Hirundo 1/2018

Mänd, R.
How Hirundo came to be
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Lodjak, J.
Three decades of the journal Hirundo in numbers
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Väli, Ü. & Nellis, R.
Roles of Hirundo in activities of Estonian Ornithological Society
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Marja, R. & Elts, J.
Habitat usage and activity patterns of the Eurasian collared dove based on collected data in the year 2017
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Marja, R., Kuus, A. & Kalamees, A.
Characteristics of open-sea birds and their relationships with seasonality, sea depth and longitude in the Gulf of Finland
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Marja, R & Nellis, R.
Farmland bird population changes in Estonia in the period 1984 – 2017 and their relationship with agriculture management and predators
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