It is possible to download whole bird name database in Microsoft Excel format or as a text file.
The original database include names in next columns:
1) order in Latin,
2) order in Estonian,
3) family in Latin,
4) family in Estonian,
5) species in Latin (in some cases also subspecies),
6) species in Estonian (if confirmed by Estonian Bird Names Committee),
7) species in English.

Whole database and its structure is dynamic and keeps changing depending on the progress of the work of the Estonian Bird Names Committee and additional sources used for supplementing of new data. Originally database followed the list of Howard & Moore (A complete checklist of birds of the world, 1991), but later the list of del Hoyo & Collar (Illustrated Checklist of the Birds of the World. Vol. 1-2. Lynx Editions. Barcelona, 2014-2016. )

Here you can download whole bird name database: