robin, Sangha Forest Robin
Stiphrornis xanthogaster, Stiphrornis erythrothorax xanthogaster mets-ruugeööbik Yellow-breasted Forest-robin, Eastern Forest-robin
Swynnertonia swynnertoni, Pogonocichla swynnertoni valgetähn-ruugeööbik Swynnerton's Robin, Swynnerton's Bush Robin
Tarsiger chrysaeus, Luscinia chrysaeus, Luscinia chrysaea, [Erithacus chrysaeus] kuld-sinisaba Golden Bush-robin, Golden Bush Robin
Tarsiger cyanurus, Luscinia cyanurus, Luscinia cyanura, [Erithacus cyanurus] sinisaba (harilik sinisaba) Orange-flanked Bush-robin, Orange-flanked Bush Robin, Red-flanked Bluetail, Red-flanked Bush-robin, Blue-tailed Robin, Siberian Bluestart, Bluestart
Tarsiger hyperythrus, Luscinia hyperythra, [Erithacus hyperythrus] nulu-sinisaba Rufous-breasted Bush-robin, Rufous-breasted Bush Robin
Tarsiger indicus, Luscinia indica, [Erithacus indicus] valjas-sinisaba White-browed Bush-robin, White-browed Bush Robin
Tarsiger johnstoniae, Luscinia johnstoniae, [Erithacus johnstoniae] taivani sinisaba Collared Bush-robin, Collared Bush Robin, Formosan Bush-robin, Johnstone's Bush-robin